Elevate August 2021

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Flavor is the Spice of Life Latest cannabis products elevated to next level with focus on dynamic flavor profiles by Justin Alexander The goal for this month’s review was to ferret out tasty cannabis treats that possessed dynamic flavor profiles. The type of products we sought out had to be packed with rich flavors that tantalized the tongue and created a party on the palate. Whether it was savory or sweet, we were seeking edibles, concentrates or flower that were distinctive power houses on the flavor spectrum. We were not disappointed with what we found, and you won’t be either. Bon Appetit!

DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED DRIED CHERRIES Product format: Edible Medical or Recreational or Both: Both

For the novice, semi-regular user or professional: All Strain origins: Made from high

quality THC distillate (hybrid) Cannabinoid breakdown: 10 mg per chocolate covered dried cherry /100mg THC per package Terpene mix: With distillate, no

terpene profile is dominant enough to show up on lab reports although fruits are known to have terpenes. What to expect: The edible game has completely changed in the last three years. The skill of edible chefs is off the charts and traces of weed flavor are undiscoverable. Gourmet chocolate has become a favorite material to use when making edibles. This product is so cool because each one of the 10 candies are individually wrapped. Bite into one and they represent the perfect taste of real cherry and rich chocolate, and you will be scratching your head doubting whether this is infused at all thanks to its great taste. The high takes about 45 minutes to come on and will have you wanting to go grab a bowl of ice cream and then have another. Even better, these are easy to share with friends, so have one and pass on the good vibes.