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BOATS & MOTORCYCLES 46 VAN DAM BOATS A Lifetime of Bespoke Craftsmanship


MUSIC 74 TRAVIS MEADOWS His Words Will Change Your World

ART 64 J. STEVEN MANOLIS The Extraordinary Universe

84 OPERA GALLERY Into The Vision with Manolos Valdés

114 ANTHONY HADEN-GUEST The World According to Anthony Haden-Guest


120 YUL VASQUEZ North Star

126 JAKE MANLEY The Time Is Now

36 COVER FEATURE TRAIN You Better Believe



136 CHRIS MCNALLY Staying Evened Out


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pring, a time when life becomes anew, has arrived. The world around us unfreezes, both physically and energetically. The crisp spring breeze combined with the peaking sun after a long winter creates the perfect time for fresh ideas and new dreams. A clean palette. A world reborn. Nature around us is doing it alongside; sprouting, growing, basking. Not only is it a time to pursue new enterprise, but to also enjoy all that has brewed between the nooks of the preceding winter season. Our spring issue celebrates the talents, beauty, and luxury of the rock 'n roll world around us.

We explore the intriguing minds of artists from a multitude of mediums. From live dance tours with Derek Hough, to the recycled and mystifying artwork of Manolo Valdes, to the finest curated social spaces for spring. There is something for everyone. In a legendary interview with Pat Monahan of Train, we learn what it's like to live a life of constant creation. We look inside some of the world's most luxurious real estate listings as well as the finest boats, motorcycles, and dining experiences. Explore, learn, and enjoy all the beautiful minds of some of the most interesting entrepreneurs on the planet.

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief






Rock 'n Roll

Pat Monahan and Train

You Better Believe Written By Olivia Daane Photography By Brendan Walter

T 36

rain fans hold on tight, there’s much in the works for believers in this platinum, Grammy-winning, music engine. Lead singer Pat Monahan wants “to prove Train fans right, you know? We all choose who we love and my job is to make sure that when you guys chose Train, you chose the right thing to love.” June 2019 kicks off the Save Me San Francisco Tour with the Goo Goo Dolls and special guest Allen Stone. Pat credits his wife as his fuel for all this action, “She’s a person I can go to for anything. I don’t need to be grounded. I need confidence and to be lifted up. She’s that fuel. When I have her and a glass of wine, I’ve got everything I need.” He’s thrilled to be hitting the road with The Goo Goo Dolls after 6 years of trying to find enough time and the right time to perform songs covering today’s hits like the Heart-and-Soul infectious “Play That Song” to gems from 25 years ago. “We will collaborate onstage which I believe wholeheartedly is the magical moment in any concert, finding out that everyone, who has this blessed life to share their music, actually likes each other.” As for guest Allen Stone, “He’s probably more talented than everyone you see on stage. You won’t recognize his songs, but you will recognize his talent right away.”

Rock 'n Roll


Rock 'n Roll


“At all costs, be who you are.”

Pat’s a giver. Quick to give gifts of compliments and credit to others as well as bestowing his lyrical and vocal treasures found throughout his body of work. He is humble, which fits his self-evaluation of “grounded.” His response to the query of personal intention and advice is, “When people ask me for advice, I never give it because my father never gave advice. He said ‘if you want to give me advice, I’d rather have you write me a check’. But...if I was to give advice... it is at all costs, be who you are. Because if you become successful you have to keep up that persona and if you haven’t been authentic it’s not going to be what you want it to be.”

Rock 'n Roll

Rock 'n Roll


Rock 'n Roll

“My favorite part of music is the bones of it.”

His latest wine label, Drops of Jupiter, gives back too. November 2017 marked the introduction of a second line of California-based wines, Drops of Jupiter, named after the song penned in honor of his beloved mom, which won the Grammy award for best rock song. Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co. proudly donates proceeds from its sales to support Family House, a nonprofit organization providing temporary housing to families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at the University Of California San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital. As a follow-up to his previous Californiasourced range of Save Me, San Francisco Wine, Monahan has joined forces again with his friend and acclaimed winemaker James Foster for the DOJ $20 portfolio of wines sourced from unique wine regions around the globe, places that Pat discovered during his musical travel itinerary. Look forward to sampling his cabernet from the unusual origin of Australian vines 41

If he wasn’t a musical prodigy/rockstar, Pat says, “I would not be a professional golfer because my game is shite, but I would be a chef. There’s great honor in service to me. Preparing food is such a noble profession. I used to think it was because it was creative, but I think it’s because feeding people is a noble thing to do.” Next up he wants to follow his 9 original albums, plus Led Zeppelin cover album, with recently recorded standards of music legend, lyricist, composer and inspiration, Johnny Mercer. “I miss that about music right now, songs that make me want to sing along. People want to participate, not just listen.” Then Pat intends to set off to produce an album in Nashville, “My favorite part of music is the bones of it. People like Clay Walker, Colt Ford and Toby Keith are inspiring people. I don’t trust a lot of people and all these guys are in the world that seems to really still be filled with honest, hard-working, heart-filled music.”

Rock 'n Roll So the legendary bones of Train are still there and ready for an excavation and illumination. The recent cut “You Better Believe”, the addictive piano, chord-driven ballad off “A Girl, A Bottle, A Boat,” Pat explains, is about “How we all have our spiritual connection. My belief is that we get to hang out a little longer after we’re gone to see things through.” Train fans know and you will see, this band and its leader are walking between worlds and helping us see that we are all connected. They are even committed to letting us play along. Pat is a leader worth following. The best kind. Using his gifts to remind us to hold onto our own. On his playlist - Anderson Paak On his bedside - Haruki Murakami On his screen - Game of Thrones


Rock 'n Roll






Lightening Strikes - G. Randall Goss



A Lifetime Of Bespoke Craftsmanship Interview with Jeremy Pearson, Director of Worldwide Sales Written by Jamie Agoglia


T 48

here are many reasons why the quality of Van Dam Custom Boats surpasses that of all their competitors. Perfection is in their nature. Notably, they are the highest quality handcrafted wooden boats on the planet. Their team of master craftsmen, and all members of the Van Dam team, have a passion for not only the outcome of their creations, but the process in its entirety. From day one of starting a new project, their team of craftsmen begin to learn about the soon-to-be boat owners and their lives. By getting to know their clients, they can fully understand the vision and aspirations for the boat being commissioned. Van Dam can build a boat to the fullest extent of the client’s imagination, to the deepest definition of customized. The process itself is part of the Van Dam experience that significantly sets them apart from the rest. The craftsmen take pride in not only their intricate and unparalleled attention to detail, but also in their lifetime guarantee, which hasn’t had a claim in over 40 years. A record like this speaks volumes to their caliber of workmanship and the care that is executed with every move. They take pride in their continued commitment, ensuring every inch of the boat is in mint condition, even after it’s out of their hands.

Van Dam maintains perfection by offering a yearly check-up on their work, going through every detail of their boats with a fine-tooth comb. The Van Dam masters go down a checklist to ensure all is still in pristine condition. As any boating enthusiast knows, life happens, and so do mishaps. The open waters can be unpredictable. What makes Van Dam stand out is they take these moments into account, and make it a priority that all is perfect. It is in the winter that these boats come back to Boyne City, Michigan from throughout the country where they live with their owners. From California to Florida, the boats are towed on trailers back to their original Van Dam home, where the craftsmen who built them and know them inside and out take a deep look at any wear-and-tear that the previous year may have caused. And even if everything is in pristine condition, which it usually is, this is still an opportunity to lay a fresh coat of varnish or polish up a “mirror on wood job.” Sometimes an owner’s vision of what they would like do on their boat changes. The beauty of their work is that the boat can change and be reinvented in collaboration with the owner, making owning a Van Dam boat a lifetime partnership. It is an instrumental component of Van Dam’s mission to ensure customer satisfaction that doesn’t end once the new owner receives their boat.



Theodora - G. Randall Goss


50 Susan C - G. Randall Goss

The mirror effect, a specialty at Van Dam, is created by laying multiple layers of clear coat and buffing it to perfection. Cosmetic details like this are a focal point for the yearly check-ups, to keep every detail meticulouslymaintained. Jamie Agoglia: What are the values of being a member of the Van Dam Custom Boats family? Jeremy Pearson: We have what we call our “cultural fundamentals” and they’re basically 37 guidelines that we live by and work by. We feel that’s what we need to make our company and our people successful, and distinguish us from the others. It’s things like attention to detail, making quality personal, impeccable response time, being curious about our customers and really getting to know them and who they are, not just what type of boat they like. We want to know their interests and their family history. When they build a boat with us, we spend a lot of time with them - on the phone, visiting with them, emails, text messages - we’re constantly getting their input and their feedback. It’s always nice to have as much background as we can so we can make the whole process a little more personal. What is it like to continue to allow the Van Dam craftsmen to perform maintenance and upkeep of the boat? I’m not aware of any other boat manufacturer that has a lifetime warranty on their product. And fortunately in 43 years we have never had a claim of any sort. That makes us proud. So part of that is because a lot of our boats come back to us year after year for storage, and many of the boat

owners insist on that so that we can go through the boat with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring that not just mechanically everything is perfect, but also cosmetically. Obviously our boats are made of wood and typically wood can rot with the elements. How are your boats built to allow a lifetime guarantee against leaks, rot, swelling, and cracking? Our construction process is such that the wood, water, and air never really interact with each other. Unless there’s some kind of failure, such as dropping a wrench in the bilge and it causes a fine crack. With the customers that bring their boats back year after year, those are the simple things we look for, to make sure there wasn’t an accident that was overlooked. Our customers know that when they bring their boat back to us, we’re looking at every detail. What kind of cosmetic or performance alterations are typically done? We sometime do refits of the boat. One of them being Chiara. It’s been refit a couple of times. The owner is a local guy and he launched that boat originally in 2005. We launched it as version 1 and it was exactly what he wanted. Gunmetal grey, it was kind of a military tactical boat, which is what he wanted; it was great. They used it for a few seasons, brought

Boats Boats


My Three Sons - Jim Fets

Boats Boats


Catnip Interior - Roe Photo



Alpha Z Rudder - Nathan DeHart

it back and wanted to put a hardtop on it, so we engineered a hard top, put in some windows, dropped some things down a little bit, redesigned the seating and layout for it to be more of an entertaining boat. Sometimes we do refits if the boats changes owners and they have a conceptually different idea, like for our boat Iris. When the new owner got it, he had a new idea for it and wanted to make it his own. Our boats are made for one specific person, so from the height of the seat to how far away the steering wheel is, it’s completely customized for them. If it changes owners, the new owner wants to make it their own, so of course we make those alterations to fit their specific needs.

Florida, and Texas, to get some cosmetic work done, some new varnish, a new clear coat, or just some upkeep to make it look fresh again.

When our boats leave for spring launch, every owner knows and is assured that everything they asked us to do will get done. I think that the owners appreciate that peace of mind. Who better than us to look at the boat we built.

What is the spring launch season at Van Dam Custom Boats? What does it mean for you?

How many boats come back for maintenance over the winter season? It depends - we’ve got a lot of boats. Anywhere from 10 to 20 come back every year. We get boats from Wisconsin and locally from Michigan. And every few years we have other boats that come back from New York, Idaho, Washington, California,

What is the range of things that may be handled in a typical maintenance requisition over the winter season? Mainly small things. It depends on how much action the boat sees, that determines the life of the vanish and how well it’s protecting the wood. We use an automotive clear coat, similar to a Bentley or Maserati. It’s a very similar product which is great for keeping the elements out.

The spring launch is basically when it’s time to start delivering boats, when the roads are finally thawed out enough and we can start getting our boats back to the owners. It’s exciting because we’ve been looking at these boats all winter and working on them all winter. It also means that our team is very busy during the launch season. Owners will sometimes call us up last minute wanting to have a few extra things done to their boat. It’s an exciting time for us and for the boat owners, getting their Van Dam back on the water for another season of boating.









THE TOUR Renowned dancer and choreographer Derek Hough debuts his first tour with live music and dynamic choreography that will make every city, coast to coast, move to the rhythm of the beat. Photographs by Brian Bowen Smiith Courtesy of Faculty Written By Jamie Agoglia




hen there is passion in what you do, there is no length you won’t push yourself to thrive. Derek Hough is the epitome of that. Through grueling hours and serious devotion to training, Derek Hough has created a professional dance career unparalleled to most. At the age 12, Hough moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to London, to pursue dancing. From training with the top coaches in the world, a demanding schedule, and an undying passion, Hough quickly became one of the best dancers in the world. Determination, dedication, and passion is what has driven Hough’s career to the top. His constant pursuit of creating and evolving in his craft has led him to nine Emmy nominations and two Emmy awards for “Best Choreography.” He’s been seen in a global array of stage productions, competitions, films and TV shows, including the ABC dancecompetition “Dancing with the Stars,” where he won six seasons. His lifelong hard work has prepared him for his quick-paced, high energy lifestyle. His latest creation, Derek Hough “Live!” The Tour, spans coast-to-coast with seven other incredibly talented dancers. A huge emphasis in his first solo tour is the musical stylings of a live band, which combines the collaborative creative energy of live dance and music. There are lessons to be learned at every corner when pursuing something with passion, and Hough has taken these lessons to create a show that the audience will not only love to watch, but will love to be a part of. Jamie Agoglia: With so many career endeavours under your belt from national and global competitions, to televised competitions, to writing a best selling book, what would you mark as the beginning of your career? Where did it all start for you? Derek Hough: Really my first dance class, I kicked and screamed and didn’t want to go but my Mom made [me]. I had a coach who made it really cool for me; I didn’t know that dance could be fun at that point. That’s kind of where it all began. I trained and went to competitions around the United States which turned into competitions around the world.






What has been the biggest challenge of your career? What have you learned from it? There has definitely been several [challenges]. A big one being winning a world championship with injured neck; I [could] barely turn it. So I was worried about dancing, let alone winning the whole thing. One competition I had bit my tongue in half [and still had] another round to do. But I did it, it was pretty gruesome and pretty challenging. As far as emotional challenges, there was a show I did in London - 13 shows a week at Radio City Music Hall. That means sometimes [I had] 3 shows a day, and between shows I would be teaching my partner the piece I was choreographing for “Dancing with the Stars”, which we were filming at the same time. On Sundays, I was taking a red-eye to Los Angeles to do all the press and everything for “Dancing with the Stars”, so that was a very challenging. It was fulfilling and an exciting time, but very demanding. With 9 Emmy nominations, 2 Emmy awards for “Best Choreography”, and wide array of winnings for performing across the world, which side of dance holds your heart now, choreography or performing? After everything, still both. As a lot of choreographers that I know, they just choreograph, and that’s their passion and their calling and they’re love it; they’re very happy with that. For me, I love choreographing and creating but I equally love performing. I love being on stage and making that relationship with the audience. I’m definitely in performing mode now, but with that said I’m currently in the process of building The Tour. I love choreographing but I love to learn and love to learn other people’s choreography. They go together, so really I love both sides. What







Well, I love doing live performances. I love being in people’s cities, seeing their faces and getting to interact with them. The Tour was started because of my love for live music. I’ve done several tours where we didn’t have a live band on stage with us, so for me that element was a super important part for me to have in The Tour. You can’t replicate a sound of a live guitar solo or whatever it may be. So that was a huge inspiration for me for this show. Also with it being my first solo tour, it’s definitely a challenge. I’m a little afraid of the unknown but for me whenever I’m afraid of that something or a

little nervous about something, that’s a project I need to set my eyes on. I’ve realized that any great challenge is a great project to take on. So I’m excited about it, every aspect of it is exciting, from the traveling to the audience and the music, I’m very proud of it. I’m amazed by the intensity of the tour dates. With 59 live shows, 6 shows a week, how do you mentally prepare for the challenges that come with a schedule so incredibly demanding? I treat [touring] like boot camp. So when I’m on the road, I have a very strict routine, as far as how many hours of sleep, I wake up at a certain time, start to stretch at a certain time. There’s a whole routine and ritual that I do that keeps me healthy, but also keeps me at my peak to be able to perform every night. I also think that with the years of training, I got used to doing 8 shows a week when I was performing at the West End in london, so I’ve grown up with a gruelling and intense schedule, but this one is extra challenging because of the intensity of the dancing. Which part of touring is the most fun for you? Being on stage, that’s what it’s all about. I love that so much, I love the energy before the show, you know, getting ready and pumping the music up. It’s a fun time. Sometimes [artists] complain about doing meet and greets, but for me I love meet and greets. It’s special to be meeting people face to face before the show. I love that interaction and connection and it’s why I do what I do, gives me that energy, that life and soul of the performance. What elements of The Tour are you most excited about to share with your audience? I’m really excited about the cast of dancers I’m working with. They work at such a high level that they push me tremendously. I’m excited for the audience to see [the other dancers], I want to give them their moment and share these amazing performers with the audience. They’re tremendous athletes and amazing artists. Something with this show that I wanted to go more towards is a theatrical viewing and feeling, it’s more intimate and more about the actual dancing than a spectacle. The cast is 4 girls, and 4 guys including me and 3 musicians. We have live percussion and live sax; I feel like those are the elements you can really feel when they’re played live. It’s a full stage with a lot of energy; it’s great.





SINCE 1977



The Extraordinary Universe of Steven Manolis Written by Olivia Daane


elcome to Steven Manolis’ universe of color, vibration, intention, “Splashes, Symbols & Marks!”, SS&M. If art doesn’t arouse you, it has failed. The art of Steven Manolis is a rousing success. Leaping off from his prominent run on Wall Street, Salomon Brother’s youngest partner at age 32, he flies into this painting career. In 4 years manifesting 16 solo shows, 14 group shows, 3 books and 3 museum shows. He sets an exponential pace. It is tangible. Manolis’ canvases inspire, create a dialogue, force questions, birth answers. As all true art should. Universal matter made legible through the semiotics of line bathed in color. His great teacher Hans Hofmann told him, “It’s time to quit painting what we see, it’s time to paint what you feel.” Steven calls art “a catalytic force.” Following this drive to share this power-that-be, he is painting non-stop and has, along with his notable exhibitions, generously donated works to both his alma mater The University of South Dakota as well as to the prestigious, all-girls, Ethel Walker School. The works live and breathe side by side with the students. Meera Viswanathan, the imminent head of The Ethel Walker School describes Manolis’ work as the best of what art can be, “the external embodiment of internal spirit...art is the lungs...the same reason we breathe...with its inhalation and exhalation we attest to our experience of being alive. It is erotic (in its etymology: to rouse, awaken, stir to action). Art is the manifestation of spirit at a particular moment.” Manolis is using both sides of his brain and racing, not walking mind you, the fine line that interweaves the quest for personal achievement with the goal to touch the lives of others, including the minds and hearts of future leaders of the free world. Will it be a free world? We pray, we paint, we write, we dance, we sing, we doctor, we bake, we make ends meet. I think we are all hoping so and trying to figure out how to play a part in a new world catharsis. Manolis is doing his part. Artists have the responsibility to invigorate and inspire. Unlike the explicit message of representational art, SM’s chosen voice of abstract expressionism, he Palm Beach Light “1300 Hours”, 2019 Acrylic; 46 in. x 36 in.



Palm Beach Light “Redworld Sunset (with symbology)” 2019 Acrylic; 46 in. x 36 in.

Art explains, “has an implicit message. It can ignite the neurons in the brain.” As an artist’s creative process unveils and forms their own identity, it can transmit this search and understanding of self to the viewer. Art can transform, teach empathy, raise vibrations and heal. SM knows art is an inspirational medium in any setting. “A visual image that transmits either a message or philosophy has the ability to dramatically influence the thought process of the recipients.” Manolis has received sacred teachings and pedigree directly from the likes of famed painter Wolf Kahn (of whose works he is the largest collector) and Kahn’s renowned teacher and artist Hans Hofmann who said “the difference between a painter an artist is a mind.” “The best way to learn is as an apprentice,” Manolis explains. Dr. Larry Schou, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of The University of South Dakota, (Manolis’ alma mater and an institution known for its groundbreaking arts programming) calls Steven “the perfect artist, person because he is connecting his business acumen with his artist savvy. He knows how to create amazing artwork and wants to get it out to the world.” So, it behooves us as the audience to join these troops, a piebald glitterati of art critics, writers and curators including Anthony Haden-Guest and Bruce Helander, calling this artist a hero, savant, and master. Olivia Daane: If you weren’t a painter? Steven Manolis: “I would be a couture designer. I love all things beautiful and adorned.” 66

Something in nature that inspires you? “Light conditions. Their daily effects on us. The color of sky, sun, water. The way nature communicates through color differentiating male and female animal species.” Something man-made? “Fashion.” Next up Manolis has the biggest exhibition (he loves going big in case that wasn’t already clear; yet his attention to detail and strategy are also important ingredients in his seduction of the eye and the mind of the collector). It will be the largest exhibition that Dade County has ever held, “Palm Beach Light,” 50-60 pieces of art showing April 4th-21st in Palm Beach, Florida, at The Fritz Gallery. The joint exhibition with renowned sculptor Miles Slater takes over the old 1930’s dance room, now a rollicking 5,000 feet of rocking exhibition space (with moveable walls Manolis helped design). Manolis’ work invites and moves with the gesture of water, light, elemental energy. It’s a dance. Fittingly, he will be yoking an image of Baryshnikov caged together with a caged “Shadow” sculpture and the painting “Black & White, Splashes, Symbols & Marks (SSM)” from his yearly black and white series. He does one black and white series a year citing Picasso as inspiration. “I’ve taken my 4’ x 6’ 2-D drawing into a 3-D painting on a 2-D surface along with a pure 3-D sculpture of the original 2-D. All displayed in one location and further supported by a 7’ high by 8’6” wide picture of Mikhail Baryshnikov in the ballet Metamorphosis. The sculpture of my 2-D painting, we’re putting in an open cage. It’s all assembled, ensembled in one place.” Cage mirroring cage. “I’ve seen 2,000 museum shows. I’ve been a gallery, museum-show nymphomaniac my whole life and I’ve never seen a collaboration like this.”



“Black & White, Splashes, Symbols & Marks”, 2019 Acrylic; 84 in. x 144 in.



“Winter Solsitce”, 2019, Acrylic on canvas; 72 in. x 60 in.


There’s that Manolis drive. Donald Kuspit, distinguished art critic and poet, calls him “the long awaited heir to Wassily Kandinsky.” Manolis will not stop short of his end game to sit among giants, to earn “the pinnacle status in American Art.” These are lofty goals and yet still the current of an intense caring, honest accessibility and a non-discriminatory approach run throughout his work and methods of promotion. The semiotics of art SM so intently utilizes are for all. Unlike the jargon of business, the insider terms fenced in closed, corporate spaces, the jargon of ART is of the populace. A language and energy meant to scale the walls of divisiveness in culture and understanding. Steven Manolis is “FULL-ON; ALL-IN!” as his poem REDWORLD champions us to be. He has buddies, peers, who are rockstars within their fields. He was even a member (rhythm guitarist) of a successful band Torres in the years 1963-70 and 201117. These cohorts gravitate to his energy, gusto and sense of urgency. It is contagious. Breathe in the momentum of his path from co-creator of mortgage securities, which changed the face of business, to art world force. Nothing will be done halfway in the universe of Steven Manolis. That makes him not only prolific and profitable but damned fun to be around. Manolis shared a word with me, “subsume” (to absorb (something) in something else). With his mega canvases of color and gesture, he intends to absorb us and we him into our being. No small intention. No small feat. If anyone can do it, he can. “I want to inspire a life concept. Which is encapsulated in the REDWORLD poem. FULLON; ALL-IN! A measure of taking ownership of your life.” Manolis Kool-Aid for sale. Buy it now. It is sure to soar in value and increase yours as well.


“Redworld Sunset (without symbology)”, 2019 Acrylic; 72 in. x 144 in.


REDWORLD By J. Steven Manolis, Artist A coveted place in your mind That expands to become your physical universe FULL-ON; ALL-IN! No woulda/coulda/shoulda Intense and prideful FOCUS Go for it! Don’t be afraid of failure…. Experiment and learn from Your Mistakes! Don’t make the same mistake twice! Feel the glow of accomplishment Have passion, Passion, PASSION! In life, for life! EXPERIENCE ULTIMATE PASSION! In all its earthly dimensions Feel the exuberance of full happiness Loyalty, dedication, kindness, altruism Share it with others Live and exalt in the HALO! A most contagious HALO that REDWORLD! Respect and have tolerance for all, All the time! Be an advocate and role model Take ownership Of your life In its fullest REDWORLD decree: Serene bliss, jubilant jubilation! REDWORLD karma I feel it, I paint it! I try to live it too! You should too! FULL-ON; ALL-IN!

“Redworld”, 2018 Acrylic; 72 in. x 120 in.





Rock 'n Roll


Photo By Michael Jenkins

Rock 'n Roll


Travis Meadows His Words Will Change Your World

Written By Olivia Daane

Rock 'n Roll


Photo By Joshua Black Wilkins

Rock 'n Roll


olling Stone calls him “Nashville’s most badass songwriter” and “one of [it’s] most vital artists.” Travis Meadows arrived in Nashville in 2002, “I was 38, a late-bloomer.” His journey on the cathartic road of music started much earlier. He began writing at age 8. Nothing will stop him. Cancer, addiction, family deaths, industry hurdles - he has battled and beaten them all. He is on a quest: to make sense of the world through music and lyrics, to live the balance between the anxiety that plagues him and the performance he is born, soul-driven, to give. He will, as his song Hearts I leave Behind beautifully incants, “find what others rarely find/conscience clean and peace of mind/ a life like a book I’m proud to sign.” If you haven’t heard of him, you have heard his songs: Better Boat for Kenny Chesney, Riser for Dierks Bentley, The Snake and Knives of New Orleans for Eric Church, What We Ain’t Got for Jake Owen and Worth the Wait for, sizzling new star, Lindsay Ell. His cuts are industry and household show-stoppers. Go to your music source/library of choice and listen to Sideways, Hearts I Leave Behind, What we Ain’t Got, Wide Open and then come back and read this article. The way to meet this genius, award-winning songwriter, is through his words, his music and

the raw feeling he lives and transmits through his journey and tireless curation of lyrics and heart. Joe Galante, former chairman of Sony Music Nashville, extols, “Travis paints a very vivid picture with his lyrics... once you hear his music, you are a fan for life.” “2002-10 was just a nightmare,” Travis describes his downward spiral into loss. “Lost a house, a marriage, cars, went to jail, rehab 4 times.” At the end of his last rehab, he was challenged by his counselor to keep a journal. “I couldn’t keep a journal, but I could write songs.” Out of that came an album “Killin’ Uncle Buzzy” and 9 months (now many years) of sobriety, “a world record for me,” Travis declares with the same brutal honesty that makes his music so powerful. “That record started growing legs and getting in famous peoples’ buses and so I turned into an artist again.” He pens notable cuts for Eric Church, Hank Junior, Merle Haggard, Wynona, Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name a few. “I’m not disappointed by a single cut. I don’t write truck songs and goofy songs. There’s no plan B, no looking back, nowhere to go. It has to work.” He calls his hard years the “fuzzy years.” “Sometimes I don’t know how I feel about something until I write about it.” Travis wrote “God Speaks (to me through you)” for his counselor. That is what he would be if he wasn’t a singer/songwriter, a counselor helping

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Rock 'n Roll


others. He donates his time to MusiCares, a philanthropic arm of the Recording Academy NARAS, and the rehab facility Cumberland Heights, which he credits with his life. Of his path to hitmaker and living in the present, “I kicked into survival gear. I had a little boy. I didn’t want to die.” His son is now 16 and they are very close. Travis is fresh off touring his latest album “First Cigarette” and ready to get back to writing. He is the rare combo of prolific and potent. When he got his publishing deal at Universal, he says, “a well opened up inside my heart” and he wrote a song a day for 8 months. His process is painstaking. “I toil and labor over words in my own songs to the point that I find it very difficult to listen to other people’s words without critiquing. So I listen to Mozart….no words.” His sense of humor is an elixir he doles out with a poet’s facility of language: sidesplitting, gut-wrenching. Travis has major fans. “I have a really, truly engaging, music-loving, lyric-loving, song-loving, intelligent following. They are small but mighty. So we have a lot of meaningful moments.” He describes the best ones on stage as the times when it all clicks. “Sometimes

the crowd is eating it up, but you are not there. You are kinda phonin’ it in. Then there are times you are in the zone and the crowd is not with you. Then come the magical moments when everybody goes there together. And it’s the closest thing to God walkin’ in the room.” Travis’ catalogue is mighty as well. UMPG, Mighty Isis Music and current publisher BMG continue to mine his well of songs for gold. Desperation taught him guitar. He remembers watching a tip jar fill up for a singer in Gatlinburg, Tennessee when he was about 18. He took the lunch gig. He knew 3 songs. “The next day I knew 5.” He found his talent. “I found my voice and I figured out what I wanted to say with it.” The rest is an ongoing tale of cut-to-the-bone, hit-making history. Next up he just wants to “write something really honest. The songs will come. Just sitting down and waiting is the hardest part.” Travis knows that in life if you “Push it down it comes out sideways.” His songs not only connect full-on with the fiber of universal truths, the stuff we all navigate, but they teach and light the way. From darkness comes light. Songs to survive. Songs that soar.

Photo By Joshua Black Wilkins

Rock 'n Roll


Rock 'n Roll


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Rock 'n Roll On his playlist: Mozart, Maren Morris “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters”, Del McCoury “Hot Wired” On his bedside: Flannery O’Connor, Louis L’Amour, Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography Born to Run





INTO THE VISION Manolo Valdés Written by Olivia Daane Photography by Enrique Palacio


anolo Valdés is on a treasure hunt. He is foraging. Foraging for the grit and grumble of life that he can transform into beauty. His mariposas and meninas, visages, forms within wood, metal and glass greenery: totems all to the magical universe we inhabit within our minds and the city and landscapes we choose as home. Born in Valencia, Spain, New York is his home now. He sits poised in his chair in his substantial Union Square studio adding fine details to sculptures before returning to tackle the outside world. His is on obsessive quest for raw material and the physical combat of creation curated with the elegance of a present and inquisitive mind. One gets the sense he works unceasingly. His words pour forth from a mental acuity both exceedingly intelligent and sensitive to the task of being a living master within the annals of art history. Gregory Lhami, the Managing Director of Opera Gallery NYC, points out that in every generation there is a multitude of artists, but very few sift through and are remembered. “I am not an artist. I am a dealer and I am from a family of dealers”, Gregory clarfies. “I think as I see the work of Manolo, the person and his works are important in art history. The creation makes sense. It is intelligent. There is a clear reference and there is a lot of knowledge. You can immediately feel it when you see his work, his sculptural painting. He is a complete artist. A multimedia artist. Very few artists can pretend to have this privilege: the work speaks to the collector rather than the dealer speaking to the collector. This is where you feel the strength of the creation. And his art is very beautiful. It is important and an honor to work with him.”






Mariposas Azules 78 cm x 167 cm x 58 cm

Olivia Daane: Which artist do you consider vital to your visual language then and now?

On your bedside? Vargas Llosa

Manolo Valdés: Picasso. Picasso remained relevant because he continued to grow. Picasso showed me you can put three eyes on half a face. I wish I could say I did that first. I was fortunate to be born in the 20th century when others had paved the way for these materials. What is a material that fascinates you?

What fuels you most? You seem to have an insatiable appetite for visual matter? Living in a city that has so much information, so much plastic appeal, so many things to look at! If I go to the dentist office and I don’t look through every magazine, I don’t feel I have done my job.

Everything. As soon as man stepped on earth, he started leaving visual, plastic evidence or clues. Walk around like a hunter in a treasure trove. I never use new wood, clean wood that has been produced for carving. I look for my materials in weird places. If I had a truck, I would just pile it with things from the side of the road.

What makes you jealous?

On your playlist?

What is your greatest strength?

I love music. It is an added bonus. I do not listen when I’m working. The noise of the machines is my music. It makes me feel like something is happening.

Curiosity. The ability to transfer that curiosity, to turn it from a pile of scrap, to convert it into a piece of art. I’m always piling things up. I love what I’m doing. I am a “looky-loo.”

The adhesion of people to commemorative, monumental sculpture. The way kids crawl over a large Alice in Wonderland mushroom. I want that relatability but with a slam dunk in the quality of process.






If you were not an artist, what would you be? I cannot imagine. Nothing goes in my head. If I had to choose something I like, I would be a fisherman. Shore fishing, and the liturgy and ceremony of its preparation, is one of the few things that for a little bit of time takes the painting out of my head. But I love to paint more than I like to fish. Painting is a disease. For what are you grateful? I had very understanding parents, which is fundamental. When you are growing up in Valencia and you tell your parents you want to be an artist, it is almost a disaster. When you get kicked out of art school in your second year (I left out the bad door), almost no parent can withstand that task. They then gave me the chance to work in a studio. One Sunday evening at 10pm I caught my father spying on me when I was working. He was so happy that evening. We never spoke of it. I was not wasting my time. I was focused. I had left school. I found Rauschenberg who made a stuffed eagle a piece of art. I saw a French painter who moved black paint with a piece of wood. And I said what am I doing with a stick with some hair on it? I met (the work of) Soulages and American Pop artists and I found freedom and liberty. I have a kamikazee blindness, always working. Art is not a self-gratifying exercise. A writer wants to be read. A painter seen. You want the phenomenon of seeing it out in the world. ValdÊs’ process is a fascinating tangle. It is a history of material. He is a true consumer and collector of art and art history himself. Beginning with the unexpected and raw, he bends it, breaks it, controls it. He makes it antiseptic with carefully constructed lines, only to destroy it again so he can weave it back into visual poetry. The viewer makes it whole. He gives us enough honesty and balance that our eye cannot resist sorting the mass and making it lovely and wishing it was ours. ValdÊs follows art history, intuition and a constant work ethic.




He is interested in everything from prehistoric, to GrecoRoman, to new and shiny. His studio is walled with bookshelves and he just had 27,000 kilos more moved from his library in Spain. He was afraid his studio floor would collapse. The consummate investigator with a hunger for visual clues and knowledge of the unspoken energy that binds us all. His oeuvre yokes together the real and the magical both in the process of the hunt and his use of found and very solid material (burlap, glass, metal, wood). There is a Spanish saying that “butterflies in your head” means you have a big imagination. One day walking through Central Park, never knowing there were butterflies there, Manolo spotted them circling a woman’s head, then he went to the Met and there they were in a still-life and again later that day on a Japanese fan, then in a vitrine on Madison. This is how they came to him. This is why they are in his work. This is Manolo’s fairytale. We get to walk through it with him. “Not everybody can create art,” he explains, “but a lot of people can have these feelings.” “The life of the artist ends when you lose your memory. Because without memory, there is nowhere to land.” He is training his memory to balance the fragile and the forceful, the overt and the hidden. Ours is forever emblazoned at a glance at his work through a window perhaps or on our very own treasure hunt down a city street.



Helechos Dorados, 2011 Gold gilded brass




CORUM Nautical Inspiration


orum is decorating the dials of its new Admiral Legend pieces with entirely natural materials. With several variations crafted from mother-of-pearl or wood, the brand is reconnecting with its original heritage of artistic crafts while building on the marine inspiration of its Admiral collection.


These timepieces are as elaborate as they are varied, characterized by nautical flags and causing a stir this year with a sensational color palette of dark blue and light blue. Featuring three hands and date, a chronograph or a small seconds, the new Legend pieces are expanding the horizons of the Admiral collection. These models come with a steel or vulcanized rubber bracelet, and are available in 38 mm or 42 mm sizes. Their common feature: new, entirely natural dials produced from teak or mother-of-pearl. “It was an obvious choice given the watches’ nautical inspiration. Mother-ofpearl is a natural material that is only produced at the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile wood is the ultimate symbol of sailing,” explains Corum. The new Legend timepieces stay true to the Admiral spirit with a

dodecagonal bezel, dauphine hands, an automatic calibre, 12 pennantshaped hour markers and an open screw-down case back. Every single one of the slimmer and smaller Legend 38 mother-ofpearl models presents a slightly different dial composition, as this natural material is unique by nature. Each piece is hand assembled to form lively designs where the dial endlessly plays with the light, shifting from shades of blue to green and then to grey. The Legend 38 is also available with a diamond bezel and a stainless steel bracelet. Meanwhile the new Admiral Legend 42 and the Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph models both have a wooden dial, pairing a blue rubber bezel with a blue teak dial, a direct reference to the teak decks of old sailing ships. The Admiral Legend 42 presents two central hands with a small seconds at 6 o’clock and a date at 3 o’clock. For the Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph, the date has been shifted to 4:30 to make room for a chronograph bi-compax (30-min counter at 9 o’clock and hour counter at 6 o’clock). With all sails set, the new Admiral collection is afloat on an ocean of color this summer. www.Corum-Watches.com




TUTIMA Sporty Meets Elegant

T 96

he Saxon One is a wristwatch full of character, sporty and elegant at the same time, establishing an entirely new style in the world of German watches. Sharp lines of light dominate the steely architecture and separate the finely satin-finished from the polished surfaces. The three-dimensional, pyramid-shaped bezel achieves a harmonious transition to a subtly designed rotating bezel, whose elegance finely underscores the dynamic chronograph. The screw-in crown is well protected between two high flanks, which harmoniously build a unit with the large pushers set well into the case.

which displays the large sweepminute counter. The movement is shock-protected and waterresistant to 20 atm underneath a screw-down case back with a sapphire crystal window. The slightly domed crystal above the dial is also made of sapphire crystal and is anti-reflective on both sides, showcasing every detail of the dial with its applied markers and fine scales. The Saxon One is available as a three-handed automatic in a 42–mm case and as a slightly larger chronograph, outfitted with a choice of opaline silver, white, opaline anthracite or blue dial, as well as a stainless steel link bracelet or hand-stitched alligator strap.

The mechanical movement of the Saxon One is outfitted with automatic winding and offers a power reserve of 44 hours. The heart of the chronograph is their own caliber Tutima 521; thanks to it, the Saxon One enjoys their own chronograph module,

The Saxon One is additionally available in a ladies’ version measuring 36 mm in diameter, which stands out in its elegance, particularly when outfitted with a diamond-set bezel. www.Tutima.com




PARMIGIANI Explosion of Rainbow


armigiani Fleurier presents a new stone-set Tonda 1950 range, one which offers extraordinary brilliance. The round diamonds of the Tonda 1950 Stone-set and the precious stones of the Tonda 1950 Rainbow illuminate Parmigiani Fleurier’s revamped ultra-thin women’s watch.


The new Tonda 1950 for women has a large bezel, reducing the area of the dial and providing a broader surface on which to set the precious stones. No fewer than 51 round diamonds adorn the edge of the watch, totalling 1.82 carats. Thanks to their size and purity, these diamonds create a spetacular play of light. The Tonda 1950 Rainbow features 36 baguette-cut stones selected and arranged according to their precise shade to gradally recreate the entire spectrum of a rainbow. This version features twenty one sapphires in shades of pink, blue, yellow and orange, three rubies, six tsavorites and six amethysts, with a total weight of 3.73 carats. The Tonda 1950 boasts the quintessential Parmigiani Fleurier aesthetic. The iconic profile with 4 round lugs making it an ergonomic piece to wear; the quest for a harmony between the proportions of each element of the dial and case; the delta-shaped hands and cut crown–all signs of the elegance inherent to the brand’s DNA. Remarkably, the Tonda 1950 Stone-set and Rainbow remain ultra-thin models, despite their richly stone-set bezels. These slender proportions are made possible by the PF701 calibre which measure just 2.6 mm thick. The movement that drives the Tonda 1950 Stone-set and Rainbow owes its thickness of just 2.6mm to an off-centred micro-rotor directly integrated into the main plate. This component winds the movement, which has an autonomy of 42 or 48 hours. This calibre was originally developed to allow for the addition of multiple functions without altering the slender proportions of the Tonda 1950 family-for example, a calendar or moon phase indication which could subsequently enrich the collection. This serves as proof of the excellent design of this movement and its successive variations. www.Pamigiani.com




CHRISTOPHE CLARET The Quintessence of Precision


n 2019, Christophe Claret is celebrating a double anniversary: the 30th anniversary of his Manufacture and the 10th anniversary of his brand. The watchmaker is continuing to explore the technical territories of Fine Watchmaking and enriching his collection of traditional complication watches with a limited-edition anniversary model.


Writing a new chapter in the history of Fine Watchmaking, the Angelico model is a contemporary tribute to the quest for absolute precision embodied by the 18th century marine chronometers. For the very first time in a wristwatch, Christophe Claret has taken up the challenge of combining a tourbillon with a long detent escapement with a cable-type fusee transmission system. This mechanical feat broadening the horizons of traditional horology is complemented by an instant-jump dual-time display complete with day/night and 72-hour power-reserve indications. Successfully equipping a wristwatch with a tourbillon featuring a traditional long detent escapement, a mechanism originally designed to operate in a perfectly stabilized position, is an authentic challenge taken on by the watchmakers of the “Soleil d’or” Manufacture. Regarded as the quintessence of chronometric precision, this type of detent escapement first appeared in the 18th century, at a time when watchmakers were competing to create a time-measuring instrument of maximum precision, serving to determine a ship’s exact geographical position at sea. Incorporated into marine chronometer mounted on gimbals, this mechanism demonstrated exemplary reliability in long-term navigation, its only weakness being extreme sensitivity to lateral impacts, which is incompatible with the all-important sturdiness required for wear on the wrist. As a true chronometry purist, Christophe Claret has once again taken the most complex path by choosing to equip the Angelico watch with a long detent escapement. Chronometric (precision timing) performance is an endless quest, as well as an ambition and a passion. All three of these forces drive the creation of each of the watches developed, designed and assembled since 2009 within the Manufacture Claret.



From an aesthetic point of view, the Angelico watch offers a fresh immersion into the beauty of mechanics. Topped by a domed crystal, the 45.50 mm red, gold, or titanium case makes depth of field its best asset. While technical sophistication reigns supreme, the details are once again perfectly highlighted, as evidenced in the hand-chamfered Charles X bridges, as well as the escapement’s incabloc shockabsorbers concealed beneath a natural ruby or blue sapphire, Christophe Claret’s aesthetic signatures. The show continues through the sapphire crystal caseback, providing a chance to admire the instantjump dual-time mechanism. www.ChristopheClaret.com



Aviation Inspiration The Turbine model, icon of the brand, is the most dynamic interpretation of the Double Rotor technology, the identifying symbol of the Perrelet brand. Designed in 2009 in the heart of the Perrelet manufacture in Switzerland, this model continues to surprise watch-lovers who want an exclusive timekeeper on their wrist. An original design, a powerful personality, the lively colors used and a fun aspect have always characterised the Turbine collection, which wields a profound fascination over those who contemplate it!


The new Turbine Pilot, with a sporty look, finds its inspiration in the world of aeronautics, and was conceived to satisfy those who love to roam the skies. Just as in the cockpit of a plane, the Turbine Pilot is equipped with essential instruments for flight: the circular slide rule on the bidirectional inner rotating ring, adjustable thanks to the crown at 3 o’clock. This new interpretation of the Turbine Pilot conserves all the features of professional aviation instruments, skilfully adding a new element: the turbine, independent from the movement, composed of 12 black anodized aluminium blades that rotate with incredible quickness at the slightest movement of the wrist, thanks to the tungsten counterweights under the blades. In tribute to the blue of the sky, the hour, minute and second hands, as well as the raised indexes and the Arabic numerals 3, 6, 9, and 12 on the sapphire glass take on an intense luminescent electric blue. The minute circle has the same tone. The electric blue stripes contrast with the black under-dial, as does the spiral which decorates the central part of the turbine. www.Perrelet.com




Elation, 2018, bronze with graphite patina, 91 x 55 x 45 in Š Dan Campbell Photo



5 01 E Dean Street, Residences at the Lit tle Nell, Aspen, CO 81611 | + 1 970 710 728 9 | aspen@operagaller y.com | operagaller y.com New York





M onaco





Hong Kong












he LiveWire represents the future of Harley-Davidson, bringing high-performance electric propulsion, evocative design, and cellular connectivity to today’s rider. The first of a new electric portfolio of motorcycles that provides an all new twowheel experience, LiveWire delivers thrilling acceleration, agile handling, premium materials and finishes, and a full suite of electronic rider aids and interfaces for a completely connected experience. The performance of the LiveWire motorcycle will deliver an exhilarating ride for seasoned motorcyclists, while its clutch-free design also makes the experience for new riders easier than ever. Harley-Davidson also debuted two additional, electrified future concepts that further explore the potential of urban mobility. In keeping with LiveWire, both concepts bring Harley-Davidson’s expertise in expressive two-wheeled experiences and push boundaries in design and technology. These motorcycles are a significant part of the More Roads to Harley-Davidson plan to accelerate building the next generation of riders through new products in additional motorcycle segments, broader access and a commitment to strengthen dealers globally. “We’re at a historic juncture in the evolution of mobility, and Harley-Davidson is at the forefront,” said Matt Levatich, Harley-Davidson’s President and CEO. “Innovation that moves the body and soul has always been at the heart of our brand, and this next chapter in our history is about creating products and opportunities for existing and aspiring riders of all ages and walks of life.”Our vision for the future is all encompassing,” said Levatich. “For all ages, from urban professional to exurban retiree, and from commute-minded to thrillseeking, we are creating the products and opportunities for existing and aspiring riders to feel the transformative power of the two-wheeled riding experience. These two concepts are further statements towards that our commitment to lead in the electric mobility space that begins this fall with the production 2020 LiveWire.”

Thrilling performance. Muscular looks. Groundbreaking technology.



Harley-Davidson is bringing the thrill of riding into the future. Get ready for a lineup of electric motorcycles that will inspire new ways to ride. Everything about the first Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle delivers a level of excitement you haven’t felt before. 110










Elation, 2018, bronze with graphite patina, 91 x 55 x 45 in Š Dan Campbell Photo



5 01 E Dean Street, Residences at the Lit tle Nell, Aspen, CO 81611 | + 1 970 710 728 9 | aspen@operagaller y.com | operagaller y.com New York





M onaco





Hong Kong




The World According to Anthony Haden-Guest


Written by Olivia Daane

is words have graced the pages of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Paris Review and Rolling Stone. On his long list of accomplishments: an Emmy for his documentary The Affluent Immigrants (sometimes less politely known as Eurotrash) for PBS. One of his greatest feats could be his book The Last Party: Studio 54, Disco, and The Culture of the Night. A noteworthy work not only because


his writing is award-winning, but because he lived, survived and can even recall this 1970’s maelstrom of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Where is he now, what is he doing and who is on his dance card? Here’s a minute with this notoriously irreverent writer, cartoonist, reporter, art critic, poet and late-night champion on whom rumor has it Tom Wolfe’s character Peter Fallow was based for Bonfire of the Vanities. He spent real time with Jasper Johns,

Art Basquiat and Warhol not just as a reporter but as a member of the New York art scene as it all gathered the steam that has given it the enormous business and cultural pulse it beats to today. His finger is still an important pulse oximeter: honest, sometimes scathing; yet ever eager to point to the importance and continuum of the artists’ dialogue over time. Legendary and sharp as ever, please meet Anthony HadenGuest. Olivia Daane: What are you doing right now? Anthony Haden-Guest: I’m compulsively multi-tasking. Drawing and organizing. I think I need and like to be under pressure somehow. What’s up next? I’m putting together a multi-chambered show in New York. Lots of different narratives with the past and present characters of the art business.

If you weren’t the art critic, poet and notorious party-goer, who would you be? I would be a miserable loser. I cannot imagine finding any contentment or peace. You would know there was stuff in you that was swirling around in you unused. What fuels you? Luck. In my philosophy of new smart ass sayings: Life is like a hand of poker. You can’t control the cards you’re dealt. There’s luck. Take care of your luck. Share a bit about the world of art and business which you also capture in your book True Colors: The Real Life of the Art World.

What was it like back in the day? Basically my lifelong career was in the golden age of magazines. You could write at length and get involved with deeply interesting things. We had the luxury of time (before tech and social media). Time is a melting glacier now. From an early age I was drawn into that life of the “Chelsea Set” in London. A mixture of artists, rapish upper-class types, crazy living…it was wonderful, it was perfect really. It’s still going on. Rock and roll ruled and movies were our visual language. But it has all gone up the anus of the internet. What do you think of technology overall? I don’t have the mental acuity for tech, but I love tech. When your laptop is behaving like a fretful baby, I worry where we will be if there’s a hostile takeover like in Godard’s 115 Alphaville. The bad side of tech is there. Screen gazing is a technological slavery. AI will never have the human touch. Art has mystery in it. How about nature? I believe in a coming mass extinction. I look at nature with love and longing.


A good, long career is a rarity. Dali had 5 good years and then it was all about the money. You can buy a Picasso and you’ve moved 50 million from one place to another. It would be naive to think that’s not a part of it. But a lot of people ENJOY art. It has many qualities of religion. The lookers, the owners feel significant. It is like sucking in energy. Who are the artists of the moment you most champion? Liliane Lijn, Anthony James and Linus Coraggio. There are just too many artists! On your bedside? The Place of Dead Roads by William S. Burroughs, The Fate of a Gesture by Carter Ratcliff, Mary Astor’s Purple Diary: The Great American Sex Scandal of 1963 by Edward Sorel. 116

On your playlist? Bluesy rock and roll with heart like Joe Cocker. Haden-Guest not only writes the book on Art’s biggest party days, its business claws, its hottest stars, he moves in it and with it. He draws it - in frustration, in admiration and never in hushed tones. He knows its heart. He sees Art’s truest intent. He believes the lens is pure like the eyes of a child. He can tell when the story, the career, the body of work and its creator remain interesting. His pen and tone narrate this tale of art, “the world’s most dominant medium. We live in a world of pictures not words. Art is quick. We can drink it in quickly, get it quickly. I don’t think art realizes how to behave.” Neither does HadenGuest. And that keeps him interesting like the rare, strong, long career.



47785 VINTAGE DRIVE EAST • $3,990,000


74430 PALO VERDE • $2,895,000 Two 18-Hole Tom Fazio Golf Courses | Fitness | Wellness/Spa | Pool/Tennis Complex Family Amenities | Five Dining Options | Unsurpassed Security

THE VINTAGE CLUB The Vintage Club is more than a place — it’s a state of mind, imparting a celebrated tradition of luxury and geniality that members have treasured since the Club’s earliest beginnings.

74595 WREN DRIVE • $4,395,000 For Information and Real Estate Opportunities Contact VINTAGE CLUB SALES, Indian Wells, CA: 760-346-5566 info@VintageClubSales.com | www.VintageClubSales.com | DRE LICENSE #00955537 All information is deemed reliable, prices subject to change. Membership is not included in the purchase price. Photography by George Gutenberg.


Yul Vasquez

North Star Written By Siena Severino Photography By Matt Licari


Yul Vazquez is willing to suffer for his craft. A skilled and multifacited actor, he performs in Broadway play, television series, and classic movies. The accomplished actor continuously surprises the entertainment business with his ability to do it all. His talents never fail him in taking on vastly diverse roles such as the upcoming knockout Stephen King’s “The Outsider”, along with the Netflix hit series “Russian Doll”. Vazquez gives us an inside look at the versatility of his acting career, along with his ever-evolving creativity in photography and music. Siena Severino: So first off your Netflix series, “Russian Doll”, is packed with a multitude of exciting twists and turns! I actually just finished the series last night. It was so much fun to watch! I would like to know more about the role you play and how you got it. Yul Vazquez: Yeah, you know I have known Natasha for a while and we have always talked about doing something together. You know nothing really sort of appeared, and she called me one day and said, “I have this show.” And she sent me the pilot, and I thought this is really cool. I was in the middle of shooting

when she called me, and this character was such a polar opposite human being of “I am the Night.” I was looking for something like that where I could show that side of me I don’t get a chance often to do and I thought this was really great. I love Leslye Headland and the whole party involved, and this is really awesome that it’s [set] in New York. It just seemed like one of those things that lined up, the planets aligned. I fell in love with it. Are you surprised at the series’ success? Well no, you hope for the best obviously, but you never know how something is going to turn out. This just turned out the right way. I wish we could predict those things! It was really sweet in a lot of ways particularly, because this was Natasha’s baby. She created it and she was so invested in it, and had a lot of writing on it. So to see it take off like that for her is really, really cool. It hit the air and no one really knew what it was going to do. It just took off and people really responded to it I think because it’s its own thing. With “Russian Doll”, what is your relationship with your cast?





Entertainment It was really good. Natasha and I already knew each other, so that was easy. The thing that we didn’t foresee was the chemistry that we had, and it just clicked. I think they just capitalized on that, but the relationship with the cast was great. Everyone was really cool. Rebecca Henderson is just amazing and is my new buddy. Leslye Headland is incredible and so is working with her. Another newer project that I know you’ve been working on is The Outsider with Jason Bateman. How has that experience been for you? So far, I hate to jinx it but it’s just so good. Ben Mendelsohn is, as you know, outstanding. Jason is amazing, Julianne Nicholson and Bill Camp, is just an amazing group and cast. It has just been really incredible. It is superb. Jason sets a beautiful tone on set, he is such a cool guy. He is a great captain on this, marvelous captain, such a total pro. You know he’s one of those guys, who you would follow onto the plane, he’s that cool. Definitely. I watched the Ozarks and absolutely loved him in that. So how did this role come to you? Well, I made a tape, and auditioned for it. They asked for a tape and I thought this one was really amazing and wanted to compete for this one. Jason then asked to FaceTime me, and that was how it started. That’s very exciting and a great opportunity. You also were just nominated for a Tony in the Broadway production of “The Motherf*cker With The Hat,” for your role ‘Cousin Julio.’ How does it make you feel about the nomination? You know it was one of those shows that was never supposed to be on Broadway, it was designed as an off broadway show because of the title. But it was a pleasant and beautiful surprise. I am really proud of that show, that part, and everyone in it. I have had a long relationship with Stephen Geragos, the writer. And most of the cast I have known for a long time, then Chris Rock and I became friends. Getting a Tony nomination, what can I say, it doesn’t suck! The best thing about [the nomination] is that there are many things people can take from you, but they can’t take this away from me! I mean I’m a Tony nominee, you know, I’m in the history books! Yes, absolutley. Has that nomination influenced your career in any way? It changed my career a lot, yes. It was a defining moment where things were starting to turn. You know what I mean? You will never forget those things when you’re just grateful for them. I’m trying to stay grateful for everything. Now, going back, when did you first think you wanted to act, or has it always been what you wanted to do? Well, I never set out to be an actor. My mother was an actress in

Cuba, and when I was a little kid they would throw me in plays because there weren’t any other kids. But what I really wanted to do was be a rockstar, but then acting came back into my life, and I had always loved acting because I was surrounded by it. My grandmother worked at the box office for a movie theatre for 31 years, and it was just amazing. It’s one of those things that rotates you a certain way. It is something that I wanted to do and felt ready at the time. I wish I could tell you I was set out to be an actor, [laughs]. Everyone has their own story of getting to where they are. Yeah, you know I actually wanted to be the guitar player in Led Zeppelin [laughs]. Now I hang out with musicians because a lot of my friends are in these big bands. Do you play guitar with them? I play all the time but not with anyone! There’s a video of me doing this acoustic thing in New York. I’m a giant ball of ideas; I also paint and I do photography. I mean, I do a lot. It’s fun, I have a website, yulvazquez.com and I show my paintings and photography. With whom, this can be a musician, have you always wanted to work I would like to work with Jimmy Paige. Or Yorgos Lanthimos, a director who I have been following, way before he directed “The Favourite”. Watch his early stuff, he is just incredible. I would like to work with Michael Heneghan, I think he is brilliant. I mean there’s a lot of people. I mean Ben Mendelsohn is someone who I am working with now who I have always wanted to work with. It’s about as good as it gets right there. I have been very fortunate. I don’t plan on dying anytime soon, but if it ended tomorrow, I think it’s been pretty good. I think not a lot of people have accomplished the goals you’ve achieved as an actor. Well you know thank you, there’s a tremendous amount of hardwork and pain that goes into this artistic endeavour. We have to suffer. Yes, you have to work hard and be crushed a few times. You have to be willing. To make this advice clear, what I would tell a young artist is to look at other careers that they love and respect. Not because the person has made a ton of money, but because they respect the artistry and work. Have that as your focus and target, and go for that. Your going to get pushed this way and that way, hold that North Star and say “I’m headed there.” It provides you with a visual, and if you clearly see it in your head, where you’re going, that’s a big deal. You know, that will take you far and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Just keep going.



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JAKE MANLEY The Time is Now Written by Jamie Agoglia Photography by Kelly Balch


oronto born actor Jake Manley is a star to be watched. Making his debut in his hometown of Toronto, Canada, Manly explores the depths of the film industry, from production to acting, with passion. With his recognizable charm and palpable talent, he is building an acting career that spans from Canada to the United States. He is making his mark on the industry with his leading role as “Jake Morton” on Nexflic’s original series The Order. A world of mystery, 126 magic, and suspense is explored and uncovered in this sci-fi thriller. Jamie Agoglia: Where did your acting career start? Jake Manley: My acting career started in Toronto, Canada. That’s where I’m from. I started studying acting at different schools around Toronto, so that’s where I first broke into the industry. Working in Toronto was really great and I worked there for a few years, there were some really great productions filming there. Eventually, I started gradually moving down to Los Angeles. I would come for meetings or come for a couple of months at a time during pilot season. What have been the your favorite projects to be a part of? I think the Netflix series The Order is a really fun one, I’ve had such a fun time working on that. There was also a Canadian independent film called Brotherhood which I was a part of last year. It’s a period piece and a true story, and it was a fun role to take on something that was a little bit edgier. What challenges have you faced that perpetuated changes in your perspective on life?

I’ve learned a lot through the uncertainty of this type of work. From rejection or getting close to projects you really like and not getting to be a part of it; you learn to have a thick skin. You can’t take it everything so seriously. It’s important to have a life outside of your career and not rely on having all your happiness come from the work you do. There are always hurdles to overcome, and there are always little pieces of knowledge that you carry with you afterwards. What are your thoughts on the impact of Netflix or other entertainment streams on the industry? I think there are so many positive things about it! The fact that there’s so much more content available also means there’s a lot more job opportunities for actors. Stories that weren’t having the chance to be told are able to be told now. There’s a wider perspective because there are more filmmakers and directors from diverse backgrounds that are able to tell their stories. It’s great for the industry as well because it makes entertainment much more accessible for everyone. Going to the movie theater is quite expensive and now with streaming platforms available, it’s much more cost efficient for everyone to enjoy new content more regularly. Tell me about The Order. I’m excited for everyone to immerse themselves in this creative, magical world, and have fun and enjoy the underlying mysteries of it. I hope that the mystery element of it gets people’s brains working and I hope they can relate to elements of the show and the struggle that the characters go through. I think it will make people laugh as well! I think the show is both thought provoking and entertaining and the audience will really enjoy that about it. How do you mentally prepare yourself when playing in such dramatic and intense scenes? Through working and researching, sitting down and understanding what “Jack” is going through, really getting into his shoes and seeing it from his perspective. The material we’re working with is very strong, it’s good writing and that makes our job a lot easier. The writers are really there for us if we have any questions or what to go over anything to take a deeper look, and that is really helpful. Outside of acting, what are you passionate about? I’m passionate about the film industry as a whole. I want to get more involved in the producorial side of the industry, seeking stories that interest me that I want to tell, and assembling a team to do so. Outside of that, my friends and family are at the forefront of my free time. I love spending time with my nephews and niece and just getting outside and spending as much time as possible in nature.

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Inspiration Through Resilience


Written by Jamie Agoglia

eather Hemmens currently stars as the lead in 2019’s highly anticipated new CW series Roswell, New Mexico, a reimagining of Roswell. The series focuses on the residents of New Mexico, where aliens live undercover among humans, and premiered on January 15th. Concurrently, Hemmens can also be seen in Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong on OWN, where she stars as “Marcie Holmes,” a real estate agent stuck in an unhappy marriage, currently airing it’s 6th season. Best known for her role as “Alice Verdura” on The CW’s Hellcats, her other television credits include Grey’s Anatomy, Without a Trace, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, and The Haves and the Have Nots. She most recently appeared in Paramount Network’s Yellowstone alongside Kevin Costner. On the silver screen, Hemmens’ credits include Complicity, Road to the Altar, and The Candy Shop, as well as the critically acclaimed Glory Road and cult favorite The Dukes of Hazzard. Additionally, Hemmens has done her fair share of work behind the camera by both directing and producing the short films Designate and Perils of an Active Mind.

Jamie Agoglia: Congrats on Roswell, New Mexico, the show is fantastic, your character is phenomenal. How do you feel about it thus far?


Heather Hemmens: I’m not going to lie, I have high hopes for this show, I’m probably it’s number one fan. I believe in this show and the reception to it so far has been so kind and very supportive. Appearing alongside Kevin Costner in Yellowstone, that must have been thrilling? I loved working on Yellowstone, it’s such a great show. They were shooting it much like you would a movie so it was huge budget, amazing scope of the landscape in Utah where they were shooting. Kevin is amazing to work with, always has an open door, very welcoming to work with. Growing up in the very small town of Waldo, Maine, roughly a population of 800, what small town lessons have you carried with you to the big world of entertainment? It’s full-circle. I feel like growing up in a small town, everyone is supportive of each other. Then coming out to LA, when you spend enough time here, you find that community, I feel like you can come back to those important things that matter and makeup the humanity that we’re all craving in our life. Having that community of people that will catch you when you fall. Photography by Rowan Daly



Photography by Rowan Daly



Photography by Brian Higbee


Many of your roles portray a strong female lead (“Marcie Holmes” on If Loving You Is Wrong on OWN, “Maria DeLuca” on Roswell, New Mexico); what role has been the most impactful on you as a female actor? I really loved my first big role as “Alice Verdura” on Hellcats. I thought “Alice” was a warrior! She was a true underdog, she was scrappy as hell, she was so smart, she was so feisty, she could really speak her mind and fight for what she wanted. She fought dirty sometimes while she was also learning to be a better human. Because it was my first big role it will always be near and dear to me. I think that in a lot of characters that I play I find something that I relate to within that experience that they’re going through or someway to connect it to my own life and I’ve been fortunate to play some really badass female characters and I definitely try to emulate that in my own life; it gives me courage in my day.

I love TV. I think I’ll always focus on TV more than film for several reasons. It’s where I got my start so my experience is very much in the TV world with respect to the casting, networks, studios that know me. I’m happy to have my roots in TV where you can have consistent work, you can have a family of people that you see everyday and can grow over years. It’s an incredible work experience. I’m a creature of habit. With television now, the quality of the production, the writing value on shows is so amazing, I really feel like the best stories are being told on TV. What is your greatest inspiration, what inspires you? Resilient people. People that have been through really tough times and prevailed against the heaviest of tragedy. Who inspires you?

You’re a black belt in Martial Arts and have weapons training. Pretty badass, when did you get involved in Martial Arts and why? It was through my brother, it’s a family art if you will. My oldest brother is four-time Grand Champion and was already a second-degree blackbelt by the time I joined. It was opening up parts of my meditation and self discipline that I hadn’t accessed before and I was really intrigued by that. It was a journey that I took together with my family. Alongside acting, you also are a producer and director. Are you working on anything now? Or have plans to in the future? I directed two short films that went to festivals and they both did really well, and I had the time of my life the days that I was shooting those films. I shadowed on this entire season of Roswell, I learned so much from that. I know the right opportunity will come soon and I keep learning so that I will be prepared when that situation does arrive. Do you prefer TV more than film or vice versa?

A group of women that are all involved in the CW Network; I am so in love with their generosity. I’ve come to a place in my career where they’re not only my co-workers, they’re my peers, my friends, and they are inspiring, amazing, successful women. Not only do I look up to them, they remind me why I’m with them. What is on your playlist? Do you find music inspirational to you? I’ll go from Norah Jones to Drake really quick; a little bit of everything! I truly believe that all art can be inspired from music. I think music is the universal language, the soul of all of us. I try to tailor my playlist for the day to the mood I’m inspired to. I love music so much that I offered to sing on Roswell, and I was so honored to get to sing on television, that was like a bucket list moment. What is on your nightstand? Books. Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming.” Lavender hand cream. Steven Hawkings “Brief Answers to the Big Question.”




Staying Evened Out


Written by Jamie Agoglia Photography by Josh Neufeld

hris McNally knows a thing or two about how to keep life balanced. The Canadian born actor stars as “Lucas Bouchard” on the hit Hallmark series When Calls the Heart, opposite Erin Krakow, in the show’s sixth season. Having debuted its sixth season in February, the series premiere broke rating records as the most watched scripted telecast on cable. 136 Additionally, McNally stars in Hallmark Network’s A Winter Princess opposite Natalie Hall. He will next star in Lifetime’s Heaven which will launch a series of films based on the V.C. Andrew’s book series following the twisted relationships of the Casteel Family.

Jamie Agoglia: Having been a part of some of the most successful television series on cable, what show has been the most career changing to be a part of? I’ve read that you consider your role in Altered Carbon to be an integral turning point in your career? Chris McNally: Altered Carbon is what switched things around for me, and When Calls the Heart has been the first show I’ve been a series regular in, and I don’t think that would have happened without Altered Carbon. What was it like to join the cast of one of Hallmark’s most watched telecasts When Calls the Heart? I was really nervous going in as the cast had been together for five years. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly; you feel at home right away. With so much talent and passion in your work, what have you learned from both the highs and the tribulations of building a successful career? I’ve learned to keep my head up when work is down. Trying to keep level. There are so many highs and lows, it’s such a rollercoaster. Not get discouraged, staying evened out. Being prepared, knowing [when going in for an audition] you’ve done all that you can takes the sting out of it, and then try and walk away and it doesn’t hurt as much when you don’t get cast. What is the most valuable advice you’ve received over the course of your career? It’s from one of my coaches that said it’s harder to make the olympics than it is to be a professional actor. There’s such a small percentage of people that make it as a professional actor, that made me work so much harder; that encouraged me to put everything I had into it.

Entertainment What does being an actor and entertainer personally mean for you? It means that I’ve fulfilled the goal that I’ve always wanted since I was a kid. I wanted to work in the business and I wanted to be an actor. To be immersed in stories and play different characters, and have people enjoy the products that I’m a part of. It feels like a personal victory, and then also I love what I do so I’m very happy in my own life. If you weren’t acting? I’d probably be in interior design and decorating. I love it and my parents did it so I grew up around it. What does a day in the life of Chris McNally look like? I’m very different if I’m working or not working [laughs]. If I’m on a job or prepping for a job, it consumes me, I disappear into a black hole. It takes over my life. The transformation takes up a lot of time. When I’m not working, I like sleeping in, I love wine and beer, I like going camping, exploring whatever whenever. I do like traveling as well. I just moved to LA last year, so I’ve been trying to explore locally. Who is someone you have always wanted to work with? Actor or director, etc. I’ve always gotten a lot of inspiration from Sean Penn, and as incredibly intimidated as I would be, that would be a dream. What’s on your playlist? Greta Van Fleet, I’ve been listening to a lot of them lately. They’re really good...Agent Man and Watching Over. When I’m into a band I really don’t listen to anything else for weeks or months and then I’ll shift onto something else. What’s on your nightstand? Are you currently reading anything? I don’t have one [laughs]. I’m currently furnishing my apartment. What would be on it is my watch and my phone and a lamp. “Never Cry Wolf” by Farley Mowat is next on my list to read. What part of LA have you found you enjoy the most since you moved there? The Arts District is my favorite part of town right now. The breweries, the restaurants, all within walking distance. It’s a very vibrant area. It’s so good. It’s a clean, artsy district; it feels very fresh even though it’s downtown. Beautiful murals and artwork all over.




Soulful Tastemaker

Miky Grendene Written By Dane Kennedy Photography Courtsey of Casa Tua Cucina at Saks Brickell City Centre



rom Aspen to Miami, Miky Grendene is the ultimate tastemaker, creating intimate, delicious experiences. He first opened Casa Tua in Miami Beach, and has now opened Casa Tua Cucina in Miami’s Brickell City Centre. Since 2001, Miky and his wife Leticia have cultivated and brought the luxurious dining experience to life with their love of food, family, and art in an unparalleled way that is not to be missed and is celebrated by all fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to enjoy any of their famed locations.

Dane Kennedy: When did you open your first Casa Tua? What initially drew you into the world of luxury dining? Miky Grendene: I opened the first Casa Tua on Miami Beach in 2001 as a restaurant, boutique hotel and Miami’s first private members club. At the time, I was in the real estate development business and had no restaurant experience, but I felt there was a need in Miami for an intimate spot to enjoy good food and great comp any. I have an intense passion for food and love sharing that






with everyone - this is something I learned as a little kid in my mother’s kitchen. I have always believed the kitchen has soul, it’s the heart of a home – it’s where families share, cook, eat and laugh together. When I moved to Miami with my wife Leticia 22 years ago, we wanted to build an extension of our own home - and that is how Casa Tua was born. The building itself is a historic Miami Beach house so there’s an inherent level of intimacy built into the space. Paired with authentic Italian food, familiar service and privacy, I was lucky enough to develop a place with soul. It is the soul that keeps people coming back. You just opened a space at Saks in Miami’s Brickell City Center. Will it follow the lead of your other spaces? The concept Casa Tua Cucina at Saks Brickell City Centre is different than our other locations, it is a much larger concept - an 18,000-square-foot marketplace designed to feel like a big open kitchen with 10 distinct dining stations. The common denominator is love for what we do, and we symbolize this with a heart on each one of our dishes. Casa Tua is about providing authentic food made

of the finest quality ingredients to enjoy together with loved ones. At Casa Tua Cucina we’ve been able to keep the same standard of quality and translate it to a larger audience, allowing more people to share the Casa Tua experience. Your Aspen space, launched in 2010, is known for its cutting-edge photography exhibitions. Is this your personal, favorite medium of choice? Rumor has it you are quite the photographer as well? Who is your favorite photographer? I have an extensive fine art photography 143 collection and I’m an amateur photographer myself. I enjoy bringing my passion for photography into our restaurants for our guests to appreciate. I love Irving Penn’s work, I have one of his photographs of Pablo Picasso hanging in my bedroom at home and it’s one of my favorite pieces. How do you choose your staff? I look for soul, character and most of all passion. We have a great team who lead with their hearts.


Who do you bring on board as designers and interior decorators and why? I opened Casa Tua working with Michele Bonan, who is also Italian. I very much align with his classic design vision. I also always love to give opportunities to up and coming designers and I’ve worked with many on recent ventures. How do you want your spaces to make people feel? Your Home is our home? The literal translation of Casa Tua is ‘your home.’ Casa Tua is more than just a restaurant or a hotel, it is a total experience of enjoying good, ethically sourced food, fine art, warm service and of course - great company. We want our guests to feel like they are home. How does your family influence your business and outlook on life? Do you invite them into the fray?


My wife Leticia is my partner in this venture and together we have built Casa Tua. She is my muse. As my kids have gotten older, they have followed in the family footsteps and we couldn’t be prouder. What would you call your greatest accomplishment to date? My family, by far - and together our shared accomplishment of the Casa Tua brand. What’s on your bedside table? My iPad, a newspaper and a Nest Moroccan Amber candle. What’s on your playlist? Bossa Nova. If you weren’t a restauranteur, what would you be? I don’t consider myself a restauranteur, I consider myself a creator of beautiful things and can’t imagine doing anything else. What’s next? We are currently working to open a Casa Tua restaurant at the new JK Paris. We also plan to expand our membership concept both at home and abroad, stay tuned!




dine with us. stay with us

nobuhotelmiamibeach.com / nobuhotelloscabos.com




Vineyards and Winery




n a crisp spring evening in the coastal range west of Paso Robles, brothers Georges and Daniel Daou stand atop DAOU Mountain. In their glasses is the newest vintage of their most coveted Cabernet Sauvignon: the 2016 Soul of a Lion. The vines that produced this extravagantly layered wine are pitched below them, clinging to precipitous slopes. The sunset views are infinite, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the interior valleys of California. The brothers do not need to say anything to know what the other is thinking: this is the summit of a dream—and the destination of a most unlikely journey. A dozen years ago, the Daous embarked on a quest to find the perfect terroir for growing Cabernet Sauvignon, and for creating a guest experience to match. They traveled the world’s greatest winemaking regions,

and ultimately found it here, on what would become known as DAOU Mountain in the Adelaida District on California’s Central Coast. This was not Bordeaux or Napa Valley. This was, they knew, the next frontier for worldclass Cabernet Sauvignon. “When we first laid eyes on the mountain, we knew that this was the terroir we had imagined all along, right down to the slopes, the soils and the climate,” says winemaker Daniel Daou. “It was an incredible feeling.” The result is DAOU Vineyards & Winery. In just over a decade, DAOU has established itself as one of California’s most acclaimed wineries. Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate wrote of one DAOU wine, “This is the finest 100% Cabernet Sauvignon I’ve tasted from Paso Robles and it will stand toe-to-toe with the best coming out of Napa.” Getting to this place did not come easy. The brothers’




idyllic childhood in Beirut was torn asunder by the Lebanese civil war. The Daou family emigrated to Paris, then Cannes. The brothers later studied engineering in California. Shortly after graduating, they founded Daou Systems, Inc., a medical networking company that ultimately recorded one of the largest IPOs of the late 1990s—paving the way for their winemaking dream to prevail. At DAOU, guests are welcomed into this remarkable journey. Here, nothing is rushed. A luxuriously appointed tasting room opens up to an expansive patio with above-the-clouds views. The DAOU estate chef offers curated foodand-wine pairings, and guests are encouraged to relax and indulge. All around are reminders of the Daou brothers’ Old World heritage. In a bell tower hangs a piece of living history—an antique bell made in Santa Maria, Spain, which once hung in a monastery that made wine. Nearby, a transplanted 19th-century Barouni olive tree stands

in tribute to the brothers’ roots. Indeed, DAOU even offers a special extra virgin olive oil from ancient trees owned by the extended Daou family in Lebanon, and originally planted by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago. The next chapter of the DAOU journey is now being written 18 miles to the west of DAOU Mountain, at a companion property known as DAOU Ocean overlooking the Pacific near the village of Cambria. The Daous are renovating this historic property to create an unparalleled coastal food and wine experience. “DAOU Ocean is a place where you will enjoy a sense of belonging, a passion for our story and a feeling of peace, joy and appreciation for the beautiful Cambria coastline,” says Georges Daou, looking westward from the top of the mountain as the sun dips into the horizon. He adds, “DAOU starts with wine, but it is ultimately about relationships. If we can connect with you and enrich your life, that is our definition of success.”



Lazy CF Ranch



lazycfranch.com 970.963.2350 email: crystalfarm2@gmail.com



The Pool House Pendry San Diego T


he Pool House at Pendry San Diego returns for summer season kick off yet again as the most prominent, highly sought after scene in San Diego. Instagrammers get ready, as the colorful, mouthwatering new summer menu at Pool House is sure to be flooding social media feeds. The contemporary, rooftop pool is perched above the Gaslamp Quarter’s famed 5th Avenue, located within the luxurious hotel destination of Pendry San Diego. The exclusive space will play host to a bevy of carefully curated daytime and evening events such as their highlighted ‘Pool House Sundays’ party series, featuring the hippest, hottest DJs. Mesmerizing music vibes are sure to create an intoxicating experience for guests yet again for summer season 2019. Hotel guests and locals alike will be able to relax and rejuvenate on lavish daybeds while indulging in refreshing sorbet samplers and sipping on frozen cocktails steps above the bustling city. The delectable cuisine by acclaimed Chef JoJo Ruiz of Pendry’s Lionfish awaits

patrons for poolside dining under the sun for brunch, lunch and afternoon snack to accompany the delicious signature cocktail offerings and wine list. The rooftop experience is sure to impress partygoers and foodies alike. SoCal fashionistas will be seen noshing on menu delights such as a coconut ceviche, tuna poke bowls, baja oysters and Maine lobster rolls while relaxing poolside under the sun all summer long. Taking the pool scene to another level, ‘Pool House Sundays’ will be the most sought after pool party experience in downtown San Diego. Top DJs and live performances will headline during the afternoons, with guests dancing and mingling throughout the cabanas and pool areas all day under the city sun. The Pool House will also offer a special happy hour from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m., Monday through Friday featuring specialty drinks and a stellar atmosphere to entice local professionals. The city retreat is one not to be missed. Photography by David Phelps.




The Mondrian Los Angeles



ollowing an audacious $19 million dollar renovation, Mondrian Los Angeles debuts its highly-anticipated new hotel redesign. The ever-inspiring luxury hotel, nestled atop the hills of West Hollywood, features 236 redesigned rooms, including its signature Skyview Loft and Penthouse, complete with a new lobby front desk, meeting spaces, fitness rooms and equipment, hallways and brighter elevators. Guests will enter an enchanted haven of unparalleled wonder and perpetual possibility at SBE’s Mondrian Los Angeles. Expect a guest experience that

allows an escape from reality where one can revel in the comforts of one of Mondrian’s new spacious accommodations with floor-to-ceiling windows, luxuriously appointed marble bathrooms, and its favored/ signature 24-hour room service. Located steps away, guests can enjoy the hotel’s newly Italian-inspired cuisine at Ivory on Sunset and play at Skybar’s iconic sun-drenched pool deck by day, and star-studded nightlife hotspot after sunset. Skybar features various programming to engage guests and Los Angeles tastemakers such as their signature

Night Market shopping nights, monthly poolside performances as part of their Mondrian Sessions series, daytime pool parties each weekend of Summer, evening programming with live DJ music nightly, and more. Sticking with the whimsical theme of the hotel, the redesign pulls inspiration from the Alice and Wonderland fantasy world combined with the timeless nostalgia of old Hollywood glamour inspired by the film LaLa Land, meant to incorporate wonder and mystery, while creating an inviting, comfortable hotel experience for guests.




The Barbershop Cuts + Cocktails



here’s a new modern, experiential barbershop and speakeasy open in Las Vegas. Located near the Las Vegas Boulevard entrance to The Cosmopolitan, The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails will feature the same authentically handcrafted bar that appeared in the hit motion picture film, The Greatest Showman. The standout piece, originating from Kentucky in the 1800s, features a curated barrel-aged whiskey selection, as well as craft beer and other spirits that have stood the test of time. The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails will provide guests with the chance to travel back to an era in which one’s appearance was as strong as their opinions. Guests are welcomed to kick back in a barber’s chair for a classic cut, beard trim or straight razor shave, all under the helm of master barber Jose Sosa and his nationally renowned grooming team. Sosa, hailing from New York, headed to Las Vegas in 2013 where he positioned

himself as a professional concierge barber. Diversifying and mastering his skill set to incorporate barbering, styling and fashion, Sosa has styled some of Las Vegas’ most notable icons. With an eye for detail, Sosa and his talented barbers will provide expert cuts from the grooming menu that range from clean and classic to wild and rebellious, while also offering guests one of the many fine-aged whiskeys from The Barbershop’s extensive selection. In the evening, The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails will take on a different persona with live entertainment and an extensive cocktail program, featuring a modern take on vintage favorites. Behind the unassuming janitor’s door located within The Barbershop is a secretive and swanky Prohibition-era bar that harkens to the days of bootlegging. The speakeasy, with a hideaway parlor vibe, is a throwback to a time when whiskey and liquor were king, and word of mouth was gold.




Greene St. Kitchen Las Vegas



reene St. Kitchen’s doors are open at Palms Casino Resort as part of the hotel’s $690M property-wide transformation. Blending together street art and food in a distinctive way, the restaurant continues the immersive experience and thoughtful art program at the hotel. Created by Clique Hospitality, the dynamic, designdriven dining destination pays homage to the artistic communities of New York’s SoHo neighborhood during the early ‘80s with a collection curated by Tal Cooperman, Palms’ Creative Director. The latest addition joins the hotel’s extensive art collection consisting of some of the most notable and unique contemporary, blue-chip and street art rarely displayed publicly in one setting. Designed by Rockwell Group, the Greene St. Kitchen experience begins immediately upon arrival as guests enter a secret vintage video arcade “speakeasy” with classic games lining the walls and a 1980s 8bit video-inspired tiled floor. A vending machine “door” leads guests through a tunnel and into the restaurant’s main bar and lounge, where they will encounter bartenders serving inventive craft cocktails enclosed in a stunning gold, birdcage-like structure. Clique Hospitality’s Lanny Chin will serve as Chef du Cuisine and will bring a modern American menu of shareable plates and over-the-top entrees that include; Legs and Eggs, butter poached king crab legs and Kaluga caviar, Alaskan King Crab Tempura and a Kale and Duck Confit Salad. Palms Casino Resort has been heralded as one of Las Vegas’ “must see” gaming and entertainment destinations since its opening in 2001. Following its acquisition by Station Casinos in 2016, the iconic property is now undergoing a $690 million renovation that will touch virtually every aspect of the property and yet again transform Palms into Las Vegas’ most elevated destination by creating a mix of classic Vegas hospitality and extraordinary new art, culinary, music and entertainment experiences.

Clique Hospitality’s Lanny Chin will serve as Chef du Cuisine and will bring a modern American menu of shareable plates and over the top entrees that include; Legs and Eggs, butter poached king crab legs and Kaluga caviar, Alaskan King Crab Tempura and a Kale and Duck Confit Salad. Palms Casino Resort has been heralded as one of Las Vegas’ “must see” gaming and entertainment destinations since its opening in 2001. Following its acquisition by Station Casinos in 2016, the iconic property is now undergoing a $690 million renovation that will touch virtually every aspect of the property and yet again transform Palms into Las Vegas’ most elevated destination by creating a mix of classic Vegas hospitality and extraordinary new art, culinary, music and entertainment experiences.




Exclusive, expertly crafted, family potraits. www.rebelportraits.com



Hermosa Beach

CALIFORNIA Santiago Arana | The Agency


Located in the Hermosa Riviera at 901 Manhattan Avenue, this enchanting contemporary estate stuns with its unobstructed views of the ocean, exquisite amenities throughout, and a gracious indoor-outdoor coastal lifestyle. The space was tastefully and timelessly designed and completed in 2017, the estate still feels and looks brand new which is a testament to its design and construction. Upon entrance, you’re greeted with an opulent foyer filled with natural light, dramatic stone and an impressive spiral staircase. The open concept living space flows effortlessly into a spacious chef’s kitchen featuring top-of-the-line Miele appliances with a large center island and custom breakfast nook. The kitchen opens to the outdoor dining area with built-in BBQ, pool and spa, perfect for entertaining. This six bedroom and eight bathroom home offers the perfect get-away feel all year round. Other features include a home theater, steam & infrared saunas, wine cellar, elevator and gym making it a truly one-of-a-kind estate.






CALIFORNIA Cristal Clarke | Berkshire Hathaway


Brilliantly combining elements of Modernism, Post-modernism and Art Deco, architect James Morris designed this stunning Montecito ocean view estate for a most discerning original owner. Located at 1188 East Mountain Drive, the estate has undergone two subsequent renovations that have utilized the finest materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Numerous outdoor settings and amenities complement the abundance of indoor comforts to create an ideal venue for entertaining. The result is a residence and its approximately 2 acres rivaling the most aweinspiring domiciles on California’s Central Coast. www.Montecito-Estate.com





COLORADO The Stockton Group | LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Overlooking the picturesque horse pastures of Lake Creek, 460 Rolling Hills Drive, one of the Vail Valley’s most unique legacy properties, enjoys stunning natural surroundings, unrivaled privacy and close proximity to downtown Edwards and Beaver Creek. The original and current owners of this 14,677 square-foot mountain estate enjoyed first pick of the home sites within Creamery Ranch, an exclusive gated community in the scenic Lake Creek valley. They chose this lot above all others. One visit, and you’ll understand why. The home sits at the end of a long, cobblestone driveway with expansive south-facing views of the Sawatch mountain range, surrounding aspen groves, valley fields and horse pastures below. You will not find a more authentic Colorado home site in the Vail Valley. With nine bedrooms and multiple living spaces, this legacy estate boasts enough room to welcome generations of family into the


home for the holidays and other memorable gatherings. A charming courtyard greets guests at the home’s front entrance. Visitors are immediately drawn into the home with stunning wood timbers that tower to 27 feet. The home incorporates its own unique natural surroundings, from the solid fir timbers, to the indigenous “Creamery Ranch moss rock,” which was extracted from the property itself and now constitutes much of the home’s construction. An ornate, coffered ceiling presides over pioneer gold flagstone, as a 91-foot grand hallway serves as the gateway to the main level and runs nearly the length of the home, from the master suite to the kitchen. A dignified study is on display with vaulted wood ceilings and custom shelves capable of showcasing an elaborate library and a lifetime of achievement. The adjacent great room and formal dining room flank the mightystone fireplace and serve as a traditional living space, well suited for family and friends.


The kitchen area is a living space unto itself. With custom wood cabinetry, solid granite slab countertops and direct views of the Sawatch Mountains, the kitchen boasts exquisite finishes and stainless-steel appliances, namely a six-burner Thermador range. An adjoining butler’s kitchen ensures privacy and minimizes disruption to the kitchen if so desired. Immediately adjacent is a more casual dining area and a cozy hearth room, perfect for lounging, watching TV or playing games as family, all in close proximity to everyone’s favorite room in the house: the kitchen. The grand hallway continues even further to a single guest suite and then into one of the home’s more unique features: the on-site chapel, which is connected to the home, but exists almost as a separate structure with its own entry. The chapel features uncompromised views of snowcapped mountains and ornate custom woodwork. If so desired, the chapel could be converted to fulfill a number of functions, but privacy and stunning craftsmanship will remain characteristics of this very special feature. From the home’s center, an open-tread, floating staircase leads to the lower level, which is designed to accommodate large families. Four bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms and direct outdoor access line a deep hallway that extends from a huge exercise/spa room featuring an indoor hot tub. The lower level also features a secondary living space —a massive, more casual den perfect for watching the game and hosting parties. The room can easily accommodate a full-sized billiards table and also includes a wet bar and wine cellar in close proximity. But perhaps the property’s most impressive amenities are found outside its walls among the expansive outdoor living space that runs the length of the home. Several patios align a custom-built water feature that flows throughout the south-facing, elevated backside of the home. A sprawling grassy area is well suited for anynumber of activities, tented affairs or could be upgraded to accommodate a pool.With unrivaled natural mountain surroundings, 460 Rolling Hills Drive is an astounding, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a timeless legacy property in one of the Vail Valley’s most desired locations. www.460RollingHills.com



Arrowhead Village

COLORADO Andie Ohde | LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Nestled amongst the trees with a beautiful setting yet only steps from the ski slopes, you will find this mountain contemporary gem in Arrowhead Village. If you are looking for the comforts of a home with the convenience of a lock and leave vacation residence, consider this property! This is an exceptional spacious 2 bedroom, 2 and a half bath condominium with over 1,600 square feet, underground parking and located at the base of Arrowhead ski mountain. Relax within the extended indoor/outdoor spaces of this unit with patios off of both the living room and master suite. Here you will receive all the conveniences of resort living. Imagine a magical day on the ski slopes with easy and close proximately to the chair lift, yet the quietness of this mountain modern flair retreat. It is only a short stroll to the winter Village to Village shuttle service to Beaver Creek where you can indulge in the wide range of restaurants and shopping of this world renown village. Enjoy sitting by the fire, watching the snow fall outside while sipping a glass of wine or your favorite beverage from the new bar in the living room and sitting area. Yes, you are living the Colorado dream!


The new kitchen is simple elegance. The owner recently remodeled this mountain contemporary kitchen with quartz countertops, new cabinetry, and Bosch stainless steel cooktop and dishwasher. The open concept kitchen is conducive to the chef of the house being a part of the conversations. Additionally, the extended counter top offers barstool seating to keep your chef company and watch the magic in the kitchen. The gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the condo and new paint only add to the overall beauty. This condo has a nice open and warm feel that many will appreciate. You will also love the newly remodeled powder room. Another great feature is the master suite with a sliding glass door to access one of the outdoor patios. Tired muscles after a great day of skiing? Well, wind down in the soaking tub or warm up in the separate shower. Summer is also a fabulous time to be in Arrowhead. This condo has terrific outside living. Walk directly outside to the patio and take in the fresh mountain air. The trees and beautifully landscaped property create a lovely setting. The mountain turns into a fun place to hike or bike. Prefer a less challenging topography, then explore the Arrowhead neighborhood with has a flat terrain. Year round you can use Arrowhead’s pool and hot tub, which is very close walking distance to this condo. Also, you don’t need to leave the Village for a wonderful dining experience with Vistas restaurant being steps away. In the summer, take on a game of tennis. If you prefer, you can obtain a membership to the Alpine Club which offers many other amenities. So much to say about this condo and Arrowhead. To sum it up, simply fabulous! www.BuffaloPark9.com


Indian Wells

CALIFORNIA The Vintage Club

Across the globe, Jon Jerde designed just three private homes during his high-profile career. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of them is only magnified by the extraordinary experience it offers the moment one steps inside. Renowned worldwide for his visionary commercial architecture, from the Bellagio and Wynn Las Vegas to celebrated landmarks in Shanghai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Dubai, and the park that is now Disneyland Paris. The late Jerde, along with his wife, Janice Ambry Jerde, made an incomparable statement with this residential achievement. The Vintage Club and a lot on the signature 16th hole of the Mountain Course served as picturesque muses for the 7-bedroom, 11-bath estate at 47475 Vintage Drive East. Meticulously executed by DeWitte Construction and a group of expert craftsmen, the multi-level, approximately 10,000-squarefoot masterpiece is nothing short of architectural brilliance. This awe-inspiring project stands as a creative collaboration between architect, designer, builder, and owner. With this home that masterfully encompasses stunning views from every angle, Jerde shaped a legacy like none other at The Vintage Club. To tour it is to fall under its spell. The home’s most remarkable feature is quite possibly the unfurling grand hallway known as “The Gallery.” Carefully placed atrium windows frame natural vistas along its curved wall, while custom-designed sconces light and guide your way. On the main level, custom furniture and area rugs beckon under an 18-foot barrel ceiling in the fairway-view great room. The formal dining room’s gold leaf ceiling details, mirrors and gold leaf dining chairs around a custom limestone dining table – all designed to reflect a candlelit ambiance. A gourmetstyle kitchen, well-heated al fresco dining loggia, walk-up bar, formal and informal powder rooms, and cozy family room come together in a layout with beautiful flow. In the master suite, a fireplace and private patio enhance this finely appointed retreat, complete with floor-to-ceiling glass, his and hers baths, two custom-designed offices, and a beverage bar. Two ensuite guest rooms and a two-bedroom guest quarters with shared sitting room provide gracious accommodations. On the lower level, a climate-controlled walk-in wine cellar accommodates over 1,000 bottles and joins a media room with theater-style seating. A pool table, working kitchen, massage room, six-person steam room, full bath, fully equipped gym, wrapping-craft room, and guest quarters complete this level. The subterranean 3-car, 2-golf-cart garage is finished with air conditioning, a workshop, and plentiful storage. Panoramic views abound from the grassy lawn, pool, spa, and fire ledge. Timeless and elegant, the home is a both legend and an inviting, livable work of art. Tucked into a cove at the base of Eisenhower Mountain in Indian Wells, The Vintage Club has set the gold standard among private country club communities over its illustrious history. Extensive amenities include an architecturally acclaimed clubhouse, two 18-hole, Tom Fazio-designed championship golf courses, a tennis complex with 11 courts including pickle ball, a resort-style pool and cabana area, numerous dining venues, a convenience market with coffee bar, and a Fitness/Wellness/ Spa facility. At this prestigious enclave, security is paramount to ensure safety and peace of mind to all Members and their guests. www.VintageClubSales.com



Las Vegas

NEVADA Bellas Vista Estates | Vegas Valley Views


Custom home developer, Vegas Valley Views, continues construction on Bella Vista Estates, the stunning luxury home community set in the McCullough Hills of Henderson. Bella Vista Estates will offer luxury custom homes on spacious lots in a privately-gated community, with panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding mountains, visible from each property. Designed with striking modern desert architecture to complement the stunning landscape, the homes at Bella Vista Estates will be constructed with premium materials and superior craftsmanship by Vegas Valley Views. Once completed, the homes will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art smart technology features and advanced security options. Bella Vista Estates home owners will have dozens of high-end features to customize their home, including porte cochere entrances, home theaters, sports and game rooms, private massage and meditation rooms, custom skylights, smart technology and more. Landscape specialists will work alongside homeowners to customize outdoor spaces with individually designed pools, spas, wet decks, lounging decks, outside dining areas, fire pits, outdoor kitchens with barbecue pits and other outdoor features. Surrounded by a picturesque network of trails for walking and biking, Bella Vista Estates is located just south of W. Horizon Ridge Parkway at Pancho Via Drive between S. Stephanie Street and S. Gibson Road, minutes from exceptional dining and shopping, including the many restaurants and retailers at The District at Green Valley Ranch. Residents will also be just a couple of miles away from the premier workout and wellness offerings of Life Time Athletic – Green Valley. Homes start at 4,000 square feet, with pricing starting at $275 per square foot. VegasValleyViews.com

Long Bay


TURKS AND CAICOS Ian Hurdle | The Agency

The resort-style grounds at Long Bay Beach Club showcase a lovely infinity-edge swimming pool, a private beachside deck, alfresco dining areas, a barbeque, a fire pit and a yoga pavilion. The Wi-Fi reaches all the way out to the beach terrace, and you can pipe tunes to your heart’s content on the outdoor sound system. Kayaks and paddle boards are provided for guests to explore the ocean waters. Interior perks include an ice maker, espresso machine and a media room with surround sound. Your reservation includes housekeeping and access to fitness facilities and the spa. The interiors of Long Bay Beach Club cater to an active lifestyle. Contemporary design is offset by the traditional details of a warm beach house. Designed for today’s discerning traveler, the interior millwork melds warm woods, soft greys and calming whites paired with nautical chrome and bright accents. Magnificent ocean views are captured from every angle. A grand total of fifteen bedroom with en-suite bathrooms, along with some additional bedding options, accommodate up to 36 guests at this non-smoking villa. The suites are evenly divided between the three individual villas. Each of the suites offers direct access to the outside via a balcony, terrace or garden. With sequestered spaces for intimate moments and communal spaces for more convivial occasions, the open design of this residence offers tropical living at its best. Long Bay’s soothing trade winds provide the opportunity for seamless indoor-outdoor living all year around. The flawless execution of Long Bay Beach Club makes the most of this amazing climate and decadent lifestyle. Designed with a respect for the environment, however, this property has preserved the vegetation and beauty that have made Long Bay so famous. Available as a whole or fractional investment opportunity. www.theagencyre.com/listing/sl1909753-233-long-bay-beach-road-long-bay/


Active Listings

LONG BAY BE ACH CLUB LONG B AY | $12,90 0,0 0 0 15 BEDS | 15 B AT HS | 18,0 0 0 SQ . F T. | 2+ ACRE LOT ML S # 180 0811

TIP OF THE TAIL VILL A | TURTLE TAIL DRIVE PROVIDENCIA L ES | $ 5,750,0 0 0 6 BEDS | 6 B AT HS | 7,560 SQ . F T. | 1.1 ACRE LOT ML S # 160 0602

V IL L A 5105 | W Y M A R A PROVIDENCIA L ES | $ 4,999,0 0 0 4 BEDS | 5 B AT HS | 8,260 SQ . F T. | 21,3 4 4 SQ . F T. LOT ML S # 190 0 026

VILL A 5107 | W Y M A R A PROVIDENCIA L ES | $ 4,950,0 0 0 4 BEDS | 5 B AT HS | 8,260 SQ . F T. | 20,168 SQ . F T. LOT ML S # 180 0 4 0 4

SUNRISE CAY | CHALK SOUND DRIVE CH A L K SOUND | $2,50 0,0 0 0 2.37 ACRE LOT ML S # 180 0639





80% SOLD

A R ARE CHANCE TO CRE ATE A NEW FA MILY LEG ACY IN WE ST M AUI Imagine a home spacious enough to bring your entire family together. Luana Garden Villas is the last opportunity to own a new whole-ownership home at Honua Kai Resort and Spa, just steps from West Maui’s famed Ka’anapali beach, and with direct access to Duke’s Beach Bar, Ho’Ola Spa and 38 acres of resort amenities.

Luana is a collection of three-bedroom villas with over 2,000 sq.ft of open-concept, single level interior living space, huge lanais, outdoor kitchens and private garages. Each villa is nestled within one of three intimate garden enclaves, each with its own pool, hot tub and fire pit. Truly a resort within a resort.


Priced from around $2 Million © 2019 PowerPlay Destination Properties (Hawaii), Inc., Real Estate Broker. This is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, to residents of any state or province in which restrictions and other legal requirements have not been fulfilled. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. The information provided herein is solely for informational purposes, and is subject to change without notice. No representation, warranty or guarantee is made as to any of the contents, including, but not limited to, the depiction of specific materials, appliances and other items in any unit; the exact floor plan of any unit; any views from the premises; or the current or future appearance of any landscaping. Refer to the governing documents and sales materials for full details of the offering. Obtain the Developer’s Public Report (Registration No. 8101) filed with the Real Estate Commission of the State of Hawaii and read it before signing anything. All features, services, amenities, descriptions and other information are subject to change at any time without notice, including the third-party management of the Resort. The features, services, amenities and other privileges of ownership are limited to those included in the Luana Garden Villas Sales Contract and the Amended and Restated Declaration of Condominium Property Regime of Honua Kai, as further amended. WARNING: THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE HAS NOT INSPECTED, EXAMINED, OR QUALIFIED THIS OFFERING. The listing broker is PowerPlay Destination Properties (Hawaii), Inc., 130 Kai Malina Parkway, Lahaina, HI, license number RB 20039.

Business Business

Top Gun Aircraft Finance Corporation Martin Ormon, founder of Aircraft Finance Corporation, has been financing new and pre-owned aircraft for over twenty years in a niche business that has proven to be a success.


t all started with a deal back in the spring of 1998, during Martin Ormon’s private banking days, when he was the co-owner of a hedge fund in the Northeast. Martin was tasked with assisting a client of his, an automobile dealer based in Southern California, with a short-term bridge loan to make an immediate acquisition of a partially constructed auto dealership. Ormon stepped in and facilitated the loan. In exchange, the collateral for the deal was a 1996 Hawker 800xp. Within eighteen months, the deal went sour and


Ormon ended up with the 1996 Hawker in his hedge fund portfolio. Ormon, being the ‘smartest guy in the room’ was challenged by his partners, “Okay, smart guy, what are we going to do now?” Ormon replied, “Well, Gentleman, it looks like we’re going into the aviation financing business.” Ormon immediately leased the aircraft to a pharmaceutical company for three years. “That’s when I discovered an attractive quality of ‘mature’ aircraft,” he explains, “even after they have been fully depreciated, their residual value can be impressive.”

Business So, how do they do it? In most cases, Aircraft Finance Corporation partners with regional banks that are federally chartered and then guarantees the loans through a percentage of term of the loan. Ormon explains, “[Our work is] really not that difficult to do. We have skin in the game and that makes a very big difference with regard to rate and term.” More than 85% of Aircraft Finance Corporation’s loans are made in house, as they underwrite, service and portfolio their own loans. On average, Aircraft Finance Corporation’s customers will keep their aircraft for 42months. With this type of client loyalty, Aircraft

Finance Corporation prides itself on 90+% customer retention. In fact, in 2017 Ormon and his employees closed 56 transactions with an average loan size of 3.2 million dollars. After the financial crisis in 2008, the ‘big banks’ altered the way in which loans were made on aircraft transactions. Overall, resources to finance aircraft that were anything other than factory-new were scarce. Ormon recalls, “Everybody was leaving the market, with thousands of aircraft out there and available. I saw it as a great time to aggressively take market share.” A Maverick worth his mettle.


949-698-0085 ∙ 800-434-4185 ∙ info@aircraftbanker.com ∙ www.AircraftBanker.com

Destination Style, Decadence, and Beauty

THE MAIDSTONE Written by Jamie Agoglia


onathan Baker, the mastermind behind many great original works of art and entertainment, has ellegantly reestablished The Maidstone, a unique boutique hotel in East Hampton. Originally constructed just before the Civil War by the Osborne family, the current structure has foundations dating from the 17th century. In the mid1920s, the space began service as a full-time Inn and became known as The Maidstone Arms. The Inn became a fashionable destination as East Hampton grew into a worldfamous summer colony. Jonathan Baker and his wife, Jenny Ljungberg, have artistically and eclectically renevated the space into a boutique hotel, which is not only a beautiful place to stay, but a place to experience unique amenities, activities, and relaxation. Jamie Agoglia: What is your synopsis of The Maidstone? Jonathan Baker: The Maidstone is a unique space, consisting of nineteen 178 rooms, with three cottages on the grounds, and a house. The grounds are The Maidstone Hotel, The Maidstone House, and The Mainstone Residence. The House is where [my wife and I] live when we are on property. It connects to the hotel and the three individual cottages, which are a one bedroom studio, a one bedroom cottage, and one bedroom town house. And there’s The Residence, which is where we do conferences, yoga retreats, charity poker nights, and more. It fills in the heart of The Maidstone. Revamping it was the brainchild of my wife who wanted to open up a hotel in the community of East Hampton. The idea of this is how to have style, decadence, and beauty all blend together. Were all about the curation of in entertainment and design. Over the years, I wanted to bring Hollywood to the Hamptons. It’s all about style and sophistication. Where does the design inspiration come from for the Maidstone? Our colors are rich and everything has these Scandinavian influence in the background. A few years ago, Scandinavain imports were on the foreground, so that made it very unique. Over the years, I wanted to bring Hollywood to the Hamptons. When you drive by it, you see a white

building with pink chairs, and inside we have pink ceilings. When you walk in, you see salamander green. My wife Jenny and I like to think of ourselves as designers, and Jenny is Scandinavian, so she wanted to bring in that influence. I wanted to bring in essence of Hollywood with the rawness of New York. Where do you find the beautiful unique photography that can be seen in the rooms? My wife and I love photo art, so we hand-picked collections every May. We keep the art displayed for a six months to a year. We sometimes do photo exhibits where we have artists come in from Europe and New York City, and we do an event to celebrate them and their work. What unique amenities or activities can guests indulge in during their stay? We have yoga deck with a yoga teacher that teaches every morning. There is a beach butler who will drive you to beach, with picnic and alcohol. When you’re ready for lunch, you call us and we bring a fine-dining lunch, chair, and umbrella. We do music, classic Rock ‘n Roll bands. Our grounds are used for a variety of events; we curate weddings, have a lot of authors come in and speak about their books. The magic of the hotel is that is walking distanct from the town of East Hampton. We’re dog

friendly and kid friendly. We have eight games in the back for kids, ping pong, shuffleboard, corn toss, a giant game of Connect Four, and a giant game of Jenga. There’s something there for everybody but what eally pulls you in is the colors, the photo art, and the amenities. What products from your lifestyle line, Jonathan Baker 1962, are offered at the Maidstone? We have pure aromatherapy products that are fully organic in 11 different notes, some include lemongrass, petrul, rose oil, and lavender; that is our signature in every room. The oils are sold for $100 a bottle, but we give some samples to the guest to try. We also diffuse our essential oil blends in the lobby, and the scent is intriguing. Tell me about The Restaurant. We are a slow cooking restaurant. Everything is grass-fed and organic. We’re environmentally conscious about the foods we use. We like to keep everything local; local people, local produce. Most everything has a seafood theme to it. Our raw menu consists of a lot of lobster, shrimp, oysters, all local and fresh. We also do a fine dining menu with salmon, free range chicken, grass-fed beef, and then we also hand designed the small dishes. For instance we prepare our guacamole at the table as well as our version of a caesar salad.