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45 mm bronze case, automatic movement with second, chronograph and date. Dial in teak

For those who don’t need GPS to know where they stand.

Saxon One It’s our rough edges that testify real character. The Saxon One with its bold, timeless design lends this conviction a new form: elegant, dynamic, distinctive. And created with exactly that perfection which has made the predicate “Made in Glashütte” into a world-famous promise of quality. Saxon One · sweep minute stop chronograph · 6420-06 MADE FOR THOSE WHO DO.




Restored by us. Reimagined by you. a r ko n i k . c o m







Estd 2007



Welcome to Pendry San Diego.

The Pendry San Diego celebrates heritage and embraces modern sensibility by planting roots in the Historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. The unique character of this locale perfectly parallels the twist on tradition that Pendry embodies. The hotel strikes a balance between modern and traditional, pairing classic Southern California influence with modern luxury programming and amenities. Featuring a collection of six unique restaurants and bars, and highlighting some of the cities more talented chefs and concepts, Pendry San Diego will become the coveted place for locals and visitors alike.

Pendry San Diego 550 J Street San Diego, CA 92101 619.738.7000

Buffalo Collection A STATE OF MIND & A WAY OF LIFE

A M E R I C A N B U F FA L O L E AT H E R F U R NI T U R E Experience the ultimate in luxury, comfort & design with furniture from Buffalo Collection. Our furniture is hand-made in America using the finest materials & methods of old world craftsmanship. Let us enrich your lifestyle by creating timeless custom furnishings of the highest quality for your home.

Specializing in Custom Orders


7044 E. 5th Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ • 4 8 0.9 4 6. 39 03

Timeless, Classic Furnishings

9 2 4 P A L I S A D E S B E A C H R O A D / / S A N TA M O N I C A $22,000,000 OR $80,000/MO



California Living

at the Peak of Elegance

and Sophistication THE AGENCYRE.COM

Your Dream Oasis Not your ordinary mattress. The Tomorrow hybrid mattress combines the pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam and the unbeatable support of individually wrapped coils for deep, uninterrupted sleep. Our rail system adds an extra layer of durability and support to create a luxurious hybrid mattress for half of what you pay in stores.

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*Valid on purchases worth $500 or more at thru 09/29/2018. Cannot be combined with any other oers. See website for details. TS20014-04-140818-1

Sleep Optimized There’s more to sleep than a bed. That’s why we created a total system of high performance sleep products with the knowledge, research and engineering expertise of Serta Simmons Bedding. The Tomorrow mattress, bedding, pillows, blackout drapes, Sleeptracker monitor and more work together to help you improve your sleep, so you wake to your full potential.




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Editor's Letter



Country Music Star is on Fire with First New Headlining Tour



Classic Timepieces, Dinosaur-Bone Knives, and Statement Jewelry











Matt Neuman is One Step Ahead of the Curve

Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite Collaborate with No Mercy in This Land

Chateau Peyfaures Believes Grapes Come First When Creating Exquisite Wine

Christopher R. King Creates Masterpieces that Redefine Luxury How One Man Changed Las Vegas Nightlife


< ON THE COVER BRETT ELDREDGE Country Music Star is on Fire





Roy Sekoff, the co-founder of Huffington Post and his new memoir, Lacks Self-Control: True Stories I Waited Until My Parents Died to Tell


COVER FEATURE > Brett Eldredge Makes Country Look Good

The Porter Garden Telescope Reborn


POLO The Face of American Polo Nic Roldan’s Annual Sunset Polo & White Party


TENNIS The 2018 BNP Paribas Open Serves Up Star Competition in Palm Desert



The 47-Meter Displacement Book Ends


The World’s Leading Independent Defender Specialists



From Aspen to Los Angeles, Los Cabos & Beyond



The Best Hotspots & Getaways to Stay & Play this Spring

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editor's letter


n this issue, we explore some of the most incredible locations in search for the hottest springtime hangouts, bring you the newest spring fashions, and discover the best springtime tennis tournament - the BNP Paribas Open.

What I’m most excited about though, are the people in these pages! Our fabulous cover feature is country star, Brett Eldredge, who talked about everything from his adorable chocolate lab to overcoming his childhood stage-fright. He also opened up about his late grandfather, to whom he owes a lot of his songwriting ability and creative inspiration. Brett was so down-to-earth and humbling when he talked about what it was like to sell out his first arena of his first headlining tour — he was overcome with emotion, revealing that he even teared up several times while on stage. He is also very funny — when I asked what he would do if he wasn’t a country star — he replied, ‘a travel agent’ due to his love of traveling. I laughed, because I don't think travel agents are even a thing anymore! He decided I was right, and we settled on the modern-day equivalent, an Instagram travel blogger.




Ben Harper, another incredibly talented musician graces these pages with such a resoundingly thoughtful interview. You can just tell that he is an all-around amazing guy. Ben is currently touring his second collaborative album around the world with Charlie Musselwhite. Both are legendary and award-winning artists; and together, their soulful sound is seamless and extraordinary. Ben described their relationship and creative process as effortless, which definitely comes across in their music. Do yourself a favor and listen to their new album, No Mercy in this Land. And finally, I spoke with Andy Masi, an entrepreneur whose amazing success and drive had me speechless. Masi basically conceptualized the entire nightlife of Vegas with the revolutionary idea to localize the nightclub, restaurant and cocktail lounge under the same casino roof. Now, there’s more than one nightclub in every casino, and the industry has surpassed gaming revenue — unbelievable! Masi is now re-conceptualizing Vegas nightlife by building cool bars for people who aren’t down with the big cover charges or loud DJ’s. It’s been a busy and really fun few months gearing up for this issue. I saw Del Potro play some awesome tennis at Indian Wells, I went on a backcountry spring skiing trip with ten of my closest friends, and I delved deep into my personal growth at a four-day Tony Robbins event. All of these experiences helped mold this entertaining spring editorial.

These are without-a-doubt, the best issues yet. See you in the summer!

Whitney Hubbell Whitney Hubbell Editor-in-Chief

A Beach Cosmopolitan Hotel Eden Roc Miami Beach offers the best of all worlds: effortlessly elegant guestrooms, quintessential Miami experiences, and world-class dining by renowned chefs. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the spirit of the city, on the beach.


Green inside. Amer Yachts, a better world.





w w w . a m e r y a c h t s . c o m





By whitney Hubbell PHOTOGRAPHY BY Andrew Eccles



[BE] It comes from a lot of places. For songwriting, it was always my grandfather, because he was such a larger-than-life storyteller and character; he was like straight out of a storybook. The way he would tell a story was just something that was almost hard to believe - it was so magical and beautiful. You’d always wonder if [the stories] were accurate then later I’d find an old connection or friend of his and they’d verify it …it’s crazy! So I’ll picture life, through songwriting, as a story that I want to tell, just like how my grandfather taught me growing up. I always had a big imagination — something I probably got from my grandfather - and thats where I got my song writing inspiration. And as an artist; it comes from my family. My parents and brother were always there supporting me — helping me load in speakers in the back of a minivan when I was kid. I’d go and sing around town and my mom would run the sound. They were my first real fans, and they’re still always there to support — same as day one.

If you check out his Instagram profile, he’s humble as ever, posting sweet messages to fans, funny dancing videos and lots of pictures with his adorable chocolate lab, Edgar. Whitney Hubbell [WH]: Does Edgar go on tour with you? Brett Eldredge [BE]: Yeah he’s grown up on the road from when he was that little. [referring to his latest IG post] When he was a lil’ pup he was backstage with Keith Urban, Darius Rucker, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan… he’s grown up with all these big stars and been on big tours, so he’s really good with people. There’s probably 100 people backstage and he’s always just walking around like he owns the place. He even had his own dressing room on the Luke Bryan tour and his own sign for the dressing room - it was pretty funny.

[WH] Now that you’ve had multiple singles under your belt and you’re currently on your first headlining tour, where would you say you get your inspiration from as a songwriter and artist?

[BE] Thats my favorite movie of all time, for that reason! My grandfather was definitely the big fish. He passed away, but we were so close. He got to see [my career] start to rise - but he never got to see the big part of my career take off. But he saw it on its’ way… so that was cool. But yeah he was definitely the ‘big fish’ that’s why I love that movie so much. I cry a few times every time I watch it. [WH] If you could say something to your grandfather now, what would you say? [BE] From the first moment I’d pick him out in the crowd, I’d say, ‘can you believe it?’ I’d just want him to see it. And he would wanna get up on stage with me [laughs] because he loved performing. He wasn’t really a singer growing up - he discovered singing later in life, it was always fun, we would sing Karaoke together. I brought him up on stage one time in his later years and he got up, held a beer up to the crowd and everyone was so pumped and excited, it was awesome. Now, I’d just want to share the moment with him and show him the dream became a reality and that he was a big part of it.


Brett is making the transition from opening act to headliner look effortless with his debut tour, “The Long Way,” and just sold out his first arena show.


[BE] Oh yeah. He doesn’t really have a choice, he’s gotta be! [laughs]

[WH] It sounds like your largerthan-life grandfather’s storytelling sounds really similar to the dad in one of my favorite movies, Big Fish. Have you ever seen that?


[WH] So Edgar must be a pretty big country music fan if he’s hanging out with all the stars.


RETT ELDRIDGE has toured with some of the biggest names in country; with artists such as Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, and Taylor Swift - but it’s the first time his name is the largest on the marquee. He has seven top-10 singles, he has even performed at the Grand Ole Opry, but for Brett, he’s just starting.




[WH] Did any of those people end up helping you along the way in your career? [BE] Oh yeah! Some of them set me up with songwriters which led me from one thing to the next. You climb the ladder… they set you up with a writer, you end up writing a better song… then maybe someone says, ‘I love your voice, I want you to go meet a producer’ and that producer makes your first song. All of that led me to where I am now! [WH] Speaking of the stage, you have such a natural presence up there. Did you always have that or was there a moment you realized you were going to be a country star? [BE] I knew early on that I wanted to sing. But I was really nervous in front of other people, staring at the floor, pacing back and forth. I’d even sing from the other room… At family parties I’d hide behind the door and belt out my favorite tunes! But I’d be so nervous, I couldn’t look at people in the eye and sing. And then I started listening to Sinatra and watching how cool he was… he had this swag on stage, he was so confident, and that's when I learned I could start feeling good about what I was doing on stage. At around age thirteen, I started performing and by fifteen, I really started hitting my stride and just kept rolling and getting more confident. I went to Chicago and lived up there for couple years and sang anywhere that I could sing from fancy events and big fundraisers to weddings, it was kind of like I was growing to sing all these different genres. But my true, original love was country music and that’s when I made the move to Nashville and never looked back. I was so naive when I first moved there, I would just knock on doors and drop off CDs, I was that guy! [laughs] I would never do that now! But that’s what it took to get where I am now. And being so naive and not knowing how hard it really is to make it - that helped me get to where I am today. I just thought, ’there’s no way I’m not doing it.’ And I still see some of those people today-some of the people whose doors I knocked on, are now my friends!

[WH] Were there ever any knock-down moments that almost made you feel like giving up? [BE] There were a lot of knock-down moments — but the opportunities you do get, you make sure they really count. And eventually, it just falls into place. But it wasn’t overnight by any means! I’ve enjoyed the ride from the very beginning. It’s a beautiful thing. You really have to stop and take it all in, because it’s kind of surreal — especially when you think about how many people try to do this; I feel very fortunate. What’s it like being on tour and traveling so many miles in a day? Do you ever get burnt out? Yes, that happens to me all the time! When you’re constantly on the road — it’s like any job — you can get burnt out. There’s a lot of times where I’m like, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to do this.’ A lot of the time you’re sitting around all day waiting to play that night for an hour and half, and you’ve travelled thousands of miles … and you have the whole day to think about it and psych yourself out of a show because you’re just exhausted.


41 SPRING 2018


42 SPRING 2018

But everyday I’m revived by the crowd — it’s the weirdest thing! I’m like, ‘I don’t know how I’m gonna do this show,’ and then I hear the crowd and the music that we’re walking on stage to and I get this sudden voice in my head that everything’s going to be fine and next thing you know I’m up there jumping around on stage! And right before that, I was pacing back and forth, like man, I need a break. But then I get off stage and I’m like… man, I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

I’m reminded why I love it so much. When I have that connection with fans and everyone’s singing all the words — it’s why I started this. It’s an amazing reminder and I’m so thankful that my fans stuck with me for so long, it’s been a crazy journey to get here. It’s awesome to see people in front of the stage when there were literally 20 people in the crowd, I still see those people in the crowd today. That means so much to me, and why country music is so special too, is because these great folks are so loyal it’s a great big love fest. [laughs]


43 SPRING 2018


44 SPRING 2018

[WH] You’ve had such an amazing journey already, what has been your proudest moment? [BE] There’s a lot of them. Every time I think of one, there’s another one that shows up. My proudest moment I’ve ever had on stage was a week ago. We sold out the first arena ever. 8,000 of my fans were in the crowd and it was a very surreal feeling. Starting out in Nashville when sometimes there’s only two people in the crowd — sometimes not even, you’re playing to yourself on a stool in a bar! It was very surreal to be playing to a sea of lights and people singing every word of a song in a giant arena. Sharing that connection was so powerful, I teared up several times. That was definitely a defining moment in my career.




47 SPRING 2018

I spent so many sleepless nights all those years, wondering why my moment hadn’t come yet, and I’m so glad that it didn’t just magically just turn up overnight because I wouldn’t be as appreciative of it as I am now. It makes it so much sweeter when you get knocked down enough times, and people would pull me back in the game and tell me that my story is worth telling. So I’d just try to keep telling it and keep going, and it and it was that moment last week that I was like ok wow, we are here! My first headline tour - it pretty much sold out in the first day and that feeling was like …unbelievable. I didn’t know what to expect because I had been the direct support [what they call the guy right before the headliner] the last several years — and they’d been huge tours, but now I’m in front of my own fans and it’s just a whole other level. It reenergizes and inspires me to make the best show that I possibly can.

11-16 SEPTEMBER 2018 C AN N ES - VI E UX P O R T & P O R T P I E R R E CA N TO

1 S T E U RO P E A N O N WAT E R BOAT S H OW Luxury has a rendez-vous with yachting Book your exclusive VIP programme to discover the Cannes Yachting Festival: helicopter transfers, personalized tour, visit of yachts, VIP club...

Interior by SOJO Design



SI NCE 1977






POLO IN PALM BEACH Nic Roldan's Annual Sunset Polo & White Party Fundraiser Photography by Enrique Urdaneta & Emma Miller


hen the concept of hosting an event to raise funds for working equines in some of the world’s poorest countries first appeared on their meeting agenda in 2016, the team behind Brooke USA had little idea their dream would blossom into the highlight social event of the Wellington season in only three years.

Only three months into his ambassadorship for the non-profit organization, Roldan helped organize the inaugural Sunset Polo & White Party.


“Having the privilege of being in an equine sport in the U.S. makes us obligated to improve the welfare of donkeys, mules and horses in much less fortunate countries,” Roldan continued. “The animals are suffering because their owners don’t know any better. What Brooke does with Brooke USA funding is great in bringing education to the owners and free veterinary care to the animals.”


“Being Brooke USA’s first polo ambassador was obviously huge, and a big step for me. It’s a big responsibility, and it’s an honor, as well.” Roldan explained,

Brooke USA is a fundraising organization associated with Brooke, the world’s largest equine welfare organization, that strives to significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.


A fourth-generation and professional polo player, Nic Roldan made history at 15 years old when he became the youngest player ever to win the United States Open Polo Championship—a distinction he still holds. His talent is immeasurable, and so is his passion for improving the lives of equines around the world. He joined Brooke USA as its first polo ambassador in 2016 with the goal of raising awareness about the condition of working horses and the people who rely on them, and soon enough the idea of hosting a polo party sparked in his mind.

"I really want to carve the way and set the pace in the hope that many more people in the sport will join me. It’s not all about taking, but it’s about giving as well.”



polo "I was really excited about the first event in 2016 we put together to benefit Brooke USA because we were trying to bring together all equestrian disciplines to create awareness on issues that everyone in the equine industry will take to heart," Roldan said.

“Everything turned out great,” Roldan remarked. “A lot of people came out to support the cause and we were able to raise a great deal for Brooke USA. It was fun to get the next generation involved on the polo field. We had a really nice group of players. The work that Brooke USA funds around the world is really important, and it is really nice to promote it and help them out. We are very happy and we have a lot of people to thank.”


Fast-forward three years and the event has flourished into one of the most talked about social events in South Florida with rave reviews from the Wellington, and Palm Beach social scenes. With over 1,000 people in attendance, Nic Roldan’s 3rd Annual Sunset Polo & White Party, hosted by Mark and Katherine Bellissimo in late March 2018 at The Wanderers Club, proved to be an astounding success. The event provided an entertaining evening highlighted by an exciting polo game and Argentine asado, raising more than

$240,000 to help alleviate the suffering of working equines in some of the world’s poorest countries.

53 SPRING 2018

Nic Roldan, the team's field general, was named Most Valuable Player for the fourth time in five years after scoring three goals. Roldan finished with 11 goals






wire as both teams scored one goal for a tie-game. Bellissimo scored for Team Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Phillips for Team Provident Jewelry. In the end, Team Provident Jewelry was declared the winner with a final cumulative score of five. Team Brooke USA finished in second place, while Team Tito’s Handmade Vodka took third place. Daniels, the highest scorer of the evening, was presented with the MVP Award and the Best Playing Pony Award, sponsored by Cowdray Estate, was chosen by none other than Adolfo Cambiaso and went to Taquara, played by Aguerre of Team Brooke USA and owned by Mariano Aguerre. “Mark [Bellissimo] and I are honored to be a part of such an important event,” said Katherine Bellissimo, Brooke USA board member and host of Nic Roldan’s 3rd Annual Sunset Polo & White Party. “We were delighted by the amount of funds raised to support Brooke USA and our work overseas. We saw the party reach a new level with its VIP section and we are exceptionally proud of the support from the equestrian and Wellington communities.”


The evening began with an exhilarating sunset polo match, where three teams played in a six-chukker round robin polo tournament consisting of three two-chukker games. The tournament kicked off with Team Brooke USA, made up of Antonio Aguerre (age 10), Poroto Cambiaso (1), Justin Daniels (2) and Nico Pieres (8), and Team Tito’s Handmade Vodka, made up of Matt Bellissimo (0), Grant Ganzi (2), Kris Kampsen (6) and Roldan (8), taking the field for the first game, where Cambiaso and Daniels each scored to secure the win for Team Brooke USA with a 2–1 finish, while Roldan scored the goal for Team Tito’s Handmade Vodka. With one win under their belts, Team Brooke USA then faced off against Team Provident Jewelry, consisting of Anthony Calle (3), Henry Porter (2), Martín Pepa (4) and Brandon Phillips (5). Daniels scored two more goals; however, Calle and Porter snatched the win with a 4–2 victory. In the final game, Team Provident Jewelry challenged Team Tito’s Handmade Vodka in a match that went down to the

"We were trying to bring together all equestrian disciplines to create awareness on issues that everyone in the equine industry will take to heart"




-Nic Roldan, US Polo Team Captain



“Brooke USA is thrilled with the support received from the equestrian community in Wellington, Florida, as well as those who traveled from afar,” said Emily Dulin, executive director of Brooke USA. “We are very grateful for event hosts Mark and Katherine Bellissimo and Brooke USA ambassador Nic Roldan. We are looking forward to producing an even greater event in 2019.”


Once the sporting action and official program were over, it was time for the highly anticipated White Party, where guests danced the night away to music mixed by DJ Adam Lipson, one of the performers at this year’s SunFest in West Palm Beach.

Those in attendance included Brooke USA ambassadors Jessica Jo Tate, record winning jockies, Ramon Dominguez and Margaret Duprey, as well as Brooke USA board members Marcia Kulak, John Nicholson and Laura Rombauer. Geoff Fear of Provident Jewelry, Grant Portier of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Curtis Pilot of the Pilot polo team and famous players Gonzalo and Facundo Pieres also made appearances


Later in the evening, the event hosted a variety of auctions, led by ZooMiami goodwill ambassador, celebrity emcee and auctioneer Ron Magill, and featured exclusive, one-of-a-kind items up for grabs such as the players’ team jerseys donated by Polo Gear USA, a World Equestrian Games VIP experience donated by the Bellissimos, an Azamara cruise for two donated by Master Travel and Cruises, a Napa Valley wine country experience for two donated by “KR” and Laura Rombauer, exclusive equestrian jewelry donated by Provident Jewelry and a weekend trip to play polo at the Aspen Valley Polo Club courtesy of Ganzi, who serves on Brooke USA’s Young Leaders Initiative, led by Paige Bellissimo.



Always R3 2.10.16


Corum’s Bubble is playing on its charms and roundness and to welcome a central tourbillon. The famous age-old timepiece has been given a new lease of life with a playful and contemporary touch


The absence of hands on the watch is also noteworthy. The hours and minutes are moved to the flange, where they are indicated by two triangular markers: one in black that indicates the minutes, with a second one indicating the hours. The tourbillon itself indicates the seconds. Taking advantage of this original watchmaking effect, Corum has depicted its key logo in the middle of the tourbillon, on its upper bridge. This delicate engraving is appearing for the first time, and in great detail. It’s worth noting in passing that Corum has opted for an authentic tourbillon, such as it was patented in 1801, and not a carrousel or flying version. It is powered by an automatic movement with a bidirectional oscillating weight and, above all, two barrels in series that promise both excellent isochronism and a 65-hour power reserve. In keeping with the spirit of the Bubble, the Central Tourbillon is quirky and playful, not a conventional evening piece.


“The tourbillon was designed for pocket watches. On wristwatches, its function is purely aesthetic. With the magnifying effect provided by the Bubble's domed crystal, a tourbillon has never been as present or as powerful on a wristwatch. This novel approach provides us with a glimpse of the possibility of Fine Watchmaking for the Bubble.” That’s how Jérôme Biard, the CEO of Corum, is unveiling the new Bubble Central Tourbillon. Three characteristics of this piece make it a tourbillon that is one of a kind in watchmaking. First, the piece is generously proportioned. The Bubble’s 47 mm provide ample space for the tourbillon to fully express itself. Then there’s the central position of the tourbillon, a complex technical choice, since it requires an inline movement construction. The complication nevertheless features a pallet that is not soldered and makes it possible for this centrally placed tourbillon to immediately catch the eye.


The Bubble is featuring its first central tourbillon


62 SPRING 2018

William Henry Mammoth Zenith bracelet, $995


Exquisite legacy pieces for men Items Handcrafted from Unique and Unsual Materials like Wolly Mammoth Teeth and Dinosaur Bone


William Henry Kestrel Zephyr Pocket Knife, $1,350 William Henry Chieftain Bracelet, $1,795


for example, to incorporate materials and ancient techniques that originate from a dozen different countries. Exquisite organic materials, including 100-millionyear-old wooly mammoth tooth, fossil dinosaur bone, rare meteorite scale and ancient coral combine with precious metals and gemstones, making each William Henry piece a work-of art, destined to be treasured and handed down to the next generation. More than material, the company also works with some of the best engravers in the world, giving them the creative license to express their style and skill. With that kind of extreme attention to detail, there’s nothing remotely mass produced about William Henry collections. A knife takes 12 to 15 months from pencil sketch to finished product. That’s because Conable believes no machine can replicate time-honored details, such as the hand forged and finish work necessary to create a superb knife blade using 500-year-old techniques that were originated in Japan by master samurai sword makers. It’s also why William Henry knives can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. “We believe there are men today who value timeless, exceptional quality. They appreciate fine craft, the artwork, and the rich story behind the possessions they choose,” said Conable. “We design exclusively for them.”


One of America’s top designers of men’s luxury accessory items despises the term most often used to describe the company’s core business. “I hate the word ‘accessories,’” said Matt Conable, co-founder and lead creative designer for William Henry. “It sounds like an afterthought, or something frivolous. Today’s most discerning men treasure the personal items they choose to wear, keep and carry. Creating legacy pieces that are as fascinating and interesting as the men who covet them is core to our design philosophy.” It’s also what has led William Henry to design and craft exquisite and unique pieces for men that are destined to become instant classics, including jewelry, award-winning pocket knives, writing instruments and money clips. The hallmark of William Henry is master craftsmanship down to the last hand-polished detail, and designs that feature the seamless integration of exotic materials, precious metals and gemstones. “We search the globe for unique, unusual materials and techniques that are unmatched not only for their classic beauty and style, but for the story they convey” said Conable. “We don’t just design products, we create timeless and highly personal keepsakes.” With that philosophy always in mind, it’s not unusual for a William Henry knife,


64 SPRING 2018

18kw ring 1.63d, .62pr, 8.57tnz; $18,106.



Simon G. Jewelry knows the worth of commitment over the long term, and our work every day honors our legacy. The theme of Commitment carries through more than just an ad campaign, it is the foundation for all that they do. Simon G. believes that true luxury, like true love, isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a thing but a feeling: an undeniably magnetic force that

instantly casts a spell on those lucky enough to find it, and leaves the desirous

18kw ring 1.01d .62pr; $8,910

hopelessly devoted to the experience of realizing their aspirations. Their commitment to design and excellent

value is unwavering. Combining old world romance and modern technique, making each piece glamorous yet timeless, The Simon G. Collection continues to define affordable luxury that celebrates 'The Power of Two.' Their aim is to create jewelry that is a talisman that serves as a reminder: we're in it together.

18kwr KWR pendant .41d 12.53opal; $19,240


Simon G. Jewelry Devoted to Capturing the Essense of Love and Commitment


True love and true luxury




bear witness to the skillful artistry of the watchmakers who craft them. A special feature: a planetary wheel and disc provide motive force for the complication. The two steel winding wheels and the ratchet with its arcing steel spring are visible through a pane of sapphire crystal in the back of the case. The pierced and finely finished clock offers an unobstructed view of Tutima’s own oscillating system. Manually crafted hands made of solid 18 karat rose gold turn above the silver-plated dial accentuate this watch’s understated styling while simultaneously radiating the brilliance of the art of watchmaking as practiced in Glashütte.


Exquisite and enriched with a specialfeature: the new Patria Power Reserve augments the Patria collection by adding a model with a power-reserve display at '9 o’clock'. Distinguished by its understated bicolor markings, the power-reserve indicator shows how much energy remains in the barrel to power this hand-wound watch. This new w r i s t w a t c h ’s classical 43-mm rose gold case is styled very much like the case of the strictly limited minute repeater. The debutante’s powerreserve function relies on the perfectly harmonious interplay of 34 additional components. The elements in this subassembly, which are elaborately decorated and ennobled by hand,


The new Patria Power Reserve from Tutima Glashütte


Glashütte‘s Energy in View




sapphire crystal offers a glarefree view of the white hands and indices, which are also clearly visible at night thanks to a coating of Super-LumiNova. The new M2 Coastline presents itself as a sporty wristwatch without corners or edges. Nothing detracts from this watch’s operational readiness. Protruding parts have been deliberately avoided – another time-honored trait of the high-performance M2 line. As a longstanding partner of the sport of sailing and as sponsor of the Tutima racing yacht, the brand again launches a wristwatch that fully does justice to the high standards of sportily active amateurs and professional users. Also available with a blue dial.


Like the M2 and the M2 Seven Seas, the new M2 Coastline is distinguished by the same robustness and reliability that assured the success of its role model, the Tutima Military Chronograph from 1984. From the 43-mm case to the linked bracelet, the M2 Coastline is fabricated from pure titanium, which assures that the watch is both extremely lightweight and highly resistant. The case of this threehanded watch can easily cope with pressures up to 30 bar and contains self-winding Calibre T330, which animates a date display and a dayof-the-week indicator. Perfect orientation is provided by the sportily minimalist dial in graphite grey. The antireflective


The sporty Tutima M2 Coastline is built to cope with rough conditions on land and at sea


the Glashütte-based manufacture welcomes a new member

Culinary work of art. Steams, simmers, boils… inspires.

Whatever you’re dreaming up in the kitchen, ILVE helps you prepare it in beauty and style. Grill, wok, steam, simmer, fry, boil and warm in your choice of over 200 colors, all brilliantly handcrafted in Italy. Experience the possibilities of ILVE, the range that’s as inspired as your next meal. Made in Italy | 866-844-6566 | Ranges | Hoods | Cooktops


Shade®—your coastal oasis at one of California’s premier beach communities. Whether you’re staying in Manhattan Beach for work or play, whether you choose to absorb the energy of the beach or lounge by our dipping pool, enjoy a cocktail at zinc@shade restaurant or luxuriate in your private Sanijet™ spa tub, Shade is your place.

FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 310.546.4995 1221 North Valley Drive, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 • @ShadeHotelMB


Above: Solstice #3 | Woodcut mono print on paper | 14 x 14 inches | 2018



One Step Ahead of the Curve BY OLIVIA DAANE


Above: Untitled Collage #8 | Woodcut prints cut and collaged on paper | 14 x 14 inches | 2017


Halloween with wired lighting included. Matt is an engineer and a painter. No surprise that his work has evolved from paintings and pastels pushed beyond the level most ever achieve of beauty and technique, through assembled wood paintings to the process-based current, geometric works. He lives in Brooklyn with college sweetheart, now wife, Ashlee, brand new baby girl, Vera, and chocolate lab, Gesso. Stepping into his Bronx, NY studio is like stepping into the workshop of a driven constructor. “My studio is heavily centered around woodcraft, so I’m surrounded by machinery and tools. Building out my studio over the years has been an education as valuable as any of my academics.” He makes his tools, his vacuums, his templates - all as important as the layers of paint they ultimately control. At the ripe age of 30, he is represented in galleries around the country, makes a great showing yearly at ArtBasel’s satellite fair Scope and has been written up in art journals of note. He is comfortable and accustomed to being in the spotlight including a 2016 solo show in NYC at E. Tay Gallery.



att Neuman is a prodigy. Period. I started watching his work evolve from the moment he set foot in my studio in 2007 in Aspen, CO fresh off an impressive undergrad arts degree from Skidmore and a prestigious internship at the world-renowned Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, CO. He was 22. He moved in to work in the Highlands mountain space with his oil paints and a disconcerting amount of confidence. His resultant series painted from his imagination about beavers taking over his family home were proof of a virtuoso’s painting touch and a Hopperesque understanding of light and form that went far beyond his years. An old soul, he moves around his art with a calm posture and presence. These surrealistic narratives flew off the walls, catching the eye and capturing the hearts of great collectors and stunning the general Aspen audience. He would modestly explain his process while also letting fans take a look at his Hollywoodworthy Ironman costume in progress for





Moving to a city for the first time in 2009 to complete his MFA at BU, where he also was a standout gaining placement in a show with Alpha gallery upon graduation, began his passage from what he calls his “painterly flirtation” to his current printmaking work. “My paintings from the past few years (before grad school) were filled with people and objects and action. The city too, filled with the same clutter. At first it seemed like an apropos reflection on life but soon it became stressful and mentally exhausting not to have any respite from visual chaos. I began to simplify and eliminate.” Matt’s color field paintings resulted: works incorporating poured paint and wooden elements embedded in the surface. They are another piece in the puzzle of process

Above: Music Box | Record cases and CD’s | 14 x 14 inches | 2010 Middle: Shibboleth | Woodcut mono print on paper | 65 x 65 inches | 2016

as he works to allow color and shape to “viscerally impact” his core and that of the viewer. When Neuman finds a focus, let’s just say he’s all in. His latest passion is “impossible geometries." He craves the life of a physicist and dreams of “using creative thought to unlock the great secrets that prop up the natural world.” Over the past year his paintings function along “the Z axis….using line and color to suggest a willingness for the picture plane to shape-shift and fold into an unknowable yet somehow tangible secondary form.” I know Matt and I know he will not let this rest. He will keep pushing the technical until he feels he has shaken hands with a universal language he knows is out there. He knows this intuitively, he pursues it relentlessly with


75 SPRING 2018


76 SPRING 2018

Above: Saddest Faction | Poured acrylic paint and wood on panel | 60x60 inches | 2013.


77 SPRING 2018

Above: Lemniscate #22 | Woodcut mono print on paper | 14 x 14 inches | 2017





Above: Ambivert | Woodcut mono print on paper | 65 x 65 inches | 2014 Opposite Page: The Folly of the Beaver | Oil on canvas | 60 x 60 inches | 2008-9


fear is that a “crowning, creative accomplishment” be something in his past versus something towards which to strive. Every time I meet with Matt Neuman, see his new works, engage in a discussion, I cannot help but tell him how I miss his narrative paintings, his brush strokes so effortlessly capturing shapes, defining spaces that far supersede the predictable spaces we inhabit and most artists attempts to paint them. Every time he reminds me that those paintings and the concentric circles and recent geometric dissections of the infinity shape, the Lemniscate, were just a “blip” in his real life’s body of work. You see, Matt knows he is on the right track. He knows the universe is giving him the next step, the next key to its language and building block. He trusts the process and for us, we can watch amazed as he masters it every step of the way.


the tools of math, facts, function, process. If you didn’t see his studio, his works in progress and touch his final pieces, you would question if they are man-made. His self-awareness, his complete trust in his direction is just as unreal and inspiring. A “small town kid born in ‘85 in Vermont,” he always “had the creative bug.” His dad he names “functional craftsman around the house” and credits with his creative confidence. He loves the city. “New York has been great to me.” He covets power tools. He paints and prints with his intricate hand-made presses often in “chilling silence” versus with music’s distraction. He treasures the support of his family to pursue his dreams. An avid skier, sports still provide release from his self-described compulsive perfectionism. Being a “better artist” drives him and his biggest

All information herein has been provided to the broker by others and is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. Square footages are approximate, prices are subject to change. Ownership of property does not include a membership in The Vintage Club or the right to use any Club facility. Photography by George Gutenberg.

THE VINTAGE CLUB 74-470 Quail Lakes Drive Indian Wells, CA

Imagine a Life of Luxury This Southern California residence proudly reflects the brilliance of world-class craftsmanship. Located within one of the most celebrated and exclusive private clubs in the world, this custom home is for discriminating buyers seeking the very finest. Consider these highlights: · 11,400 approximate square feet of living space · Two level home with upper level living area and subterranean entertainment area and multi-car garage · Superb Master Suite with paneled office · 2 interior guest suites with shared sitting room · Private entry Casita with 2 guest suites and sitting room · Media room with 103" flat screen digital television · Country French Kitchen with Butler’s Pantry and Prep Kitchen · Albertini bronze-clad mahogany windows and fully retractable sliders offering gracious indoor-outdoor California desert lifestyle · Refrigerated wine room offers 900 bottle capacity · Available at $14,999,000 Unfurnished

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The Vintage Club A Private Residents Only Community Golf-Tennis-Fitness-Spa-Dining Unparalleled Security Membership by Nomination & Approval Prestigious Accolades & Ranking

CONTACT BROKER FOR DETAILS ON THIS HOME 75-005 Vintage Dr. West, Indian Wells, CA 92210 | (760) 346-5566 |



Ben Harper &



85 SPRING 2018


Photography by Dan Monick





Grammy Award winning, multiplatinum-selling artists Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite have collaborated once again with their new album, No Mercy in This Land. The album is their second collaboration since the 2013 release of Get Up!, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Blues Albums Chart and won a Grammy Award for 'Best Blues Album.'  A musical expression of the kinship between the two, the album recounts both Ben and Charlie’s personal stories and adds to the sonic history of American struggle and survival. 

Whitney Hubbell [WH]: Can you describe the variance of sound between your first album and No Mercy for this Land? Ben Harper [BH]: After about a billion miles on the road and a couple hundred shows, I’d say that Charlie and I developed a musical shorthand that already existed but it gave it the chance to form into what has become our second record. I think you can hear all those miles and those hours on stage together in this new record. Which makes it, in my humble opinion, a step forward. WH: What is your working relationship like with Charlie? BH: It's seamless. Every time in the studio, it feels like the most natural extension of the music I make, record and write. Our working relationship is one that we lean on each other, we feed off of one another and the entire band taps into that. And it becomes one singular movement. WH: Writing, creating and producing music must be a very vulnerable and intimate experience… what is your creative process of writing and creating music as a duo, with Charlie? BH: Writing music, recording and bringing songs to life - you can bring songs to the table and they can go in any number of directions but the right musicians bring out the song the way it was born to be played. And the only way to bring out the way the song was born to be played is to be playing with people you were born to play with. And that's this band… It's a great cross-pollination of everyone knowing what to play instinctually and everyone’s being open to one another suggestions. And that’s not easy. I think that’s what they call chemistry.


87 SPRING 2018





WH: Do you ever find yourself conflicting in the creative process or are you always on the same page? BH: I don't want to over-idealize it - but Charlie and I have never NOT been on the same page. [laughs] It feels like for me, the music I was born to play - I was born to play with Charlie Musselwhite. WH: It sounds like you guys just have the best relationship and that really comes across in the music. BH: I’m so thankful you can hear that. You have no idea. Really, that means that what I feel this is - is what it is. Not that at this age and stage you need validation, but every record needs to be validated to a degree and the only way to get that validation is from strangers. And for you to be hearing, I don't want to say ease, because we work hard at attaining the textures and sound in production, but the ease at which we co-habitat our musical space is something incredibly rare that I’ve never found with anyone else.

WH: What is it like on the road with Charlie? BH: We both have a deep love of food, we both have a deep love of literature and we both have a deep love for the blues. Whether we’re trading books, trading recipes or trading links - it’s just never a dull moment. WH: How did you guys initially meet and decide you wanted to make that first album together? BH: Charlie and I initially met in 1993. I was opening for John Lee Hooker, and Charlie happened to be sitting in with John that night. Mind you, I had been listening to Charlie Musselwhite records all my life growing up, and of course, John Lee Hooker, as well. And to get to meet both of them at the same time was incredible. And the three of us formed a friendship [Charlie and John Lee were already close friends] they welcomed me into their circle in such a rare way, and our relationship has grown ever since.


89 SPRING 2018





WH: What was the moment you guys decided to make the album It was fifteen years worth of setting together, what was that like? songs aside in preparation for 'Get BH: That solidified in 1997. John Up.’ I set aside key songs knowing that Lee Hooker invited Charlie and I to we would, at some point connect in play with him on what was to be John the studio. So once we connected, we Lee’s last studio record called, ‘The were ready to go. And that first record Best of Friends.’ Charlie and I, for the was like an explosion. That's what set first time, played music together. And the stage for this John Lee himself, record… once the said, you two need floodgates broke. to do this together I had something "Blues to me, is a more often. That to aim for as a was a huge signpost songwriter, and good long look in the - because John Lee that was Charlie. never wasted words mirror." like that …ever! Blues to me is What kept us from doing it together so long? Charlie and I are two of the hardest working and touring musicians on the circuit. So we would cross paths often and always say, 'When are we going to do this?!' It actually took fifteen years for our schedules to open up, as crazy as that sounds! But any sooner than that, I wouldn’t have been ready.

a good long look in the mirror. I’ve played so many different kinds of music it’s almost become it’s own genre. It's a weird eclectic genre of it’s own. I enjoy the pursuit of other genres; however, the blues is in everything I’ve ever done. It’s where I started, and to come back and play with Charlie - it’s coming back to my beginnings. To me, it's kind of surprising that I could have travelled this far and end up where I began -at my roots with the blues - it's very exciting.


91 SPRING 2018





SAILING THE SEAS IN THE LAP OF LUXURY Heesen Yachts collaborate with yacht owners, the Books, to create elegance and comfort in their 's 47 meter steel series vessel


An expanse of glazing lightens and opens up the interior, a factor that attracted the owners to the project in the first place and fit their “light and bright” interior concept. In various aspects, the Books made selections that emphasized simple elegance and light materials. This included removing the original wood panelling that had a pattern and replacing it with a plain, light wood. Patterned rugs were also replaced in favor of white rugs, which the owners preferred. Any furniture d e e m e d superfluous, such as a chaise in the master stateroom, was removed as well to make the interior roomier. The owners also edited the lighting plan in the main saloon in order to brighten the space further and add


Book Ends is the 13th hull in the Heesen Yacht’s 47 meter steel series, which is defined by its classic-contemporary exterior and a highly optimized interior layout that intelligently utilizes every centimeter of space on board. The build of this particular yacht was begun on spec by Heesen, with renowned British design firm Bannenberg & Rowell retained to create the interior. The owners, the Books, joined the project towards the end of the build and wanted to put their own stamp on their new yacht. Thus, the final result that we see is based on the owners’ personal stylistic choices and input. There were particular items from the original Bannenberg & Rowell design that suited their taste quite well, and other things that they wanted to change to meet their needs.





95 SPRING 2018

yachts lighting that would specifically aim at pieces in their art collection.




This collection not only adds splashes of color and personality into the interior, but it also represents where the Books have traveled thus far, as many of the pieces have been collected along the way, or have a relevance to places that are important in their lives. A subtler but equally important artistic touch are the custom mezuzahs that grace each of the doors, handmade by an Israeli artist.


97 SPRING 2018




The light and bright interior is broken up with dashes of the Booksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; signature color - a bold and warm orange, which is seen in the exterior as well. Before the owner of this yacht was known, the original interior designers chose orange footstools in the appropriate shade for the main saloon. These were kept by the owners, and further accents in orange were added in throw cushions and blankets indoors, as well as shade umbrellas and canvas cushions outdoors.


99 SPRING 2018

The owners are proud of the personal imprint they have been able to put on the yacht despite taking delivery so close to the end of the build. All of the restyling work was done after launch and away from the yard, with Heesen team members flying in to meet the yacht and making the updates remotely, a testament to the yardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commitment to perfecting each yacht for their ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s requirements.

NO WYOMING STATE TAXES No INcome Tax • No capITal GaINs Tax • No GIfT Tax • No INherITaNce or esTaTe Tax •

DyNasTy TrusTs alloweD!

Ryan Block, Real Estate Advisor 50 King Street Suite 102 Jackson, WY 83001 307.690.8674 |




aT The

splIT c raNch!’’

• NEW 6000 sq. ft. Grand Log Lodge • Completely renovated Guest House/Bunkhouse w/ artist studio & workroom • 19 private acres: two deeded parcels w/development opportunity on 9 undeveloped acres • Forested setting with Teton views surrounded by Grand Teton National Park land and private conservancy land • Fresh water creek plus spring-fed pond with native trout • Greenhouse & raised bed gardens • 2 wells & RV hookups • Horse corral, fenced pastures, horse & wildlife friendly driveways • North Jackson area just 15 minutes from downtown Jackson, 10 minutes to Teton Nat’l Park entrance • Private & pristine environment draws an abundance of local wildlife on a year round basis • No HOA






IN THE DESERT The BNP Paribas Open by Jan Hadwen Hubbell Photos Courtesy of BNP Paribas Open




here are two non-negotiable commodities in the desert: water and shade. And at the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells CA, otherwise known as the fifth grand slam of tennis, there is a premium on both. Tennis Paradise, they call it, both players and fans alike (the WTA and ATP women’s and men’s pro organizations have voted it tourney of the year four years running). 2018 marked the Desert in Full Bloom campaign, and for things to blossom, as they have at this elegant venue claiming the second largest tennis stadium in the world (second only to Arthur Ashe in New York City), plenty of water is in evidence. As fans enter, several special Britta water filling stations greet them. Beware the long lines however, as the water dribbles out like crown jewels. Some just opt for the generic chlorinated water fountains next to it. Don’t worry; you’ll be back many times. Where the liquid flows profusely, however to quench another kind of thirst, is at the tulip-shaped white tent that beckons you front and center at this scenic tennis venue. It is Moët and Chandon’s island oasis where three kinds of unique champagne may be acquired, affording you the trifecta: liquid and shade and tennis on the big screen. Yes, for the price of a bottle, you may lounge for one hour on the round couches in individual tulip-shaped cabanas that shade you from the blistering 98-degree heat. But it is the official champagne of the Paribas Open, and why wouldn’t it be, with a French bank offering most of the $8 million in prize money for this Masters 1000 event. The winners receive, along with a giant check, a coveted 1000 points to their rankings.




peeks of the Santa Rosa Mountains are spectacular but brief in splashes of pink and orange that are lost to darkness in a matter of minutes. Then, between day and evening matches its time to indulge in one of the 20 restaurants populating the two stadiums and grounds. This is not necessarily about fast food and hamburgers here, though it can be. There is a Nobu and a Wolfgang Puck and a Wallys Desert Turtle, all of which have counters by the window where you can sit to watch one match similar to a seat courtside, for the price of $150 plus a meal tab. Remember: shade bears a premium, add a serving of ‘cool’ with that and you’ll happily wait your turn in line for the privilege. If you’d like to redeem yourself from your extravagances, the Pierros Pizza offers the best maple and bacon brussel sprouts I’ve ever tasted. You will have satisfied your greens quotient for the week! If you like table tennis, the Audi tent features two all glass tables, at which you can sign up for 10 minutes of play, which is about as much exercise as you can stand in 98 degrees. It may be the only place in the world where you pray desperately for a cloud.


This year saw a young upstart, 20 year-old Naomi Osaka, American and Japanese, win for the women; and crowd pleaser, Juan Martin Del Potro win the men’s title in a stunning three setter replete with two nail-biter tiebreakers over last year’s champ, Roger Federer. After your hour is done, you will be in search of more shade, which is an easy find, as this year the Tourney Director, Tommy Haas (former ATP player) and owner, Oracle billionaire, Larry Ellison have seen fit to plant even more palm trees, 62 more than the already existing blissful lines of them, more flowers, more grass, and two even larger tented shade areas, which have been astro-turfed. Even the other grand slams do not have a pretty green rug covering the dreaded miles of cement in the food court. Many shade trees dot the two real grass lawns where fans relax on blankets with their Igloo coolers nearby. Not bad for the 400,000 fans who descend on the beautiful natural landscape of this desert empire for two weeks. The sunsets, seen even from high atop Stadium 1, as the red-hot orb sinks behind the steep pointed





A crowd favorite? The kiss cam, which zeros in on unsuspecting couples during the odd game changeovers and hovers until they honor us with public amore. Desert in Full Bloom, they are not kidding. This tennis smorgasbord offers unlimited tennis day and night, and one grounds pass ticket gets you into it all. On the 17 practice courts, you can often see the marquis players hitting against each other early in the tourney, and effectively see what would be a semi or quarter final match up, Del Potro vs. Lopez or Chung vs. Sock. A crowd favorite is the night the Bryan Bros band (with Counting Crows drummer, Jim Bogios) plays rock and roll on the center courtyard. The twins, from California, a righty and lefty, are the most successful doubles duo in ATP history with over 115 wins in their career, which includes 16 grand slams. One plays keyboard and one guitar, which according to their father, Wayne, whose band inspired them, they have played since they were three years old. They draw a huge Bryan Bro's fan club crowd that sways and dances under the silhouettes of whispering palms and gets ready to kick off another spectacular tennis event in the desert at notably, the players treasured tournament.


107 SPRING 2018





Located in Génissac, the sustainably farmed vineyards are beautifully situated on clay-limestone soils in eastern Entredeux-Mer, across the Dordogne river

Presently, the 16-hectare estate produces two wines; Château Peyfaures and Dame de Coeur. Both wines have received accolades from leading critics, including 90 and 91 points from Wine Advocate. Wines from a small plot within the vineyards are aged at least 40 years, which go into the creation of the limited Dame de Coeur. The seasoned vines are primarily Merlot and some Cabernet Franc; intensity provided by the lowered yields illustrate the depth and complexity possible from the terroir.


The magic begins in the vineyards with an eye on protecting the winery’s land and health of the vines. Château Peyfaures only uses environmental farming methods by combining the traditions of their historical practices with cutting-edge technology to grow grapes that speak to the region’s capabilities.

from Saint Emilion and Pomerol. Like these two world-class regions, Château Peyfaures focuses on Merlot, while blending Cabernet Franc and a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon to create a wine with lush, dark fruit. Minimal intervention allows the vineyards to showcase their unique character. The varied soils on the gentle slopes facing the top sites of Saint Emilion give the resulting wines a layered complexity.



hâteau Peyfaures believes grapes come first when you create exquisite wine. This philosophy permeates everything at the winery sustainable organic practices, natural fermentations in the winery and a deft hand with oak to enhance rather than mask the flavors of fruit.




113 SPRING 2018

Winemaking at Château Peyfaures harks back to a time before modern, largescale production, favoring instead the techniques used by prior generations that organically brought fame to the region. Grapes are gently crushed in a traditional basket press to emphasize aromatics and avoid harsh green notes. Spontaneous fermentation is encouraged, utilizing the natural and indigenous, wild yeast found at the winery rather than adding a culture formulated in a lab.






In addition to the benefit of early exposure to winemaking, Godeau graduated from Audencia business school and Bordeaux University of Oenology DUAD. Following his studies, Godeau officially joined the estate in 2008 and became director of winemaking. To further his craft, Bordeaux legend Michel Rolland rounds out the team as consulting oenologist. With the Moraes family, they will continue to carry on the tradition of the estate, while raising the quality of each new vintage.


2017 was a significant turning point in the history of Château Peyfaures as the winery was acquired by Ricardo and Maria Moraes of Miami, Florida. The Moraes family is upgrading the infrastructure and production capabilities of the Château, vineyards and winery operations. The investment scope includes updates to the interior and exterior of the Château, which will offer a tasting room for visitors. The updated label designs, bottles and wooden cases will reflect the refined, yet modern, aesthetic of the new ownership. Seven generations have cared for Château

Peyfaures with the last in line, Laurent Godeau, staying on as head winemaker. As the 7th in line, Godeau grew up immersed in the history and traditions of Bordeaux learning from a young age about the art and science of winemaking, as well as the flavors and beauty of the region. Godeau brings expertise, pride and respect to his craft striving to celebrate the terroir through instinctive winemaking decisions, oak selection and patience in the cellar.


There are no exacts for the wines of Château Peyfaures and the preference is to let each wine determine how much oak and time in the cellar is necessary. Each block of vineyard is fermented and aged separately to bring out its optimal character before blending. In keeping with the dedication to the classic style of Bordeaux, the wine is made with the structure and body that can withstand the test of time. Their cuvées are enjoyable in their youth with elegant, dark fruit and a refined earthiness, but over time, they develop more nuanced elegance with fine, silky tannins and mature bouquets.

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The best of both worlds. This opportunity to own an extravagant beachfront residence with a consistent rental history. Professional management company attracting international clients with dedicated concierge. This immaculate three-bedroom home is a stoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s throw from the resort style pool and white sand Caimancito Beach. Offered completely furnished, turnkey, and ready to enjoy. Gated, intimate community of only 23 residences, this retreat enjoys 24-hour security and a location near the prestigious yacht marina and golf course. Luxuriously appointed, indoor-outdoor living for the relaxation purveyor as well enjoying all the ocean activities and marine life of Baja California Sur Mexico.







The Entrepreneur Invests in Himself with New Luxury Brand

Photography by Meeno



123 SPRING 2018

Christopher R. King has always loved art and design. A consumer of all things luxury, King has spent time with some of the fashion world’s most brilliant founders and creative directors, talking through their process, and custom creating everything from bespoke clothing to travel trunks. It was those experiences which led King to realize there was a major gap in this luxury category. He saw an opportunity to improve function, while bringing innovation to design. He also found that the 'Limited Edition' concept had lost its' luster. No stranger to success, King had his fair share of wins including a hobby-turned-business venture, called King of Clubs. The profitable endeavor showcased his own wine, created by him and some close friends. His drive and obsession with detail, paired with a long-time friendship, is how his new company, CCCXXXIII transpired. King says, “meeting Rob Dyrdek was a life affirming event. I finally found someone that I was comfortable discussing big ideas with. Our conversations always flow and our synergy is unparalleled.” In seeing them together for this interview, you can feel the passion and energy they share. Rob Dyrdek has proven himself successful, leveraging his American stardom to build a global empire, capitalizing on the synergy between business and media. Dyrdek describes King as, “A long-lost brother who shares a similar background, coupled with a raw determination to succeed.” Dyrdek and King in tandem have been working to launch CCCXXIII for over 15 months.


124 SPRING 2018

King recalls back to when Dyrdek and him intially discussed the idea of working together, “I remember the final push from Dyrdek that made me finally take the next step.” King recalls Dydek saying, 'Why are you doing anything else right now? You are so knowledgeable in the world of luxury. I see you as an iconic founder, a designer, this is what you were born to do, and I want to be your partner.'” It was after that moment, that things really started to shift. King decided to follow his passion and start investing in himself. King explains, “I decided to put myself out there like, this is my dream, my real passion and what I believe I was born to do.” That is what pushed him to create his limited-edition luxury company, CCCXXXIII with Dyrdek.


125 SPRING 2018





127 SPRING 2018

King feels his life is finally full. “To be able to design and create functional works of art through my company, CCCXXXIII, is a dream come true. With dedicated teams in New York, Italy, and Beverly Hills, I’m traveling to some of the world’s most incredible places, dedicating myself to driving every detail of the business, especially marketing and design. When I’m not working, I’m being a father, applying my same passion and drive to ensuring my sons are involved and learning from my journey." CCCXXXIII is creating the world’s most extraordinary, functional works of art. It’s a brand dedicated to old world tradition and craftsmanship, that introduces ground-breaking innovation in design and showcases King's extreme passion for detail. CCCXXXIII makes a promise of exclusivity by limiting each collection to only three hundred thirty three pieces, which are released in three tiers of increasing collectable value – three hundred in the first, thirty in the second and only a rare three in the third. CCCXXXIII’s mission is to redefine the world of luxury.

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“Knowing that I could protect myself and my friend in that moment, was one of the most empowering experiences of my whole life.” -Kortney Blatter, attack survivor

“Kayli, He’s Stabbing me! He’s stabbing me!” …1 year later…

The moment I put the D.A.D. in my hand I felt safe for the first time in over a year. It’s like having my own personal bodyguard.” -Bre Lasli, attack survivor.

“With my D.A.D. I feel like I can protect myself and my kids a lot better than I could with my bare hands” -Jessica Puett, mother, runner, model

“It is the one thing I’ve found in my 20 years of experience that I truly feel will help you in a violent attack.” -Gloria Marcott, police officer, master self defense trainer, mother



DEFENDERS: DESIGNED, REBUILT AND REIMAGINED English Restoration Company Procures Iconic British Vintage Defenders & Exports Around the Globe “Cars are the sculptures of our everday lives.” – Chris Bangle, Former Chief of Design, BMW


Depending on your location, your Defender will be of a 15-25 year old vintage. A fact you can astound your friends with as your ‘better-than-new’ Defender will look like it has just rolled off the production line thanks to a full ‘nut and bolt’ restoration. With more than 170 immaculately restored trucks imported into North America to date, they guarantee importation and provide further reassurance in the form of an inclusive warranty.


The Arkonik Headquarters are located in the Land Rover motherland of England. However, the hand built and hand assembled Defenders are to be found much further afield after being restored and reimagined; in the USA, Canada and across the globe. Some within discreet and private collections, but many in everyday use. All vehicles are designed, built, equipped and shipped to meet with regional regulations and local environmental needs.


Each member of Arkonik’s 50-strong team is well versed in the nuances of the Defender marque and has a great respect and understanding of the original icon. Due to this unique sensitivity, their restorations are unsurpassed in both quality and authenticity. ELEVATEDLUXURYLIFE.COM

rkonik, the world’s leading independent Defender specialists, have been restoring and exporting the British icon since 2007.




Arkonik handles the entire process from procurement to restoration, design consultation, build and shipment, right through to delivery and a comprehensive handover on your own doorstep. This leaves you to focus on the fun stuff; like planning your first adventure.



133 SPRING 2018

auto No matter where in the world you are, you will always have a direct link to your Defender, thanks to Arkonik’s ‘Portal Package’. The regular updates are a tangible connection to your build and give you peace of mind as you witness your Defender evolve through the build process. They offer three routes to ownership, catering for all Land Rover enthusiasts. If you simply want an immaculately restored, authentic Defender then their ORIGINS line is for you. To enjoy a more distinct style with enhanced scarcity, opt for their discerning EDITIONS range. For the ultimate experience, commission your own unique custom build with their BESPOKE service.




For more information or to start your Arkonik journey, you can contact them on 1-800-984-3355,, or configure online at


135 SPRING 2018



ic os

$6 ,7 Tu rk 50 ,0 s & 00 Ca


139 SPRING 2018






experience indoors and out. There are three bedrooms in the villa's main house, two in the guest cottage, and one in the poolside cottage. In the main house, all three en-suite bedrooms have king beds and two have balconies as well. In the guest cottage, the two bedrooms have a king bed and queen bed, respectively, and share a bathroom. The poolside cottage's bedroom has a queen bed. Not only are the villa's rooms air-conditioned, they have breezy European-influenced decor. The open-plan living area is covered by a whitewashed cathedral ceiling and has plump white sofas and wicker chairs, but is grounded by exotic pieces like Persian rugs and Chinese-style chests. Enjoy meals at the two dining tables or the breakfast bar. The kitchen makes cooking a pleasure with high-end appliances and spacious layout. The gated property includes a cutting garden, fruit trees, a grotto and

waterfall, a three-zone infinity pool, hot tub, sauna, and beach access. Tennis courts, racquets and a ball gatherer are available. Enjoy the game room, pool table, home theatre, dance and Pilates studios, and Wi-Fi access indoors. With the sea stretching in front and the sky stretching overhead, the views seem infinite at Stargazer. Whether sunbathing on the terrace, swimming in the infinity pool, or enjoying the lush gardens, this luxurious beachfront villa is in touch with the natural beauty of Thompson Cove on the island of Providenciales. With six bedrooms and a fully equipped guest house, it offers privacy, comfort and quiet. Stargazer is close to the heart of Providenciales, just a 5-minute drive from the airport and a 12-minute drive from the golf course. 15,000 square feet 'under-roof' on 2.33 acres with 228 linear feet of prime beach front offered at just $6.75m.











he 19-acre Split-C-Ranch embodies the ultimate western dream and uniquely brings the past, the present and the future together for generations to come. This timeless, private sanctuary and meticulously crafted log lodge & guest house were recently completed on a 10-acre parcel of Jackson history, and the adjoining 9-acre parcel, prime for development, is one-of-a-kind. The pristine and protected site is surrounded by views of the Teton Mountain Range and forestland, home to the native wildlife that traverses the property on a year round basis. It features a spring-fed pond with native trout, two fresh water creeks, fenced and open pastures, plus horse and wildlife friendly


driveways. A feeling of warmth and intimacy is captured within all its spaciousness where natural beauty, native wildlife and modern day conveniences seamlessly blend. Conservation has kept Split-C-Ranch and its surrounds pristine: the view will never change, nor with the ethos that pervades the property. Wildlife will always outnumber the people in this neck of the woods, and riding will remain the dominant form of transportation. The spirit of the West is alive and well at Split-C-Ranch. Once part of the historic Moulton ranch, Split-C-Ranch channels the ranching lifestyle the Moultons pioneered in the valley. Log beams invite hitching up horses, gracious porches encourage kicking off boots and the nearby mountains beckon for exploration.





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$4 , D 490 al ,0 00 TX la s,


xquisite one of a kind French manse of cut limestone with slate roof on a 125 ft. wide lot makes a statement in Dallas, Texas. This gorgeous home was custom built by renowned Orion Antique dealers, and boasts many anqtiue architectural details. From architect, Stephen Chambers, this home is a rare class 26, reserved for only the very top of the line homes. The 22 ft. grand entry foyer welcomes you with fine, imported Comblancien limestone from France. Additionally, there is custom limestone mill work and molding- profiles taken from 17th and 18th century France, and the fabulous master suite looks down onto a tranquil view of the pool. The entire downstairs feature 12ft ceilings and upstairs are 11ft ceilings.


Elegant Architectural Antique Features: • Pair of 18th century, oak, wrought-iron and beveled glass entry doors, with a “sun-burst” wrought iron and beveled glass transom. Original, working locks and custom molding and jamb. France, CA 1800 • 18th century, carved oak, Regence door with original casing. France, CA 1750 • 19th century, oak and floral cast iron grill door with beveled glass panel. Custom oak molding and jamb. France, CA 1850 • 19th Century, painted oak and fleur-de-lis cast iron grill door with beveled glass pan-el. Custom molding and jamb. France, CA 1850

luxury residences

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THE RUBEY ON RED MOUNTAIN “Aspen is built too close to heaven.” -Philosopher, Albert Schweizer, on his one and only visit to America in 1949

Nestled among groves of cottonwood and aspen trees at the base of Red Mountain, the Rubey presents a unique opportunity to be part of Aspen’s, and your family’s, legacy. Just east of prestigious Willoughby Way – this Land opportunity to build in the Rubey family subdivision has never been available for purchase— until now. Expand among 5.28 acres with approvals to build up to 19,750 square feet. This property is a rare luxury in a community known for its strict growth controls and vast open space – all walking distance to Aspen. Private and secluded, this south-facing estate property receives an abundance of natural sunlight and enjoys panoramic views from the front and center Aspen Mountain to the majestic Mount Sopris. Adjacent to hiking and biking trails and within earshot of a high-mountain stream, it embodies the best of what Aspen is – and what Aspen has to offer. This Red Mountain Rubey lot brings history and opportunity together so perfectly – it is a one of

a kind opportunity – soon to be a legacy. During Aspen’s rebirth as a cultural, intellectual, and recreational hub in the 1950s, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright’s who became a noted architect, Fritz Benedict, went on to transform Aspen’s built environment and bought a ranch on Red Mountain. The town welcomed artists, physicists, industry leaders, and other great minds whose influence made it what it is today. Red Mountain became the prized perch from which to witness and participate in Aspen’s evolution. Decades later, this history was the foundation for the pulse of the local. The Power of Four — Aspen’s four world-class ski mountains — represents the myriad recreational possibilities of all four seasons here. The Aspen Idea —  the concept of a community that nurtures mind, body, and spirit to fulfill a complete human being — lives on in Aspen’s renowned arts, cultural, environmental, and athletic institutions.


143 SPRING 2018


144 Sa




0,0 nt a 00 CA Mo ni ca ,



his stunning beachfront contemporary on Santa Monica's prestigious Gold Coast offers panoramic ocean views and award winning Molori-designed property. The front entry leads to an open living room, dining area, powder room and chef's kitchen. A sculptural staircase reveals three levels of living space, including a sumptuous master bedroom, three en suite guest bedrooms, a media room/library, study, and huge family room with a full bar and fireplace and terrace. The magnificent master suite showcases French antique herringbone floors, motorized blinds, fireplace, dual walk-in bathrooms & closets. A roof top entertainment area is complete with a full kitchen and bar, dining area, & glass

walled pool. The courtyard on the ground level features a 30ft long pool and spa looking through the glass walled cabana that functions as a fully-equipped guesthouse opening right onto the beach. This home features the latest home automation & security system.


Playa de la paz


$1 9,9 00

z Pa X M



ustom-built enclave of only 23 residences on Caimancito Beach, La Paz Mexico. The entire project built to extraordinary architectural and design standards. This three-bedroom residence boasts nearly 4,000 square feet of indoor-outdoor living space and is a stones throw to the resort pool and white sand beach with tranquil ocean. Entertainerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delight with gourmet kitchen and outdoor bar. This home has an attractive rental history with an international destination club and dedicated concierge impeccably maintaining this home, attracting guests from around the world to enjoy the popular ocean activities and marine life within Sea Of Cortez. Full ownership provides for a professional and successful rental revenue component in addition to enjoying the home when vacationing.

luxury residences


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146 SPRING 2018

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to the coastlines of Mexico is the ability to explore in a country with unparalleled beauty and steeped in culture. It is a place that allows families a chance to come together and expose feelings of discovery hidden by daily routines. Every so often, those experiences of discovery lead to an unsullied coastline where pioneering spirits can build family legacies. South of the busy shores of Puerto Vallarta, along the Pacific Coast of Jalisco, Costalegre is a coastline blessed with vast open spaces. With boutique resorts down the coast, it remains a getaway to jetsetters, celebrities, the bohemian, and the lucky few that happened upon these shores. It is a place that exemplifies the mythos of traveling in Mexico to open up a sense of discovery. For nearly 20 years, a California family has been writing their own story on a private 420-acre estate with a 1.25-

mile stretch of coastline. They named it Las Rosadas, as it was known locally for the rose colored shells that used to line the shores and still may be discovered on your morning beach walk. It has now evolved into an exclusive private coastal community with only 53 home sites where likeminded people can come together to enjoy an understated elegance that only Mexico provides. The centerpiece of Las Rosadas is the amazing coastline blessed with three swimmable beaches: Playa Las Rosadas, Playa Corazรณn, and Playa Turquesa. Las Rosadas is also fortunate to be located in an environmentally diverse location neighboring the Chamela-Cuixmala Preserve, the National Marine Park at Arroyo Seco, and the Chamela Bay Island Sanctuary. A majority of its land has also been set aside for a preserve and green spaces, a turtle nesting program is in place, and other environmental programs will help manage those precious resources for future generations. With an amazing location, Las


147 SPRING 2018

luxury residences


For more information contact Dave Marriner, Marriner Real Estate, a Global Real Estate Company;; 775-745-8482


shores of Chamela Bay.  Highlights include a master suite with private terrace, guest bedroom houses, and an infinity pool. The residence is surrounded by generous terraces and mature gardens, all set above Playa Las Rosadas.  Designed without compromise, this offering includes every imaginable amenity in a setting that is private, spacious, and has unrivaled ocean views. 'Stake Your Claim!'  Las Rosadas is currently accepting reservation applications for phase one.


Rosadas is always about the experience. General Manager, Efrén Campos and Director of Client Services, Maria Campos works to create a lifestyle unique to each family. Together, they have brought the best local talent who are committed to the enrichment of every guest. Nature also provides for an array of activities. A series of mountain bike and hiking trails designed by Dave Wiens is in place. Surfing, fishing, stand up paddle boarding and body surfing are available off of the shores of Playa Las Rosadas and beyond. At Bar Mono, chef Gloria serves fresh, 'farm to table' local cuisine and Flavio provides drinks blended with fresh juices from local fruits. Only 53 families will have the unique opportunity to own legacy vacation properties where an authentic experience is balanced with understated elegance and nature preservation. They are currently offering a “try before you buy” promotion that refunds two nights and three days at the luxury oceanfront estate Poloma Blanca with purchase of a home site.   Sitting in 2.8 acres with 450 feet of ocean frontage, Paloma Blanca affords an eminently livable arrangement of spaces capturing garden, ocean, and sunset views from every room. Grand spaces with vaulted beamed ceilings, and intricate stonewalls take in ocean views through doors that blend indoor and outdoor living.   Limestone floors and parota wood millwork complement the architecture and setting.  The casual, yet, elegant setting is perfect for living and entertaining on the


Ford Motor Company trademarks and trade dress used under license to OjO Electric, LLC.

The new category of Personal Light Electric Vehicles for the Bike Lane.

Available at:

3725 Shooting Star Lane | Jackson Hole, Wyoming | 83014 307-222-4400






From NYC to LA, We Explore The Hottest Hangouts To Stay & Play This Spring

Miami, FL Baazar Mar SLS Hotel


155 SPRING 2018

The Catch of the Day gets elevated to dizzying heights at Bazaar Mar, the newest iteration of the popular Bazaar by José Andrés concept of SLS Hotels and Chef José Andrés. Located within the luxurious SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences in downtown Miami, the 210seat Bazaar Mar evokes all the bounty of the oceans, with a seasonal emphasis on Miami and the Caribbean. As its name implies, (mar is Spanish for sea), the vibrant menu features everything from ‘sea snacks’ like ceviches, seaweeds and tiraditos to whole fish prepared in a variety of ways and a extensive raw bar. Hand-crafted cocktails join a curated list of Spanish and international wines to complement the cuisine.

Miami, FL

Altitude Pool




SLS Hotel

With expansive city views, Altitude Pool is a true urban oasis inviting guests into the sparkling waters of two different pools, or for the adventurous, a hot or cold plunge pool will awaken the senses. Set on South Miami Avenue in the heart of Brickell, The inimitable ambience of SLS Brickell comes alive during poolside soirĂŠes on the luxuriously landscaped Altitude Pool terrace, where private cabanas and alfresco dining spark excitement all day long and late into the night.


Los Angeles


Skybar Boasts Best Rooftop Hangout in LA


157 SPRING 2018

Mondrian LA is a parallel universe of perpetual possibility. Rejuvenated by Benjamin NoriegaOrtiz, this luxury boutique hotel in the heart of West Hollywood captures everything the Strip stands for – excitement, invincibility and glamour. Entering Mondrian through its signature, thirty-foot mahogany doors, guests will find the recently expanded lobby, accented with hues of deep purple and complemented by customdesigned furniture, a Lucite indoor swing and a mushroom-inspired concierge desk. Surrounded by the beauty of the hotel lobby is the world class Business Center with complimentary high speed wireless internet access. Ivory On Sunset, a restaurant which is a collaboration with John Terzian of The h.wood Group, Built Inc. and Hakkasan Group,

celebrates California cuisine and comfort foods to encourage diners to embrace the restaurant’s communal philosophy. Up in the sky, amid the clouds of Los Angeles, guests can enjoy the stunning view from the Skybar lounge, Los Angeles' mainstay for nightlife. Exxhibit Boutique, the gift shop, offers curated items tailored for the LA scene. Mondrian is located right on the Sunset Strip, close to Fox Studios, Paramount Pictures, Staples Center, Dodgers Stadium, Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive and Getty Museum. Boasting some of the finest views of Los Angeles, Skybar is an open air, ivy-covered pavilion perched above the Pool at Mondrian Los Angeles. Having been the spot for the hottest nightlife and bar scenes from the day it opened, Skybar's newly re-imagined design brings a fresh approach to this iconic space. A chic poolside lounge by day, Skybar provides an idyllic oasis to take in the sun and enjoy impeccably fresh cocktails. When the sun sets, the pulse of Skybar beats even louder, stirring a seductive energy, aroused by world-class DJ's and Hollywood glamour. At Skybar check out the Champagne Sunset Package where you enjoy the sensational view from Skybar with two mini bottles of Moët & Chandon Rose to enjoy while watching the brilliant sunset.

South Beach, FL






ith its soaring lobby and subtle seductions, Delano is the hotel that helped to shape South Beach’s history as a sought-after destination. Designed by Philippe Starck, Delano South Beach is a luxury boutique hotel that balances eclectic details with grand public spaces that are playful, elegant, quietly theatrical and filled with all-night energy - proof that the new rules of chic are simplicity with a crisp, clean and modern sense of ease. The property’s highly sought-after Beach Club offersup the ultimate seaside retreat, offering a distinctive, refined outdoor environment, replete with a whimsical Alice in Wonderland garden path leading to the iconic swimming pool and with direct access to the ocean. Signature dining elements include LEYNIA, helmed by renowned Chef Jose Icardi, features his take on traditional Argentine cuisine fused with Japanese influences. The bustling eatery, which serves familystyle meals in both the elegant indoor dining space and on the property’s coveted terrace, is ideal for large parties. Adding a theatrical touch to the dining experience, dishes and drinks are served tableside from roaming bicicletas (bikes) imported from Argentina. Doheny Room, (pictured) tucked away behind closed doors in the back of Delano’s expansive lobby, offers a refined, yet stylish atmosphere, catering to those looking for an experience that’s a bit more cultured. Sceney yet discreet, a contrast to many Miami hotspots, Doheny Room at Delano is amenable to natural socializing and dancing, engaging guests with the ‘anticlub’ playlists.


New York City




The Redbury

Like its sister property in South Beach, The Redbury is in the heart of the action. Located in Manhattan’s burgeoning NoMad district, it’s just a short jaunt from the Empire State Building, Madison Square Park, the Theatre District, Fashion District, Museum Row, and all of the boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs Downtown. This legendary neighborhood was home to the late 19th century and early 20th century music publishing mecca known as Tin Pan Alley. World-renowned photographer and Redbury Creative Director Matthew Rolston dove deep into New York’s illustrious history as one of the birthplaces of American pop music and rock ‘n roll, incorporating elements of this narrative into the property’s 259 newly-renovated guest rooms and interiors. In addition to their thoughtfullyinspired accommodations, their NoMad neighborhood hotel is home to Marta, a Roman-inspired pizzeria from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, and Bar Marta, a cozy lobby bar, along with recently added, Caffe Marchio and Vini e Friti.

Las Vegas, NV

Camden Cocktail Lounge


161 SPRING 2018

Camden Cocktail Lounge, a dynamic cocktail lounge at its core, will focus on mindblowing cocktails, all presented in a distinctive over-the-top manner and with flair unlike anything seen before. Corporate Intoxicologist Eric Hobbie was tapped by Clique Hospitality to create unique, signature cocktails that represent Clique and their respected cocktail programs. Under Hobbie’s direction -- bartenders, all of them masters of mixology in their own right, will put their own whimsical spin on beloved classics or create new favorites for guests right before their very eyes. Guests will be able to imbibe in an environment that successfully toes the line of classic and modern decor. The attention to detail inside Camden Cocktail Lounge will be secondto-none. Imagined as a modern and mysterious library, the lounge’s design infuses traditional architectural elements with artful decadence through art and custom detailing. Disguised as a bookcase lined with vibrant luminous novels, the exterior wall façade allows for stolen glances of the wonders within, enticing hotel guests and thrill seekers alike to step inside. The experience takes shape through a tactile furniture program of patterned bronze accents, charcoal velvets and impactful glass volumes. Dancing above the centre of the lounge’s coved ceiling hangs a collection of black and gold glass pebbles in varying heights and sheen finishes – matte, mirrored and frosted. Embodying the exuberance of Las Vegas, the Camden Cocktail Lounge is an exploration of traditional design elements with a contemporary sensibility creating the perfect setting for opulence and indulgence.

J ENNIFER M ILLER Representing Buyers and Sellers on Some of the Most Appealing Homes in Dallas

Call Me To See Some of Dallasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Premier Homes!


Experience the Kitchen of Your Dreams…

Your kitchen is a gathering spot– it should be a timeless, beautiful space that appeals to all senses, bringing loved ones together. Collaborating with the ‘family chef’, we create a plan that captures your vision, needs, and wants. Take the first step to create a highly personalized space that works perfectly for your family. Request your Design Discovery Review today. Our Eco-Luxe Design Experience™ will help you design the kitchen of your dreams. 480-275-2968







LAS VEGAS LANDSCAPE Andy Masi revolutionized Vegas nightlife in the 90's ...and he's doing it again


major nightclub in the casino. Now, there's multiple nightclubs in every casino. It’s grown to a billion dollar industry. They're building nightclubs that cost $125 million and generating close to $250 million per year.” During his 14 years as Managing Partner & CEO of The Light Group, Masi's influence was palpable all over Las Vegas. He perfected the ideal nightclub scene, and his concepts are still being emulated by many hospitality companies today.


“The market has grown so much that food and beverage and entertainment has outgrown gaming revenue in Vegas,” Masi explains, “people are coming now to eat drink and spend. There’s a ton of good nightclubs, restaurants, and shows — the entire city changed.” He sold the Light Group to Hakkasan Group for $36 million. After a short stint in retirement, Masi realized he wasn’t done with Vegas. There was now a different demographic that Vegas wasn’t fulfilling. “There’s no cool bars anymore!” Masi exclaims, “Everything in Vegas became really big nightclubs with big cover charges and loud DJ’s. Where do you go just to have a drink in a cool place? No one is taking care of that customer. So we started building


"Now, there's multiple nightclubs in every casino... it's grown to a billion dollar industry."

really cool bars and lounges to fit that demographic, as opposed to a big, loud nightclubs.” Masi founded Clique Hospitality in 2015, a boutique group that focuses on trendy, cool bars and lounges. In his newest project, Masi is working with Palms Casino Resort to open APEX Social Club, part a $485 million property-wide renovation. The rooftop space, previously Ghostbar, held the unofficial title as the best view in Vegas. Masi’s intent is to capitalize on the unrivaled 180-degree view, while reinterpreting the 8,000-square-foot space into an open-air boutique nightclub. “As we redevelop Palms from top to bottom including our most iconic spaces, it only makes sense to partner with nightlife leaders, Clique Hospitality, to help bring this vision to life,” says Jon Gray, General Manager of Palms Casino Resort. Masi’s vision for APEX is a space that embodies sophistication by complementing a stunning view with specially-crafted cocktails. The space will incorporate artist, Dustin Yellin’s Psychogeography sculpture series; eye-catching three dimensional humanoid sculptures infused in glass. “It’s the first time we’re having installations in the center of the venue. Four incredible works of art that are really dynamic and unique.” Masi and Clique Hospitality currently operate 14 venues and shows no signs of slowing down. He always seems to be one step ahead, identifying gaps and reinventing what’s ‘cool.’


ndy Masi is basically the reason that Las Vegas is the worldwide nightlife and entertainment destination that it is today. When Masi moved to Vegas in the 90’s the only venue to socialize was the dreary casino lounge; there was a massive void that desperately needed to be filled. Masi explains,“the baby boomer generation was starting to retire and the next generation wanted a space to party and socialize, it was an untapped market.” Masi and business partner, Andrew Sasson, pitched the idea to MGM Resorts and opened the firstever nightclub in Vegas, LIGHT, located inside the Bellagio. It was an instant success, which led to the idea for a restaurant to attend prior to the nightclub… and then a cocktail lounge for nightclubbers to attend in-between dinner and the club. This revolutionary concept to localize the restaurant, cocktail lounge, and nightclub under the same roof as the casino establishment is now the standard throughout Las Vegas today. Masi became the go-to guy for Vegas hotels and casinos seeking to infuse "cool" into properties. With Masi's guidance, The Light Group transformed the hospitality landscapes in the Bellagio, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, Aria, and Red Rock, among many others, with cutting edge restaurants and trendsetting nightlife. By 2014, The Light Group owned and operated 26 venues in some of the most luxurious hotels in the world and had an annual revenue of over $300 million. “Back then, there was not one

by Whitney Hubbell

Photography by Pearce Cleaveland



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V ISIT : WWW .K RYPT A LL . COM C ONTACT : 877-291-1900 OR 310-729-1505 INFO @K RYPT A LL . COM



21 Pommel Place, Edwards 4 Beds | 5 Baths | 3,939 SF | $1,375,000

373 Strawberry Park, Beaver Creek 8 Beds | 12 Baths | 11,037 SF | $13,995,000

37 Knudson Ranch Road, Edwards 4 Beds | 4 Baths | 2,331 SF | $1,085,000

Contact Andie Ohde to learn about these and other exceptional properties throughout the Vail Valley. Visit for market reports, real estate trends, property videos and more. Andie Ohde 970.471.5233

Photos Courtesy of Smith Publicity




good reads

A ROLLICKING COLLECTION OF TRUE TALES FROM THE FOUNDING EDITOR OF THE HUFFINGTON POST With zinging wit and zero propriety, one of media's most successful executives bares all in hilarious literary debut “Frank, fearless, and very funny.” – Arianna Huffington

171 SPRING 2018

enjoys creative writing and should be encouraged to do so more often.” From a teenage pilgrimage to a Times Square porn superstore to life-changing experiences with high colonics and psychic readings to his deep catalogue of close encounters of the celebrity kind, Lacks Self-Control chronicles Sekoff’s unwavering commitment to overshare. “The idea of leaving a job to ‘spend more time with your family’ has become a standard punchline -- but in my case, it was actually true. Little did I know that as my always-revved inner motor slowly downshifted, my unconscious would intervene, repeatedly forcing me out of bed in the middle of the night, mind racing with ideas and recollections of stories I wanted to tell,” he continues. “I soon realized that if I ever hoped to get a decent night’s sleep again, I was going to have to get these stories out of my head and onto paper. ‘Lacks Self-Control’ is the result.” "It's for those who appreciate wit and candor, don’t blush easily, see life as both fundamentally absurd and a glorious gift, and can find humor amid the wave of humiliations, great and small, that life inevitably sends our way,” Sekoff adds. A lively, irreverent raconteur whose sharp observations wring laughs out of an often-ludicrous yet relatable life, Lacks Self-Control will hit the shelves June 2018.



f David Sedaris, Chelsea Handler, Larry David, and Caitlin Moran had the unlikeliest orgy in history, the resulting love child might one day write a book like Roy Sekoff’s debut, Lacks Self-Control: True Stories I Waited Until My Parents Died to Tell. Taking its title from Sekoff’s kindergarten teacher’s strikingly prophetic report card proclamation ('Although he is generally agreeable, Roy lacks selfcontrol'), this summer’s release of Lacks SelfControl marks the arrival of a collection of stories that 99% of the population would be too reticent, embarrassed -- or, let’s face it, polite -- to write down, let alone share with the world. Which is, of course, precisely the point. Caroming between Sekoff’s Miami childhood, overstimulated adolescence, and A-list adjacent adulthood, Lacks Self-Control is a rambunctious, rollicking, occasionally raunchy read. Roy Sekoff -- founding editor of the Huffington Post and cocreator of HuffPost Live -- is stepping back into the spotlight with the release of Lacks SelfControl. After a career spent dancing to the rhythms of the 24/7 news cycle, Sekoff walked away from his high-profile, high-paying, completely secure job as second-in-command at HuffPost to rest, relax, and spend more time with his family -- and decided to at last fulfill his first-grade teacher’s prophecy: “Roy

Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence


This magnificent estate is located in a prime area of Montecitoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grand estates, with almost 2.5 acres of stunning gardens, a vanishing-edge pool, and serene mountain and ocean views. The four bedroom, 4.5 bath, almost 7,000 sf custom French country main house offers an exquisite blend of old world country charm and state-of-the-art modern convenience. It is set behind tall gates, and is surrounded by breathtaking landscaping. Additional buildings include a one-bedroom guest cottage nestled behind privacy hedges, a gym surrounded by rose gardens, and a staff apartment adjoining the garages. $19,500,000

Gary Goldberg 805.455.8910 CalBRE #01172139



art & science

THE PORTER GARDEN TELESCOPE Dartmouth Engineering Professor Completes Labor of Love Project: Ressurects Classic Smithsonian Telescope and Redesigns for Functionality


by Siena Severino planets is often a first for viewers, particularly at the kind of power the telescope delivers. Jaws drop and smiles widen at the experience. Serial numbered and limited to two hundred, the Garden Telescope is an heirloom with the cachet of rarity. Four hundred hours of work are dedicated to each one. A milestone acquisition for art collectors, gardeners, astronomy buffs and lovers of fine craftsmanship and design, it will spark conversations and captivate those who encounter it. A six inch mirror and eyepieces of 50 and 75 power deliver the moon, Jupiter and its moons, and Saturn with great detail. Currently there are thirty nine in the world. The telescope, pedestal and optics case (made by a maker of cases for fine London and Belgian shotguns) sell for $75,000 US, plus delivery. The story of the genesis of the Garden Telescope and a link to a CBS Sunday Morning segment can be seen at


175 SPRING 2018

elescopes of Vermont has engineered the rebirth of an exquisite gem of design housed in the Smithsonian: The Porter Garden Telescope. A marriage of art and science, it is a piece for the discriminating collector. A limited heirloom, its story is one of passion, creativity, collaboration and very clever engineering on the part of several accomplished gentlemen, each highly skilled in his particular area of expertise, from optics to pattern making to computer modeling, metallurgy and precision machining. Designed in 1923 by Russell W. Porter of MIT, the Garden Telescope was conceived as a fine art sculpture in bronze, a superb optical instrument, and working sundial, all in one. It was a model for the 200 inch Hale Telescope in San Diego, which Porter rendered in spectacular cutaway drawings. A renaissance man, Porter was skilled in optics, architecture, Arctic navigation, painting and drawing. He was the founder of the Springfield Telescope Makers organization, and is recognized as the father of amateur astronomy in America. Craters on the moon and Mars bear his name. Fifty years after Porter created the Garden Telescope, Vermonter Fred Schleipman, an instructor at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, organized a talented dream team for the express purpose of resurrecting Porter’s singular instrument, adding superb modern optics and considerably enhanced functionality. Schleipman’s quest was driven by a deep passion: he had seen the Garden Telescope in 1972, and was smitten. Thirty years later he convinced curators at the Springfield Telescope Maker’s museum in Springfield, Vermont that his skills would ensure a worthy resurrection of their treasured original. After years spent engineering design improvements, that promise has been fulfilled.  Though it is a reflecting telescope, the familiar tube is absent. Instead, a bronze leaf holds the optics. They lift out in seconds, leaving a graceful sculpture and working sundial which can be permanently installed outdoors as a distinctive fine art centerpiece. It  often becomes a favorite destination on a property, serving up a deeply memorable experience and instilling wonder across generations.  It becomes an intimate "room,"  promising mystery and surprise. To reveal it to friends slowly, first as art, then as a sundial, and finally as a superb telescope, is a  delightful episode of entertainment. To see the

"It becomes an intimate destination promising mystery and surprise."


TRITON VILL A | LONG BAY 7 BEDS | 7 BATHS | 12,727 SQ. FT. | 2 ACRE LOT | $14,500,000



1,426 ACRES | 8,597 FEET OF LINEAR BEACHFRONT | $24,955,000

4 BEDS | 5 BATHS | 7,500 SQ. FT. | 33,337 SQ. FT. LOT | $8,900,000



8 BEDROOMS | 8 BATHROOMS | 17,000 SQ. FT. | $14,500,000

6 BEDS | 6 BATHS | 7,560 SQ. FT. | $6,999,999


Blush pink in color, aromatic with citrus and red fruit, floral with a crisp and refreshing mineral character.

. . . let the fun begin

NotoriousPink NotoriousPinkRose Available at and Find Notorious Pink at a store near you . . .

Forged by hand, Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese layering technique once used to adorn samurai swords. Together with Spruce Pine Cones, the handle is crafted to compliment a Damascus Steel blade in a concert of pattern and texture. Combined to honor the layers and depth of extraordinary men.

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Elevated Luxury Life Spring 2018  

Elevated Luxury Life's Spring 2018 National Edition Featuring Country Star, Brett Eldredge, Musician Ben Harper, Art, Polo, Tennis, Yachts,...

Elevated Luxury Life Spring 2018  

Elevated Luxury Life's Spring 2018 National Edition Featuring Country Star, Brett Eldredge, Musician Ben Harper, Art, Polo, Tennis, Yachts,...