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fake meat products, I am just saying we have kind of gotten away from the art of vegan food preparation. I want to show people that you turn plants into something amazing on the plate and it doesn’t necessarily have to come from a box.” elevate got a taste of the 4&Twenty dining experience on October 18 at special event space The Doyle in Downtown Las Vegas. The October dinner, which was $125 per person, had a coast-to-coast theme of Four Corners of the U.S. with each diner being served 250 milligrams of CBD during the four-course experience. The first course began up North with a focus on Detroit, spotlighting locally loved Vernors ginger ale as a staple ingredient. Dougan made a flavorful Vernors Ginger Root Tumeric Consommé with roasted root vegetables. With 62 milligrams of CBD-infused broth, forget chicken noodle soup and sup on this consommé when you want to feel better. The second course was a quick visit out West to California for a fresh, green salad of mango, dragonfruit and avocado caprese with papaya drops. The salad’s kaffir lime vinaigrette was infused with 30 mgs of CBD. For the Southern course which was inspired by Louisiana, Dougan prepared a main course of creamy Lobster Mushroom Macaroni and Cheese with grilled vegetable batons. The vegetables and an olive oil drizzle were infused with 90 mgs of CBD. The final course, infused with 60 mgs of CBD, was a nod to New York with a raw, vegan, soy- and gluten-free cheesecake topped with pomegranate lavender crème anglaise and sitting on a chewy crust of almond and raspberries. (Dougan is planning more 4&Twenty dinners for 2019. Visit to find dates.) Eventually Dougan would like to be able to offer THC dinners as part of 4&Twenty’s slate of offerings. “I believe it’s important to have both. You just can’t separate everything, you can, but I feel like the CBD is more for the body and THC is more for the spirit, the energy, the mind, which also has to be healed and the body can be healed simultaneously,” she says. “That’s my passion and reverence for the plant.”

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Elevate Dec 2018  

Elevate Dec 2018  

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