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ow that Nevada’s dispensaries are accessible to everyone over 21, not just those who have medical marijuana patient cards, you can stop in and buy a treat for your favorite cannasseur this holiday season. And there’s most definitely something for everyone on your list. For the beauty maven who loves her potions and elixirs, consider cannabis-based topical creams, lotions, salves, or lip balms. For the foodie, pick up some infused goodies such as honey, dried fruit, olive oil or even a sweet treat of gummies, cookies or chocolate bars. As for the cannabis lover, there’s no end of choices from flower and pre-rolls to vape pens and concentrates. Just find out if they prefer an indica or sativa. If you aren’t sure, a hybrid is always a safe bet. To follow are some selections from the Nevada marketplace that will give you a general idea of what you will find as you begin your hunt for the perfect holiday gift.

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Elevate December the gift if Nipton  

Elevate December the gift if Nipton  

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