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Hourstriker Blast Starting at USD 104’400.

N 40° 45’ 31’’ W 73° 58’ 43’’

EXQUISITE TIMEPIECES 4380 Gulf Shore Boulevard North Suite 800, Naples, FL. 34103 T +1 (239) 262 4545

GLEIM THE JEWELER 111 Stanford Shopping Center Palo Alto, CA 94304 T +1 (650) 325 3533

Call or text our concierge service to find out more +1 (786) 481 1996

OLIVER SMITH JEWELER 8787 N Scottsdale Road Suite 116, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 T +1 (480) 607 4444

Manufactured entirely in Switzerland Parmigianiamericas.com

Safe. Simple. * Unlimited hours. We make it easy to fly private. Flying private shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we offer simple, easy-to-understand options tailored to your needs. We don’t limit your hours so fly as much as you want. Get where you need to go when you need to go—and enjoy greater cost efficiency, safety, and peace of mind.








* Based on customer’s allocation of days with a maximum 14-hour crew duty day. Flights operated by Executive Flight Services, LLC Air Carrier Certificate #E07A355K



The Airshare Difference CLEAR-CUT PRICING What you see is what you get. No further explanation needed.

PAY AS YOU FLY Unlike our competitors who believe you should shell out before you ever take off, when you purchase a fractional share with us, you’ll pay only the program fee in advance.

SAME COST, EVERY DAY No peak days, no surcharges, no nonsense. Your rate is the same, no matter when you fly.

NO HOURLY MINIMUMS You get to determine how much you fly in a day.

EXPRESS RATE Get 35% off your standard hourly rate for flights that originate from and return to the same place on the same day.

Handcraf ookRing s & Suite s , Steel Cabinet r y, Fine & Appliance s Handcraf ted Cted ookC ing angeRsange & Suite s , Steel Cabinet r y, Fine WoodWood WorkWork ing &ing Appliance s is • Ne w York • Miami L os Angele s Par is Par • Ne w York • Miami • L os• Angele s w. LieeAtel w w w. LwewAtel r Pa riiesr. Pa co rmi s . co •m 1 • 8 0 0 17 89 02 03 75 95 20 3 5 5 0

Residential Commercial Hospitality Spas Swimming Pools Glass-Walled Pools & Spas Swim Spas Energy-Efficient Portable Spas Cold Therapy Pools Water Features Luxury Custom Indoor & Outdoor Bath Fixtures Specializing in Rooftop Pool & Spa Installations Lightweight & Durable Sophisticated Artistic Sustainable Shipping Worldwide Since 1996

1.800.951.spas (7727) 720.864.9115 fax 866.605.2358 diamondspas.com info@diamondspas.com

Diamond Spas Pools

Custom Stainless Steel & Copper Aquatic Products


Landscape/Pool Architect: Dave Gerstenmaier

Architect: Mike Foltz/McAllister & Foltz Architecture











…We Make

ELECTRIC Lights, Too.

bevolo.com • (504) 522-9485 • 521 Conti • 318 Royal • French Quarter • New Orleans

Indoor style. For outdoor living. VERSATILE DESIGN AND EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE FROM THE PREMIER BRAND IN OUTDOOR COMFORT HEAT. For over 50 years, the owners of the most exclusive residential properties in the world have selected Infratech ambient comfort heat for their outdoor spaces. Why? We combine leading-edge controls like smart home integration and voice-activated, hands-free remote functionality with a superlative range of versatile heater capacities and unrivaled design and mounting options, for ultimate comfort that seamlessly complements your surroundings.

Versatile design and exceptional performance from the premier brand in outdoor comfort heat.



800-421-9455 infratech-usa.com



INTRODUCING SMALL SHIPS CUSTOM-BUILT FOR BIG ADVENTURES. Join a few like-spirited explorers aboard the highly anticipated expedition ship, World Navigator. Venture on luxe-adventure journeys to remote, jaw-dropping locations only a small, anchorless ship could ever reach. And enjoy All Inclusive All the Way sailings packed with bucket-list indulgences and thrills.

Contact your Travel Advisor or call our Voyage Specialists at 1.844.44.ATLAS (28527) or visit atlasoceanvoyages.com


TABLE OF CONTENTS COVER FEATURE 48 RICKY MARTIN Akillis & Jitrois New Takes on Ethno-Rock Allure LIFESTYLE & CULTURE 62 SIF SAGA Expression: A Way of Being 72 KYLIE VONNAHME Platform and Power 354 DEDEE PFEIFFER Coming Full Circle ART 114 CASTERLINE | GOODMAN GALLERY David Yarrow FASHION & TIMEPIECES 128 OLIVER PEOPLES FRÈRE 142 STONED FINE JEWELRY A New Way to Shop Luxuriously

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ON THE COVER 48 RICKY MARTIN Akillis & Jitrois New Takes on Ethno-Rock Allure


158 PARMIGIANI The New Tonda Reine De Mai JETSET TRAVEL 80 THE TOP 10 MALDIVES RESORTS By Sarah Royall @SaltyLuxe 98 ATLAS OCEAN VOYAGES Exclusively for Next-Gen Explorers 170 EAU PALM BEACH A Chic Oceanfront Resort 184 NECKER ISLAND British Virgin Islands 196 MONDRIAN LOS ANGELES Spoil Yourself 204 SANTA MONICA VICEROY A Known Classic. New Edge. 218 CASABLANCA Sandy Lane Barbados 232 ROSEWOOD BANGKOK HOTEL Combining Tradition & Luxury

ELEVATED Lifestyle

62 SIF SAGA Expression: A Way of Being

Masterful Monograms

Custom designed l8K gold monogram pendants, bracelets and cufflinks set with diamonds or precious stones

212-996-6217 SandiMillerBurrowsDesigns.com


246 RITZ-CARLTON, SOUTH BEACH A Picturesque Getaway 260 THE BETSY HOTEL South Beach 274 EDEN ROC CAP CANA A Caribbean Jewel 288 ONE & ONLY REETHI RAH Maldives 302 ONE & ONLY PALMILLA Los Cabos LUXURY REAL ESTATE 316 KIRSTEN JORDAN How Italy Taught Me to Find Luxury in New York City 326 RELATED GROUP Redefining High Rise Living 340 THE ONE & ONLY One Sotheby’s International Realty

ELEVATED Lifestyle

142 STONED FINE JEWELRY A New Way to Shop Luxuriously

For more than a century, Hope’s has handcrafted the world’s finest steel and bronze windows and doors, and we continue to refine the art that makes them the most sought-after, luxurious, and longest lasting windows and doors available. Hope’s exclusive hot-rolled steel and solid bronze profiles replicate the traditional aesthetic of historic buildings while providing modern performance and efficiency. Hope’s windows and doors are built to last a lifetime and beyond – sustaining their beauty and performance for generations.




Landmark175™ Series steel windows and doors with Thermal Evolution™ technology


Northworks Architects Richard Powers | Powershot

ELEVATED Lifestyle

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JAMIE AGOGLIA PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTOR ANDREW GEGG LEAD CONTRIBUTOR DOMINIK SEVERINO LOCAL SALES DIRECTOR ERIKA KENNEDY SOCIAL MEDIA-DIGITAL DIRECTOR OTMANE NOURI COVER IMAGE Creative Director: @raoulkeil, Photography: @_isaacanthony @earlymorningriot, Fashion: @dvlstylist, Talent: Ricky Martin, Hair: @joeloliverohair, Make up: @hanicbeauty Photography Assistants: Caroline Salazar & John Batchine





680 PS



3.0 SEC






ean-Claude Jitrois, the stretchleather specialist and a longtime friend has joined forces with Caroline Gaspard the creator of AKILLIS jewelry for a one-of-a-kind collaboration: a capsule collection inspired by her recent Tattoo jewelry line, offering men and women an initiation into the world of jewelry tattoos. A send-up to tribal tattoo art that traces its origins to the Pacific islands, this collection will land close to the hearts of lovers of jewelry tattoos.

The creativity of Caroline Gaspard combines with the savoir-faire and signature pieces of the Maison Jitrois. She re-interprets these ethnic motifs through the clever use of embroidered stretch-leather meshwork. A tour de force of technical innovation! Designed as a second skin, the pieces in this collaboration boast cut-outs and inlays in stylish and unique shapes, an interplay of transparency that pays homage to the Oceanic traditions of carved tattoos.

Photography: @_isaacanthony & @earlymorningriot Fashion: @dvlstylist Talent: @ricky_martin Hair: @joeloliverohair Make up: @hanicbeauty Photography Assistants: Caroline Salazar & John Batchine

As a pair, Caroline and Jean-Claude develop their shared taste for paradox and offer a collection where waves, harpoons, spirals, and arrows meld and clash in a harmony of opposites. The iconic styles of Maison Jitrois (the black-stretchleather Nayala dress, the Rider jacket) emerge with a new look of elegance from a fresh, Ethno-Rock angle.

For die-hard fans of these brands, this capsule collection will be available on Jitrois.com. It will also be available in the Paris and London Jitrois boutiques and at the main Jitrois retailers (Selfridges, PoppKretschmer, 55 Croisette, Pretty You, Dadelszen). www.Akillis.com www.Jitrois.com

celebrate Summer . . .

make it Scandalous, Infamous, and Notorious NotoriousPinkRose





Photography by William Perez


hen you hear a composition of chords on the piano, where does your mind go? Does it spark excitement in your frontal cortex, as you imagine 10 different ways the song could go and shuffle through thousands of words that can come together to evoke emotion or tell a story? Music is a powerful outlet, whether you realize it or not. A song can take you back, move you forward, or help you let out a good cry. This has been true for me throughout my entire life. I remember singing ‘The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow’, from the musical Annie, on the top of my lungs till my brother got so fed up with me he punched me in the stomach. To be fair, he did warn me. I just couldn’t help myself, it brought me so much joy that I simply didn’t care. That’s what music does. It evokes emotion and in that case, brought me joy and my brother irritation. As I got older, the singing on the top of my lungs in the car stopped, but my love for music never did. I took classical piano for many years, was in every musical I could be in, sang in choir and as I got older, this translated into me messing around on garage band and writing my first song. It was terrible, but I got hooked. There was something about writing the lyrics and making something out of nothing that created fireworks in my brain.

If you would have asked me a year ago where I’d be now, I wouldn’t have guessed that I would have 7 songs out and a bank full of music waiting to be released or sold. Last summer while I was in LA, my friend introduced me to a producer named AJ. I was excited to show him some of the music I had produced because I wanted to learn how to be a better producer etc… so we wrote a song, I wrote the lyrics and sang, and he produced. After that we wrote everyday for a month, song after song, it was like magic. I wasn’t keen on releasing music where I was singing but he talked me into it, so now here I am and I am loving every second of it. I’m finding those old parts of myself again, the parts that felt this need to belt out on the top of my lungs because it makes me happy. However, I get the most out of writing the lyrics. I would love to write for big artists some day. When I write my lyrics, I normally am writing them simultaneously while my producer is creating the music. The only way I can describe how I write the lyrics is this feeling like my mind goes to another world. I never know what the song is about until the song is done, sometimes it can take me months to realize the story behind the lyrics and it’s as if this lightbulb goes on. I like to call it subconscious writing but I am not sure that’s accurate. Right now, I am working on my upcoming releases and two other projects with some artists. My life feels like it’s changing in front of my eyes. Every day, every month I feel more comfortable with myself, who I am, what I want to do with my life and music is leading me there. Expression is a way of being, it can be hard to remember that when there is so much pressure and “rules” within the confines of the human experience. I used to lay awake thinking about all the things I needed to do and worrying about if I had hurt this person’s feelings and so on, you get the point. When I am expressing myself, through music, modeling or acting it’s as if all that goes away and the more I do it, the more I am able to just be myself in my everyday life. The only person I should be worried about disappointing is me, and if you are truly being yourself, I don’t think that will ever happen. Life is magical, if it wasn’t for music becoming a soundtrack to my life I don’t think I could truly say that. -Sif Saga




1 8 B AT H R O O M S


21,000 SQ FT 1 5 6 , 8 4 6 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 DRE 01821 934

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.




8 B AT H R O O M S

$ 9, 9 0 0 , 0 0 0

8,000 SQ FT 3 1 , 8 2 3 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 DRE 01821 934

1 0 6 4 H A N L E Y AV E N U E



4 B AT H R O O M S

$ 3 , 49 9, 0 0 0

2 , 859 SQ FT 9,96 4 S Q F T LOT

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.


Photography by Rowan Papier


or as long as I can remember, I have always had a deeprooted love for all animals, specifically elephants. If the world does not change their behaviors that are affecting this species, elephants will continue down the path towards extinction. There are only around 400,000 wild African elephants left, and on average 96 are killed each day. Habitat loss, trophy hunting and poaching are the three main causes to their population demise. Public opinion is one of the most important aspects in how we can protect these animals. There are incredible online platforms like Karmagawa that works to save and protect animals. This platform is a quality example of an organization that uses the masses on social media to put pressure on governments & individuals to help animals at risk. By signing petitions, raising money and working with frontline defenders, we can help to stop elephants from going extinct. As a model myself, I have seen firsthand what opportunities social media has created for our industry. Social media has given models the platform and power to influence the world around them. I have committed to using my online platform as a vessel to help share the importance of protecting our world’s threatened and endangered species. With the influence that we carry online, we can help sway public opinion in favor of the rights that these beautiful creatures deserve.

Outside of sharing my work as a model, I use my social media platforms to share stories of animals in need. I often encourage my followers to sign petitions and donate funds to various causes that involve distressed animals. By using my social media as a way to spread awareness, it often shows my followers that there are pressing issues in the world that are not being talked about enough. When I provide resources and facts on issues like endangered wildlife, I make it easily accessible for my followers to help the cause from the convenience of their phones. I feel that it is crucial for me to use my space on the internet to influence positive change. One of my favorite quotes is “I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all of the good that I can do.” When I use my platform in this way, I can only hope that it inspires other models in my industry to do the same. I often think about how much positive change our industry could do for the world, if each model had just one cause in which they actively advocated. I am only just beginning my mission to stand up for endangered wildlife species, but I have dreams of doing everything that I can to help these animals. As my online presence grows more with time, I become even more optimistic about the change that I can make in the world and animals that I can save. -Kylie Vonhamme



RESERVATIONS 855 420 9261



YOUR 3RD NIGHT FREE Is Only the Beginning

At Eau Palm Beach, we’re all about the extras. From extra-stunning sunrises to extra-indulgent room service. This summer, enjoy even more extra-special touches. Like adding a third night to your stay — on us. Our Daily Eau Amenities are simply part of the package when you relax and let yourself go to Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, the standard-bearer of bespoke service, safety and comfort.

Daily Eau Amenities: • No resort fee • Complimentary kids club • Coastal Kids food and beverage program (kids 3 and under eat free)* • Complimentary Wi-Fi across the resort • Complimentary morning coffee and tea • Private beach access *Kids 4-12 at $45++/day

• Complimentary use of beach chairs and umbrellas • Complimentary use of non-motorized water sports • Unlimited tennis court time (based on availability) • Unlimited access to fitness center • Complimentary bicycle rental




he Maldives is world renowned for its incredible beauty, luxury resort stays and unique, tailored experiences. Comprised of over 1,000 palm dotted islands and seemingly endless fringing coral reefs, you feel a world away from reality. With our current international climate, this is the most brilliant feeling imaginable. There is no doubt, if you’re looking for a luxury, all immersive vacation, you’ve come to the right place. When To Go There is never a bad time to visit the Maldives. Wet season is April through November and dry season December through April. Both seasons bring about beauty and opportunity, depending what you’re looking for! ‘Wet’ season will have you experiencing bucket list moments like swimming with whale sharks and manta ray, with tropical downpours making way for many hours of sunshine. Where the dry season is very warm, with more stable weather overall and perfect for a dependable beach stay!

Where To Stay Gili Lankanfushi This property is consistently celebrated in the luxury resort community and for good reason. Barefoot luxury at its best with the most beautiful island and lagoon. Highlights: •The ultimate barefoot luxe vibes •Insane turquoise lagoon •Perfect palm beach •Villas with free standing bathtubs •Surfing, sunset sailing, overwater spa •Incredible healthy food, caters to all diets $$$ Soneva Jani A true luxury playground for adults. Huge villas with personal butters, plus incredible on and off island experiences. Sustainability inspired and the number one bucketlist stay in the Maldives! Highlights: •The ultimate bucketlist stay •The waterslides! •Unique winding boardwalk •Huge villas •Sustainable travel option $$$$

Gili Lankanfushi

Gili Lankanfushi

Soneva Jani


Joali This is a not to be missed, luxurious Maldives stay. Some of the best food, clearest water and most stunning, modern villas. Highlights: •Overwater (and beach) villas with high ceilings and chic styling •Crystal clear waters •Sand bank stretching from the island •Amazing food for every meal $$$$ Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru Prestige Maldives luxury with a beautiful lagoon. Amazing food and villas. Hightlights: The clear blue lagoon and long sand bank •Amazing dining options •The private island ‘Voavah’ •Long infinity pools in the water villas •Flower bath at the Spa $$$ Raffles Maldives Meradhoo A stunning small island with the incredible service you would expect from Raffles. Intimate, relaxed and beautiful.

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru

Highlights: •Tiny island •Excellent service •Amazing spa experience •JetSki to sand bank and snorkelling •Private sunken table beach dinner •Tasty food options (vegan too!) $$$

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo

Soneva Fushi Trailblazers of sustainable and barefoot luxury in the Maldives. Incredible food and amazing people! Highlights: •Vibrant and happy people •Sustainability at its core •Healthy food •Lush jungle surrounded by perfect water •Overwater restaurant with waterslide $$$ Vakkaru One of our favourite Maldives stays. The staff and the service here are exceptional. Very good food and divine villas. Highlights: •Overwater spa with luxury pools •Outdoor cinema and candlelit beach dinner •JetSki to a secluded sand bar •Yoga under the stars •Private wine reserve $$ Vakkaru

Soneva Fushi


Four Seasons Kuda Huraa

Six Senses Laamu A sustainability minded luxury stay. Perfect for divers and adventure travellers who love to come home to superb accommodation and food. Highlights •Private sandbank surfing •Sustainability minded •Barefoot luxury •Untouched reefs in a remote setting $$$ Four Seasons Kuda Huraa The perfect blend of relaxation, luxury, adventure and conservation. And all served up on a picturesque tropical island. Highlights •Stunning lagoon with the most perfect beach to relax •Adventure experiences (like surfing) at your fingertips •Amazing marine life straight off the island •Conservation works in reef restoration and turtle rehabilitation •Private spa island $$$ Six Senses Laamu

Six Senses Laamu


310-374-1800 caskeyandcaskey.com


MODERN COASTAL ESTATE | 3 BEDS | 4 BATHS | 3412 SF | 2391 SF LOT | $8,989,000


WALK STREET HOME | 4 BEDS | 3.5 BATHS | 4195 SF | 2709 SF LOT | $10,000,000

310-374-1800 caskeyandcaskey.com LIC#01198999

Jean-Michel Basquiat Mark Bradford Alexander Calder John Chamberlain Christo George Condo Willem de Kooning Jim Dine Sam Francis Adolph Gottlieb Keith Haring Damien Hirst Robert Indiana Alex Katz Jeff Koons Yayoi Kusama Roy Lichtenstein John McCracken Joan Mitchell Takashi Murakami Yoshitomo Nara Kenneth Noland Robert Rauschenberg Gerhard Richter Ed Ruscha Sean Scully Richard Serra Frank Stella Andy Warhol


611 East Cooper Avenue Aspen, Colorado 81611 970.925.1339


info@casterlinegoodman.com www.casterlinegoodman.com



tlas Ocean Voyages’ premier, small expedition-style ship, World Navigator, perfectly embodies their luxe-adventure travel experience, which is the ideal balance of simple elegance and invigorating adventures. And it all happens aboard a vessel purpose-built for navigating remote ports in highly sought destinations. Small Ships, Mega Journeys World Navigator – one of the smallest, new expedition-style ships with fewer than 200 guests – allows for a more intimate atmosphere on board and off ship. With fewer crowds, you have the chance for more personal, fuller experiences, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your adventures. World Navigator also brings you closer to your destination and into more remote ports only navigable by small ships, so you can head straight into your explorations. Luxe-Adventure Destinations Atlas Ocean Voyages brings explorers to hidden gems in iconic destinations, as well as to destinations less visited, and there are few places as remote as Antarctica. Atlas is taking guests to unparalleled adventures to

the Seventh Continent in Winter 2021/2022. Their expeditions bring travelers closer to The White Continent for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like a special sailing that takes them into the Scotia Sea at the height of a reverse, total solar eclipse that happens only once every 400 years. With an Atlas Antarctica expedition, guests also have the chance to cross the Antarctic Circle and earn their place in the Order of the Red Nose. Traversing the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, Atlas’ Antarctica itineraries give travelers the chance to immerse themselves in this destination less traveled. Atlas Ocean Voyages continues their luxeadventure travel experiences in August 2021 with five exciting Mediterranean and Greek Isles expeditions. Plus, 24 more starting Spring/Summer 2022 with new destinations in the British Isles, Arctic, Iceland and Greenland, Norwegian Fjords, Central and South America, Baltic, Mediterranean and more. With opportunities to check a few items off your bucket list, like a glimpse of the Northern Lights or golfing across the United Kingdom, their new 2022 destinations promise to fill your next travel year with one-of-a-kind moments.

A Stand-Out Experience Atlas Ocean Voyages aims to stand out from the crowd by enhancing what you already expect from luxury, expedition travel. That includes onboard indulgences like the first-ever, L’OCCITANE luxury spa at sea; SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE, only available on World Navigator. With signature treatments and products from the renowned L’OCCITANE en Provence, it’s a holistic pampering experience that encompasses the balance of mind, body and spirit that Atlas aspires to encourage. You will also enjoy complimentary L’OCCITANE bath amenities in your accommodations during your holiday. They’re also the first and only expedition-style cruising brand that includes emergency medical evacuation insurance that covers you while on your trip. This plan may provide coverage for transportation expenses for an Emergency Medical Evacuation along with Repatriation expenses, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount of $250,000 and a Baggage and Personal Effects benefit up to $100. It’s how Atlas offers peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry and can fully enjoy your travels. Atlas is always striving to bring you closer to your destinations, even when on board. On board World Navigator from Water’s Edge, you sit just 30 feet above the water, giving you plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife sailing alongside as you make your way from one port to the next. It’s also the perfect spot to watch the horizon as you approach your next destination. And you can do it all in absolute comfort, as Water’s Edge also has heated seating. Fulfilling their promise of an all-inclusive experience, Atlas is the only travel brand to offer complimentary, non-stop private charter jet service to Ushuaia from the U.S. for every Antarctica expedition. Aboard an A330 Air Bus, you’ll be pampered with exceptional service, first-rate cuisine, and premium wine and spirits. It’s the luxuriant life at 35,000 feet, including escorted guidance through customs upon landing in Ushuaia.

All Inclusive All The Way Atlas takes every aspect of your journey into account, including roundtrip air travel to all destinations, a choice of complimentary land excursions in every port, unlimited premium pours and six dining options with locally inspired gourmet cuisine on board...plus everything in between. Off-Ship Excursions Part of the luxe-adventure experience includes what you can do on shore and off ship. With Atlas Ashore, Atlas Ocean Voyages offers a carefully curated selection of adventures made with every kind of traveler in mind. Whether you prefer to wander and take in the history and culture of your destination or want to challenge your mind and body to exhilarating excursions, their land programs have something made just for you. That includes a choice of complimentary land excursions at every port to give you more to explore. While an expedition to Antarctica is an adventure in and of itself, Atlas Ocean Voyages offers even more opportunities to explore your destination with incredible off-ship excursions. The Seventh Continent is a dream destination for fans of aquatic sports with chances to kayak, paddle and stand-up paddle across its pristine waters. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can opt for overnight camping in Antarctica or snowshoeing across the snowy shores. Atlas even offers opportunities

to join and contribute to scientific research in Antarctica, an excursion perfect for the curious mind. And all activities take place alongside expedition experts, providing you the guidance necessary to enjoy your experiences to the fullest. Conscious Travel Atlas Ocean Voyages believes exploring the world is for everyone, so they’ve taken steps on board to help do their part to keep it going today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. They’re limiting the use of guest-facing, single-use plastics and providing still and sparkling water in reusable water recepticles daily to every room. World Navigator realizes the possibilities of environmental stewardship with the latest hybrid power management and propulsion system, maximizing fuel efficiency and consuming as low as one-fifth the fuel compared to conventional cruise-ship systems, reducing Atlas’ impact on the environment. They also aim to help preserve the unspoiled beauty of their destinations, so they minimize underwater noise that stresses marine wildlife by using a hydro-jet propulsion system, allowing World Navigator to cruise virtually silent up to five knots for incomparable, up-close encounters while keeping the sensitive ecosystem in mind. To prevent damage to the fragile ecosystems on ocean floors, Atlas also avoids using anchors to maintain ship position by using a GPSbased dynamic position system.

Life on Board World Navigator When sailing on World Navigator with Atlas Ocean Voyages, you experience casual luxury. Beginning 2022, they will be exclusively offering only balcony and suite accommodations, each with a private marble bath and premium L’OCCITANE amenities, Atlas creates a relaxed atmosphere that invites you to take it easy. That also includes their Solo Suites, the most spacious accommodations at sea for solo travelers. Their six onboard dining options offer culinary experiences with locally inspired gourmet cuisine and an atmosphere that invites you to connect with like-spirited explorers. You can get to know your fellow travelers in spaces like Atlas Lounge and The Dome observation lounge, where you can enjoy unlimited premium pours and craft cocktails. For a holistic approach to health and well-being, stop in at the Fitness Studio or engage in a yoga or Pilates class on deck. World Navigator is purpose-built for the full luxe-adventure experience. The Future of Atlas Ocean Voyages World Navigator is only the beginning for Atlas Ocean Voyages. Joining their sister ship by the end of 2023 are four more small, expedition-style ships: World Traveller, World Seeker, World Adventurer and World Discoverer. www.AtlasOceanVoyages.com


Becker Automotive Solutions America’s Finest Executive Transportation.

© 2020 Becker Automotive Designs, Inc.

The new 2021 Cadillac ESV from Becker is the most advanced and refined executive SUV on the market today. Becker’s 20-, 26- and 30-inch stretch configurations enhance GM’s completely revised chassis and onboard systems to deliver unexcelled ride quality and occupant safety. As always, Becker’s rear cabin innovations offer unmatched luxury and craftsmanship, with comfort and amenities that elevate your travel experience above all the rest.

B E C K E R A U T O D E S I G N . C O M | 805.487. 52 27

The Finest Montecito & Santa Barbara Homes Presented by

www.Montecito-Estate.com • 805.886.9378 • Cristal@Montecito-Estate.com

• DRE#00968247

Ne w L i s t i n g • E u r o p e a n In s p i r e d C o n t e m p o r a r y E s t a t e 945 Lilac Drive • Montecito • Of fered at $17,495,000

Ne w e r C o n s t r u c t i o n • C o u n t l e s s A m e n i t i e s • S e n s a t i o n a l V i e w s 4 Bed, 6.5 Bath Main Residence • 1 Bed, 1 Bath Guest House • ±3.02-Acres • Panoramic Ocean, Island & Mountain Views Extensive Re-Build, Completed in 2017 • Infinity Pool + Spa • Theatre • Gym • Climate Controlled Wine Cellar • Private Well ©2020 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties (BHHSCP) is a member of the franchise system of BHH Affiliates LLC. BHH Affiliates LLC and BHHSCP do not guarantee accuracy of all data including measurements, conditions, and features of property. Information is obtained from various sources and will not be verified by broker or MLS.

Community Based, Globally Recognized

Unrivaled Mediterranean Estate PARK LANE • MONTECITO 5 Bed, 5.5 Bath Main Residence 1 Bed, 1 Bath Guest House Expansive Ocean & Coastline Views Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Living Extensive Amenities incl. Well & Generator Offered at $12,875,000

Gracious Mediterranean Estate MISSION CYN PL • SANTA BARBARA 4 Bed, 3.5 Bath Residence Incredible Ocean, Island & Mtn Views Privacy Abound Quintessential California Living Private Well w/ 5,000-gal Storage Tank Offered at $5,750,000

Magical Mediterranean Estate AYALA LANE • MONTECITO 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath Main Residence Charming ADU Gracious Mountain Views & Ocean Peeks Approx. 1.22 Acres Stunning Grounds w/ Lush Landscaping Offered at $4,500,000


Legends of The Fall Archival Pigment Print 71” x 103” | 52” x 72”

Open Water Archival Pigment Print 71 “x 92”| 52” x 66”


avid Yarrow was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1966. He took up photography at an early age and as a 20-year-old found himself working as a photographer for The London Times on the pitch at the World Cup Final in Mexico City. On that day, David took the famous picture of Diego Maradona holding the World Cup and, as a result, was subsequently asked to cover the Olympics and numerous other sporting events. Many years later David established himself as a fine art photographer by documenting the natural world from new perspectives and the last nine years have been career defining. David’s evocative and immersive photography of life on earth is most distinctive and has earned him an ever growing following amongst art collectors. His large monochrome images made in Los Angeles are on display in leading galleries and museums across Europe and North America. He is now recognized as one of the best selling fine art photographers in the world and his limited edition works regularly sell at high prices at Sotheby’s and other auction houses. David’s position in the industry has been rewarded with a wide range of advisory and ambassadorial roles. He is an ambassador for WildArk and The Kevin Richardson Foundation. As the European ambassador for Nikon, he has recently been integral to the company’s most anticipated camera release of the last decade. In December 2017 he shot LVMH’s latest “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” campaign with Cara Delevingne, which can be seen in airports around the world. In January 2019 David was appointed as a global ambassador for UBS. Most recently, in the spring of 2020, David was appointed a Global Ambassador for Best Buddies - one of America’s most established children’s charities.

In 2018 and 2019 David’s work raised over $4.5m for philanthropic and conservation organizations. At Art Miami in December 2019, David’s photograph “The Wolves of Wall Street” broke new records. One print, signed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, featuring the real Wolf of Wall Street - Jordan Belfort - sold for $200,000. The proceeds went to conservation NGOs supported by DiCaprio. The equipment that David takes with him on location will naturally vary according to the subject matter of the assignment and the lighting conditions/climate of the environment in which he is photographing. David favors two camera bodies above all else. When a subject is fast moving, he looks no further than the Nikon D5. The high frames per second and powerful motor drive make for a combination that can capture any moment and allows for pin sharp imagery. For everything else, David prefers the high resolution of the Nikon D850. David was asked by Nikon to spearhead the campaign that launched the new Camera in 2017. The D850’s supreme resolution allows David to blow his images up to the large trademark sizes for which he has become known. One of Davids technical tips is to “use a well-positioned remote-controlled camera to capture shots of dangerous wildlife. When conceptualizing animal shots, think laterally and strive for an image that sits outside normal boundaries. This may be to achieve perspective by capturing shots that look up at the animal from the ground, but often to get the animal at eye level and pin sharp. This can prove problematic when photographing dangerous animals but a solution is offered in the form of well-positioned remote controls”

Chief Archival Pigment Print 71” x 96” | 52” x 69”

Forest Gump Archival Pigment Print 38” x 58” | 51” x 81”

Cindy’s Shotgun Wedding 52” x 73”| 71” x 103”

Dead Man’s Hand 52” x 91” | 65” x 117”

One of David’s more unusual pieces of equipment is a custom-made 14-pound steel box. This object is used to house his camera body and then placed near the subject matter of his assignment. He then triggers the protected camera from a short distance by pressing a hand-held switch at the right moment… his timing has to be perfect. All of David’s photographs tell a story; his durable camera casing has several tales of its own, ranging from being buried in a swamp in the One of David’s more unusual pieces of equipment is a custom-made 14-pound steel box. This object is used to house his camera body and then placed near the subject matter of his assignment. He then triggers the protected camera from a short distance by pressing a hand-held switch at the right moment… his timing has to be perfect. All of David’s photographs tell a story; his durable camera casing has several tales of its own, ranging from being buried in a swamp in the Camargue, doused in Old Spice aftershave in Amboseli and smothered in rhino excrement in Lewa. These ‘treatments’ have been used after extensive research into identifying the most attractive and enticing smell for the animal in question. All of David’s images are produced by BowHaus in California. BowHaus are a highly regarded Los Angeles-based printer of archival pigment prints. They work with the leading galleries in America and some of the most recognized contemporary photographers. Their proprietorial printing process employs technology that transcends generic digital prints by allowing for bespoke allocations of the 12 ink cartridges within the Canon drum printer. All prints are on 315gsm Hahnemühle photo rag Baryta paper and varnished after processing to give both endurance and sheen. CasterlineGoodman.com

Hostiles Archival Pigment Print 71” x 111”| 52” x 78”

The ‘Retro’ bracelet collection A bold and elegant Sterling silver design featuring an exclusive choice of rare and exotic inlays







Photography by Dennis Leupold


liver Peoples partners with fashion house, FRÈRE, to create two exclusive, new eyewear styles. The collaboration merges the brands’ shared focus of exceptional craftsmanship and elevated design. The collaboration takes form in the striking campaign featuring a fashion powerhouse roster starring supermodel, Jasmine Tookes, and FRÈRE designer, Davidson Petit-Frère, styled by Zerina Akers shot by acclaimed photographer, Dennis Leupold, at the iconic, Pierre Koenigdesigned, Stahl House. This mid-century modern landmark, built in 1959, was created in hopes of reimagining modernist design for residential architecture. Much like the driving, design force of the Stahl House, the collaboration between FRÈRE and Oliver Peoples aims to fuse together innovative design to a vintageinspired aesthetic.

FRÈRE, established by Davidson Petit-Frère, has become the voice of modern fashion. Known for specializing in men’s and women’s handmade couture while finding innovation in classic silhouettes, FRÈRE has outfitted some of the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment as well as worldwide figures. Oliver Peoples, whose founding and aesthetic is ingrained and inspired by the culture of the film, arts, and music scene in Los Angeles, paired naturally with the design aesthetic of FRÈRE – in which both brands find that bold design can be achieved alongside superior artistry. The Oliver Peoples FRÈRE collaboration launches two new frames, FRÈRE LA and FRÈRE NY. FRÈRE LA blends the identities of both brands to create a stylish combination eyewear style with acetate and metal detailing.

FRÈRE NY plays into the vintageinspired aesthetic of Oliver Peoples and the classic tailoring of FRÈRE to create a timeless eyewear style with custom design details and a strikingly, flattering fit made to work with every face. The colorways in the collection offer an ode to FRÈRE, with custom shades of Sage and Mauve inspired by the designs of Davidson Petit-Frère, as well as touches of classic OP with exclusive tortoise acetates including 362 and DM2. To balance the group, the frames also feature a sophisticated black with dark lenses and a wearable, translucent acetate with transparent Blue Block lenses. Both frames are accentuated with a custom filigree pattern developed exclusively for the collaboration. Inspired by an intricate art deco engraving on a vintage lighter, the filigree appears on the metal corewire of FRÈRE NY and the metal temple of FRÈRE LA. Each pair also includes an exclusive packaging set. FRÈRE’s signature, brand color, Mauve, and the Oliver Peoples FRÈRE logo can be found throughout the set which consists of a custom-designed hard case with a plush outer shell, a branded pouch, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. OliverPeoples.com

Amanyara Villa 12, North West Point

Nina Siegenthaler

3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 9,549 Sq. Ft. 1.33 Acres Web ID: Y9KEGP | $5,950,000

1.649.231.0707 nina@tcsothebysrealty.com turksandcaicosSIR.com

The Shore Club Penthouse, Long Bay

Joe Zahm

3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 6,239 Sq. Ft. 70 Ft. of Oceanfront Web ID: YL564E | $5,950,000

1.649.231.6188 joe@tcsothebysrealty.com turksandcaicosSIR.com

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Nothing Compares

Nina Siegenthaler 1.649.231.0707 nina@tcsothebysrealty.com turksandcaicosSIR.com

Nina Siegenthaler 1.649.231.0707 nina@tcsothebysrealty.com turksandcaicosSIR.com

Dhyani House, Parrot Cay 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 6,600 Sq. Ft. 6.17 Acres, 675 Ft. of Beachfront Price Upon Request | Web ID: 9WQ7ND

Dawn Beach, Turtle Cove 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 Half Baths, 6,575 Sq. Ft. 0.86 Acres, 104 Ft. of Beachfront $5,290,000 | Web ID: T838Q3

© 2021 Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty Logo are service marks licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC and used with permission. Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. Any services or products provided by independently owned and operated franchisees are not provided by, affiliated with or related to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC nor any of its affiliated companies.

º Natural wood beauty º Suitable for any climate

º Miami-Dade NOA º Zero Maintenance

º One of a kind Warranty

º Highest fire resistance rating

º Environmentally friendly º Only wood shingle allowed on the Texas Coast

855-488-7232 | TuradaShingles.com

Jojo Anavim, Pleasure! (Spring Break), 2021 Acrylic, oil stick, collage and diamond dust on canvas, 48 x 72 in.

Manolis Projects is Florida’s largest working studio and fine art gallery. We feature unique paintings and sculptures and collectible limited edition works from over 40 artists. We focus on top-quality modern masters and contemporary art, bridging the gap between established and emerging artists. We invite you to shop from our vast collection of artworks at www.ManolisProjects.com. For inquiries please call us at 917-971-3201 or email: studio@manolisprojects.com.

Jojo Anavim, Lifesaver, 2020 Collage, foil, and acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 in.

Jojo Anavim New York City based artist Jojo Anavim has established his body of work stemming from a background in graphic design and brand development. Previously a creative consultant for brands such as W Hotels, and Universal Music Group, Anavim crossed over fulltime to fine art in 2013. His work continually employs bold color palettes, acrylic paint, oil stick, collage scraps, found items and advertisements Anavim has been collecting since his childhood. He is known for elevating the mundane by transforming everyday items into objects of transcendence. The paintings oscillate freely between playful and subversive. Triggered by his fascination with a child-like consciousness, Anavim challenges the viewer to not only see something beautiful, but feel something as well. As a child (until age 15) Anavim enrolled in art classes taught by Disney animator Al Baruch, creator of the legendary characters Captain Hook and Mighty Mouse. Anavim credits Baruch with instilling a creative confidence that led him to embrace art as more than

a hobby early in his life. Anavim went on to study graphic art at Hunter College. Much of Anavim’s work depict the nostalgia of the brands and packaging he was surrounded by during this time, down to the LifeSavers his grandmother would always carry in her purse. Anavim’s artworks are part of permanent collections in museums and hotels around the globe, including Dream’s Downtown and Midtown Hotel, New York, NY; Coca-Cola Archives Museum, Atlanta, GA; New York Yankees City Seats Collection, New York, NY; and Surf Lodge Hotel, Montauk, NY. Anavim is also recognized for his commissions for NBA players, business moguls and top-charting musicians including Amar’e Stoudemire, Seth McFarlane, Selena Gomez, Sheldon Adelson, Paris Hilton, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis, and Daymond John. Anavim’s work has been covered by global media publications including The New York Times, American Art Collector, Business Insider and Forbes - all highlighting the success of his career.


Eve Gay, Founder and Designer


TONED Fine Jewelry, founded by entrepreneur Eve Gay, is a concierge service for fine jewelry. With the world evolving, STONED is your one-stopshop for all your diamond, precious stone, and fine jewelry needs. STONED is a contactless way to shop luxuriously. Conceived and brought to life during COVID, Eve and STONED’s objective is to share with you the convenience, ease, and of course, the luxury of concierge jewelry. Dominik Severino: So Eve, you started STONED Fine Jewelry (SFJ) during your senior year at Pepperdine, correct? Eve Gay: Yes I did. We started STONED Fine Jewelry back in November. I was still in school taking on a full schedule, and was doing SFJ on the side. And during all of that, we kind of just blew up! During your time at Pepperdine, what was it in the moments leading up to November that led you to that “Aha” moment and thus STONED Fine Jewelry? It was a combination of things. My junior year I really thought I wanted to go into the fashion industry. I had a really great internship lined up with a designer in New York City, and once the pandemic hit it put my plans to a halt. I then had to shift my focus and I started to brainstorm what it is that I wanted to do post graduation. I’ve always had diamond dealers in my life, my family is full of jewelry buyers, and I’ve always loved Jewelry as well. So one day my mother and I decided to just go for it! I started doing research immediately as the pandemic hit. I was taking courses, learning the ins and outs of the industry, acquiring all of the legal documents that we needed, and STONED was born.

You say that SFJ is introducing a new generation to fine jewelry, and a new way to do luxury. What do you mean by that? I think that having a diamond concierge on speed dial, someone that is going to come to your house is a huge luxury. What we are doing with SFJ is making that very accessible to everyone! As long as you have the internet, a computer, or a phone you can contact me personally. We can discuss what the customer wants, I can show diamonds via zoom and if you want me to come to your house I will. Most younger people put a lot of trust into making online purchases, whereas the older generations are more skeptical about buying online. We want to mix the old and the new ways of dealing diamonds, and bring the importance of investing in jewelry to younger and older generations alike. And now that I am out of school and can devote 100% of my time to SFJ. I’m currently located in Florida, but we are working on expanding all across the U.S. and hopefully we can operate even further.

In terms of being a luxury diamond concierge with an emphasis on accessibility, you’ve also created a line of jewelry made for the ultimate collector as well as the everyday person. What was it that made you want to do that? Well as I have become quite the collector and my family, especially my grandmother, has always been big collectors, I wanted to make jewelry that can be loved by anyone. My grandmother actually had a stroke back in October, she’s okay now but it was definitely hard on us. She started to give away her jewelry to us, and sharing those memories with her is great. She loves to see me wear the jewelry she gave us and I think it’s really wonderful how you can pass on jewelry to your kids, and they can pass it on to theirs. It’s made to last, it’s not going to break or tarnish, and you have these great memories to pass on from generation to generation. It’s very intimate. Even the bonds you make with clients are intimate. And as you pass on your jewelry, you know that everyone is going to appreciate it.

Absolutely a wonderful and generational experience. One last question, Eve. When someone takes interest in your company and contacts you, then what happens? I am constantly available for customers and whether it is a call, text, Direct Message on Instagram or email. I always reply as fast as possible and we start looking. They tell us exactly what they are looking for and we make it happen. We search for special pieces, special stones, and we create them together. It is so fun to work with the customers and make their visions come to life. It really is times like these that some of the best ideas, inventions and businesses come to fruition, and it seems as if Stone Fine Jewelry is one of them. Thank you! And yes the positive takeaway that I had from this pandemic was having all of the doors open at the right moment. During this pandemic people are not spending as loosely as they once did, and many people are investing into things such as gold, diamonds, and jewelry because they will always hold up to their value. And it’s because of this that once we gathered up some inventory, we sold out on the first night. The universe aligned for us to grow as a company.

Yogamere™ is a collection of exquisite essentials for yoga, meditation, fitness and relaxation that flow with your lifestyle. Designed with naturally luxurious materials, sophisticated colors and an eye for the smallest detail, Yogamere is the belief that wellness can be beautiful.


INTRODUCING THE 438 EVOLUTION For nearly 40 years Intrepid has led the way, with innovation often imitated, but never equaled. Now comes the 438 Evolution. Step aboard and you’ll take the helm of a high-performance vessel with the state-of-theart amenities of a luxury yacht. Step below and you’ll discover the world-class overnight accommodations of a cabin perfectly suited for extended travel. Step up to the 438 Evolution and you’ll enjoy owning a sport yacht customized to fulfill your vision of the ultimate boating experience. To get started on yours, contact us today.

O NE O F A KI N D. ON E AT A TI M E . IntrepidPowerboats.com | 954-922-7544

F E E L T H E WA R M T H Cozy up around your custom steel log fire pit, the ideal outdoor gathering spot for all seasons. Inspired by Mother Nature and handcrafted in Breckenridge, Colorado, our heirloom-quality, gas-powered fire features are guaranteed for life.

We ship anywhere in the U.S. Order yours today.




armigiani Fleurier continues to showcase its dedication to métiers d’art and high watchmaking with the launch of the Tonda Reine de Mai collection. Inspired by the bucolic landscape in Switzerland surrounding its manufactures and the flowers found there, it combines Parmigiani Fleurier’s commitment to inhouse manufacturing, fine finishings, and artistry. Nature and the beauty of the golden ratio are enduring sources of inspiration, and the Manufacture uses a wide array of artistic techniques to bring them to life in this release, including hand-chiseling, hand-diamond-setting, hand-polishing, hand-sandblasting, and marquetry. The Tonda Reine de Mai features a beautiful bouquet of mother-of-pearl, rose gold, and diamond-set flowers, akin to the snowwhite Daisy May buds often seen into late Summer. Machined to achieve their perfect shape, they are finished by hand before being placed atop a white mother-of-pearl dial comprised of 23 different marquetry elements. The six mother-of-pearl flowers are particularly challenging to decorate, as the material is quite delicate and fragile. The base of each flower is sandblasted

by hand; then, each petal is polished and engraved by expert artisan hands resulting in varied matte and polished finishings that give more depth and dimension. The dial features an additional six Daisy May flowers, three in rose gold with alternating polished and engraved petals, and three in white gold and handset with 117 diamonds. This brilliance and texture give subtle depth to the unique dial making it seem as if the flowers overlap like they would in nature. Each dial takes 24 hours to craft and requires the work of many artisans skilled in different métiers d’art. This version is limited to five pieces, and each dial is slightly different as the bouquet is placed at different angles on each one. The Tonda Reine de Mai is powered by the PF310 automatic movement, which Parmigiani Fleurier created in 2014 in its vertically integrated manufacture. It adheres to the strict codes of craftsmanship and finishings that the atelier is revered for, as well as Michel Parmigiani’s penchant for creating a secret for the wearer. The movement is impeccably finished, and features signatures like Côtes de Genève stripes, perlage and beveled bridges.

For the first time, it features a 22K gold rotor that is as highly decorated as the dial and, with 20 hours of work required for each one, it takes nearly as long to create. It is hand-chiseled in a delicate motif that accentuates four mother- of-pearl Daisy May flowers, a precise, time-consuming technique that is rarely seen on a rotor. The flowers are crafted with the same methods as those on the dial, featuring sandblasted and polished surfaces, as well as engraved details, all done by hand. It is a true secret for the wearer and illustrates Parmigiani Fleurier’s dedication to excellence and the level of attention to detail paid to every element of a timepiece, even those rarely seen. This stunning rotor means the entire watch is like a jewel, and it is clear that each component was designed to be beautiful from every angle. While beautiful, the movement is still robust, revered for its accuracy. The watch is also water resistant to 30m and has a power reserve of 50 hours, expertly uniting mechanical watchmaking and métiers d’art. The bezel, lugs, and bracelet are fully diamond set with the highest-quality F-G near colorless, and internally flawless and VVS- stones, not often seen in watchmaking. The 36mm rose gold case features a crown with a white opal cabochon; it is polished and set with 70 diamonds totaling 1.95 carats, while the bracelet is meticulously set with 906 diamonds totaling 8.04 carats. The bracelet is beautifully integrated to the case thanks to its teardropshaped lugs, a Parmigiani Fleurier trademark, and was carefully designed to ensure great comfort. ParmigianiAmericas.com

BY TIGER WOODS & TGR DESIGN book your stay & play package at Bigcedar.com




ust say Eau! It’s French for “water,” and it’s located in Manalapan on the barrier island of Palm Beach, near world-famous Worth Avenue. Nestled on a private beach and surrounded by tropical gardens, Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa makes a memorable getaway. Just minutes from Palm Beach International Airport, the Forbes Five-Star, AAA 5-Diamond resort features 309 guest rooms designed by the NY-based designer Jonathan Adler. It’s his design version of “Santorini and Capri meet Palm Beach.” The rooms are super chic and offer the largest terraces in all of Palm Beach, each outfitted with an Adler-designed hanging chair along with a pair of his signature “Peace and Love” chairs centered around a café table. The guest rooms and luxurious suites feature his cheerful design that reflects the iconic Palm Beach lifestyle, fusing fantasy and glamour for the perfect beach getaway. Upon entering the resort, guests often marvel at the sparkling crystal chandeliers that catch the reflection of the sun from the ocean views across the lobby, which is actually more like a living room in one of the grand estates on the island. Immediately upon check-in guests are offered a complimentary glass of Champagne to set the mood for the rest of their stay. Settle in to one of the chic guest rooms, or upgrade to a Club Level room where guests will have access to the Club Lounge offering a fully stocked bar along with four food and beverage presentations throughout the day – along with staff who cater to your every whim. All guests will receive a complimentary keepsake canvas tote bag designed by artist Libby VanderPloeg, featuring her iconic map of Palm Beach.

When your appetite strikes, the resort offers four exciting dining options, including Temple Orange, which offers indoor and outdoor seating along with a Mediterranean inspired menu; Stir Lounge & Terrace, located just off of the lobby and featuring handcrafted cocktails and small plates; Angle, the resort’s contemporary American offering, with its twist on modern cuisine and a recently added Champagne bar; and Breeze Ocean Kitchen, featuring Florida-inspired dishes with handcrafted cocktails and a wide selection of craft beer from Palm Beach County on tap. After your meal, cool off in one of the resort’s two shimmering pools – the resort pool or the more intimate tranquility pool. Each offers luxurious lounge chairs and attentive staff to deliver poolside cocktails and snacks. And then there’s Eau Spa – one of only a handful of Forbes Five-Star spas in the U.S. Eau Spa features 42,000 square feet of total bliss. It’s unlike any spa you have ever experienced. From the moment you arrive, you know you are somewhere special. “Pause, Play and Perfect” is the order of the day at Eau Spa. Upon checking in, you will be whisked away by a Spa Fairy who will encourage you to make a wish at the wishing well by placing a candle in the water, and then you will be presented with a glass of Champagne to start your spa journey.

Create your own custom body scrub at the Scrub & Polish Bar, and luxuriate in the spa’s Self-Centered Garden, which boasts cabanas, dipping pools, hanging chairs and a massage bench. The spa features 19 treatment rooms where scents, sounds and color therapy are personalized to your desired experience. Your treatment will begin with a spoon of honey from a local bee farm. After your treatment you can enjoy the sauna, steam, jacuzzi or simply sip more Champagne in one of the cabanas. You can also experience the spa’s pampering services in a Private Garden Villa with its own outdoor shower, bathtub and lounging area. Your only care for the day is to relax and enjoy – let Eau Spa spoil you! Feeling energetic and want to work out? The fitness center at

Eau Spa offers a fully equipped gym featuring Techno Gym equipment, Peloton spin bikes, certified personal trainers and a number of classes to choose from – Pilates, beachside yoga, spin and more. Or how about tennis? The resort offers three Har-Tru courts with a tennis pro on staff who can help you perfect your game. Eau Palm Beach is the perfect venue for your celebration – weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, anniversary and birthday celebrations or corporate group meeting – with 30,000 square feet of event space, the resort offers venues for intimate events and grand celebrations. You dream it, and we create it – from an oceanfront wedding to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in an oceanfront ballroom. The resort’s event specialists and culinary team are here for you.

To learn more about Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, visit www.EauPalmBeach.com, or call 800-328-0170.

This spring, teach them the real meaning of


Snowmelt trickles down off the mountains, creating gushes of water here in the valley. Wildflowers peek out from under the earth. “Little” bison take their very first steps. But often, in the spring, the most profound changes happen to the people who visit.

Join us in Montana for an epic family getaway, March 20–April 17.




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So, whether you’re craving adventure or rejuvenation, fresh air or a new perspective, remember nothing in life is permanent. And Spring Break at The Resort at Paws Up is coming.

America’s Private National Park Pack your bags and head into the wilderness—knowing you’ll be met with the luxuries of a fivestar hotel. We defined glamping, and we still set the standard. With more than 37,000 acres to explore, including pristine mountain trails and the legendary Blackfoot River, every type of adventure awaits. Find yours at Montana’s premier luxury ranch resort, The Resort at Paws Up . ®

8 6 6 - 2 9 2 - 9 6 1 8

G R E E N O U G H,


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W W W . P A W S U P . C O M




SINCE 1977



Bali Lo Complex

Leha Lo


elcome to the new Necker Island: Sir Richard Branson’s home and private hideaway in the unspoiled British Virgin Islands. Synonymous of ultimate luxury, the secluded island offers a backdrop to indulge in an unmatched beachside getaway with a spotlight on sustainability. Reopening its doors after over a two-year recovery from the devastating impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Necker Island is back and better than ever before, with a featured focus on sustainability. Providing guests with unmatched luxury guest rooms, exquisite views, and ultimate exclusivity, the new Necker Island is back to the top of travel enthusiasts’ destination bucket lists. Guests are able to revel in a brand-new Necker experience which includes a new Great House and Bali Lo Complex. The Great House was restored with two new rooms, totaling to 11 guest rooms. Each of the spacious rooms in the Great House are equipped with a balcony that promotes the alluring panoramic views of the Caribbean, a king-sized bed, and ensuite bathrooms. The accommodations in the Great House are made family friendly with a bunk room, which sleeps up to six children. The Bali Lo Complex is a two-tiered Balinese house with a lounge on the ground floor and the bedroom is above it on the first floor. This complex along with the neighboring Bali Buah and the Bali Kukila were all built in authentic Balinese style and suited for accommodating a couple. There’s also the standalone Leha Lo, a short walk down from the Great House and nestled high above the rocks providing panoramic 180-degree sea views.

The Great House

Simply being sequestered in their room savoring the impeccable views may be delightful enough for some guests. However, Necker Island offers much more than its pleasant placement in the Caribbean waters. The activities provided on this resort are endless allowing for an adventure filled experience. Pursuits vary from sailing, scuba diving, yoga, tennis, spa treatments, and more. For more adventurous travelers, off-site excursions can be arranged for a full or half day expedition. Necker Island is more than just a luxurious vacation destination with stunning scenery and countless activities. Following its reopening, the island has a renewed commitment to sustainability. Its adoption of 1,232 solar panels and three wind

turbines allows for the island to run on 90% renewable energy every day. In line with Sir Richard Branson’s philanthropic efforts across the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio, Necker Island is a member of the Pack for a Purpose initiative that encourages visitors to save a little space in their luggage to bring supplies for local schools or medical clinics in need. Necker Island’s support has aided the exponential growth of area schools allowing for more space and resources for students. Necker is typically reserved for buyout-only visits, however, there are certain weeks of the year where the island opens up for “Celebration Weeks” where guests can book a 7-night stay in an individual room.

While Necker Island has long been the crown jewel of the British Virgin Islands, soon comes the much-anticipated unveiling of a new island – Moskito Island. Situated on a 125acre private island just two miles from sister island Necker, Moskito will go far beyond conventional villa rental and will provide guests with upscale luxury private estates on a beautiful privately owned Caribbean island. The island will be complete with 10 individual luxury estates. Newly available for rent is the 11-bedroom Branson Estate, which exemplifies the pillar of excellence – and new estates will become available for rent this year, all individually designed and exceptionally different. Accompanying the estates is a communal recreational area for guests to take advantage of the many activities based around the Beach House, infinity pool and bar, tennis pavilion, dining pavilions and watersports center. Over on the opposite side of the island from the Branson Estate lies Manchioneel Beach, where guests can enjoy incredible waters paired with lounge-style cabanas and a private dining area. The British Virgin Islands have maintained record low cases of COVID-19 due to strict safety precautions implemented by the BVI government. The staff at the two properties have received new COVID-19 training, are closely in-tune with government guidelines and ensuring that they are continuously one step ahead to keep the safety of their guests and staff a priority.


International Defense K9 is the premier spot for luxury protection dogs in the entire world. Our dogs are in the top 1% of all dogs all while having the perfect temperament and stunning physical beauty. The experience we provide is unmatched with any other competitor. We have shown dogs at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show as well as appeared on the hit A&E show “America’s Top Dog” multiple times. With over 20 years of dog training at the highest level we provide the client a sense of security when it comes to training an elite protection dog. They were on the 2017 USA World championship team for an international K9 protection sport called MondioRing. They made history by being first to ever do this with an American Staffordshire terrier. International K9 Defense has also been featured in books.magazines and newspapers from all over the world for their achievements and work with the breed.


The finest family friendly luxury protection dogs in the world




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Ultimate Pet Dog offers you a chance for a once in a lifetime dog trained exactly to your needs and desires. With numerous dogs already sold we provide clients pet dogs trained the most advanced techniques. We do this by utilizing our highly refined selection program. With over 20 years of experience in the dog industry including showing dogs at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show and appearing on A&E’s “America’s Top Dog”, Ultimate Pet Dog will provide you with the perfect dog that will meet and exceed your expectations.



ollowing a 2020 redesign unveiling, Mondrian Los Angeles, the iconic property on the Sunset Strip, offers a refreshed travel experience in LA, complete with balcony suites, in-room massage offerings through a new partnership with Soothe and a new, delightful food & beverage menu at Skybar, their popular, highly coveted pool top bar with unmatched views over Los Angeles. Nestled atop the hills of West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, the ever-inspiring luxury hotel recently unveiled its 236 pet-friendly redesigned rooms, including its signature Skyview Loft and Penthouse, featuring large balconies, open floor plans, dining areas with whimsical chandeliers, and relaxing, sun-drenched aesthetics. Complete with a new lobby and redesigned meeting spaces, the hotel also debuted an upgraded fitness center. The suites and pool facing rooms offer serene balconies to enjoy the breathtaking views of Los Angeles and beautiful pool ambiance. Their “Spoil Yourself” package includes your choice of in-room treatments by Soothe with a $100 credit and include a take-home Mondrian plush terry robe. Continuing with the whimsical theme of the hotel, the redesign pulls inspiration from the Alice In Wonderland fantasyland combined with the timeless nostalgia of Hollywood glamour meant to incorporate wonder and mystery while creating an inviting, comfortable hotel experience for guests. The guest rooms and suites invite guests to step through a modern-day looking glass and into a sleek and contemporary room with just a touch of whimsy and notice. A soft color palette with hints of blue will evoke the bright, airy, and sunny skies of Los Angeles. The glowing mirrors and light fixtures will conjure the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi, aimed to put guests directly into the spotlight of comfort during their stay. As they enter, they will find themselves tumbling into Wonderland alongside an art installation featuring a cosmopolitan woman falling through space. As guests lie down in the lavish, plush beds, they will be virtually transported through the swirling wallpaper design representative of the rabbit hole and into another dimension meant to calm the mind and body. Follow @mondrianlosangeles on Instagram www.MondrianLosAngeles.com 8440 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA

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Nestled in a quiet stretch of Brush Creek Valley, surrounded by pristine Colorado Wilderness, Frost Creek is the perfect haven to decompress and reconnect amidst nature. Fly fish in pristine rivers, hike and bike scenic trails, tee off for a round on our award-winning golf course designed by Tom Weiskopf, and enjoy easy access to everything you have come to expect from the Rocky Mountains. Are you ready to explore?

– 12 MILES – Vail Valley Jet Center and Eagle County Regional Airport









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For those seeking an exceptional life



Caliza | $15,325,000

French Leave Resort | $15,000,000

Award-winning beachfront Palladian estate elevated with unobstructed beach and sea views. 9 BR, 9 baths, 10,068 sf, main house plus 4 cottages. Swimming pool and standby generator. Gated.

Luxury resort, 8.23 acres harbour front, 20 villas, 2 mega yacht slips, one ski dock, fine-dining restaurant, bar and grill, wedding pavillion and more. Laundry facility and a water treatment plant. Turn key.

Property ID 80971

Property ID 44676







Providence House | $5,950,000

Salt Box | $2,495,000

Overlooking the second fairway this 9,600 sf residence offers a home theater and games room with pool table and wet bar. 5 BR, 7.5 baths with Downsview designed kitchen and standby generator. Gated.

Enchanting 5-BR 4-bath home located in the heart of the historic village. The main house is a 200-year old Loyaltist cottage that was lovingly restored by interior designer Tom Scheerer. 0.3673 acres.

Property ID 43791

Property ID 44598








ust steps from the ocean, Viceroy Santa Monica brings the outside in. Whether you’re lounging poolside or letting your mind drift over a martini, it’s clear: This is the place for slow days and fast company. At the crossroads of Ocean Avenue and Pico Blvd. in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city, this Santa Monica legend with a new edge overlooks the Pacific and is minutes away from an eclectic mix of upscale shopping, dining and entertainment, including the historic Santa Monica Pier. The views from Viceroy Santa Monica are both expanisve and breathtaking. Take in the sunset hues spilling over the Pacific, and watch as the Santa Monica Pier illuminates in the fall of night.

Poolside cabanas at Viceroy provide the perfect space for secluded relaxation. Whether it’s sharing a bottle of champagne among friends, or unwinding with a good book, renting a cabana is a must when staying at the legendary Viceroy Santa Monica. Sugar Palm is the vibrant social hub of Viceroy Santa Monica — the place where one can always find a bit of fun. It’s an experience that defies traditional dining labels – part indoor, part outdoor; part restaurant, part poolside bar scene. Coastal dishes and fine cocktails are served under the shade of palm trees on the terrace. The menu showcases only the freshest local ingredients. It all stands testament to the fact that Sugar Palm is the sunny soul of Viceroy Santa Monica.


The Visionaries & Crafters Behind the World’s Most Cutting-Edge & Timeless Land Rover Defenders • Frame Off Restorations • • LS Swaps • • Quick Turn Arounds • www.OspreyCustomCars.com 910-632-0260



our next destination vacation is waiting for you! Nestled in the heart of Sandy Lane, Barbados, Casablanca Villa is a beautiful blend of luxurious and exotic. Experience island life like never before, with decadent meals prepared by their chef, a personalized cocktail in hand, and private, beautiful gardens. Stroll through the lush two-acre grounds at your own pace and experience the wonders of tropical beauty. You might even come face to face with a green monkey! Casablanca is perfect for the whole family. The 7.000 square-foot villa includes five bedrooms, decked out in exquisite finishings, and attached en-suites for your convenience. Wake up to a Barbados sunrise, throw open your curtains, and walk straight onto your patio and into paradise. The guest cottage has additional bedrooms to sleep your whole party. The two extra bedrooms ensure that 14 people can comfortably enjoy their stay at the Casablanca Villa. King sized beds and gorgeous views from every room make your stay comfortable and bring the tropical landscape right to your door. Once you arrive at Casablanca, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Their experienced staff are committed to making sure your stay lives up to all your holiday expectations. You’ll return home with more wonderful memories than you have room for in your suitcase. With a butler, property manager, and concierge services at your disposal, you can rest easy knowing that all your needs are taken care of and even anticipated. Whether you’re looking for adventure or for some much-needed relaxation, Casablanca has you covered. Their 20-meter-long infinity pool, located in the heart of Casablanca, is the perfect place to get your feet wet with adventure — literally. Organize a swimming race with friends and family, play some water polo, or kick your feet back and watch from a pool deck lounge chair. Host your very own pool party in the surrounding gazebo and terrace, and get the party started with some cannonballs and your favorite tunes! Add in local seafood and your favorite cocktails, and you have an experience you’ll never forget.

For a dazzling night-time adventure, turn your eyes to the stars. Track constellations with the Skyview app, relax under the sparkling night sky with a cocktail in hand, and amp up the romance with some slow tunes. If you’re looking for something low-key, head on over to the media room! Complete with cozy furnishings and plenty of pillows to go around, you can experience island life at a slower pace. Play all your favorite games, from backgammon to checkers, or browse the library for an exciting new read. With access to the free Pressreader app, you can download and read any magazines that strike your fancy. If you’re feeling musical, feel free to try out some Schubert and Lizst on the electronic piano. With a private gym and tennis court on-site, you can experience your regular workout on the beautiful island of Barbados. The Villa is located on the Old Nine Golf Course, so not only do you have gorgeous views from every window, but you can pick up your golf clubs and head on over to golf paradise anytime. Experience world-class cuisine at Casablanca. Request personalized meals or delight in fresh, local dishes prepared by their exceptional chef. Try flying fish — an essential Bajan dish — pudding and souse or all the delicious seafood Barbados has to offer (lobster, crab, fresh fish, and more!). And for dessert? Try Cassava Pone, a decadent cake that will have you asking for seconds. Their chef can accommodate any dietary restrictions.

With local shopping and dining just minutes away from the villa, you can explore all the island has to offer, from distillery tours to sailing, and come home to luxury. Dine at local restaurants, whether you’re looking for a more casual bistro experience or fine dining, or go shopping along the waterfront. Barbados has everything you’re looking for. The gorgeous white-sand beach is only a short walk from Villa Casablanca. Splash in the crystal water of the beach or relax on the shore in a private cabana! The sheltered beach has calm waves for floating and between July and October, you can even come face to face with a Hawksbill turtle! Perfect your tan and bring your favorite beach reading material from the library at Casablanca. The Casablanca team is committed to keeping you and your family safe. They have thorough cleaning protocols, including daily disinfection of surfaces and washing sheets. In the privacy of Casablanca, you rest easy knowing that the villa is safe and virus-free. Whatever your holiday plans, Casablanca is the perfect place to be. The idyllic and private villa is the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. Soak up the Bajan sun and experience island life at its finest. Treat yourself to a vacation you’ll never forget. www.SandyLaneVillasBarbados.com

Move beyond your expectations. Nothing compares. R ESO RTS. L I VSOT H E BYS R E ALT Y.CO M

VAIL VALLEY 970.476.7944

BRECKENRIDGE 970.453.0550

WINTER PARK 970.509.1740

CRESTED BUTTE 970.349.6653

TELLURIDE 970.728.1404


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Where Aspiration


Inspiration. Timberlyne is the new pioneer in wood solutions. Unlock your vision and create a structure enriched by the beauty, sustainability, and strength of wood. Get inspired and connect with our experienced team today!




eshaping Bangkok’s skyline, Rosewood Bangkok Hotel is a 30-story, visually stunning, vertical architectural marvel. Its contemporary form is inspired by the wai, the famous Thai gesture of greeting. The modern silhouette is a creative expression of the Thai spirit. Rich Thai culture is also emphasized by interior design elements and the exquisite water features within the luxury hotel that are a tribute to Bangkok, a city built on water. Rosewood Bangkok is destined to establish a new design icon for the Kingdom’s capital and the world stage. Rosewood Bangkok, which was built by New York architecture firm KDF in 2019, and interior designed by Taipei based Celia Chu Design & Associates, has received 9 top international design awards. Part of the Rosewood brand identity is its concept of each hotel having a unique sense of place, and Rosewood Bangkok has successfully expanded the company’s horizons with a truly Asian identity. “Rosewood Bangkok exemplifies a perfect marriage of destination and our core concept of a modern ultra-luxury hotel experience,” states Sonia Cheng, chief executive officer of Rosewood Hotel Group. “We are thrilled for travellers and residents to experience the warmth of Thai hospitality and the dynamism and beauty of its culture within such a fresh, exciting and radiant retreat.” A closer look at the metallic mesh window screening reveals another iconic Thai motif – the screen is made from the fake nails worn by traditional Thai dancers. “It’s the combination of something very traditional and very open - like Bangkok itself,” says Chu. Celia also says “this project is by my favorite hotel we have designed to date.” Rich Thai culture can be found in many details of the design, from the sunning metallic window mesh made with Thai dance ornaments to the bespoke fanlike crystal light fixture inspired by the traditional dancing spin which adorn the ceiling of the main entrance to receive the first arrival from the guest. Celia layered the richness with luxurious materials, texture and color scheme. She successfully honoured the culture from the external building design and reflected in every corner of the hotel interior.

Rosewood Bangkok features four innovative restaurants and bars, including a brasserie, signature Chinese restaurant, top-floor speakeasy bar and the first upscale organic café situated in a Bangkok hotel. One of the four luxury dining experiences offered at Rosewood Bangkok is the Lakorn European Brasserie, which features a casually chic ambiance with a focus on seasonal culinary flavors from Europe and Thailand.

In the bedrooms and suites, the Thai motifs are more subtle, blending in with a slightly more European look, but the location is still referenced in the pierced screening that separates the living areas from the beds and in the bathroom tiles which have the same pattern as those in the Grand Palace, but executed in brown rather than gold. Thai culture can be found everywhere in the design from the stunning metal Thai dancer screens to the stunning Thai fan that adorns the ceiling of the main entrance. Everything from the external design of the building to the window blinds captures something of the richness of Thai culture. Achieving the global design praise against the biggest global hotel brands and their designers is a huge compliment, says Chu but ultimately the hotel guests are the people they aim to please most so they return again and again. One of the challenges of hotel design is to create a sense of travel and place while maintaining international standards of comfort and facilities. CeliaChu.com RosewoodHotels.com


EXCLUSIVE LUXURY COMMUNITY WITH SERVICE BEYOND IMAGINATION During your next visit to the Palm Beach area, we invite you to golf, dine or just relax on the beach and allow us to pamper your every desire! Here you will find 5-star resort amenities, including a private beach club on southeast Florida's Atlantic coast, premier golf and tennis, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a full-service spa, resort and fitness pools, ocean access for your boating pleasures, and private access to a deep water marina. RSVP Pamela Rudd today to confirm your club tour and FC Experience! Pamela Rudd · Phone: 877-781-7552 · prudd@frenchmanscreek.com FRENCHMANSCREEK.COM

Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club 13495 Tournament Drive - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

71 Ludlow 4B | $3,950,000 71 Ludlow Street PH-4B | $3,600,000 244 Madison Ave Upper-PH | $3,250,000 11 Riverside Drive 7-TW | $1,495,000 Gold St.Street 20-C 8-A | $1,595,000 470306 West 24th | $1,149,000 237470 West 11th24th Street West St.2-B 15A| |$1,400,000 $999,000



et within the glamorous South Beach neighborhood, The iconic Ritz-Carlton, South Beach is the gracious host to travelers visiting the most exotic place in America. The luxury hotel just re-opened last year after having completed a multi-year, property-wide renovation inclusive of guest rooms, suites, spa, Club Lounge, restaurants and bars, lobby, meetings and events spaces, and pool. A refined gateway to the vibrant culture and colorful history of Miami, the reimagination channels the alluring and tropical rhythm of the destination. Inspiration from the lush surroundings of sparkling blue waters, beach, and foliage is coupled seamlessly with the renowned architectural genius of Morris Lapidus in 1953 to create a new hotel that celebrates the exoticism of this magical city. Historical elements of the original landmark Art Deco building are punctuated throughout the design, introducing guests to a nostalgically futuristic space. Designed by the acclaimed firm HBA Miami, the vision for the 376 guestrooms and suites was inspired by Miami’s origins as a vast botanical garden, which later transformed with masterpieces of architecture and a strong cultural heritage to create a uniquely rich amalgam. The result is accommodations that are highly crafted and culturally contextual. The color palette seeks to reflect the blue sparkling waters, orange blossoms, brown hues of Cafecito, and cigars, and the rich golds of flowing rum. The flooring runs through the rooms boldly accented by crisp moldings, and distinct oversized furnishings such as plush, colorful headboards. Blurring the line between home and hotel, guests will be greeted with picturesque areas for entertaining effortlessly framed by the endless ocean view below.

Channeling playful elegance, the spacious lobby has been transformed into a social hub which welcomes guests and locals in ultimate Miami style and splendor. The landmark building’s original architect, Morris Lapidus once said, “if you create the stage setting and it is grand, everyone who enters will play their part,” and the multi-level lobby does just that. A myriad of luxurious materials can be found throughout the design, led by New York based firm Meg Sharpe Interiors, with the focal point remaining the original chrome sphere light wall. A combination of rich bronzes and brasses can be found in the public spaces and bar, which will be a mysterious gem offering a nod to Miami’s role in the Prohibition era. A vision of polished nickels, blackened steels, and communal seating, the main restaurant, Fuego y Mar is a convergence of cultural cuisines, brought to life over fire with both indoor and outdoor dining options. Additionally, the beachfront restaurant and bar, DiLido Beach Club, is completely transformed, as well as enhancements to the recently renovated exclusive Club Lounge, and spa. Designed with the luxury traveler in mind, the resort’s elevated collaborations are geared to enhance the mind, body and soul, ensuring an unforgettable experience unlike any other. Imbibe with a signature confection inspired by the hotel from Aubi & Ramsa Ice Cream, the Miami-based liquor infused ice cream brand. ‘The South Beach,’ is available exclusively on-property, featuring The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach’s custom Havana Club anejo rum, crème brûlée notes and chocolate wafer clusters.

Wellness travelers will want to indulge in treatments designed by luxury skincare line Natura Bissé®, such as the 60-minute Diamond Luminous Facial and 90-minute Diamond Rose Massage, which utilizes revolutionary products from the brand’s coveted anti-aging Diamond Collection that will leave guests shining and bright. Those looking to expand their wardrobe can shop the first Alvin Valley pop up in Miami, exclusively at the resort throughout the summer. Visitors will have the opportunity to shop at the luxury designer’s first beach concept store for three months right on Miami Beach with new offerings including pareos, beach cover-ups, dresses, sarongs, and of course, casual pants. The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach is the oceanfront retreat that inspires deeper, richer experiences in a unique city, full of spontaneity yet graced with genuine care and comfort for guests. A true haven for connoisseurs of culture and tradition.



ppease your creative senses with a visit to The Betsy South Beach situated in the epicenter of the Miami Art Deco District, Ocean Drive. The predominant architectural style of the 1920s and 1930s on Ocean Drive emits a quaint beauty throughout its 900 historically preserved buildings. And today, The Betsy is part of the historic neighborhood that bridges the gap between old-and-new Miami, making it an architectural masterpiece. The Betsy Hotel South Beach is nothing short of historic as it remains the only surviving example of Florida-Georgian architecture on Ocean Drive. This globally recognized property is a family-owned establishment where attention to detail, exceptional food, and appreciation for the arts prevail. Jonathan Plutzik together with his wife Lesley Goldwasser-Plutzik own The Betsy and keep cultural and community programming at its core. Jonathan Plutzik’s Father, Hyam Plutzik who was a three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist in poetry, continues to inspire the ownership family’s love of literature and commitment to artistic programming which includes the Writer’s Room. The Betsy’s family ties doesn’t end with the duo at the helm. Their son Zachary Plutzik serves as the Managing Director and focuses on the property’s digital presence, revenue management, and overall Betsy brand. Over the years, the property has welcomed creatives of all kinds, having hosted over 1,000+ writers in the Writer’s Room at The Betsy. Paying homage to the many writing rooms that existed in the pre-war hotels, the Writer’s Room consists of a working studio space where visiting artists can create, develop their craft and share their work within community programming. In more support of the arts, The Betsy offers residency opportunities for professional artists in all disciplines. Residencies can last up to a week and are free of charge. However, residents must contribute a written piece to the property’s blog, participate in a community event to introduce and discuss their work, and donate a recent publication (if available) to one of The Betsy’s libraries in exchange for their stay. Residencies are only granted through an application process.

She is not only the owner, Lesley Goldwasser-Plutzik she also serves as the art and music curator. When she’s not busy being a finance powerhouse in New York, Lesley is curating the property’s nine rotating galleries throughout the lobby and handpicking the fan-favorite Betsy playlists. Through her work, Lesley elevates the visitor’s experience with captivating and inspirational art while also elevating artists’ work and amplifying its reach. Some of The Betsy’s exhibits have found their way to museums’ permanent collections and in solo shows at some of the most respected art institutions in the world, which speaks to the caliber of what is on display. As an avid champion of arts and diversity, The Betsy celebrates the work by and for diverse communities. The property’s Muhammed Ali exhibit, that encompasses an exclusive collection of photos of Ali when he was in Miami in 1964, and the Michael Halsband exhibit, which features the iconic portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, are only two examples of the diverse art the property features.

While the artwork certainly takes center stage, it’s not the only artistic flare in the building – The Betsy also excels at the art of fine dining. Offering an ample selection when it comes to dining and relieving your cravings – from alfresco options to an incredible indoor ambience. At the signature LT Steak & Seafood guests will encounter a casually elegant dining experience with flavors and techniques from France, Asia, and Latin America using locally sourced ingredients. For those looking for a more relaxed, spontaneous outing, The Alley and La Ventanita are within reach. The Alley is a modern trattoria serving artisanal pizza, handmade pasta, charcuterie, salads, beer, wine, and Italian-inspired cocktails. While over at La Ventanita, a takeout window sitting underneath the beloved poetry rail, offers on-the-go options, including pizza and gelato to enjoy as you make your way to the beach or explore the Art Deco District. Named one of the top boutique hotels in America, The Betsy encompasses simplistic beauty through its elegant design and timeless decor. The 130 rooms spread across two four-story buildings have a contemporary style and accents of Art Deco touches. In 2017, the property expanded to takeover the former Carlton Hotel, a historic transformation on Ocean Drive. The property provides a variety of accommodations that best suit their guests including tranquil rooms, spacious suites, and a glamourous skyline penthouse paired with 1,000-foot wrap-around terrace. An oasis anchoring the quiet end of iconic Ocean Drive, The Betsy is perfectly positioned on one of the most glorious tropical beaches in the world — and has one of the most exciting neighborhoods in America as its backyard. With the lobby being a primary hotspot due to its enlivened art gallery and live jazz seven nights a week, guests who choose to vacation with The Betsy opt in to serene yet lively vibes while conveniently placed at the core of South Beach’s famous Ocean Drive. TheBetsyHotel.com

We are your premiere luxury real estate team, specializing in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale. Whether selecting a primary home, new build, investment property, secondary residence or lot purchase, we have you covered. We are able to provide a vast network of tradesmen and builders. Contact us today. Discover your exceptional new life in the Valley of the Sun.


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scape to the ecological marvel that is Eden Roc Cap Cana, where you can experience the pinnacle of luxury. This hidden Caribbean gem is located on the Eastern tip of the Dominican Republic and preserved within the high-end, beachfront gated community of Cap Cana. Surround yourself with its bountiful culture and history without having to stray far from its blissful beaches, lush vegetation, and perpetually perfect weather. Travel elegantly and stay in the only Relais & Châteaux hotel on the island. At Eden Roc Cap Cana, you can find your personal sanctuary, as the proper promises to uphold the highest standards of hospitality excellence during every stay. Offerings a variety of stays to appease every traveler:

from couples looking for a romantic getaway, friend reunions, solo expeditions and family retreats, Eden Roc Cap Cana has the perfect accommodation to match everyone. The spacious Boutique Suites and Villas feature serene private pools where you can indulge in the truest meaning of relaxation. The villas all come with private pools, chefs, and butler service making a stay in these villas a match made in Caribbean heaven. The three- and four-bedroom villas are perfect for families eager to escape to the warmth of the tropics in style. Over at the Beachfront Suites, guests will find the most romantic, cinematic view of the beachside. And finally, the Oceanfront Bungalows all feature private plunge pools, expansive verandas or balconies, extending the living spaces to offer full privacy, allowing guests to unwind in absolute peace.

As one of the most prized family-friendly hotels in the Caribbean, the property offers an activity for every age. The property encourages the spirit of inquisitive travelers, young and old alike, who long to discover all that the resort has to offer. Eden Roc is an elegant playground for the whole family. A leading wellness destination, guests can step into peace and ultimate relaxation at the property’s luxury spa by Natura Bissé, the first of its kind. Let this world class Dominican Republic paradise reenergize and rejuvenate your spirit. This oceanfront tropical haven includes twelve individual indoor and outdoor treatment rooms where you can select any of the premium wellness treatments including the luxurious Diamond Experience Rose Massage. The wellness center also offers aero yoga structures, an indoor and outdoor aqua blue freshwater pool, and a state-of-the-art gym featuring an in-house personal trainer. Additional amenities, including a Swedish sauna, Hammam rainfall showers, and jacuzzi are sure to make you inhale the calm of paradise and exhale your worries.

Feast with Eden Roc Cap Cana and taste the extraordinarily diverse flavors that come with its refined dining experience that embodies the Relais & Châteaux stamp of excellence. Indulge in the variety of haute cuisine as you find delicious meals for your breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Each restaurant and bar is truly unique, inviting guests to enjoy tasteful cuisine among its striking decor and rare identity. With Mediterraneo, treat yourself to the Dominican Republic’s premium fine dining experience. The restaurant is inspired by the resort’s founding principles: European Inspiration, Perfected in the Caribbean. BLUE Bar + Grill features fusion culinary offerings, an alluring bar and wine showcase, cigar cellar, and poolside rotisserie. Relax by the Caribbean Sea and enjoy the exquisite cuisine of the newly-renovated La Palapa. At La Palapa, the freshest fish and seafood is expertly prepared and can be enjoyed in varying styles: sushi, flavorful ceviche, or paired with handmade gnocchi and pasta. Top it all off by stopping by either of the resort’s glamorous bars, Riva or Uva. Revel in your passion for wines, spirits and fun cocktails and let yourself savor the essence of Caribbean paradise. EdenRocCapCana.com

AR Interiors De s i gn. You r. D re a m . H o m e .






elcome to one of the world’s most magical destinations, One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives. A place where turquoise clear waters meet cloudless azure skies. Where Indian Ocean breezes sway lush palms. A tropical paradise fringed with 12 pristine beaches. Your very own private island escape A drift in endless turquoise waters and cloudless sky, you’ll feel time stop and stand beautifully still. Fringed with towering palms and white sandy beaches, encircled by a string of vibrant coral atolls, this is a private paradise that must be seen to be believed. Let hours melt away as you explore the island, discovering hidden coves and secluded spots. Or join the buzz of the beach club, restaurants, and bars – it’s as lively as you wish to make it.

As night falls over your stand-alone villa, let starspeckled ocean views lull you to sleep. Wake to an exotic dawn chorus, stepping straight onto your private stretch of sand or your sun-kissed deck above crystal waters. Step out to savor your pool or suspended hammock, perfect for reading and afternoon naps. Sliding glass doors disappear to bring the colors, sounds, and sweet sea air in. Into chic, muted interiors where you can unwind in ultimate comfort enjoying the personalized service of your Concierge. Experience the absolute best of Maldivian and international cuisine within their eight incredible restaurants. The exciting curation of dining, bar and lounge options, set in breathtaking ocean venues, will tantalise your senses.



1819 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401 • Phone: (310) 260-7500 VICEROYSANTAMONICA.COM • @VICEROYSM



exican charm comes to life at One&Only Palmilla, the stunning Los Cabos resort, immersed between blues skies and the azure sea.

Rediscover the wonders of Mexico. Dive into the Sea of Cortez with your loved ones, step into a world of glamour with authentic dining experiences by the ocean and experience how it feels to be truly alive once more. One & Only Palmilla welcomes you with an open heart to their legendary private resort. The people of Palmilla are the beating heart of the legendary Baja retreat. They are masters of their craft; generations of butlers, barbers, shamans and chefs who have dedicated their life to create joy.

A place of legend and legacy, Palmilla is a world within a world; a place where guests come to escape and leave as part of something. One & Only Palmilla exists to create joy. It’s their way of sharing their legacy with the world; creating a home away from home, where people feel part of something and truly cared for. A place where people feel elevated and adventurous, but above all they feel free.

RONI LYNN D. GALLERY 329 Worth Avenue • Palm Beach, Florida, 33480 www.ronilynndoppelt.com • ronilynndoppelt@gmail.com Cell 561-271-8775

UNICORN • ACRYLIC • THREE OF 48”x48” Roni Lynn Doppelt has been creating various forms of art since the early 1980’s. She began with acrylic and watercolor abstract paintings and subsequently expanded into colorful creations on glass. She found a special talent for sculpture and has enjoyed creating numerous bronze pieces as well as alabaster sculptures. Her latest artistic adventures are mixed-media heart collages and abstract scapes of all kinds.

Ha’ikaua Village Unparalleled Private Compound Kona, Hawai’i

Ha’ikaua Village, known

as the Crown Jewel of the Kona Coast, is its own gated peninsula. Privacy, anonymity, safety and security are all assured. Five separate buildings on five separate contiguous parcels with spectacular 360° view of the ocean, two bays, and the mountains.A once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a truly extraordinary hawaii property.


808-746-9100 | 818-371-3000 aa@vanguard-inc.com vwww.vanguardinla.com


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’ve had the fortune to travel all over the world, and there’s no place like New York City. My life is more exciting because I am in the center of the universe surrounded by impressive architecture, world-class restaurants, and amazing human capital. This city attracts the talents of the best and brightest minds and relies on these individuals to keep this major economy in motion. As I work with high-end property sales, I constantly question: What is luxury? My first lesson on the subject was as a student in Rome while on my first long term stay in Western Europe. Culture and history fuse for a sensory experience like no other. The seamless fabric of historical monuments, high end shops, and restaurant decor changed my perception of enjoyment and “good taste” forever... I loved Italy so much that I went back to live there for two years after college; this time in Milan which schooled me on the language, influenced my sense of fashion, and the way I define luxury. I take this with me as I guide my clients toward their dream homes in New York City. Some say luxury is anything that feels special. This year everything looked and felt different. Luxury was health, wellness, and extra space. As people were going to be home so much, they needed a quiet space to work and a different quiet space to relax. One of the things I loved about my little apartment when I lived in Milan was the teeny outdoor space built in to enjoy fresh air. That’s both hard to come by and more important than ever in New York. This season on MDLNY, we’ve seen homes with up to four separate balconies or even a private outdoor pool on 3,000 square feet of outdoor space. That’s even more luxurious now than in 2019!

New York is the city where no matter what luxury means to you, you can find it. We represent sellers that define luxury as quietude and privacy. The property is a full floor residence with windows that create a sense of sanctuary within the home. Recent buyers of ours defined luxury as one-of-kind and they were drawn to the Upper East Side. The neighborhood provides incredible and rare pre-war architecture, which affords you spacious ceiling heights, thicker walls, and ornate details. The area is also known for doorman buildings with white glove service, which provides safety, convenience, and old-world charm. Another buyer we represent, defined luxury as cutting-edge restaurants, nightlife, and the Hudson River Parkat his front door. As such, he is drawn to TriBeCa. You get this fantastic uptown/downtown feel. It’s bustling, but still family friendly. This neighborhood is known for its 19th century mercantileinspired architecture, lofts, and wide streets. To me, TriBeCa is all about the luxury of cubic space (most of the apartments are open lofts with large floor plates). Of course, you have plenty of dining options, from brunch at Bubby’s to dumplings at China Blue to smoked whitefish toast in an old carriage house at Smith & Mills. Plus, it’s walkable to SoHo and The West Village. Yes. Luxury is relative and to enjoy it, you need a clear vision of YOUR version of indulgence and gratification. In my early 20s, there was nothing more luxurious to me than living in Europe the experience influenced my perspective and altered my point of view. Now, living in New York City in a pre-war, doorman building, with enough space for my kids to run around makes me feel like I have “made it.’’ How awesome it is to envision what we want, go out and get it for ourselves, and then look higher to where else we may go? There’s always another level to aspire to, a place to make us wonder who we’d have to grow ourselves into being to live there.



tep into a space built by Florida’s leading developer, The Related Group, and there is always an air of elevated living – from the architecture and art, to forward-thinking wellness features and prime locations – every detail is curated with purpose. As one of the country’s largest real estate conglomerates, The Related Group has earned international status for its visionary buildings with a commitment to enhancing the communities in which it builds. Some of their latest projects across the state are no exception – trophy properties pushing boundaries and raising the bar for the future of living. Baccarat Residences, Brickell A crown jewel set to rise in the heart of Miami’s financial district, the glittering 75-story Baccarat tower is the latest world-class luxury property to join Related’s extensive legacy portfolio of condominiums. Dreamed up in collaboration with leading hospitality brand SH Hotels and Resorts, the bespoke building will feature a collection of 360 luxury residences including tower residences plus an exclusive selection of penthouses and riverfront villas. All spaces are curated to maximize the property’s coveted location with panoramic views of the Miami River, Biscayne Bay and city skyline. Inspired by the Baccarat’s storied crystal creations, the building’s bold architectural identity with a chiseled, glass façade will create an interplay of light that mirrors the sparkling waters below. Interiors blend 18th-century French design and 1930’s Art Deco to create a uniquely Miami feel with handcrafted Baccarat crystals gracing nearly every surface and signature pops of red creating sumptuous environments worthy of the legendary French brand.

Bespoke residences feature private elevators that open up to airy open concept living areas with perfectly crafted interiors and floor to ceiling glass leading to expansive outdoor terraces framing panoramic water views. Ranging from 1,330 to over 7,000 square-feet, each home comes equipped with integrated wellness technology to enhance overall wellbeing. Owners will have access to expertly managed five-star amenities including a fitness and wellness center featuring a hammam, steam room, sauna, yoga and meditation spaces. Owners will be endlessly entertained via a luxurious Clubroom with billiards, private screening room, game room, wine cellar with tasting room, private dining room with Chef’s kitchen and more. Outdoor living is enhanced by lushly landscaped gardens, multiple pools and private cabanas, interactive water playground, and a marina with private water taxi service. Additional perks include a full-service salon and barber shop, pet spa, signature riverfront restaurant and Beach Club Membership at 1 Hotel South Beach.

Solemar, Pompano Beach A showpiece for the city of Pompano Beach, the 105-residence boutique beachside building is the only on-the-sand luxury offering in the dynamic coastal enclave – offering a wellness-forward elevated beach lifestyle. The undulating façade of the 20-story tower by Arquitectonica is designed to mirror the ocean’s rippling waves just steps away. Solemar affords a true indoor-outdoor living experience, with over 25,000 square feet of open outdoor space covering two amenity terraces featuring hammock lounges, firepits, barbeque grills, a poolside café and sunrise/sunset terraces—all set along 250 linear feet of pristine beachfront. Residents will enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness center overlooking the tropical poolside sanctuary, spa treatment rooms, a theater, wine salon and club room. Indoors, private elevators deliver homeowners directly to their residences that include floor plans spanning 2,000 to 2,600 square feet, as well as a limited collection of penthouses spanning 4,600 square feet. Interiors by Meyer Davis embody relaxed sophistication, with an aesthetic that highlights soft muted tones and natural materials. Each home is appointed luxury finishes including kitchens with Italian cabinetry and Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, sprawling master bathrooms with soaking tubs, and the latest smart home technologies. In line with the building’s ethos to promote residents’ overall well-being, each home comes wired with Delos’ DARWIN, a Home Wellness Intelligence Network designed to help enhance energy, sleep, and reduce indoor contaminants. www.SolemarBeach.com

Ritz-Carlton Residences, Tampa Paying homage to its location along the Hillsborough Bay, the boutique waterfront tower artfully blends high design, The Ritz-Carlton’s unmatched five-star service, and a wellness-forward living experience to create a first-of-itskind condominium in the Tampa Bay area. The exclusive residential tower features 89 luxury residences and a selection of 12 townhome-style villas ranging from 2,400 to 11,000 square feet. In line with the long-standing tradition of excellence synonymous with The Ritz-Carlton name, The Residences will include 12,000 square-feet of premier, resort-style amenity spaces with every element carefully conceived to create an oasis of sophistication. Sprawling outdoor spaces inclusive of various lounge areas, a regulation-sized tennis court and expansive pool deck with private cabanas and full-service F&B options. Museum-quality artwork including sculptures and murals, part of Related’s DNA, will be prominently featured throughout the property’s lobby, backyard and on-site public park. With wellness at the forefront, the building will also feature a state-of-theart purification system and touchless entry, in-residence wellness technology, along with a state-of-the-art wellness and fitness center with separate yoga rooms, private treatment rooms for on-demand spa services. An ownersonly wine-tasting room, theater, golf and sports simulator, children’s playroom, and business center with private offices complete an unbelievable suite of offerings that will make owners never want to leave. www.TheResidencesTampa.com

Photograph by ONE Sotheby’s International Realty


Photograph by ONE Sotheby’s International Realty


uilt on a foundation of quality and a passion for artful living, leading luxury real estate brokerage ONE Sotheby’s International Realty is paving the way in a rapidly evolving industry. With offices spanning from Miami and Key Biscayne to Vero Beach and Melbourne, the company is rapidly expanding across Florida’s East Coast – with no slowing down in sight. Marking a banner year in 2020 while faced with historic changes as a result of the pandemic, the brand adapted to stay current and support their agents to deliver record results. We sat down with the company’s founder and CEO Mayi de la Vega, and president Daniel de la Vega, to talk about the booming market and future of luxury living. Elevated: You have managed to curate a unique real estate brand that is recognized around the world, how does ONE Sotheby’s International Realty set itself apart? Mayi de la Vega: We don’t sell real estate; we sell a lifestyle in one of the world’s most appealing place to live, work and play. Nothing compares or competes with the power of the Sotheby’s brand and we are proud to work with agents who understand the industry and can expertly advise clients on lifestyle and investment decisions with a superior level of service. From our unrivaled global network to our forward-thinking technology and marketing techniques – we are driving the evolution of real estate and hyper-focused on empowering our agents to do their jobs better than anyone else in the business.

How did the pandemic impact your business? Daniel de la Vega: Facing challenges with an innovative mindset is in our DNA. We launched the company in 2008 during a global recession, and we are now in 20 offices with more than 1,000 agents. Our culture is everything and we pride ourselves in being resilient, adaptable, and coming together as a team during tough times. The disruption caused by COVID-19 inspired us to intensify our shift to digital, with a new award-winning website, virtual open houses, an ad-builder app and other innovations that kept our agents productive. We also launched programs to support our community and the impact our team made was extremely gratifying. I say that in crisis we don’t merely survive, we thrive. Currently the market across Florida’s East Coast is booming, what are you seeing on the ground? Why is the region so in demand right now? Daniel: Our market experienced an incredible evolution during the pandemic with a staggering increase in demand from buyers looking for a lifestyle change. With remote work came the realization that if you can live anywhere, why not relocate to a city that offers the best of everything? People are flocking to Florida because of the economic advantages, less urban density and warm weather – but they are staying because of the culture and lifestyle that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. This shift has created unprecedented demand with a historic lack of inventory and a reset in pricing that we have never seen before. Our agents are working harder than ever before to match their clients with their dream homes and our company’s tools, technology and unrivaled global network are more relevant now than ever before.

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Photography by iUSE Photography for Allan Kleer & Fabian Garcia-Diaz

Photographs by iUSE for Rachel & Roy Bemeir, ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Do you believe this market shift is here to stay? Mayi: This migration isn’t just a “moment” - I feel strongly that it is a long-term movement. There are major firms in the finance and tech industries opening offices or relocating here, expanding business and the workforce across the coast. The feeling is electrifying! These decisions and investments are not being made on a whim, they are well thought out by some of the country’s leading executives and in turn are reshaping the growth and future of the region. How do you envision the future of luxury living? Mayi: The pandemic was a strong indicator for how buyer preferences are shifting, with more of a focus on residences that cater to open lifestyles and access to private amenities. For single-family homes, buyers are looking for expansive outdoor spaces and extra rooms for athome offices, gyms, and kids learning and play areas. For condos, we see people gravitating toward boutique, low density buildings with large outdoor terraces and amenities that make them feel at home. People want privacy but are also social in nature and want to live among likeminded individuals who they can connect with – whether that be in their neighborhood or a vertical community like a condo building. This trend will continue to drive development and the future of luxury living.

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There is nothing like this home on the entire Gulf Coast

15 Colley Cove Drive Gulf Breeze, FL

11,700 square feet of meticulously defined living space on 450 feet of deep water with a pristine white sand beach, next to a 17 acre nature preserve. Refined. Elegant. Private. Seductive. A stunning, ultra luxury waterfront estate built on Pensacola Bay. This deepwater fishermans haven, is located in a private gated community of just 7 homes, encapsulated by a 17 acre nature preserve.

If you have dreamed of a rare, deep water luxury estate with meticulously defined single level living, upscale finishes, peaceful and private surroundings, and every desire satisfied, your dream is real. And ready for you to own.



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hen Dedee Pfeiffer left Hollywood ten years ago, the current Big Sky star had decided that it was time for a huge change. She had achieved success on the television series Cybill, For Your Love and countless other shows and in films opposite George Clooney, Keanu Reeves and Michael Douglas. Now the single mother of two boys found herself wanting to do something meaningful by bringing light to a world she noticed was becoming darker than she had ever seen. It was her passion for helping those in need that led the actress to Los Angeles’s Pierce and Valley Colleges. “I told the admissions counselor that I wanted to help people. He asked what degree I wanted. I said you tell me. He laughed and said that’s not the way it works! New to college, clearly I did not know how it worked. To say I learned a lot about an assortment of things is an understatement!” It took the determined student ten years to achieve her academic goals. She was excited to earn her transfer to California State University Northridge resulting in her Bachelor of Psychology Degree. Then, “Finally, I was off to UCLA to earn my Master of Social Work degree! My concentration focuses on people experiencing homelessness, substance use and mental illness. I was preparing for a

totally different career path than what I had been doing as a performer for most of my adult life!” says Pfeiffer. For Pfeiffer, helping those living with an addiction is personal. Three years sober, the self-admitted former wild child is very upfront and vocal about her years of quietly struggling with her addiction and trauma. “Everyone’s bottom looks different... I hit mine in my 50’s! Better late than never!” she laughs. “I was finally done allowing my high functioning addiction keep me from being everything I could be, for not only my boys, but myself.” She reveals she did not want to go to the light as her father did with his untreated alcoholism, never reaching his possible potential. Pfeiffer credits her famous television producer brother-in-law, David E. Kelley for her sudden deviation from a career in social work in favor of returning to Hollywood. “David texted me asking if I was still acting? He had a perfect role for me on a new ABC series called Big Sky? My answer was YES!!!” How was Pfeiffer going to raise two boys on a social worker’s salary? “I hadn’t a clue! David inadvertently threw me a lifeline!” She admits that she has auditioned for him multiple times, but never landed a role! That is until the role of Denise came along at just the right time!”

After a successful first season with overwhelming praise from fans and critics, ABC has announced a second season for Big Sky. Ahead of season one, Deadline described her character thusly, “Pfeiffer who is Kelley’s sister-in-law, will play Denise Brisbane, the brash office manager at P.I. firm Dewell and Hoyt who does her best to keep the peace amongst her colleagues while simultaneously exemplifying someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. She’s part psychologist, part Den Mother, and always the biggest presence in the room.” It has not been lost on Pfeiffer that she has come full circle since leaving Hollywood to pursue her academic journey. This time around she has both feet planted on the ground, has made life-altering choices, tackled academia, is in recovery and has come out tougher, wiser, and more vulnerable in favor of truth. Now at 57, the one-time “Wild Pfeiffer” and Playboy centerfold finds herself on a hit primetime network show. “Life is what I make of it. I can choose to exist or live. When I went to rehab, I chose to live. The chance I took by addressing my addiction and trauma has left me with a genuine feeling of freedom because let me tell you, it is exhausting hiding, dodging, and running from your truth! I am a grateful actor who has a Master of Social Work degree and has a deep passion for helping those in need. My dream is to combine these two aspects of my life in order to impact others on a larger scale. I don’t have all the answers. I do have life experience and now an education that comes with great responsibility to give back. My hope is that my doing versus telling my boys to do the right thing will leave them with life skills needed to be the best that they too can be!“




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