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inter is the time where we have opportunities to take a moment to reflect on our year, ourselves, and our accomplishments. Celebrated with traditions, friends and family, we imagine what possible adventures that await us. It is in these moments of reflection, and with a sense of wonder, that change is initiated for the new year. The beauty and mystery of change is that it is in a constant state. We can never know when a defining moment is around the corner. It is with honor and great excitement that I take on the role of Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Elevated Luxury Life Magazine. This winter issue is composed of classics, including our cover story on Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi’s debut blend of rosé, “Hampton Water”. Rock star Lindsey Ell, who has the style and profound musical talent that maps her on the forefront of rock and roll. Our exploration of the winter world of Aspen is highlighted with insider views of the people and events that make Aspen a true winter wonderland. We dive into the timeless and ever-exhilarating event, Snow Polo, where the danger, precision, and grace are intriguingly combined. We get to learn about the inner-workings of the mind of Klaus Obermeyer, the ski industry revolutionary. Explore, enjoy, and discover what this winter season has to offer.

Jamie Agoglia Publisher & Editor-in-Chief






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a legacy of EXCELLENCE

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J. Steven Manolis, REDWORLD 2018.02, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 72 x 120 in. Two panels, 72 x 60 in. each. Framed: 75 x 123 in.



— A N T H O N Y H A D E N - G U E S T, L E A D I N G A R T C R I T I C





actor Dash Mihok The Science of Creativity Text by JAMIE AGOGLIA


Tell me about your experience working alongside Liev Schreiber. It's great, truly. He can be intense, or he can be a teddy bear; he can be a lot of things. What makes the show so good is that he cares deeply about making it the best he can. And that can be tough sometimes. Sometimes actors come, read some lines and just want to go home to their families. But Liev wants to elevate it at all times. It's a great thing.


What has your experience of playing the role of Bunchy been like? It's been a dark road sometimes for me, but what a joy. What a joy to continue to peel layers off and dig deeper into [the role]. I feel that everyone on the cast has really evolved in that way. That's what keeps people into it. It's fun if there are fans of the show on the street they tell me, ‘wow, you've really taken Bunchy from one place to another - it's such a rollercoaster,' so for that, I'd thank the writers and the fans who bring us back every year.


What sparked your desire to become an actor? It was a couple of things - life takes twists and turns. I was going to a specialized science school, The Bronx High School of Science, I fell ill for a year and couldn't attend class. The school didn't allow me to do school by correspondence, so I had to leave and went to a school where you could, called Professional Children's School. That had something to do with it. Also just being in the environment of my building as a child, living with other actors opened some doors. Someone in the building introduced me to an agent, and I ended up booking a job through them. That turned it for me.

The show has so many twists and turns. What is that like to be apart a show with that caliber of intensity? The intensity of it is why it's good - even when there's tension. Every single person on the set, from PA to production design, everyone wants to make this show thrive and continue. It's our love of wanting to make this the best we can and the most entertaining show that keeps it going.


Jamie Agoglia: Did growing up around the arts in New York influence your path to becoming an actor? Dash Mihok: Absolutely. I actually grew up in government-subsidized housing for artists. My parents were both theater actors, and you have to be an artist of some kind to apply [to live there]. [My parents] got the housing right when it opened, so I definitely grew up around a lot of different artsy people. New York had a big influence on [acting] even though when I was young I wanted to be a scientist. I wanted to be a biochemist, I was convinced of it, but I'm far from that now [laughs].

The HBO'slegendary legendary drama series Ray Donovan has become such an influential show in entertainment. What has it been like to play the role of Bunchy over the last six years? It's been such a blessing. I've never done more than one year on an episodic television series, but I blinked and here were are! It's been a wonderful ride. I don't know if it's the universe or whoever, but fortune knocked on my door. I had my first child right when we started the show. It just worked out really well.


ash Mihok, known for his role as Bunchy ononHBO's Donovan is an Ray Ray Donovan actor, musician, and prolific creator who not only wears many hats but thrives within the process of each one. Intrigued by the multifaceted world of entertainment, Mihok has integrated his passion for music, production, acting, and writing in his exploration of creative outlets, and he dives into them with full force. Mihok harnesses the endless possibilities that appear when love and hard work are combined.






Do you think you have grown as an actor through the process of playing Bunchy and working alongside this team of creative minds? 100%. Someone asked me the other day what this journey has been like, and I actually feel like I've grown way more as an actor by getting to stay as the same character for this long. It makes me comfortable in my skin. There's something about getting to keep finding new ways. Also part of the process is in the unknown. You finish for the season, and you wait to see if you'll do it again, and in that there's a growth period as well. You get time to marinate in [your work] for a while, and if you come back for the next season, you're a year older and wiser, and you've have matured with the character.

What are your hopes for the unknown? I really love directing. I've done a few scenes this year, and I'll get my first episode next year. I'm so into in all the processes of production and how it all fits together. Maybe that's the scientist in me. I look forward to utilizing all my experiences from being a part of Ray Donovan and creating something of my own someday. I also have a record coming out soon with my band Diz and the Fam. It's been a long process and a lot of juggling, but it's exciting. Our upcoming album is called Love and Lost, so I'm excited for that to be coming out soon as well since Diz is sort of my alter ego. How do you find a balance within all this hard work? Passion. The key thing and the hardest thing about filming in New York was that whenever I'd have a day off, I'd fly home to see my wife and kids. And as exhausting as that sounds, my family always re-energize me. Sleep is sleep, but love is love, so that's how I balance it. — Jamie Agoglia is a renowned writer, photojournalist, and entrepreneur.

Her work has been displayed at events and galleries across Southern California. In her writing and photography, she focuses on art, travel, and music.


What is it like working with Jon Voight? Jon's a hoot, you know. He's a gentleman, and he's a legend. He always wants to play and try sometime new, as we all do, but he digs into his character so deeply and passionately and wants to get the most he can get out of every scene. He has a plethora of stories. He's a kind individual that would take the time for anybody, on the street or in the crew - he's there to be available and not for any other reason but that he loves people.


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Luana is a collection of three-bedroom villas with over 2,000 sq.ft of open-concept, single level interior living space, huge lanais, outdoor kitchens and private garages. Each villa is nestled within one of three intimate garden enclaves, each with its own pool, hot tub and fire pit. Truly a resort within a resort.

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in entertainment, but she carries

impact and entertains while doing so.







the evolution







Klaus Obermeyer

A Recipe for Li fe

TEXT by: Olivia Daane PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of Obermeyer


port Obermeyer, founded in 1947, is going strong with its namesake still setting the course Klaus Obermeyer is a legend. Aspen claims him proudly. We want to be like him. Someone once told me they had collided with him skiing and were thrown like they had hit a great sequoia. He is a force. He has a strength of spirit and purpose that inspires. A daily regimen of swimming (I have witnessed him patiently and calmly backstroking through the Aspen Meadows pool and am amazed he can take the time to share a smile and a life lesson as he strokes and floats along), Aikido, to which he was introduced by another Aspen legend Tom Crum (founder with John Denver of the Windstar foundation), and time on the slopes round out the physical activities that match his tenacious and lifeembracing worldview. He gravitates towards the sports and philosophies of weightlessness. When I asked him for his «in the moment feelings,» Klaus said, “By the time you do the article, I will have changed my mind!» He truly lives in the moment. His employees are his family. When they get the job, they tend to stay. His events conference coordinator, a modern day Moneypenny, Michele Byrne, had this to say of her longtime boss and friend - “I have worked alongside Klaus since 1986, and his positive outlook on life, his determination, his wonderful spirit keep me laughing and smiling every day.”

Klaus Obermeyer with one of his many industry changing creations, mirrored sunglasses

Klaus envelops and enjoys to the fullest the people and places of his life. He regales the views of nature witnessed from all angles his regular physical and mental activities provide as well as the views one gets on life and its varying perspectives coming with 99 years of looking. He once told me he had learned enough lessons the hard way (including knowing how to stretch war rations) and was enjoying seeking answers sans struggle. Here are some of those pearls of life wisdom he drops as he swims, skis, leads and lives.

“Any day you don’t ski

is a day you don’t get back.”


“I yodel when there aren’t words to describe the beauty around me.”

It’s a recipe for life that we can all follow: Ingredients - Family, friends, business, physical activities, innovation and a win-win attitude Cooking Time - Decades Difficulty - He makes it look easy (some yodeling and stretching required) “I think we (receive) by nature a gift by having a body. If we don’t use it, it goes to hell, so it’s really important to keep using it.”

“You don’t want to eat more than you burn off. If you eat more than you burn off you have to carry around all kinds of stuff unnecessarily.” “Everybody has that opportunity (for positive thinking). It’s our choice of perception. How do we perceive the world around us? We can perceive it negatively and go to hell or we can perceive it positively and make it work well and go to heaven, you know, play with the angels.” “First of all and foremost, we should be thankful for our planet. We have a very, very special planet, with all that life that over billions of years has developed. It’s amazing. It’s just absolutely fantastic in plants and animals. We need to lead our lives as much as possible to disturb that very little. Keep the air clean.” “Whatever it takes to get a win-win, that’s the kind of thing to do.” “Every attack that comes at you can be seen as an opportunity,” he says. “You can make it work in your favor.” “Always innovate, always improve...if you aren’t, you are cheating your customers.” “Any day you don’t ski is a day you don’t get back.”


laus has stretched his body, found his mental quiet and stayed flexible through not just his skeleton and mind but the changing times of the ski industry and the changing planet which he so clearly loves. It’s a love affair really. Keeping knees bent to absorb the changing terrain and a heart open to the infinite possibilities. “I yodel when there aren’t words to describe the beauty around me.” Yodel on, Klaus, and the world yodels with you. On his playlist:“I’d rather be thinking than listening to whatever music is out there.” On his bedside table: “I read the Wall StreetJournal and newspapers.”




is glittering with art gems.




J. Steven Manolis, Title, 2000, Information

be in the town of Vermillion, “vermilion” being a particularly bright red pigment (consisting of mercuric sulfide, reminding us of Manolis’ mercurial painterliness, the mercurial fluidity of his handling). In an email to me, Manolis writes that “the actual painting of my Redworld Series expressly FOLLOWED the writing of the REDWORLD poem. I was trying to creatively capture, in color, and in my own ‘hand/style’ (i.e., beautifully!), even ‘commercially viable’ with the color Red the sort of passion and ‘FULL-ON; ALL-IN’ philosophy that I subscribe to.” Red, Manolis writes, “…is the most moving, powerful and inspirational color…it possesses life energy, and it is passionate, Passionate, PASSIONATE! Especially if it is displayed on scale…” Grand scale, as it is in the mural-like Redworld Series. “REDWORLD is: Art as Positive Activism; REDWORLD embraces equality, respect, and non-discrimination!” Clearly the Redworld paintings are ambitious in meaning as well as scale—the expression of an enlightened Weltanschauung, as well as a climactic expression of modernist painting. When I saw some of the Redworld paintings in Manolis’ studio, and heard him talk about them, I noted that he mentioned, with what seemed to me a certain casual quickness, that the different geometrical forms in them had symbolic meaning;

they signified the different members of his family. This struck me as an important clue to their inner meaning: they are peculiarly private, however grandly public—however meant for conspicuous consumption, that is, “commercially viable,” as Manolis, a successful businessman, said. Certainly, he is bringing to art the same drive that he brought to business. In a sense, Manolis was turning his life into art. He is as emotionally passionate as the passionate red of the Redworld paintings. Placing the geometrical forms in the field of fluid red suggests that he is as passionately engaged with his family as he is with his art. He is doubly creative—he has produced a large body of art and a large family: each complements and informs the other, each makes the other possible and meaningful. When art achieves lasting aesthetic glory, as Manolis’ Redworld paintings do, it is a sign that it has successfully metabolized life, to use a psychoanalytic idea, imaginatively worked through lived experience—deeply personal experience, experience that forms and informs one’s self, and the feelings associated with it, feelings otherwise difficult to work through, to come to terms with. There is no aesthetically significant art that is not in some way a transformation and transcendence of the artist’s personal history and experience.

495.3 cm). Gifted to the University of South Dakota by J. Steven Manolis. Photograph by Joseph Charles McCandless.

In his email to me, Manolis talked a great deal about the “throw/splashes” “signature look” of his red—his technique— as well as its meaning; he had somewhat less to say about the geometrical forms, implying that they played a minor role in his paintings. But this seems to me deceptive, considering the fact that they loom large in many of the paintings, like famous actors performing on a stage. Indeed, there is a theatrical as well as sensuous grandeur to Manolis’ Redworld paintings: they are action and process paintings in more ways than one, for they show his sensuousness in hyperactive process. Thus, in Four Seasons, to take one example, parallel black lines divide the canvas in horizontal halves. Above them, in each of the four paintings, a luminous series of concentric circles, each nested in the other, with an emphatic unifying center, forms a kind of cosmic whole. To their left, a sort of crescent moon appears, composed of half circles, its openness in startling contrast to the concentrically concentrated circles, seemingly hermetically sealed. Below the black parallel horizontal lines, in the right corner of the painting, a painterly black triangle can be seen. It is incomplete—it lacks a base, a foundation—but it contains a small complete triangle, drawn with linear precision. Black concentric circles, paired with black crescent forms, are on its left. Below them are

two black parallel lines, each composed of five black dots. Taken together, the circular forms and the linear forms seem to create a face, the two circles reading as eyes—wide-open, as though to stare the spectator down, as well as to take in the whole world— and the two rows of black dots reading as a mouth. My anthropomorphizing of the geometrical pattern may seem absurd, but the geometrical forms do signify human beings, as Manolis acknowledges. This intricate geometrical pattern is repeated in all four seasons—implicitly the seasons of a human life. The “human”—and personal—point is made explicitly clear in Manolis’ description of Redworld USD, an eight feet high, sixteen feet wide masterpiece: “2 tracks of life, 4 seasons concentrics, lower panel JSM biography.” In this work, parallel lines once again divide the work in horizontal halves. In the upper zone, four bright concentric circles appear, suspended in space like giant suns. The lower space contains the same pattern that appeared in each of the Four Seasons—large incomplete painterly triangle and small complete linear triangle, along with what I have described, perhaps all too imaginatively yet emotionally accurate, a human face. This suggests, to my mind, that Manolis has reconciled, with subliminal astuteness, what Greenberg dismissively called the “all too human” of traditional representational


J. Steven Manolis, REDWORLD (Four Seasons), 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 96 x 192 in. (243.84 x 487.68 cm). Four panels, 96 x 48 in. (243.84 x 121.92 cm) each. Framed: 99 x 195 in. (251.46 x


painting with the obsessive concern with the handling of the material medium that is de rigueur in modernist painting. For Greenberg, it is the essential concern of art, for without sophisticated mastery of the material medium art cannot attain aesthetic value. One might say that the “all too human” rises in geometrical disguise from Manolis’ churning painterliness, emblematic of his dynamic unconscious, to use Freud’s term. All of Manolis’ Redworld paintings are confrontational, overwhelming—they overwhelm us with their power, symbolized by the triangle, as he says. More to the psychological point, the Redworld Series is a kind of self-analysis in perpetual process, for the family members the geometrical forms symbolize are his internal objects, as psychoanalysts call them. They inhabit and inform his psyche. There don’t seem to be any bad objects in Manolis’ psyche—although the blackness of the geometrical forms makes one wonder—suggesting that his paintings reflect his determination—their power bespeaks it—to remain on good terms with them. He has collected them together into an ambivalent whole, for the seductive red in which they appear suggests his passionate love for them but the blackness of their symbolic forms seems depressing. All the Redworld paintings are depictions of Manolis’ inner life—symbolic self-portraits, in which the internal objects that inhabit his psyche and compose his self are represented in abstract form. His Self-Portrait confirms my interpretation: it is a group portrait, that is, a communal collective of his internalized family, and as such a portrait of his deepest self. The geometrical signifiers dominate the paintings; the red color field becomes their atmospheric backdrop, perhaps an abstract version of what in sacred art is called a “field of honor.” It confirms that the paintings are visionary, and suggests that the members of his large family—Manolis needs to make large paintings to contain them all, to contain his complex, dare I say contradictory, feelings for them—are sacred to him, and that in some uncanny way, the Redworld they inhabit is heaven.

“I represent my parents, wife (wives!) with double circles; my children and grandchildren with solid circles. I also denote my five grandchildren…with marks of five lines at various places on the perimeter of all my works….I have also painted stripes for a long time on my works. These represent ‘tracks of life’ for me. One stripe is the period from age zero to twenty-one. Why one? Well, you are still ‘in the nest.’ At age twenty-one, I introduce two tracks (irrespective of energy, education, etc., all humans have two tracks…either ‘coming or going!’). Thereafter three, four or more tracks. Someone like you [me] might have eight or ten ‘tracks of life.’ The more life and the more energy, the more intelligence and the more ‘life’ you lead, the ‘more tracks.’” If I had not had this contextualizing information, I would have viewed the Redworld paintings as an original solution to the familiar problem of integrating the geometrical and gestural—the poles of abstraction. Manolis shows them together, ostensibly in conflict, but paradoxically integrated, for they dialectically balance each other to form a “dynamic equilibrium,” the famous phrase Kandinsky used to designate a masterful abstract painting. With their symbolic meaning, Manolis’ Redworld paintings become abstract portraits of his family members and, perhaps more crucially, the geometrical forms give the paintings universal significance, for geometrical forms are universally comprehensible and unchangeable, unlike the changing human lives Manolis tracks. If gestural abstraction signifies the realm of sense illusion and geometrical abstraction signifies the realm of eternal ideas—for Plato more real than mutable, unstable appearances and signified by immutable, stable geometrical forms (he makes the distinction in the myth of the divided line in the Republic)—then Manolis’ aesthetically intriguing reconciliation of the gestural and geometrical indicates that his Redworld paintings are conceptually as well as personally profound, that is, intellectual as well as emotional achievements. —Donald Kuspit was the winner of the prestigious Frank Jewett Mather Award for Distinction in Art Criticism (1983) given by the College Art Association and is a Contributing Editor at Artforum, Artnet Magazine, Sculpture and Tema Celeste, and the editor of Art Criticism. He has doctorates in philosophy and art history, as well as degrees from Columbia, Yale and Pennsylvania State University. He has received fellowships from Fulbright Commission, NEA, Guggenheim Foundation and Asian Cultural Council, among others. Kuspit has written more than twenty books, including The End of Art (2004); Redeeming Art: Critical Reveries (2000); Idiosyncratic Identities: Artists at the End of the Avant-Garde (1996); Daniel Brush: Gold without Boundaries (with Ralph Esmerian and David Bennett, 1998); Reflections of Nature: Paintings by Joseph Raffael (with Amei Wallace, 1998); and Chihuly (1998). He has written numerous art reviews, including critiques on Hunt Slonem, Maurizio Cattelan and April Gornik.


Previous page: Artist J. Steven Manolis with his works from left to right: Title, 2000, Information, J. Steven Manolis, Title, 2000, Information This page top: J. Steven Manolis, Title, 2000, Information This page bottom: J. Steven Manolis, REDWORLD Glaze, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 72 x 144 in. (182.88 x 365.76 cm). Four panels, 72 x 36 in. (182.88 x 91.44 cm) each. Framed: 75 x 147 in. (190.5 x 373.38 cm). Gifted to the University of South Dakota by J. Steven Manolis. Permanently hung in the lobby of the University of South Dakota’s Beacom School of Business, Vermillion, South Dakota. Photograph by Aaron Packard.








You will hear 'n o' a million t imes

before you hear 'yes'


23 WINTER 2019






that you' re not alone and someone else went through the same ordeal... It’ s the beauty of music."

How did you get this particular role in Travelers? In early 2016 all the new shows were getting picked up, and once I got the script for the pilot, I loved it. I actually auditioned for Carly, and once they saw the tape, they asked me to retape for Marcy. Within two days I booked the part, which never happens. Because I live in Nashville working on my album, I have a studio in my house, and I just do selftapes there, so the auditioning process is sometimes stressful at times, but in the end, it is all worth it. I am very proud of the TV work that I am doing; definitely, Hell on onWheels Wheelsand and Travelers Travelers stand out. Hell I still want to do more film, so that's my next goal.

"" I also began

boxing and training with guns becuase there are a lot of fighting scenes, and I wanted to make sure I was holding a gun correctly."

How did you prepare for your roll Marcy? What is the most challenging part about playing Marcy on the show and do you see any similarities between the two of you? I did a lot of research on her because she has a learning disability, and I wasn't sure how much of that I was going to play. So just reading and watching tons of videos on other actors who have played characters along the same line as mine was helpful to watch. So that was extremely helpful once I started working on portraying the character. I also began boxing and training with guns because there are a lot of fighting scenes, and I wanted to make sure I was holding a gun correctly. It's seriously the best workout ever and such a great stress relief. However, the most difficult part is sometimes the dialogue

culture is tricky to memorize because she is a doctor, so every time I get a scene I have to look up these advanced medical terms and try to learn them in a way I understand. But out of the whole cast, Marcy is the more sensitive one of the group, as am I in my life. I tend to take on other people's emotions.


" I never feel like I am working. Sometimes I dont understand how I am getting paid because I feel like I just get to wake up and do everything that I love. "

" Which career path did you focus on first, music or acting? Which is more effortless? I had been making music since I was four, I mean the first instrument I studied was the violin. Although I have been making music for much longer, professionally where I am providing a lifestyle for myself is with acting. Music has always been a part of my life, as I started from an early age with violin, followed by guitar and piano. They both have things that come easy to me, but I also struggle with things in both lines of work. With songwriting, it is something I have had to work on and do every single day. Some people are born brilliant writers; however, most really need to develop that particular muscle. However, being on stage is when I feel my best and just free and effortless. It can also be the same for acting. Once I memorize the lines and start building the connection with my co-workers on set and making it honest, feels effortless. But sometimes memorizing can be tricky and you want to make sure that the way you're portraying the character is done well and correctly. They both have things I feel confident about and things I need to work on. But you just get better at it with practice. With memorizing, I obviously do that throughout making music, so to get into a rhythm with the lines helps me.


Did you always know you wanted to be a performer? What advice would you give to someone following the same career path? I have been following this line of work since forever. I remember my mom found a journal entry that said "when I grow up I want to be a singer and actress" So that's honestly all I have ever done and all I know. I never feel like I am working. Sometimes I don't understand how I am getting paid because I feel like I just get to wake up and do everything that I love. I feel so lucky that I have two of the best jobs in the entire world. My advice would be to really work hard and understand it doesn't happen overnight. It has taken me about 10 years to get to where I am. You really have to believe in yourself and keep working. You will hear 'no' a million times before you hear 'yes,' so don't let that take you down or hurt you. I don't know any other industry where you get so judged, and it is just out of your control. People will tell you 'she's too short, or she's too blonde.' Just hearing over and over again like, 'You're not right,' or 'You're not good enough.' For me, it's a motivator, I think, 'Oh just wait because I am going to prove you wrong.' That's why I just work really hard and try not let any of that get into my head.


So you guys left your audience on a huge cliffhanger in season two, what's going to surprise people about this upcoming season? Also, what is the dynamic like on set? Well, we definitely have to cover up the fact that we are now exposed, travelers. How are we going to cover up that message that we are not travelers? Throughout the season, there are some incredibly sad moments, I would read the script and just start crying. There will be some tears throughout the season. As far as the dynamic on set, we are all super close. We are really lucky that we all get along so well and have made such great friends out of each other. We go to each others house parties and even have Karaoke nights. I am lucky to say that I know that I will be friends with them after the series is over.

What is your inspiration for songwriting? I always try to write from something that's happened in my life. I want fans to relate to my music. The new music I have coming out is all about personal stories of things that have happened to me because I feel like if I have gone through it, someone else must have gone through it and can relate to me. I think that is the best thing about music, is listening to it, knowing that you're not alone and someone else went through the same ordeal. It's the beauty of music. My two first teaser songs of my new album are coming out late November. It's been a long time, so I'm ready for people to hear my music. Right now, being done with filming, I am focussing on music because since I have been doing the show, I have been writing a lot for the future.



Designer features without the designer price.

Introducing the ILVE Pro — not only is it the perfect fit for the perfect kitchen, it conveniently happens to fit your budget… perfectly. And while imitation may be the greatest form of flattery, we believe you deserve the original. Handmade in Italy and available in 36", 40" and 48", it’s all about performance, quality and craftsmanship. After all, the only thing you’ll be sacrificing — is nothing. Made in Italy ~ 866-844-6566 ~ www.ilveappliances.com Ranges ~ Ovens ~ Hoods ~ Cooktops







I n 2018: Ove r 40 Cl os i n gs Ove r $5 M illion Average Pr i ce T h e Top Prod ucer in Aspe n /Sn owm ass for 14 Yea rs i n a row

N ow th at’s m usic to yo u r ears.



For more information, c ontac t

Craig Morris 970.379.9795 craig.m o r r i s @ sir.c o m

CraigMorris.c om







TUTIMA Luxury Meets Durability What can shock a watch that follows in the footsteps of the successful Tutima NATO chronograph, the official service watch of German army pilots? With this new version, introduced at Baselworld, the watch manufacturer from Glashütte even outperforms its tried-and-tested principles of highest functionality. Tried-and-tested quality, technical innovation, and heavy-duty materials. The star attraction is the M2’s chronograph movement: it differentiates itself in its large sweep minute counter. The modified dial train as known from the Military is a protected, proprietary. Tutima development and guarantees optimal legibility for the counted minutes. In-house Caliber Tutima 521 is based on an ETA Valjoux 7750 and given its finishing touches at the brand’s Glashütte manufacture. It is securely housed in a solid case made of pure titanium outfitted with an additional inner core made of mu-metal, a magnetically soft nickel-iron alloy that doesn’t allow the effects of magnetic fields to even reach as far as the movement. It is topped off with a strong sapphire crystal that is anti-reflective on both sides. A striking distinguishing feature of the Pioneer model variation is the easily gripped rotating bezel with 14 luminous capsules, which make the set timing intervals clear and easy to read even if it is fully dark.

The Pioneer www.tutima.com


CORUM Visions of Architecture Launched by Corum in 1980, the Golden Bridge timepiece remains a unique construction in watchmaking, an original creation where the linear movement forms both the caliber and most of the piece’s dial. Sculptural, technical and of rare aesthetic audacity, the baguette movement of the Golden Bridge is unrivaled in the world of Fine Watchmaking. The Golden Bridge now pays homage to the ‘bridge’ that crosses it with the Golden Bridge Stream. As in architecture, the structure stands out by virtue of both its linear design and its curves and arches, and adopts the Art Deco codes of the Rectangle model, as well as incorporating an automatic movement. To create these delicate intersecting curves, Corum chose to draw inspiration from a major current in contemporary architecture: streamlining. Spanning the 1930’s to the 1960’s, it originated in the United States at the same time as objects began to be mass produced. The style is distinguished by its flowing, extremely dynamic curves.  



135 WINTER 2019

The Golden Bridge www.corum-watches.com






CHRISTOPHE CLARET Magnetic Attraction The Extreme Complications Watches line certainly deserves its name. It expresses Christophe Claret’s determination to continue pushing the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking, integrating certain fields of research never previously applied in this domain. X-TREM-1 is a fine example of this approach that involves using a system driven by magnetic fields display the hours and minutes.Driven as ever by a determination to present avant-garde timepieces, 5N red gold and black grade 5 PVD titanium were the metals chosen to make the case of this new version of the X-TREM-1. The sapphire tubes have been replaced by cylindrical ring-bound tubes housing mobile stainless steel spheres indicating the time. This version is produced in an 8-piece limited edition. The challenge was bold and some might say a little crazy: How could someone possibly think about introducing a magnetic field – the arch enemy of horological mechanisms – into the heart of a watch? The Christophe Claret team has done just that by creating a system where two small steel spheres – hollowed to make them lighter and encased within two tubes placed to the right and left of the caseband – are controlled by precision magnetic fields generated by two miniature magnets moved by cables. The cables are incredibly flexible, made from hundreds of Dyneema nanofibers all contained within an ultra-high-strength polyethylene gel, capable of withstanding tensile forces of up to a kilo. The entire thread is thinner than a human hair (4 hundredths of a mm in diameter). The resistance of the thread has been tested in the Manufacture Claret on an accelerated-wear simulator corresponding to 60 years of operation.



PERRELET Innovations in Technology and Elegance


137 WINTER 2019



Perrelet, whose creations are essentially intended for a masculine clientele, nonetheless devotes close attention to the feminine world. With the Diamond Flower Amytis, Perrelet is offering a collection intended for women with a penchant for elegance and refined style. The Diamond Flower Amytis offers an imaginary journey through the hanging gardens of Babylon, created by Nebuchadnezzar in tribute to the beauty of his wife, Queen Amytis of Media, whose name inspired this feminine collection. The Swiss watchmaker Perrelet stands out through the originality of its dial enlivened by the Double Rotor function patented in 1995 that has become a signature feature. This particular model now admirably embodies its expertise in highlighting both watchmaking techniques and artistic crafts. Launched last year in black or white dial versions, the Double Rotor Amytis appears clothed in delicate shades such as ivory or blue. Double Rotor technology, the signature feature that has forged the current reputation of Perrelet timepieces, is highlighted in the classic “First Class Double Rotor” collection. The technical innovation represented by the first Double Rotor movement was developed in 1995 – after five years of research and development – in tribute to Abraham-Louis Perrelet, who founded the brand in 1777.



Christie's Education is an educational art institute that originated institute is wholly owned by an over forty years ago in London. The program auction house and expanded to New York in 1993. Since then, their course offerings have become incredibly popular. Christie's Education invites students of all levels to enroll: from art world newcomers, to experienced art dealers and professionals. All students at Christie’s Education share the love and passion for art but are diverse in age, background, and interests. The programs are led by art world experts and designed to be an immersive learning experience. Dr. Marisa Kayyem is an Associate Professor at Christie’s Education and also the Program Director of Continuing Education and leads the short courses in New York.“The art world is continually evolving. Older artists are being rediscovered while younger artists are emerging,” Dr. Kayyem explains, “auction records are being broken, biennials and art fairs are now global, and new technologies are affecting not only the buying and selling of art but also the way artists think about their own creativity. We examine and contextualize these changes, making sense of the art world as it is happening."

Tala Madani : Corner Projections at 303 Gallery, New York, 2018. Photographed by Conr Kinman




141 WINTER 2019

Christie’s Education offers a wide selection of courses in New practical experience. Many alumni have gone on to become leading York, London, Hong Kong, and online. Moreover, classes are figures in the art world such as gallerists, art historians, dealers, offered at all levels: from the fundamentals of art to advanced auction house specialists, professional advisors, entrepreneurs, courses for those with a desire to study at a deeper level. "Part of and journalists. "Our courses are designed and taught by art what makes our courses special is that we bring together people world experts and specialists in the field to provide an interactive from all ages and locations who share a passion for art," Dr. learning environment which sets the benchmark in the sector." Kayyem explains. "In addition to the highest levels of education, Dr. Kayyem explains, "Nothing can compare with the our ability to provide access to the art experience of hearing directly from working market network for our students is key. professionals, or visiting an artist’s studio or Personally, I love meeting the people who We examine and a private collector’s home." contextualize take our courses." Christie's Education is the only Students examine the art world from educational institution owned by an art these changes, a unique point of view. Guest speakers auction house, which benefits the students making sense of by gaining unique hands-on experience. provide expert insight from art business, the art world as Additionally, it serves students by providing academic and curatorial worlds. Many courses are planned around Christie's exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the art it is happening. sales and include an world. Their approach exclusive sale walkrevolves around through with a Christie's interaction with leading specialist, enabling art world professionals. students to learn first“We offer courses which hand about real works have no parallel. For of art. Programs are a example, our auction blend of lectures and world access allows us to field studies, including present a unique series exclusive tours of of lectures linked to the private collections, works coming up for artist studios, and sale." Dr. Kayyem reveals, curator-led tours of "These courses change museum exhibitions. seasonally depending "We provide first-rate upon the property classroom education," consigned to Christie’s. Dr. Kayyem explains, We take the students "but that’s just the to the sale previews, beginning. Our examine the historical students have an significance of the works, immersive experience discuss their estimated of art and the art world. We have exclusive access to Christie’s value, and how these values are determined." specialists together with the works coming into the house for New York is the center of the modern and contemporary sale, combining to offer a unique behind-the-scenes view of the art world, and Christie's Education utilizes the city as their complexities of the auction business." classroom; granting students firsthand experiences with public For those curious about art business, Christie’s Education and private collections. They also provide exclusive access to offers a program to obtain an Art Business Certificate which some of the most sought-after art venues and collections in the is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of all aspects of world. art business. Additionally, the program grants access to up-toStudents have the advantage of Christie’s access, exploring and date information on the art market and teaches new analytical growing their professional network, with Christie’s Education methods to those already in the art world. Throughout the year- guiding students through the broad spectrum of art marketlong program, sessions are held by experts in a variety of fields related activities. The number of students varies from course including: artists, auctioneers, curators, dealers, economists, to course, with intimate class sizes providing an engaging and historians, journalists, lawyers, insurers and appraisers. interactive experience. The registration process is easy, directly Dedicated to preparing students for the art world, Christie’s enroll online at www.christies.edu or by telephone. Education focuses on analytical skills, object-based learning, and


MADE IN AMERICA The Visionaries & Crafters Behind the World’s Most Cutting-Edge & Timeless Land Rover Defenders

Frame Off Restorations

. LS Swaps .

Quick Turn Arounds

www.ospreycustomcars.com 910-632-0260


Nate &


A Beach Cosmopolitan Hotel Eden Roc Miami Beach offers the best of all worlds: effortlessly elegant guestrooms, quintessential Miami experiences, and world-class dining by renowned chefs. It’s the spirit of the city, on the beach.


Baker Entertainment Group debuts Jonathan Baker’s starstudded documentary filmmaker Jonathan Baker proudly debuts his



streaming on iTunes.

Jonathan also has his own lifestyle brand with incredible candle, cologne and fragrance scents, and is the owner of the coveted Hamptons hotel, The Maidstone, in East Hampton, NY.





Worthy Estates on available on the Market


COLORADO Craig Morris, Aspen Sotheby's In the image of the great Bauhaus designers, Victor Lundy's West End home is an homage to classic architectural greats. Incorporating the original structure with a thoughtful and complementary addition, the new Lundy House takes its place amongst the finest homes in Aspen. With exquisite finishes, refined details and a ''form follows function'' floor plan, one could say this home was 100 years in the making. Through the use of modern roof planes and stone & steel

finished walls, natural light pours into the open floor plan. Steel, wood, and brick blend with the surrounding landscape allowing for perfect harmony between exterior and interior environments. All lower level rooms walk out to a secluded garden level oasis. Situated on a corner lot, with atypically deep roadway setbacks, the property benefits from expansive landscape areas providing the home with privacy and an experience of a much larger property. The home comprises approximately 10,099 total square feet, including a 502 square foot heated garage. The approximate 725 square foot private sunken garden brings nature and light to the entertainment area and guest rooms on the lower level. 301LakeAvenue.com




157 WINTER 2019


COLORADO Berkshire Hathaway


Every room makes a statement in this brand new, turnkey Aspen home that stands out as the most modern and chic in Fox Crossing. Chenille fireplaces, fascinating lighting, white marble finishes, and engaging artwork create a canvas for mountain living that is very today. Aspen Mountain views and a short walk to the ski shuttle make this the ideal family mountain retreat and a great rental opportunity. AspenMountainView.com

Cordillera COLORADO $1,345,000

FALL 2018




LIV Sotheby's International Realty

Welcome to your Cordillera mountain sanctuary. Nestled amongst the trees, you will enjoy the serenity of what this home and surroundings offer. Situated on over 3.5 acres of land, this home embodies privacy and what you expect when you dream of owning a mountain home. With over 3,100 square feet, this five bedroom home has plenty of room for family and friends. The open floor plan has a wonderful flow from your kitchen to the dining area and to your great room. Large windows allow the sunshine to radiate inside providing a comfortable and sunny atmosphere. The outside space offers a very special retreat setting with a spacious patio for enjoying the fresh mountain air and serenity. The water features around the home adds to this ambience. This single family home is beautifully updated and has a subtle mountain contemporary flair. The main floor master suite has a wall of windows to capture the beautiful views or the occasional wildlife that may stroll by. The master bath is nicely appointed with luxury finishes and includes a soaking tub and separate shower. You also may access the outside deck where you can enjoy your morning coffee. The great room has a stunning stone fireplace that boasts a roaring fireplace. A perfect place to relax after a great day on the slopes or fishing at the adjacent stocked ponds maintained by Cordillera. The high-end finishes continue throughout the home. The kitchen has lovely granite countertops and an island for family gatherings while you share stories about your day. In addition to the master suite, this home has four bedrooms along with a 2-car garage. Just outside your home you will find nearby hiking trails, stocked fishing ponds and open space, which only adds to this special setting especially at this price point. You also have a rare bonus option. The

seller is offering the vacant 1.4+ acre lot adjacent to this home with a stream and cabin to purchase for an even more private and sanctuary feel. Cordillera consists of four distinct neighborhoods. This home is located within Cordillera Ranch, which is a gated community. Formerly a working ranch, The Ranch at Cordillera relies on gentle ridges, undulating meadows and stands of mature forest to set its tone. Within the Ranch, you will find “The Trailhead.” It is a wonderful place for family activities which includes a swimming pool and a children’s center featuring organized activities year-round. There are countless things to do without leaving your neighborhood. During the summer, enjoy fishing in a pond, miles of hiking, or playing the three 18-hole golf courses, including the Hale Irwin designed Mountain Course. In the winter, there is the Nordic Center with sports trails, and of course, nearby skiing at Vail and Beaver Creek mountains. Afterwards, dine at the Timber Hearth Grille for tasty cuisine. The convenience of the Edwards is only a short drive away. Here you can explore the shops, restaurants and movie theater. Just another few miles down the road are the world renown Villages of Vail and Beaver Creek. What an incredible opportunity to have the conveniences, luxury, privacy and activities at your fingertips! Adjacent Lot Offered at $145,000.


Vail COLORADO waldenhousevail.com

Stockton Group





Broadly inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s book “Walden," about living in natural surroundings for spiritual discovery and personal growth, this unique topography in West Lake Creek provides unrivaled privacy with close proximity to world-class skiing in both Beaver Creek and Vail Villages. Surrounded by National Forest land with commanding dramatic scenery on all sides, the property looks out Vail’s Gore Range to the east and the New York Mountain range to the south. While the 10,515-square-foot home clearly surpasses the quaint notions of a little cabin in the woods, the sentiment and principle of organic living among a natural backdrop certainly rings true. Designed by renowned architect Annabelle Selldorf, the seven-bedroom, ninebathroom home is a modern work of art, recognized worldwide for its bold yet simple presentation, blending the natural environment with everyday living. The highlight of the Walden House and perhaps its most distinctive feature is its surroundings and how the home brilliantly interacts with them. Wrapped in floor-to-ceiling glass, the home’s living spaces seamlessly extend outdoors and create a sensation of floating on water above the pond. Sitting on roughly 70 acres and built in 2009 by George Schaffer, the exterior of the Walden House is comprised in large part by locally sourced beetle-kill pine. Parts of the facade are adorned with touches

of locally sourced copper shingles and Anasazi sliver stone. The pond and the home itself exist perfectly among the natural environment that surrounds them — meticulously planned by landscape architect Edwina Von Gal with the goal of preserving the natural appearance and ecology of the property. The Walden House exists almost as a ranch-style home with all components on a single level, except for one element in particular: a three-bedroom tower that resides on the east end of the structure. The home’s living space beautifully circumnavigates a natural courtyard that is visible from almost all points within, creating connectivity on all sides of the home while allowing for ample space. Of course, the pond — which is accessed by a floating dock immediately off the home’s back porch, as well as a dock-gazebo at the pond’s center — offers more than pretty scenery; it fulfills a number of outdoor activities from fishing in the summer, to pick-up hockey and ice skating in the winter. With Gold Dust Peak immediately in the backdrop and an almost-infinity edge presence over the valley below, a more picturesque and tranquil setting you will not find in the mountains. On all sides of the property winds a nine-mile network of private and semi-private trails, many of which are owned and operated by the Cattleman’s Club, the local homeowners association.









MEXICO Las Rosadas Real Estate

Imagine a place where you can spend time with your family and friends on a beautiful and private beach set within a nature preserve. Las Rosadas, a luxury beachfront community, is a hidden gem along Mexico’s emerging eco-luxe coastline, Costalegre. Over the past few decades, the boutique resorts that line this Pacific shore were known only to those lucky few who enjoyed a bit of adventure and personalized attention. Costalegre lets you escape within aweinspiring settings and Las Rosadas extends that tradition along its diverse 1.25 miles of coastline. Founded nearly 15 years ago by a Californian family, Las Rosadas embodies the authentic spirit of Mexico. Warm and personal service of the full-time staff, evocative art featured throughout the property, ocean-and-farm-to-table cuisine, and the diverse ecological efforts make this a unique paradise. The distinctive Las Rosadas experience is one that will leave you refreshed and inspired. After living on the land, and spending time understanding its characteristics, Las Rosadas is offering 53 select home sites which take advantage of the expansive Pacific Ocean and sunset views. Modern coastal haciendas built by local craftsmen will blend indoor living with the outdoors. Afternoon breezes will keep you refreshed while your children play in the pool. These are legacy properties for families and individuals who are drawn to the generous hospitality of Mexico.

Grab your bike and head out on the professionally designed trail system. With a stand-up paddle board, make your way down to one of the three swimmable beaches, Playa Las Rosadas, Playa Corazón, or Playa Turquesa.  Or simply enjoy the serenity of being in a place of pure natural wonder.  Time will slow down and opportunities will be presented to create lasting memories with those closest to you. You are invited to visit Las Rosadas to stake your claim. With the release of only a handful of lots and reservations currently filling up, a luxury beachfront community is emerging.

lasrosadas.com | dave@lasrosadas.com



Aspen COLORADO Berkshire Hathaway


Wake up to Alpine splendor in an elegant, bright contemporary condo. The perfect location in the highly desired central core. Convenient to all four ski areas and walk-able to the Aspen Mountain gondola and 1A lift. Clean lines and modern features in shades of white and grey make this top floor condominium seems larger than its actual 847 square feet, enhanced by the 12 foot ceilings. A gas fireplace adds to the warmth as do the many east & south facing windows. The loft bedroom features a king sized bed & a modern European style soaking tub, which is beautifully lit by a frosted glass ceiling. The full bath features marble vanity, a glass-walled shower, heated towel rack and ample storage. A galley style kitchen contains Miele and Gaggenau appliances, marble backsplash and countertops. AspenSkiRetreat.com

Designer features without the designer price. TURKS AND CAICOS

active listings

TRITON VILL A | 203 LONG BAY BE ACH DRIVE LONG B AY | $14,50 0,0 0 0 7 BEDS | 7 B AT HS | 12,727 SQ . F T. | 2 ACRE LOT ML S # 170 0594

E AS T CAICOS PARCEL S A & B E A S T CAIC OS CEN T R A L | $24,955,0 0 0 1,426 ACRES ML S # 170 0657 | ML S # 170 0658

S TA RGA ZE R | 29 IN T E R N AT ION A L DRI V E B A B A LUA BE ACH | $ 6,750,0 0 0 6 BEDS | 6 B AT HS | 15,0 0 0 SQ . F T. | 2.3 3 ACRE LOT ML S # 180 0122

Introducing the ILVE Pro — not only is it the perfect fit for the perfect kitchen, it conveniently happens to fit your budget… perfectly. And while imitation may be the greatest form of flattery, we believe you deserve the original. Handmade in Italy and available in 36", 40" and 48", it’s all about performance, quality and craftsmanship. GANSE VOORT VILL A 5107 TIP OF THE TAIL VILL A | TURTLE TAIL DRIVE After all, PROVIDENCIA the only thing Lyou’ll sacrificing ES | be $ 4,750,0 0 0 — is nothing. PROVIDENCIA L ES | $ 6,999,999

4 BEDS | 4 B AT HS | 8,260 SQ . F T. | 20,168 SQ . F T. LOT ML S # 180 0208

Made in Italy ~ 866-844-6566 ~ www.ilveappliances.com

6 BEDS | 6 B AT HS | 7,560 SQ . F T. | 1.1 ACRE LOT ML S # 160 0602

Ranges ~ Ovens ~ Hoods ~ Cooktops




Need help finding the perfect addition to your garage? Route 32 auctions specializes in high end antique advertising signs, petroliana, automobilia, gas pumps and more. We provide high quality and rare items that are rarely seen or found elsewhere on the market. Check out our upcoming auction for some neat items!

January Auction January 25th, 2019

See our website and sign up for our newsletter for upcoming auctions and events.

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Margot January of 2019. Situated atop of Culver City’s Platform with






Margot is located at 8820 Washington

Valet parking is

Follow @MargotLosAngeles for updates and visit online for more info www.margot.la



Elevated Luxury Life Winter 2019 - Jon Bon Jovi & Jesse Bongiovi  

The Winter Issue of Elevated Luxury Life Magazine featuring Jon Bon Jovi, Jesse Bon Giovi, Michael Franti, Charlie Weber, Alyssa Diaz, Resid...

Elevated Luxury Life Winter 2019 - Jon Bon Jovi & Jesse Bongiovi  

The Winter Issue of Elevated Luxury Life Magazine featuring Jon Bon Jovi, Jesse Bon Giovi, Michael Franti, Charlie Weber, Alyssa Diaz, Resid...