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For men who don’t need GPS to know where they stand.

Saxon One It’s our rough edges that testify real character. The Saxon One with its bold, timeless design lends this conviction a new form: elegant, dynamic, distinctive. And created with exactly that perfection which has made the predicate “Made in Glashütte” into a world-famous promise of quality. Saxon One · sweep minute stop chronograph · 6420-05 MADE FOR THOSE WHO DO.

TO OBTAIN FURTHER INFORMATION IN NORTH AMERICA, PLEASE CONTACT Tutima USA, Inc. • 1-877-488-8462 • info@tutimausa.com • www.tutima.com

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Stainless steel case, selfwinding movement with chronograph and date


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9/1/17 8:05 A



Residential Commercial Specializing in Rooftop Pool & Spa Installations Spas Swimming Pools Glass-Walled Pools & Spas Swim Spas Cold Plunge Pools Water Features Luxury Custom Bath Fixtures Built to Client Specifications Artistic Durable Sophisticated

1.800.951.spas (7727) 720.864.9115 fax 866.605.2358 www.diamondspas.com info@diamondspas.com

Diamond Spas

Custom Stainless Steel & Copper Aquatic Products

A r c h i t e c t : Jose Fernando Vasquez/HM Architects

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residences at Puerto Los Cabos are not owned, developed or sold by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. or its affiliates (“Ritz-Carlton”). Banco Invex S.A., Institución de Banca Múltiple, Invex Grupo Financiero División Fiduciaria, Fideicomiso 192 Puerto Los Cabos - FONATUR 192 and Fideicomiso 283 “Puerto Los Cabos III” (jointly and severally) use The Ritz-Carlton marks under a license from Ritz-Carlton, which has not confirmed the accuracy of any of the statements or representations made herein. The developer reserves the right to change or modify plans, materials, specifications without notice. Renderings and maps are artist’s conceptions and may differ from finished product. This is not an offering for sale in any jurisdiction where the project is not registered. E.&O.E.




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America’s Greatest Alpine Skier Striking Gold Again



Becoming an Acting Sensation

Aspen’s Artist with a Dallas Twist

Creating the Perfect Wine Cellar

Melissa Rivers writes about mother, Joan Rivers with Scott Currie, Vegas Gold


YACHTS > Life is better aboard 100ft Superyacht in the Italian Riviera

ELEVATED Luxury Life

FALL 2017








A Gem in the American Riviera


From Aspen to South Beach; the most fabulous places across the U.S.



From the Palisades & Aspen to Belize, Hawaii & Beyond



Getting Crafty in the Shade with this Outdoor Living Essential



FASHION > Falling Forward to Winter (Luis Trenker Berg Ski Parka)



The hottest new place to retire

live life luxuriously


Enjoy every day exactly as you wish while exploring the world’s most beautiful places. Everything is included — from flights to excursions and from gourmet dining to unlimited WiFi. Allow us to take care of every detail as you sail aboard our luxuriously appointed, perfectly-sized ships to more than 450 destinations in the company of an intimate group of newfound friends. You really can have it all aboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises®.


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Elevated Luxury Life



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The Highlander is our new spin on the well-known Scottish staple: The pebbled-grain oxford. Our take includes cushiony leather, and a VibramÂŽ sole to take on the wet streets of its roots. Cheers!

Free shipping and returns. Order online or call 844.482.4800.

‘ LETTER PUBLISHERS Fall, like spring, is a period of anticipation, reflection. The summer having passed again oh so quickly, we now look forward to that glorious winter season ahead. Myself being an avid snowboarder, this time of the year is thrilling as the resorts begin to open in November. For those of you that don’t head to the snow, it’s that time when you begin heading back to and other fantastic tropical locations. I am honored and thrilled that at this time leading into the winter season we have the incredible, legendary Bode Miller gracing our covers. Such an inspiration, an amazing individual, to say the least. Featuring the phenomenal Ray Fisher is also quite an honor. Then into our fantastic features on yachts, wine cellars, jet set travel and winter wonderland magic, fashion including the likes of Corum, Tutima, and Obermeyer, to the absolutely unparalleled, entrepreneurial artist hailing from Aspen and Dallas, Christoper Martin, we leave no stone unturned, thanks to our unparalleled Editor-in-Chief, Whitney Hubbell.

FALL 2017



Thank you once again for spending time with us. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming fall soiree or two! Enjoy the fall. Reflect on the summer. Think ahead with glorious anticipation to the winter, wherever you might find yourselves.

- Michael Bracewell

‘ LETTER EDITOR'S Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season. It’s a transitional time; the leaves change color, the temperature drops and you can finally pull out your chunky sweaters and leather riding boots. It’s also a time for reflection. I spent my summer on Nantucket, (as pictured) and as a ‘mountain girl,’ I never thought I’d spend much time on the island. But I obviously loved every minute of it and cherish those seaside memories. Presenting these fall issues now, a similar notion of reflection transpires. As a skier, I’m beyond thrilled to have Bode Miller, an all-star skier, on our covers. I’ve followed Bode’s outstanding career since I was a child, and fan-girled a little when we landed him on the cover. My mother was the perfect person to write the piece; the woman who taught me how to ski and how to write; so it seemed only fitting to have the master herself, write the masterpiece. These pages also contain a unique underdog story about Ray Fisher, a stage actor turned silver screen superhero. And then we move into luxury superyachts, innovative supercars, outrageous real estate, and a jet set spread for our globetrotting recommendations. I hope you enjoy our fall content and take time to reflect during this transitional season. Thank you for reading!








w w w . a m e r y a c h t s . c o m


BODE MILLER “Experience The Bomber Difference� Available at select stores in the US, exclusive resorts throughout Europe, the Bomber Madison Avenue Gallery and at bomberski.com

www.bomberski.com | 212.980.2442 538 Madison Avenue


Bode Miller Mr. Impossible gives us insight into the inner workings of what drives him, then & now.



35 FALL 2017

course faster than a speeding bullet with two razor sharp planks underfoot chattering like a freight train. A shadow suddenly changes the light, an unanticipated rut in the snow tips you back an inch, an infinitesimal mistake can result in sudden death. As an elite athlete you’re super fit, one of the greatest and the fastest of all time, and yet in a mere 25 seconds (a quarter of the way down) your body is maxed out. Your legs are burning. The blood is rushing from your head to accommodate the enormous needs in your massive muscles and you may even feel light headed. According to Bode Miller, the number one American skier of all time decorated with six Olympic medals, during the one and a half minute downhill, the race seems even shorter than those 110 seconds. “At these speeds (90mph) your brain is working so quickly and your body is trying to keep up so fatigue rapidly overtakes you,” says Miller. But downhill racing is a mere fraction of Bode’s feats all those years on the World Cup Circuit. He was not a one trick wonder. The record he set in 2005 by winning in each of four World Cup disciplines (Slalom, GS, Super G and Downhill) is often overlooked. Later when a fifth event was added, the Combined, Bode Miller won all five disciplines in a single season. The skill set is extremely different for these varied races and most pros are able to specialize in only one for their entire career, let alone come up with the energy and capability to race all the events at each World Cup. As Bode says, “It’s like a track star who does long jump, high jump, the 100 meter sprint, and javelin…it’s one thing to compete, but to beat the best in the world in these different events requires more than sheer athleticism (of which he has an abundance) because the mental component and the tactics and ability to compete are crucial.” The slalom requires intense fast tight turns, the downhill demands transcendent speed and weathering the steeps, the GS is the midrange of the two. You get the idea. Once he won all five events in a 17 day period. Mr. Impossible.



magine accelerating down an icy Alps World Cup


36 FALL 2017

Defying the naysayers who questioned his technique, (including coaches, press, comrades) Bode’s non-conformist approach, his creativity, and reckless abandon during the races set him apart as a champion. “The idea was to be unbeatable,” Bode says. “I had to do it my way. Their way may have worked, but I had to find out for myself.” Like Edison, who said he discovered 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb before succeeding, Bode says, “I figured out 10,000 things that didn’t work. In racing if one thing goes wrong it can be catastrophic. The margins in racing are so small. I may have failed a 100 times, but I knew in my heart that I was willing to take the risk to be the best.” When asked if he were to define the total commitment that being the best-of-all-time entails to his teenage son years from now (he has children who are 7, 4, 2 years old and 10 months old), he doesn’t hesitate: “Lack of quit. Athletes can be mentally broken. If you just won’t quit, you can overcome all the adversity you encounter.” It’s not unlike a tennis match, another sport where Bode excels since learning at his grandparents tennis academy in Franconia, N.H. where he grew up. “In tennis, you lose hundreds of points. You have to lose many matches. You have to never give up.” At one point Bode even tried out for a wild card spot at the US Open Tennis tournament. “Tennis makes many of the same demands on your body as ski racing: balance, explosive power, mental strength and most of all, it is always different.” What other athletes might call perseverance, Bode calls his ability to hang in there, “stubbornness. I knew it was a long journey and I had to be stubborn to endure and attain that high level.” Six Olympic medals. Five different Olympic games, beginning in 1998 and all the way to Sochi in 2014. Gold at Vancouver in the Super Combined. Winner of 33 World Cup Races. Two overall World Cup Crowns. Mr. Impossible. His is a Cinderella story, from humble beginnings in a log cabin his parents built in the New Hampshire woods with no plumbing or electricity. “We did have running water. It was just outside,” he jokes, mentioning a stream near the house. His childhood was modest but not unhappy. With his three siblings, the forests, hills, and streams were their playground, which established

Top: Matterhorn Crew Sweater, $495, (aztechmountain.com).





38 FALL 2017

a close relationship with nature and his environment. Early on, his coaches at the ski academy in Maine where he received a scholarship realized that Bode had a more intimate relationship with the mountains than his peers. He’d learned to ski on his own on hand-me-down skis and boots that were too big for him. He was forced to use his whole body to make a turn, jumping up to unweight the big skis. His analytical approach was beginning to hone itself at age 17 as he studied his own snowboarding equipment. He observed how easy it was to make turns on this cumbersome board, much bigger in comparison to straight plank skis. He noticed the waist of the snowboard where it narrowed and how the tip and tails grabbed the snow in the turn. At K2, which supplied his skis, he identified a beginner ski that also had this unusual shape and asked to use it. He was told these skis didn’t work for racers, and the ‘parabolic shape’ was a crutch. They had tried it years ago and it failed. Bode wanted to try it again anyway, much to the cynics’ dismay. No one else on the junior or pro race circuit used shaped skis. No one else had the foresight of Bode. That year at the junior Olympics, he won a remarkable three out of four races. Everyone was astounded. “I got on those skis and it was a completely different ballgame,” Miller remembers. Even now, 20 years later, Bode recalls he won by an unheard of two seconds in these junior Olympic races: that is the power of Bode’s prescience. “I wouldn’t have made the Olympic team without those skis,” which are now the standard for all skis, pro and recreational. By the next year all the racers wanted Bode’s kind of skis, and ironically, his innovation caused him to shift back in the results to the middle of the pack again, as the older kids began winning with

the shaped skis too. Now Bode has his sights set on another speed sport with two minute times: horseracing. “It is inherently a sport that doesn’t encourage change,” he says. Enter Bode Miller. Thinking outside the box is his specialty. He intends to bring sports science, nutrition, and physics to a sport he says is well suited to adaptations. “The records in horseracing haven’t been broken in 30 years. If that occurred in another sport, track or swimming, it would be crazy if that was happening. I want to figure out how to move the needle.” And Bode will likely figure it out. The same way he conceived how to design a better jacket. A simple thing, a ski jacket. But Bode supposed if you could use top quality materials and make small batches and design for 100% functionality in every situation, on the mountain and out to dinner, that a better jacket might be had. His designs for Aztech Mountain clothes are made in Italy using the latest innovative fabrics. Aztec, named after the steepest trail on Aspen Mountain where the World Cup finals are run and where Bode debuted as commentator for NBC, a gig he will continue. Asked what makes his other business venture, Bomber skis special, Bode says, “We have no trade secrets. There’s no mystery to making a ski. We don’t try to trim costs on the materials and make money on volume like most ski manufacturers. We use the very best materials, (wood, glass, rubber) available and make each ski by hand in Italy.” If you have any doubts about what this ski will do for you check out Bode as he channels James Bond in a Bomber film on Youtube. Now, at 40, Bode enjoys testing and innovating just as he did with his


39 FALL 2017

Top: Loge Peak Quilted Shirt, $795, (aztechmountain.com).


40 FALL 2017

young body constantly pushing himself out of his comfort zone. And now as then, he has fun with it. He says if you find your motivation, you can take whatever consequences are inevitable. “To pursue that high level, I had to think outside what’s happening at the moment.” Asked if he sees a resemblance in his career to Lewis Hamilton, the top Formula One race car driver, who also defies conformity by racing with a technique he developed when he was young: brake at the end of the turn rather than the beginning. “I see a lot of similarities. I would come into the turn carrying maximum speed,” Bode says of his unique racing approach. “I would sit back and then deal with what happens. In skiing, if you brake too soon, there’s no gas pedal to regain your speed. This approach gave me the ability to gain time and beat the best in the world. It helped me figure out how to win.” Even if it drove his coaches crazy. Recently, Bode Miller told the US Ski Team that he is done. “It was a long stretch,” he says, “I started when I was 19. I saw two generations of racers come and go.” He has the longest pro ski career in history at 18 years. He is the oldest man ever to win an Olympic Alpine medal. But life’s meaning comes in many forms and, like a race course, it changes often. Now, with his wife, Morgan Beck, a pro volleyball player, he says, “we are a team 100%. And (referring to his four children) we are outnumbered.” He used to lift his two youngest as weights when he was

Jan Hadwen Hubbell is an award winning writer, journalist and poet. Her screenplay, A Perfect Gentleman, has won five major awards including the L.A. Film Festival for best comedy. The Democracy of Poets, in which she is featured, was a finalist at the Colorado Book Awards. She was chosen for Sugar Mule’s “Women Writing Nature” poetry series. Previously, she was a business writer on Wall Street.

training for skiing. He’d jump on the trampoline with them. He’d chase them around. “I still do that,” he says, “I drive them everywhere and get them to bed and get them up and ready for school.” Yes, even Mr. Impossible does that. And all the while, as NBC commentator, ski inventor, ski wear designer, horserace gamechanger, dad and husband, he still has time to run his Turtle Ridge Foundation, an organization he created for under privileged and disabled children. “You always want to give back, and this is an important piece of my life.” He runs an annual golf and tennis classic in California where he lives that helps fund the charity. Racing a World Cup Downhill at 90 mph, it is very hard to stop. Akin to Newton’s law of motion: A Bode in motion stays in motion. And Bode isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Top: Matterhorn Crew Sweater, $495, Independence Pass Softshell, $475, (aztechmountain.com). Bottom: Team Aztech Ski Pant, $725, (aztechmountain.com).





Visit us in February 2018 at the ISPO in Munich.


FASHION A New Reckoning of Time Tutima was established in 1927 and developed the first wristwatch in Glashütte, Germany. Still family owned and operated today, Tutima continues its rich tradition of crafting exceptional instrument watches with their newest collection fully created in Glashütte; the watch mecca of Germany. Each timepiece from the “Made in Glashütte” collection clearly demonstrates how this family brand is motivated by passion for innovation, values, and a clear conviction to strive for excellence.

FALL 2017

The Admiral’s Cup range has been sailing the seas for more than 50 years, while the Bridges line has brought light to the watchmaking world for 35 years. Several models in the Heritage collection, such as the 20 Dollars Coin Watch, have left an enduring mark on watchmaking. Meanwhile, the watchwords of the Bubble range are modern and creative – when Fine Watchmaking becomes legendary.


Praised for the aesthetic quality and technical excellence of its models, the Corum brand is proud to perpetuate the values and expertise of fine watchmaking while continuing to look towards the future by creating the watches of tomorrow, today.

Saxon One Chronograph, Royal Blue.

Tempostopp Perspective

Golden Bridge Stream, Corum Bridges Collection, Model No. B313/03296. Coin Watch, The Heritage Collection, Model No. C082/03167.


Iconic Timepieces from Switzerland...

It is said that Tutima is most at home where mankind defies the elements; in the cockpit of an airplane, navigating the high seas, hugging the fast curves of a road. And it’s true: that’s where a Tutima feels most at home. That’s where it wants to go. For home is not only where we go but also where we come from.

FALL 2017




SPRING FORWARD INTO FALL Fashion with Florals You don’t need a pumpkin spice latte to spice up your look. by Whitney Hubbell ho said you have to change your wardrobe to leaf-colored hues the instant September 1 hits? Forget traditional fall and winter garb and spice up your look with blush ensembles and spring-inspired florals. The statement piece is of course, the silk high-rise trousers. The belted, wide-leg trousers in pink pair perfectly when draped with a contrasting texture, like Rag & Bone’s cozy cashmere and wool blend coat, in blush ($795, rag-bone.com). Accessorize with your favorite satin Jimmy Choo’s and a mutedtoned leather bag. Complete the look with delicate details like Effy’s Rose Gold Diamond Bangle and some fabulous Bottega Veneta shades.


Left: Darwen Coat, $795, RAG & BONE, ragbone.com. Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings, $2,300, LE VIAN, macys.com. Keely Satin Mules, $750, JIMMY CHOO, jimmychoo. com. X Pendant Necklace, $1,750, EVA FEHREN, evafehren.com. Rose Gold Plated Watch, $89, OLIVIA BURTON, selfridges. com. Pink and Gold Sunglasses, $430, BOTTEGA VENETA, trouva.com. High Rise Wide Trousers, $1,123, LANVIN, farfetch.com. Tulle Flowers Embroidered Top, $900, LUISA BECCARIA, luisabeccaria.com. 14K Rose Gold Bangle, $3,875, EFFY, gilt.com. Dolce Rosa Matte Lipstick, $38, DOLCE & GABBANA, dolcegabanna.com. Leather Handle Bag, $1,450, JIMMY CHOO, jimmychoo.com.

sportier than the previous seasons. Fleece is the most diverse element when it comes to the materials used: Pontetorto fleece with printed cable stitch and melange effects as well as honeycomb patterns with backings. The long-sleeve shirts have subdued wintry patterns. The cord is given an extravagant jacquard pattern and implemented using different knitting techniques such as cable stitch and ribs. The cardigans with lovingly crafted details include Loden insets. The polo necks are a key piece especially in the women’s collection. The ski pants for her and him are made with high-quality softshell. They’re very functional and are available in a slim and comfortable fit. All used materials and development as well as processing techniques are certified ‘Made in Europe’.

Prep your winter wardrobe FROM THE SLOPES TO THE STREETS: An Alpine Lifestyle Collection That’s Functional


The alpine lifestyle label from Bolzano has carved out a niche thanks to the Berg line by Luis Trenker. This collection combines sporty elegance with tradition and also unites design and functionality. From the slopes to the streets, this collection serves as functional alpine fashion thanks to technical innovation. Bright fresh yellow and sporty red in combination with basic tones such as white, grey, black dominate the collection. The design and color concept is consistent for both men and women, a harmonious collection that is aesthetically pleasing. The focus is on the strengths of the brand: jackets and mid-layers. Generally speaking, the collection is a bit

47 FALL 2017

To wear a piece of Obermeyer clothing or outerwear means two core things: impeccable fit and technical performance. This is because Klaus Obermeyer’s singular rule in clothing design is simply “Fit is Function.” The design and fit process at Obermeyer begins and ends in Aspen – the ultimate testing ground. Each style is comprised of hundreds of individual components pieced together to create a garment in which functional performance is

paramount. In the Aspen area, the Elk Mountain Range weather can change from blinding snow and ice storms to scorching spring days to chilly fall mornings. Obermeyer is devoted to innovation and waterproofness, warmth and heat retention, breathability, fabric and insulation stretch and flex, and how the garment holds up over repeated use, including from your washing machine.

Devon Down Jacket, $400, Leopard, obermeyer.com.

Bombshell Down Parka, $375, Peridot, obermeyer.com.

FASHION From a City Frozen in Time Comes a Timeless Timepiece

Known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean,” at the end of the 19th century, Havana became a center for good living and luxury. Intellectuals, adventurers and businessmen, as well as the crème of high society from all over the world came to Havana to enjoy parties and exciting social scene. The wonderful atmosphere, the glamour and the exquisite, international feel molded Havana into an exclusive and exceptional destination. In this select climate of sophistication, Armando Rio y Cuervo, with the help of his family, managed his uncle, Ramon Cuervo’s, watch and jewelry shop. (Hence the name Cuervo y Sobrinos—Cuervo and Nephews.) Their skill and dedication brought great success and the business thrived. In the spring of 1882, the family opened th “La Casa” boutique on Havana’s prestigious Fifth Avenue.

Historiador Tradicion Model no. 3195.1TR.C


FALL 2017




“La Casa” (Cuervo y Sobrinos first boutique store) 5th Avenue Habana, Cuba, 1882

In less than half a century, the combination of the quality of its products and the brand’s Latin spirit made it so famous that Cuervo y Sobrinos decided to extend its production network. Three offices were opened at different nerve centres in Europe: Pforzheim, Germany, where the precious stones are chosen, in the heart of Paris in the Rue Melzay, where the most prestigious pieces of are made and, later on, in Switzerland, where the company founded its own factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a place where nearly all watchmaking creations are still born. Over these years, as well as their own creations, Cuervo y Sobrinos distributed and sold the most important brands in global watchmaking. Therefore, the Cuban firm made a place for itself among the most outstanding watchmaking brands in the world, becoming an international reference point.

Cuervo y Sobrinos boasts a spectacular shop/museum in Havana, where the prestigious brand was first established at the end of the 1800s. Its inauguration was an historic event, as Cuervo y Sobrinos is the first international luxury watchmaking brand to open its own shop in Havana. This large space, which is called “El Reloj Cuervo y Sobrinos”, occupies an emblematic 19th century building in the central Calle Muralla, facing the firm’s former head office. The sales area, where the most emblematic models from the Cuervo y Sobrinos watch and writing materials collections are exhibited, also houses a museum of old watchmaking pieces and an elegant bar for meetings. Within the refined atmosphere created by the Art Deco style, the original Cuervo y Sobrinos safe stands out. It was moved here from the old shop on Calle San Rafael and fits in perfectly with its new surroundings.

Ceurvo y Sobrinos flagship shop in Habana, Cuba

FASHION A HYMN TO LIGHTNESS AND SOFTNESS The Eleventy Men’s SS18 collection is a hymn to incredible lightness expressed in new, soft, elasticated fabrics that caress the natural shape of the body. For instance: the bi-stretch wools and almost impalpable jerseys of some of the suits, jackets and pants; the t-shirts in featherweight Egyptian cotton, the cotton/cashmere sweaters and the stretch sweatshirts.

FALL 2017

The collection is rounded off by the range of accessories, with a bag made entirely by hand on a wooden form, vintagelook backpacks in deerskin or camouflage-printed fabric, weekend bags, briefcases and small leather goods in deerskin.


Another significant novelty is the hand-sprayed wool acting as background to comfy jogging models, in addition to brushed cotton and stone-washed denim. Precious skins such as resincoated suede or plongĂŠ nappa leather are used for blousons, waistcoats and blazers.


In the world of the jackets, linen and cotton come together to generate stretch single and double-breasted jackets garbed in the exclusive new Eleventy shades of aubergine, ink-blue, military green, camel and grey. Camouflage prints star in several coats and jackets made in nylon and suede, in cotton pants and Bermuda shorts, and also as details in springtime lace-up shoes.

FASHION sweater weather


all is the perfect time to try something edgy with a statement plaid mini. Rag & Bone blends 90’s prep and punk by showcasing exposed zippers on classic plaid. Pair this statement piece with a staple tran-seasonal white button down (like Prada’s cotton shirt, $470, prada.com) and add a chunky cropped cashmere sweater with fabulous 60’s style bell sleeves. Accessorize with a cross body, like Givenchy’s cognac-colored leather bag, and pair with a similar-hued shoe, like Maison Martin Margiela’s chesnut suede boots, to complete the look.




andolph Engineering eyewear has donned the faces of everyone from US Air Force pilots to red carpet celebrities. The familyowned and operated brand has been quietly handcrafting these unique and exquisite frames in a small factory, outside of Boston for more than 40 years.

FALL 2017


Each frame is built to precision using absolutely top-grade materials. Frame finishes include 23k gold and rose gold and are plated at a local jeweler to ensure quality and durability. For five weeks skilled artisans finely cut, mold, stamp, twist, solder, tumble, plate and polish each and every frame. It takes more than 200 steps, mostly by hand, to produce just one pair of sunglasses. Randolph thinks of it as “jewelry for the face.” randolphusa.com Infinity Cross Body, $1,890, GIVENCHY, givenchy.com. White Cotton Shirt, $470, PRADA, prada.com. Plaid Leah Skirt, $395, RAG & BONE, rag-bone.com. Ribbed-Knit Cashmere Sweater, $1,100, KHAITE, modaoperandi.com. Tall Button Boot, $1,280, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, nordstrom.com.



Seen on the streets on the likes of Bella and Gigi Hadid, this comfy look is the latest thing in shoes.

Fur Pool Slides, $645 DOLCE & GABBANA, dolcegabbana.com

Mink Fur Slides, $595 GIVENCHY, givenchy.com

Satin Bow Sliders, $49 STEVE MADDEN, stevemadden.com

Jelly Slides, $90 FENTY PUMA, puma.com




Immerse yourself in laid back luxury with a California soul. Relax at the Spa, recharge poolside, play at the beach and dine with oceanfront views. Check in and get lost into the blue … 855.892.4009 PaseaHotel.com

Welcome to Pendry San Diego.

The Pendry San Diego celebrates heritage and embraces modern sensibility by planting roots in the Historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. The unique character of this locale perfectly parallels the twist on tradition that Pendry embodies. The hotel strikes a balance between modern and traditional, pairing classic Southern California influence with modern luxury programming and amenities. Featuring a collection of six unique restaurants and bars, and highlighting some of the cities more talented chefs and concepts, Pendry San Diego will become the coveted place for locals and visitors alike.

Pendry San Diego 550 J Street San Diego, CA 92101 619.738.7000 pendryhotels.com


Above: Fortuna | 96” x 96” | Acrylic on Acrylic (by Chris Martin) Opposite Page: Velocity | 5’ x 120’ | Acrylic on Acrylic (by Chris Martin, for Formula One Track in Austin, Circuit of The Americas in 2012.

ART & SOUL Artist, Chris Martin’s Fearless Exploration through Painting BY OLIVIA DAANE

55 FALL 2017

he learned by watching Apple define their space and create an experience associated with a brand. Martin is a brand in a way. But that brand, unlike many that get diluted or spread too thin, his has a laser-like focus. He’s not on autopilot nor is the evolution of his work. His “babies” (as he calls his finished paintings - there are 5,000 out there) are gorgeous pieces he created controlling a capricious medium, pushing pigment and water on the impermeable surface of lucite. He is shown and collected worldwide. Validation as an artist hit home for him with a synchronous moment when, following the Venice Biennale, he was speaking as part of a 4-person show in Paris. A collector came out of the audience, in that fabled city of art, and purchased a piece on the spot. His work is purposeful- recreating the cellular structures and gestures reoccurring in nature. Creating environments and



ow to be an accessible nonconformist? Simply mimic the mantras and actions of Chris Martin. If only that were a feasible task for the innocent bystander. Chris Martin decided to march to his own drummer within the art world in 1993. He found a tiny space with good bones in a 1950’s building in Dallas and chose to show his own paintings, curating and carefully controlling the experience his buyers would have with his work. It worked. His decisions continue to be “gut based” and lucky for him, he is blessed with good instincts. While he taps into the flow and channel, the “magical realm” in the creative process, he’s not just going with the flow. Here are some Martin mantras: don’t give up your power or vision to anyone in business, believe in your dreams (literally), when in a bind - do what is reasonable and get back to work! Failure is not an option, be vigilant, connect with people, give back, goals are limiting-stay challenged, necessity is the mother of invention and do not show it until it’s right! With enviable good looks and a contagious smile, he promises he’s more relaxed than he used to be. He has intentionally kept himself out of the “sea of comparison,” which he says

FALL 2017




impacting with a distinct atmosphere from the walls of his beautifullyhung gallery in Aspen to the walls of his buyers. Lifting up spaces. That’s what he intends and that’s what he relentlessly pursues. A hard working artist, he’s kinetic. Which made his 120-foot-long piece “Velocity” the perfect fit for the Formula 1 racetrack in Austin. The goal his friend and client Bobby Epstein who owns the track gave him was to “make it feel fast.” He started painting “late in life” at age 18. Feeling incredibly fortunate to make more than a basic living with his art, he is committed to artistic tithing. He knows the pulse of giving back, the self-perpetuated career and the universal energy tapped to make all this possible. Raised in Florida, continuing from school into gallery ownership in Dallas, he and his stunning wife Stacie and kids Conrad and Piper have called Aspen home for 5 ½ years. He finds a balance between family and work in several key ways. Firstly, he’s comfortable switching his many hats within the course of one day. He also involves family in his business.

Above: Haro | 96” x 144” | Acrylic on Acrylic (Chris Martin)


57 FALL 2017

Martins eleven - year - old son, Conrad, is his biggest fan...“ I never know what my dad will create next, .he inspires me.” ‘

On his playlist... Stone Temple Pilots, Zepplin, Milky Chance, Bob Marley, Classical, World News.

FALL 2017



ART Martin’s employees are either like family or are family. His right hand man Bob Johnson and gallery manager Jared Rich are solid, not just employees but collaborators and trusted friends who “work with him, not for him.” His mother was an artist, extremely supportive of her son and his dad runs his books. His kids don’t spend much time at his working studio at the base of Aspen Highlands, though. When he’s immersed in his painting flow, don’t knock. Don’t let that superhuman gaze scare you though. He’s in this business because of people. Martin’s eleven-year-old son, Conrad, is his biggest fan saying, “I never know what my dad will create next….he inspires me.” Martin’s paintings are his way of connecting. New friends are formed with each transaction. He knows their names, their kids, their pets (he has raised significant funds for the Aspen Animal Shelter for years with a recent goal to send one of his trucks filled with supplies and returning with displaced pets from Houston). The phone rings midinterview; his face lights up and he chats amicably as he enjoys a call from another happy owner of one of his unique works. There are pros and cons to being a self-representing artist, he admits. Connecting, the relationships, the friendships are what bind him to this career and what drive him to this particular medium – one devoted to controlling the uncontrollable. Finding an organic resolution with inorganic materials and a nonconformist business acuity. From his fearless exploration of gesture and the dance of pigment and flow, and a ceaseless and faithful pursuit of success, we reap the bounty of works that transport, soothe, lift and inspire.

Olivia Daane received a B.A. From Vanderbilt University. She then studied with Syracuse University’s undergraduate and graduate programs in Florence, Italy. Olivia opened LIVASPENART STUDIO in 2006 and LIVASPENART GALLERY (www.livaspenartgallery.com) in Aspen, CO. She is a painter (known for her butterfly series begun in 2008), art consultant, songwriter and mom.


59 FALL 2017

Above: Pantheon | 96” x 96” | Acrylic on Acrylic Opposite Page: Chris Martin, Photographed by Julie Elizabeth Cooper

N o ta b l e 2017 Sold Listings


D E V E L O P M E N T O P P O R T U N I T Y | 3 .13 A C R E L O T | $ 3 7,9 0 0 , 0 0 0



5 B E D S | 6 B AT H S | 6 , 3 21 S F | 1. 0 5 A C R E L O T | $16 ,9 9 5 , 0 0 0

7 B E D S | 7. 5 B AT H S | 12 , 0 0 3 S F | 2 8 , 6 2 3 S F L O T | $12 ,9 5 0 , 0 0 0



D E V E L O P M E N T O P P O R T U N I T Y | 2 A C R E L O T | $12 ,9 5 0 , 0 0 0

6 B E D S | 7 B AT H S | 8 , 5 0 0 S F | 14 , 2 69 S F L O T | $ 9,9 9 5 , 0 0 0



6 B E D S | 8 B AT H S | 8 , 3 0 0 S F | 2 0 , 0 5 0 S F L O T | $ 9, 2 5 0 , 0 0 0

7 B E D S | 8 B AT H S | 7,7 767 S F | 18 , 8 2 3 S F L O T | $11, 8 0 0 , 0 0 0

ac t ive Listing s


7 B E D S | 10 B AT H S | 12 , 8 5 4 S F | 2 . 6 A C R E L O T | $ 4 4 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0



8 B E D S | 11 B AT H S | $ 3 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0

9 B E D S | 13 B AT H S | 13 ,7 3 2 S F | 3 3 , 3 3 7 S F L O T | $19, 0 0 0 , 0 0 0



8 B E D S | 13 B AT H S | 11,94 3 S F | 2 7, 2 2 9 S F L O T | $17, 0 0 0 , 0 0 0

8 B E D R O O M S | 5 B AT H R O O M S | 5 , 4 3 2 S F | 4 .15 A C R E L O T | $13 ,9 5 0 , 0 0 0

Santiago Arana

S A N T I A G O @T H E A G E N C Y R E .C O M 310 .9 26 .9 8 0 8 An international associate of Savills

Q +A with

Santiago Arana Who is Santiago Arana and what is the most important thing people should know about you? I am a father, husband, son, brother and friend. I am proud to say that I’ve made the right choices in life and want to keep it that way. I’ve learned from my mistakes and capitalized on opportunities. What personal and professional attributes enable you to retain your clients? I love people and I truly want to help and bring value to them. I hold integrity and values dearly and always put my clients’ best interests first. I pride myself on my work ethic, strong negotiating skills, and extensive knowledge of the market; I have more than 12 years of experience brokering deals and representing buyers and sellers. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, which I apply daily in my business, and I am fluent in three languages. Tell us about your first sale. I was working as a waiter in a restaurant and my co-worker at the time hired me to help sell his condo in West Hollywood. By that time, I had been working diligently for a year. The property was listed for $495,000 and I closed the deal within two months. What is your favorite neighborhood? Pacific Palisades. What part of the city would you invest in right now and why? Brentwood and Pacific Palisades. Property values in these neighborhoods are on the rise because there is a lack of inventory and room to raise the price per square foot as opposed to neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Bel Air and the Sunset Strip. Mar Vista, Culver City and Playa Vista are also seeing incredible growth and an influx of outof-state buyers, making them great areas for investing. What factors have driven property values in recent years? A stabilized economy and an influx of international buyers and east coast transplants relocating to Los Angeles. The city has become a premier destination where people from all over the world are looking to live, own and invest. And, of course, let’s not forget about L.A.’s amazing weather. What changes to the real estate industry have had the most impact on you? When the economy collapsed in 2008, I was one of the few agents still holding weekly open houses and advertising. That decision took my career to another level. What advice would you give to a new licensee? Work hard, think smart and be patient—this industry is a marathon, not a sprint.


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Real Sommeliers Provide Their Best Tips of the Trade for Building & Stocking Your Personal Wine Cellar BY NED CREED & JANICE BEDNARZ


hat’s that you say? You are thinking about building and stocking a wine cellar? I am going to tell you right now, that is a smart move.

Even if you have only a slight curiosity for wine, that realization of how much a bottle elevates your meals and memoirs, starting a cellar now will start to reap indescribable benefits in five years and further insurmountable experiences in 10, 15 and 20 years. That slight urge to begin will become the light bulb moment you revel in years from today. I say it often, although some may be hearing it here for the first time, a proper bottle of wine can turn a regular evening into a memorable experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are buying casual drinking Dolcettos for Tuesday pizza night, Provence rosé for outdoor summertime meals, or the most sought-after cellar gems from Europe à la Clos Rougeard Saumur, Vatan Sancerre, Lafarge Volnay, Coche Dury, or Raveneau Chablis and the young domestic producers worthy of your attention like Ceritas, Arnot Roberts, Tyler, Sandhi, Failla, Cameron, and Rhys. Having knowledgeable wine guidance is important and allows you to understand the reasons for buying Mascarello, Cascina Fontana, or G.D. Vajra Dolcetto instead of others. Factors in your value wine buying should include key phrases like “generations of family ownership,” “organic farming,” “hand harvested,” “low yields,” “indigenous yeast fermentation,” and case production in the low 1000s or less, not 10,000 or more.

65 FALL 2017

Second point, and you won’t ever hear a retailer say this, but it is important to not over buy. Stick with me here. If you are planning to build a large beautiful cellar for long-term aging by converting a room in your home with the goal of compiling 5,000 selections or more, you shouldn’t buy more than six bottles of any given wine. Conversely, if you are thinking about buying a couple Eurocave cellar units to plug into your basement creating a smaller cellar with a maximum space of perhaps 600 bottles, you shouldn’t buy more than three bottles


The kicker however is – you must be a conscientious buyer. That first decisive principle is beyond my ability to convince to you via this keyboard underneath my fingers. Getting to that point involves finding a retail establishment wholly focused on wine. Sure, there is a possibility that your local grocery store has an unbelievably vast range of selections, but vast doesn’t mean smart. A dedicated wine retailer, whether it be online or a brick and mortar shop, will be an important partner in populating your cellar with classic, age-worthy wines from producers with history and credentials. Start by chatting with your close friends that have opened memorable bottles for you, ask them where they buy from, take a list of your favorites to a shop and buy a mixed case of similar producers. You can’t just rely on scores

because different critics have different tastes. You need to be the critic for your wine cellar. You have to taste the wines to know the wines.

FALL 2017




of any given wine. We all enjoy variety when it comes to wines. If you buy too much of each wine you will fill up the cellar too quickly. Your palate will change as you acquire bottles from different regions, taste new varieties, attend events, and even travel across the globe. You will want to manage your cellar space so that in three years you still have empty rack slots to fill. Further, three years from now, of the wines populating your collection, you’ll want to make sure there are very few you don’t have any desire to open or share with friends. When buying slim, you drink through the wines you enjoy yet still have room to continue exploring as your tastes change. It’s an important guideline. I have worked for over ten years in cellars, buying and selling wine for clients. Throughout that time, the most

common reasons for a client looking to sell off wine from a collection is not death, divorce, or increased market value. The two reasons a collector sells—their cellar is overflowing with too much wine (overbuying), lack of interest, or changing tastes in regard to the excess bottles they bought years ago. We have all heard the quote, “Life is too short to drink bad wine.” It is also too short to drink wines from your collection that you are no longer excited about. Finally, proper storage is important. Don’t think bottles will survive in your closet, in the kitchen pantry rack, or in a regular basement. One or two years might not hamper those bottles, but if you are going for the long haul, five years of storage and more, you need a consistent temperature control of about 55 degrees and 70% humidity. One of the most amazing wines I ever had was in late 2010, tasting bottles from a meticulous cellar in

Your Palate will change as Taste New Varieties, attend

FALL 2017

Wine storage trends have changed dramatically over the last decade from where they once were. With the advancements


When people think of wine cellars and wine storage, they have traditionally pictured a dark underground space styled similar to a European vineyard with heavy wooden shelving housing the multitude of bottles hidden within. After all, the name itself – “wine cellar” – evokes the idea that wine must be kept, at the very least, in someone’s basement. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with this approach to wine storage, today’s wine enthusiasts are eager to take advantage of the many more contemporary wine storage options available.

in temperature control cooling units, it is now possible to safely store your wine above ground in any variety of spaces. From closets and dining areas to hallways and great rooms, today’s architects and designers are making room for the inclusion of wine storage spaces as an integral part of the mainstream luxury living market. Just imagine creating a custom wine display as the central design element in your home, room or condo that beautifully displays the unique wine collection you’ve spent years developing! Not only does it allow you to showcase your wine collection to guests and retrieve desired vintages with ease, it also adds value and interest to your living space by ensuring that your wine collection is being properly cooled and aged to perfection. By breaking with traditional wine storage stereotypes, the potential design options become as endless and individual as the wine collectors themselves.


Marin County, California. The white wines were kept in a separate bunker at 50 degrees! It was an important decision the collector made. We opened a 1969 Mayacamas Chardonnay. It was a glorious bright yellow color with layers and textures I had never experienced in a California Chardonnay. My oh my…I’ll never forget my amazement when he poured that wine and we pulled away from the glass after the first taste. If you are a savvy buyer and store your bottles fittingly, that could be you someday.

With new trends, come new innovations, and there is one wine racking system on the market that is certainly creating a buzz! The revolutionary CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® wine racking was developed by a wine cellar design company from Toronto, Canada in order to offer wine lovers a contemporary alternative to the more conventional styles

you acquire Bottles from Different Regions, events, and even Travel Across the Globe.

FALL 2017




of wood and metal wine racking that were available at that time. The creators of the CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® wine racking system were intent on developing a sleek and modern wine storage system that would complement and enhance any surrounding materials in a way that was both functional and attractive. In addition, the CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® wine racking system successfully managed to merge more traditional perceptions of what constitutes a “wine cellar” with the more minimalist and modern look of many of today’s design trends. While there are many contemporary wine racking solutions on the market, the versatility of the Cable Wine System is truly second to none. The Cable Wine System can accommodate both standard and magnum sized bottles with in the same design as well as feature specific vintages. Floating shelves can also be incorporated within the design, providing an eye-catching space to display decanters or champagne bottles. Accent lighting can further enhance the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® due to the fact that light shone from above or below travels freely throughout the system permitting other custom features such as stone or textured walls to be visible and appreciated as well.The minimalist nature of the Cable Wine System allows for excellent label visibility throughout an entire wine display regardless of where particular bottles are situated. By positioning bottle labels for easy viewing (e.g. lower bottle labels facing up, higher bottle labels turned down), specific wine bottles can be quickly located in any row or column of the system without having to disturb or remove any other wine bottles. The openness of the system also ensures that there is continuous air flow throughout the entire wine collection or display, thereby permitting temperatures to remain constant and

consistent. Made from high-quality stainless steel and chromed brass connecting clamps, the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® and with the ability to hold any number or size of bottle, the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® meets all the needs of even the boldest wine collectors. Expertly blending different textures, this wine room incorporates both wood and glass elements with the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® wine racking, creating a finished style that exudes both high-end luxury as well as the warmth of a more traditional space. The CABLE WINE SYSTEM® wine racking is utilized in this custom refrigerated wine cellar, creating the look and feel of a wine fridge, yet with the sleek sophistication that only cable wine racking can offer.  With the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® wine racking floating just beyond the seamless glass entrance, this condominium wine room beautifully incorporates several wine storage systems together, achieving a texturized aesthetic that is both sophisticated and ultramodern.  Any questions? Find our contact information LesMarchandsWine.com and cablewinesystems.com





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from New Jersey to Hollywoods

Stage Theater Silver Screen

Ray Fisher Reprises His Debut Role as Superhero, in Mega-Budget Blockbuster, Justice League BY WHITNEY HUBBELL



FALL 2017

But months passed, and there was no sign the play would ever resurface. Ray took other jobs, but was always sure to mention that he would leave production if the Ali opportunity knocked. More months passed, and Ray continued to bulk up for a role that didn’t even exist. He bashfully admits, “I didn’t know at the time, but that’s not something people usually do… with respect to plays.” It was


However, the production came to an end, and its chance to go to Broadway was highly uncertain. Plays notoriously sit in ‘limbo’ for years before getting picked up on Broadway - if they do at all. But that didn’t deter Ray, and he began to obsess over the role, training like he had already landed the part. He was determined to transform his 193 lb frame (slender for a man who is 6’3’’) to resemble Muhammad Ali’s boxer physique. He trained excessively, spending all of his time lifting weights and eating everything in sight.



he story begins with Ray Fisher; a young, talented actor from New Jersey, working desperately hard to land a role. Not just any role though: his dream role. After being cast as a line-less bodyguard in the play, Fetch Clay, Make Man, he aspired to become the lead, Muhammad Ali (or at least the understudy, he admits).

FALL 2017



definitely a gamble, but Ray was steadfast. “I had really good feeling about it… sometimes you just have to go with your gut.” Three years later, and 20 lb gained, Ray was working in his second season in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Finally, on a fateful day, he received the call he’d was waiting for. Ray was asked to read for the part at the New York Workshop Theater. Beyond thrilled, he read for the part he’d been dreaming of. “I lusted after this role for three years… I trained for the potential of the play, and now here it was, being produced off-Broadway.” And sure enough, his preparation, unadulterated devotion and intuition proved victorious and Ray landed the role of a lifetime. The play drew wide interest and his performance was critically acclaimed. The New York Times reported, “His lively, funny and sympathetic portrait provides the play with a necessary core of authenticity.” And described his delivery as an, “incandescent performance.” It seemed like things couldn’t get any better for Ray. Yet he confesses, “nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen.” Ang Lee had been quietly scouting for his own Muhammad Ali to star in his 3D boxing movie, Muhammad Ali. After Ang Lee attended the Off-Broadway performance, the industry hype and buzz surrounding Fisher exploded, and a previously unrepresented Fisher was suddenly fielding courtship from countless Hollywood agencies. He recalls, “there was a different lunch everyday and a different dinner every night… it was a whirlwind.”

THIS PAGE: RAY FISHER as Cyborg in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “JUSTICE LEAGUE,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/ ™ & © DC Comics OPPOSITE PAGE: Photo by Norman Jean Roy

Reflecting on the experience up to this point, Fisher humbly credits a strong support system, and people believing in him. Though, he also considers, “how little control you actually have over your career, half of it is what people say about you, and you just hope that it’s good!” He had no issues in that area; as his reputation preceded him due to glowing reviews about his Muhammad Ali performance. The Warner Bros casting directors actually attempted to contact him, but to no avail, as he was previously unrepresented. Nonetheless, six months later, Ray found himself in LA for the first time, meeting with Warner Bros. The casting team alluded to the possibility of a role befitting of Ray. They ‘couldn’t say’ specifics, but that the role was in the realm of Batman v Superman, which undoubtedly excited Ray, a devout DC comic book fan since childhood. He passionately exclaims, “There is no other film that I would want to be apart of, more than this film. I would turn down just about anything to be a part of this.” So in the middle of filming Batman v Superman, he was called to Detroit to test for the role of Cyborg; a half-man, half-machine superhero. Fisher recalls, “I tested and had


75 FALL 2017


76 FALL 2017

BEN AFFLECK as Batman, GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman, RAY FISHER as Cyborg, EZRA MILLER as The Flash and JASON MOMOA as Aquaman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “JUSTICE LEAGUE,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/ ™ & © DC Comics

77 FALL 2017

Fisher can seemingly do no wrong and his upward spiral continued when director, Zack Snyder suggested that Ray and writer, Chris Terrio, work through the script in New York. Costar, Jessie Eisenberg, who portrays villain, Lex Luthor, had the same unique opportunity. Ray describes the process, “I felt really involved and they made me feel like a partner, which I know is unusual.” Fisher was grateful for the experience to observe his character’s development and provide input in real time, “usually you step on set and they tell you what to do and where to look and then it’s over,” Fisher light-heartedly exclaims, “so I knew it was unusual, and by the time we were finished with the process, I felt like I could retire, I had such a perfect experience, there’s no way it could get any better than this!”


a great experience. The environment was really conformable, it didn’t feel like [the director or crew] were stressed, and I didn’t feel pressure…. If it were not Zack [the director], the crew, in that time, or in that place, it probably would not have gone the way that it did.” And it undoubtedly went incredibly well; for if it had not, Ray would not have received a phone call two weeks later confirming that he won the role as superhero, Cyborg.


78 FALL 2017

BEN AFFLECK as Batman , EZRA MILLER as The Flash, RAY FISHER as Cyborg and GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “JUSTICE LEAGUE,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/ ™ & © DC Comics

FALL 2017

"A perfect storm of your childhood dreams and adult aspirations mixing together, its' still kind of surreal. "


Ray Fisher’s experience is undoubtedly extraordinary, but he is an extraordinary human. Ray attributes much of his unique journey and success to his strong support system but also reveals his understanding that “there were karmic connectors that affected [his] journey… there’s an intricate web of interactions that, even I cannot replicate.” Albeit Ray’s journey was unique; his inimitable catapult onto the silver screen can be explicated by his raw passion and incomparable determination. His path to the motion-picture industry is likely enviable to many, and for those who ask, “How does one do it?” he responds, “I’ve got no clue!” One thing we can be sure of though, is that his story doesn't end here.


He especially enjoyed his time on set and access to a personal trainer and meal plan to help him transform into the Cyborg character (a luxury he did not attain when training for the Muhammad Ali role). The astonishing transformation from 191 lb to 224 lb was strictly due to “clean eating and lifting like a mad man.” His 30 lb gain had an interesting byproduct, “it allowed me to feel like I was outside of my body, like it was armor that my character was wearing.” Fisher is genuinely humbled and grateful of the whole experience; to live and work on something he’s so passionate about. He describes it as, “A perfect storm of your childhood dreams and adult aspirations mixing together, it’s still kind of surreal.” Ray Fisher’s upward spiral may culminate when he stars in solo film, Cyborg, optioned for 2020. He will reprise his role of Cyborg in the sequel to Batman v Superman, entitled Justice League scheduled to release November 17, 2017.

Buffalo Collection A STATE OF MIND & A WAY OF LIFE

A M E R I C A N B U F FA L O L E AT H E R F U R NI T U R E Experience the ultimate in luxury, comfort & design with furniture from Buffalo Collection. Our furniture is hand-made in America using the finest materials & methods of old world craftsmanship. Let us enrich your lifestyle by creating timeless custom furnishings of the highest quality for your home.

Specializing in Custom Orders

F U R N I T U R E • A R T • A C C E S S O R I E S • TA B L E S • L I G H T I N G • H A N D B A G S


7044 E. 5th Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ • 4 8 0.9 4 6. 39 03

Timeless, Classic Furnishings

AUTO Racing champion creates d r e a m TRACK C A R An All Carbon Fiber Supercar Like No Other BY FRANCESCO FIORDELISI

fierce track-racing capabilities, for drivers of all skill levels. “I have tried for years to explain to others what it truly feels like to be behind the steering wheel of a championship racecar. There is adrenaline and elation all rolled into an awe-inspiring inner fulfillment that leaves you craving for more. This is what our dream team created in the EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina,” said Fittipaldi of the first car to be released under the Fittipaldi Motors marque. Revealing a commandingly sleek design underscored by an extraordinary power-to-weight ratio, the supercar’s design theme – that of a shark, inspired by Emerson – finds astounding aerodynamic expression in the vehicle’s flowing, aggressive lines; assertive yet incredibly beautiful and pure; and a balance between emotion and efficiency typical of Pininfarina’s design work.

The carbon fiber monocoque is a specially designed safety capsule for both driver and passenger, enabling drivers to feel comfortable in the car, even while at its limits.


1 racing legend and Indy 500 champion, Emerson Fittipaldi, unveiled his dream track car, the muchanticipated Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina, at the Geneva Motor Show.

The ultra-light, all carbon fiber supercar fuses the vision of F1 and Indy Car racing champion Fittipaldi, iconic Italian design company Pininfarina and race-bred German engineering firm HWA AG, and fulfills Fittipaldi’s dream to produce a car with

“I have had the privilege to work with many great teams in my life on and off the track, but this project took me to new heights, co-creating with the masters of legendary car design and race-winning engineering,” said Fittipaldi, who began his journey to create a supercar three years ago. “Combined they have over 140 years delivering on the elite cars of the world and this is now the same brilliance in the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina.”

FALL 2017

Added Hans Werner Aufrecht, Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HWA AG: “In realizing the dream of a champion, the result is a car that combines racing technology and breathtaking design with drivability and the highest safety requirements.”


The EF7’s exceptional yet forgiving handling and performance, will be achieved through a powerful V8 naturally aspirated engine, integrated gearbox, suspension and braking system developed by HWA AG, and an with ultra-lightweight, all carbon fiber chassis construction with an exceptionally low center of gravity.


“The EF7 is an exciting car that embodies Pininfarina’s DNA in terms of style and innovation, Emerson’s championship race experience and HWA AG’s flawless engineering skills. Our collective team was able to turn a dream into a driving machine,” enthused Pininfarina Chairman Paolo Pininfarina.

FALL 2017




THE FULL POWER OF HYDROGEN Extraordinary performance, sportiness and pure, environmentally responsible driving fun.


ts name is H2 Speed and it is Pininfarina’s innovative vision of a high performance track car based on revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell technology already subjected to severe track testing by GreenGT, a Franco-Swiss company which has been designing, developing and producing clean, sustainable propulsion systems since 2008.

FALL 2017

Sculpted by efficiency-boosting aerodynamics, the H2 Speed weds blistering performance to refined lines and shapes integrated in a form of strong emotional impact which embraces the driver and represents the best possible expression of Pininfarina DNA: purity, elegance, innovation expressed through the passion that has always pervaded the world of high performance cars.


Seduced by GreenGT technology, Pininfarina has applied its mastery to express a style that communicates uncompromising beauty and a unique allure, combined with extreme performance. A pure beautiful form, free of any stylistic affectation.


H2 Speed will appeal to passionate people who love speed, performance and innovation and, at the same time, are attracted by the exclusivity typical of a Pininfarina-designed vehicle produced in a limited series. Halfway between a racing prototype and a production supercar, the H2 Speed is the world’s first hydrogen, high performance car. It is not by coincidence that its name joins together H2, the formula for gaseous hydrogen, and the English word Speed, as if to say that it is the force and energy of Nature that generate the vehicle’s high performance, fostering the excitement that is typical of passion and sport.

FALL 2017




An Eco-Sustainable Luxury Sedan Styled by Pininfarina Makes its World Debut


he luxury sports sedan is one of the innovative archetypes created by Pininfarina, where the design house's most authentic design themes find their fullest expression. These themes can also be appreciated in the H600: harmonious proportions, taut lines, flowing surfaces and a clear-cut stripe that runs along the entire length of the sides and exalts the dynamic stance of the vehicle. Undivided attention to detail.

Perfect synergy in concept design brings out the best in Pininfarina and HK. Pininfarina met HK's expectations in terms of brand identity and trends in sensory experience, while HK developed its own eco-sustainable powertrain system requiring no external charging facilities to achieve energy economy without forcing customers to change their driving habits or worry about finding the next charging station. The H600 is the perfect solution to today's' sustainable

mobility imperatives, displaying a formal balance between elegance and up-to-the-minute aesthetics embodying the concepts of luxury and exclusivity. Two were the keywords that inspired the design process: luxury and internationality. The H600 targets the businessman who appreciates refined details, precious materials and exclusive treatments, who takes pleasure in perfection and elegance. The international and cosmopolitan approach expresses values approved of in Hong Kong as they are in Shanghai, New York or Milan.

FALL 2017

The design maximizes the simplicity of the controls. The Human Machine Interface elements inside the car work at different levels, with a big screen that cuts across the facia and calls to mind a suspended cabinet. Thus, the various zones are well identified: the driver side with controls and gauges, and, on the passenger side, a comfortable zone for the passenger with the infotainment system. In the center, a large touch pad makes it possible to control all vehicle functions. Two screens on the back of the front seats ensure entertainment for the rear seat passengers.


The glazed surface of the roof has been designed with a view to ensuring the ideal balance between the need to protect the occupants and the possibility of letting in the light and seeing outside. At night, the window becomes a luminous porthole supplying artificial light to the cockpit. This is yet another key element that will characterize all the

The interior of the H600 follows the layout of a lounge, an open space that ensures maximum comfort for the rear seat passengers thanks to a higher degree of spaciousness and habitability than is normally found in this segment. The surfaces are covered with noble materials such as natural leather having haute couture formal quality and finishes, with copper colored seams contrasting with the cocoa brown upholstery. Extensive use of veneered wood on the seat shells and the floor, with an artful use of the wood grain, harks back to the tradition of cabinet-making. For an even more exclusive interior, a clock is set in the center control panel, right under the central lid. This is another element to be present throughout the range. Ambient lights take the form of white luminous bands that fill the interior with a suffused light, creating a natural and pleasing atmosphere and a sensation of psychological well-being. ELEVATEDLUXURYLIFE.COM

The formal language that defines the H600 is pure, fluid, sensual and gentle, in short, definitely Pininfarina. Characterizing elements include soft, evolutive surfaces and a few dynamic, expressive lines that underscore the assertive, valiant personality of the car. The marks on the warm grey metallic body emphasize the variegated reflections of the light and call attention to a number of details, like jeweled insets, such as the polished aluminum inserts arranged in a line that starts at the bonnet, runs along the waistline and embraces the rear section, reflecting the degree of finish typically associated with premium segment cars. The rear lights compose a luminous stripe radiating progressively from the logo towards the exterior.

vehicles in the range.

唀刀䈀䄀一 匀伀倀䠀䤀匀吀䤀䌀䄀吀䤀伀一 䤀一 吀䠀䔀 䠀䔀䄀刀吀 伀䘀 䴀唀匀䤀䌀 䌀䤀吀夀

㘀㄀㔀⸀㌀㐀 ⸀㤀㌀㌀㌀   ∠   ㄀㠀 㠀 圀䔀匀吀 䔀一䐀 䄀嘀䔀一唀䔀Ⰰ 一䄀匀䠀嘀䤀䰀䰀䔀Ⰰ 吀一 ㌀㜀㈀ ㌀


N O W L E A S I N G | 8 4 4 3 8 2 8 2 3 4 | V IL L AS FAS H I ONI S L AN D.C OM NEWPORT BEACH, CA

FALL 2017




Life is Better Aboard 100ft Superyacht in the Italian Riviera By Whitney Hubbell



othing embodies luxury more than sailing around the Italian Riviera on a 100 foot yacht with wind in your hair and caviar in your belly. Imagine the feeling when your chief stewardess hands you a Dom Perignon before you even realize you want it, as the crew prepares the jet skis for your enjoyment. Luxury is a five star chef aboard your vessel, preparing divine gourmet specialties as your captain expertly navigates the turquoise waters. Only people who have experienced yachting in its full glory, will tell you that yachting is more of a lifestyle than an ordinary vacation. Amer Yachts is an Italian custom super yacht builder, accompanied by the Seataly charter company that delivers a luxurious superyacht experience like no other. Crew members take pride in delivering exceptional service and can organize custom jazz sessions from local Italian

91 FALL 2017

Amer Cento Seataly an italian lifestyle experience. Do you like Italy? Are you thinking to book a charter for the next year in the Mediterranean area to discover italian beauties? You are right is the best choice. Amer Yachts is not only an italian custom superyacht builder but with Seataly charter company, all part of Permare Group, is becoming a top custom charter for the next season. The only superyacht in Italy powered by 4 ips Volvo Penta in a 5 cabins version would grant the maximum comfort and an italian feeling unique. Based in Sanremo in Portosole marina , very close at the French border is really the ideal point of departure for discovering italian Riviera. On board, the italian staff will pamper you with delicious handmade specialties, niche food and beverage and let the Captain sail to hidden treasure destinations like Cinque Terre marine park or

FALL 2017




luxury is a five star chef preparing divine gourmet specialties as your stewardess pours Dom Perignon

artists. Guests can alternatively choose to attend the town of Senremo, (directly translated to the Music Town) which is home to a world-renowned music festival, which takes place in February. If you’re more passionate about sporting and game than the arts, crew members can accommodate golf competitions, as well as wine and cheese tastings around the highly acclaimed and prestigious Italian regions. Fishing lessons for children or if you’re an enthusiastic angler, private excursions led by professional Italian fishermen can be arranged to locally known hidden gems. The five star service, five star cuisine, five star entertainment and a bounty of recreational options, there is nothing comparable to the yachting world. If you’d rather relax aboard the luxury vessel than partake in activities, the captain will sail you to secret treasure destinations like the Cinque Terre marine park or Camogli coast, which are both close in proximity to Portofino Gulf, Tuscany, Sardina Elba and South Italy designations. To embark on this journey, the ideal point of departure is the journey is the Sanremo in Portosole marina, close to the French border. Amer Yachts has created the only superyacht in Italy to be powered by 4 lbs Volvo Penta in a five cabin version that grants maximum comfort and relaxation to deserving guests. The Amer Cento was awarded the most innovative superyacht in the 80-130 foot category at the Cannes boat show in 2016, and is also considered a trending design vessel for her very stylish and sophisticated interiors. Amer Yacht’s partnership with Permare Group is quickly becoming the most sought-after custom charter in the Mediterranean area. A private company, family owned and operated for three generations, Amer Yachts is synonymous with luxury and passion for the sea. The company is highly conscientious about the ecosystems health and actively works to reduce boat consumptions by working with three key elements. Balancing the weights on board, investing in performant hulls and adopting new technologies such as the lps propulsion system that Volvo Penta recently installed in all Amer Yachts. Amer Cento Seataly is a very silent, stable and easily maneuvered vessel. Guests on board can enjoy the navigation and the sea mooring in the French waters and Italian Riviera for an unforgettable holiday and lifestyle experience.

International airport: Nice Cote d’azur - 60 km from Sanremo Italy Charter fee full season 80.000 € + vat per/week Seataly Amer Cento will attend Cannes and Genoa boat shows 2017 at Port Canto. For more info : barbara@gruppopermare.it www.ameryacht.com


93 FALL 2017


The Greatest Boat Show on the Seven Seas

November 1-5

Follow your dreams at FLIBS.COM



tennis courts and a fitness facility, nestled in a premium locale alongside the Pacific Ocean. The season opens with the 12 Goal Series (May and June), followed by the thrilling 16 Goal Series (High goal, July and August), and closing out the season is the 8 Goal Series (September and October) at Engel & VĂślkers Polo Stadium, one of the most prestigious equestrian venues on the West Coast. In addition, the Club hosts a series of Youth Polo Tournaments throughout the summer to promote the sport to all ages and levels.



97 FALL 2017

he Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is the premier destination for polo on the West Coast and is truly the jewel of the fabulous and fabled American Riviera. The third-oldest continuing member of the United States Polo Association, the Santa Barbara Polo Club was organized in 1911, and its famed lush fields have hosted fabled national and international competitions whose rosters list the giants of the sport. During the 1920s stars such as Chaplin, Fairbanks and Will Rogers all competed here. Rogers broke his arm during a game and was quoted in the newspaper as saying,"They call this sport a gentleman’s game for the same reason they call fat guys slim." Located just outside of spectacular Montecito, the Club offers three high goal fields, a Polo School, boarding facilities, polo lessons and country club amenities including 8

FALL 2017




With a history as rich as Santa Barbara’s, the Club experienced many different owners and lessors during the 1960’s. Notable among the owners was Rudy Tongg of Hawaii who secured the Club as the site of the U.S. Open tournament in 1963 and in 1966. Soon after, in the 1970’s the Club saw the arrival of yet more polo families. In 1970 a famous American 10-Goal player, Robert Skene, began working to procure the Club. Developers had their sights set on a mobile park and miniature golf course and, in order to hold them off, Skene sub-leased the Club for $4,000 per month. The 1907’s saw the arrival of yet more polo families and in 1974 the Club’s facility was to be renovated to encourage a new renaissance in polo. “The Santa Barbara Polo Club, Inc.” bought the property and construction of the envisioned facility began, concluding with the provision of 141 deluxe condominium units, 2 swimming pools, a jacuzzi, eight tennis courts, a tennis clubhouse, an exercise track for the horses, an arena, stabling for 350 horses, three turf fields, and a stick and ball field, and the original clubhouse remained intact.


FALL 2017

Left: Jeff Hall juggles the ball during a match this summer. Right: Costi Caset and Adam Snow fight for possesion of the ball. Photos courtesy of Santa Barbara Polo & Raquet Club


FALL 2017




...players and teams that come here to compete among some of the world’s best

December of 1975 marked a turning point in the Club’s history as the Club was put into the trusteeship of Ambassador Glen Holden, Dr. Norman Ringer, and Kenneth Walker, ensuring the Club’s future into perpetuity and thereby dashing many developers’ dreams. At this juncture, the trustees leased the Club to the “SBPRC Management Company, Inc.”. This 501 (c) (7) corporation is now under the management and the direction of its Board of Directors. The Club’s name was then expanded to “The Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club.” From this moment forward, polo prospered. “Santa Barbara’s a great place to play in the summer, I mean the weather’s amazing, you got the beaches, the mountains, I can’t tell you much more you could ask for,” comments 7 goal handicap leading player Jeff Hall, who has won almost every high-goal trophy in U.S. Polo, including the most prestigious, the U.S. Open. In 1998, the Santa Barbara Polo Club hosted the most prestigious event in polo, the Federation of International Polo (FIP) World Championship. The Olympic style event recorded attendance of over 20,000 people. The SBPC has to date over 500 members, more than 100 of which are full-time polo players. The Club hosts many big tournaments which bring in celebrity spectators and leading players from all around the world, such as Prince William who played in the Foundation Polo challenge in 2011. “With something for everyone, from families and kids, to the chic social scene, to the players and teams that come here to compete among some of the world’s best – the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is one of the finest venues you’ll find in the country to enjoy the sport of polo, and so much more.” - David Sigman, General Manager of the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club.


101 FALL 2017

Culinary work of art. Steams, simmers, boils… inspires.

Whatever you’re dreaming up in the kitchen, ILVE helps you prepare it in beauty and style. Grill, wok, steam, simmer, fry, boil and warm in your choice of over 200 colors, all brilliantly handcrafted in Italy. Experience the possibilities of ILVE, the range that’s as inspired as your next meal. Made in Italy | 866-844-6566 | www.ilveappliances.com Ranges | Hoods | Cooktops

lifestyle L I V I N G



United Country Real Estate specializes in luxury lifestyle properties around the nation. From country estates to mountain escapes, United Country will find a property to match you.


$4,250,000 #12418


$2,250,000 #03260

3-level penthouse • Peaks Resort • Concierge spa • Ski-in & ski-out

Solar power • Working wells • Near San Diego • Log cabin finishes


6 BR, 7 BA, 4 car garage • Near Dallas • Safe room • Boathouse

Find Your Freedom with United Country Real Estate



It’s ALWAYS nice to have a POWDER ROOM close by.

14 Utah resorts, 10 less than an hour from Salt Lake City International Airport. Start planning your trip now at skiutah.com

FALL 2017





Winter Wonderland Sun Valley, ID

The iconic Sun Valley Lodge was completely renovated and reopened in June 2015. The 108 beautifully appointed rooms are a comfortable mix of modern luxury in a casual, yet upscale atmosphere. Five luxury suites are named after notable personalities associated with Sun Valley – Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, Sonja Henie, Ernest Hemingway, and the founder of the destination resort who made it all happen, Averell Harriman.

A skiers’ paradise with over 2,054 acres of skiable terrain, 3,400 vertical feet of constant pitch, almost no lift lines, and two mountains, Bald and Dollar, Sun Valley offers something for everyone. Bald Mountain challenges skiers and riders of all abilities, while Dollar offers the perfect setting for first-timers and families with numerous terrain parks and gradual pitches. sunvalley.com


-the mountain-


-the backcountryWhistler is also renowned for the unmarked trails, quickly becoming a destination of choice for heli-skiing clientele, with 90% of the world's heliskiing taking place in British Columbia. The glacial climate, vast wilderness and abundance of powder snow, make this area ideal for the dream. Whistler Heli-Skiing has exclusive rights to heli-ski an area of big mountain terrain that is 54 miles long and 33 miles wide. Their tenure is 432,000 acres, making it over 50 times the size of Whistler Blackcomb, allowing guests to ski on 173 glaciers and 475 runs. whistlerheliskiing.com

FALL 2017

The resort’s reputation as a premier four-season destination is solidified by its world record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola which links the tops of both mountains, its industry-leading Whistler Mountain Bike Park, its extensive network of high alpine hiking and walking trails, and its virtually endless opportunities for outdoor adventure.


Whistler Blackcomb is widely considered the number one rated ski resort in North America. Whistler and Blackcomb are two side-by-side mountains which, combined, offer over 200 marked runs, 8,171 acres of terrain, 16 alpine bowls, three glaciers, receive on average 456 inches of snow annually, have one of the longest ski seasons in North America, and are a part of the premier mountain resort network, Vail Resorts.


Photos Courtesy of Sun Valley Resort

Winter Wonderland Telluride, CO

Telluride Ski Resort offers a world-class experience unlike any other mountain resort in the country, period. While the ski terrain is universally lauded, the resort is defined by a collection of unmatched elements. Telluride’s location and size also allow guests to revel in a peaceful atmosphere, where lift lines are nearly non-existent and the people are authentic and friendly. If you love to ski but hate big crowds, then Telluride is the place for you. tellurideskiresort.com

FALL 2017



According to local legend which is fact according to locals, the origin of the name Telluride stems from the magical town’s mining days. When it came time to change crews, after dropping the current group of miners down valley and having filled the train up with a new group ready to get to work, the conductor when starting the journey back would pull the whistle and yell “To Hell You Ride!” In 1889, Butch Cassidy’s First Major Recorded Crime occurred in Telluride. Cassidy robbed the San Miguel Valley Bank and made off with $24,580 or $665,943 in today’s dollars.


T h e Hotel Telluride, a 59-room boutique Rocky Mountains meets European chalet-style hotel located in the heart of Telluride, Colo.  The Hotel Telluride is situated in a box canyon, nestled among the highest concentration of 13,000- and 14,000-foot peaks in North America in the San Juan Mountains. They're offering a new 'Snow & Soak, Ski & Sip' winter alpine adventure package - This 3-night winter package includes champagne upon arrival at The Hotel Telluride, a full day snowmobiling trip to/from the historic town of Dunton (pictured above), a gourmet lunch at Dunton Hot Springs; soak in the private, natural hot springs in Dunton and, upon return to The Hotel Telluride, wine & charcuterie by the fireplace. The snowmobile tours take guests to seldom traveled back country with unmatched riding opportunities and scenery. The package also includes a full day lift ticket for two to Telluride Ski Resort, voted the ‘#1 Ski Resort in North America’ in Condé Nast Traveler's 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards. Above is a shot of snowmobiling in Colorado's San Juan Mountains. thehoteltelluride.com

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) continues to famously deliver legendary powder snow, 4,136 continuous vertical feet, 2500 acres of the best beginner, intermediate and expert skiing and snowboarding and a genuine “Last of the Old West” atmosphere. Neighboring the legacy U.S National Parks of Yellowstone and Grand Teton and operating in Bridger Teton National Forest, there is no more spectacular setting for a destination resort in the world. Now with twelve nonstop cities flying to the newly expanded airport, Jackson Hole is one of the most easily accessed destination resorts in the Rockies.  JHMR is independently owned and operated and is committed to the next generation of skiers and riders by continually reinvesting into the guest experience. For Winter 2018.19 look for a new state-of-the-art ski school facility located in the Sweetwater midstation area.  

Nestled hillside at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort lies the intimate and rustic Il Villaggio Osteria. An eatery reminiscent of the comfortable, community-focused restaurants that pepper the Italian countryside, an evening at Osteria transports, making you feel as though you’ve traveled to one of Italy’s hidden gems – all without the jet lag.






Under blue skies more than 300 days each year, Vail is an extraordinary mountain resort destination. The vacation experience is exceptional, from the awe-inspiring terrain and natural beauty of the surrounding Gore and Sawatch Ranges to world-class events, activities and festivals, shops and spas, and the abundant culinary options and luxurious accommodations that line the pedestrianfriendly streets of Vail Village and Lionshead. Vail is where outdoor pursuits meet village sophistication. Offering more than 5,200 acres of developed ski and snowboard terrain including seven legendary Back Bowls in winter. Coupled with the vision inherent in the spirit of Vail’s founders, and a modern day commitment to excellence in all aspects of guest service and operations, Vail is a mountain resort like nothing on earth.

A HIGH ALTITUDE ESSENTIAL For more than 23 years Terra Bistro has been an essential dining destination for Vail Valley visitors, as well as a lasting favorite among locals. Chef Shawn Miller’s adventurous approach to seasonal ingredients yields imaginative, carefully-crafted dishes and ever-changing menus. While there’s plenty of opportunity for indulgence, the menu has a special focus on lighter, healthier fare. There are tasty options for those with dietary restrictions, including tasty gluten-free and vegan dishes. Winner of the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence, Terra Bistro has also earned accolades from such publications as Gourmet Magazine and the New York Times. terrabistrovail.com

FALL 2017

Luxury Beaver Creek Hotel and Resort Overlooking the scenic Beaver Creek Mountain, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is a luxury Colorado Resort and Spa where you can experience the vacation of your dreams. Here you will enjoy premium amenities, such as ski in and ski out access, a year-round heated outdoor pool, and an outdoor fire pit for roasting s’mores.



Winter Wonderland PARK CITY, UT

A mining boomtown that went bust after the rich veins of silver dried up, Park City is clearly booming again. A true ski town on the back of the formidable Wasatch Range, Park City is home to two of America’s most iconic resorts: Park City Mountain and Deer Valley. Deer Valley, a skier’s-only resort just ranked as the #1 resort in North America for 2018 by SKI Magazine, is known for its white-glove service and individual attention. parkcitymountain.com

Elk Chop : pistachio dusted, mustard jus, carrot puree, chiffonade brussel sprouts sautéed with bacon & butternut squash, pomegranate fluid gel

FALL 2017



Meanwhile, Park City Mountain is the largest ski area in the United States with runs that literally pour onto Park City’s Historic Main Street. Both resorts are so intertwined with this historic mining towns that it’s hard to tell where the town ends and the resorts begin. The town continues to reinvent itself, with a grand arts district in the works, devourable food, cocktails and craft beers served under snow-covered roofs, as well as a brand new fleet of 100-percent-electric ski busses.of seafood in the area. Many of its products are fresh-caught and local, arriving at the restaurant just days after leaving the ocean.

Situated on the slopes of Deer Valley Resort and only one mile from Park City’s historic main street, The St. Regis Deer Valley is a AAA Five Diamond Award-winning property that features 174 guest rooms, including exquisite onebedroom suites and elegant guestrooms that can be paired to form spacious two, three, and four-bedroom combinations. Among the 174 rooms are 68 elegant Hotel Condominiums and 25 grand Private Residences. The most luxurious amenities of any mountain resort in the world are offered at the property; including the only funicular at a North American resort. stregisdeervalley.com

The Mustang restaurant has been tantalizing taste buds on Park City’s historic Main Street for 14 years. Owner and Park City local Dustin Stein teams together with renowned Chef Edgar Gonzalez, graduate of the acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu, to bring you their passion for culinary perfection and excellence in service. This dynamic duo was first introduced when they worked side by side at Stein Eriksen Lodge, the number one ski in /ski out resort in the world. Together their goal is to create an extraordinary dining experience. mustangparkcity.com

Aspen-Snowmass, CO Aspen Snowmass—Four Mountains, Endless Possibilities Spend an hour exploring Highland Bowl, a day at Buttermilk, a week at Aspen Mountain, or a whole season discovering Snowmass — no matter how long you stay, you will never have the same experience twice. Aspen Snowmass is more than just four mountains of terrain. It is a destination for living well. A place where the mountains challenge and thrill you by day, and where a vibrant cultural scene greets you at night. A place where just as much devotion is reserved for a polished groomer as a perfect line through the powder-covered trees, and where people know the value of staying out late and rising early for first tracks. aspensnowmass.com

Photo by Thomas O'Brien



This cozy, European-style cabin with a backdrop of the iconic Maroon Bells is a highlight of any Aspen Snowmass vacation. Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro is a legendary for a reason: channeling authentic European Alpine culture in a warm, welcoming environment, it also happens to have the most boisterous après ski scene on any mountain in North America. Lunch service feels like a slice of Switzerland in the Rocky Mountains with layered helpings of fondue and raclette as well as steak tartare, caviar and delectable daily specials. As everyone’s attention shifts from lunch to après ski, things really kick into high gear. On sunny days, the south-facing deck at Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro regularly plays host to ski-boot dance parties that just happen, as flutes of Champagne, glasses of fine wine and a bevy of cocktails create a jovial atmosphere. aspensnowmass.com

FALL 2017

Photo by Nick Tininenko

BOSQ: Think modern alpine getaway, a clean space with grey washed tones and layers of rich detail to absorb. A space you come to sink into, escape and explore, with waves of intense flavors and smells, vibrant and classic music passing through the air. Innovative and inspired New World Cuisine focusing on a unique and fresh approach with flavors from the Mediterranean to China are served up. After dark, the ambiance comes from soft designer lighting and candles. Surrounded by shades of grey and light wood tones, comfortable banquets and modern Scandinavian furniture create an enchanting environment that envelops you in the world of Bosq and our surrounding mountains. bosqaspen.com

Winter Wonderland The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe is the first AAA Five Diamond resort in the Lake Tahoe area. Nestled midmountain at Northstar California Resort, the resort is a contemporary mountain retreat featuring slopeside ski-in, ski-out access in winter and mountain concierge services for golfing, mountain biking and hiking in the summer.

Lake Tahoe

FALL 2017





Northstar California Resort is a multi-season destination offering effortless family adventure, just five miles from the Truckee Tahoe Airport. During the winter months, Northstar California is home to meticulously groomed runs, award-winning terrain parks, and alpine activities including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and tubing. The Village at Northstar features boutique shopping, elevated dining experiences, a year-round outdoor skating rink, movie theatre, alpine-chic lodging and more. New this season, Northstar’s Platinum program expands with Platinum Terrain, an exclusive trail combining the resort’s signature grooming and unprecedented standards for providing consistent, premium conditions. NorthstarCalifornia.com.

Perched on a slope above the shoreline, it’s hard to argue with the high ceilings and towering windows that showcase irresistible views of the lake that makes a picture perfect backdrop to dine along in any season. Since 1998, Big Water Grille boasts three levels that take full advantage of that ever-present view, but that view always faces some strong competition from the highly acclaimed, mouthwatering presentations from Chef Manny Baez and his culinary staff.

ANTIGUA An Afternoon


Antigua. .

Sheer Rocks has a big reputation on the small island of Antigua, and it’s easy to see why. It’s hard to resist the lure of this stunning restaurant and bar, which sits snugly in the cliffs of a magnificent bay, overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Stylish young British owners Kate and Alex Rocks – Alex, a London-trained chef, and Kate, with roots in the music industry – have created a hidden gem, combining outstanding food and a chic, uber cool, chilledout vibe in a sensational location.

Hang out until sunset and Sheer Rocks transforms into one of the most romantic and tranquil restaurants imaginable. Dinner is a la carte or an exceptional five- or seven-course tasting menu, with optional wine pairing. Service is friendly, attentive yet discrete. sheer-rocks.com

FALL 2017



Afternoons are spent lounging on daybeds, sipping terrific cocktails, listening to great tunes and taking the occasional dip in the infinity plunge pool. Lunch is a fun Tapas menu, made for sharing, and with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Head chef Simon Christey-French is passionate about food and a master of his trade. His menus are innovative and exciting, with attention to detail and presentation.

CARIBBEAN PARADISE Situated on the west coast of Antigua overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this stunning, privately-owned property offers guests a romantic, tropical hideaway.   Made-up of 30 spacious, freestanding, luxury suites, every guest accommodation at Hermitage Bay promises spectacular

ocean views and offers true privacy. All inclusive rates at the resort include breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, hors d’oeuvres at cocktail time and dinner, together with a choice of several excellent house wines, including a choice of French Champagnes in the winter and Prosecco in the summer, and all beverages, including premium branded drinks.    The menus exhibit the influence of both the Caribbean and modern European cooking, and change daily.  Activities include a variety of water sports such as kayaks, windsurfing, snorkeling, sunfish, paddle boards and hobie cats.  

Hermitage Bay also features a spa, located on the hillside, which is a tranquil oasis, yet brims with Caribbean vitality and energy. For more information on Hermitage Bay, go to  www.hermitagebay.com.


Tranquility in Texas

Downstairs, TRIO serves up some of the city’s best steaks and freshest seafood, with locally inspired cocktails and live music offered several nights a week in the Lobby Lounge. An award-winning Spa and state-of-the-art Fitness Center, both renovated in May 2017, are perfectly situated to overlook the lake, offering a relaxing experience for health-minded travelers.



Newly renovated in Fall 2017, Four Seasons Hotel Austin  features the only lakefront Resort-like setting in downtown  Austin, complete with two acres of manicured lawns, heritage live oaks and verdant gardens. Guests can soak in the tranquil views from comfy Adirondack chairs or venture out on the Lady Bird Lake Hike & Bike Trail just a few steps away. Inside, an easy elegance prevails with wood furnishings, subtle metallic accents and a soothing gray and blue color scheme borrowed from brushstrokes found throughout the Texas Hill Country.



Goodall’s Kitchen is a local

American bistro that features classic dishes and handcrafted cocktails in a relaxed, intimate dining room with an idyllic veranda overlooking the Hotel Ella front lawn. Executive Chef Nick Nelson rotates a selection of menu items seasonally, while others are year-round favorites. Currently, Chef Nelson hones the lighter side of bistro dining  with dishes like crab benedict, chicken salad tartine, and redfish ceviche. Popular menu items include the Goodall’s burger, tavern steak and ricotta hotcakes. Goodall’s Kitchen serves breakfast,


lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

FALL 2017


Located inside the historic Hotel

charleston Food, Ambiance, and All That Jazz...

From the moment you step through Charleston Grill’s double doors, you are greeted like long lost friends.  


General Manager Mickey Bakst and his staff have carefully curated an ambiance that is all at once mellow and lively, traditional and contemporary, including the perfect bar. Soft jazz bounces off of wood-paneled walls and crisp, white tablecloths. Servers trained in the French tradition delight guests with each menu suggestion and wine pairing. Seamless service, orchestrated by the attentive, knowledgeable and approachable staff, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

FALL 2017



Experience a Historical Gem with a Mint Julep in Hand Belmond Charleston Place has something other hotels can only dream of – it is right in the center of town, surrounded by shops, restaurants, galleries and historic homes, and yet it feels like a resort, with its pool, spa and destination restaurants. The great and the good of Charleston and beyond flock here, whether to power lunch in its Palmetto Café - the only AAA four-Diamond breakfast and lunch restaurant in South Carolina, to sip Mint Juleps in the elegant Thoroughbred Bar after a day at the office, or to enjoy a contemporary Southern supper serenaded by jazz musicians at Charleston Grill, a 2016 James Beard Nominee for Best Service. And visitors? Well, they’re just happy to join in and soak it all up. charlestongrill.com

Located right in the heart of Charleston’s historic district, Belmond Charleston Place offers luxurious guest rooms, including an exclusive Club Level on the top two floors, with its own private lounge and concierge, attracting the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Streisand.

CHICAGO Somerset, a Boka Restaurant Group concept with James Beard nominated Chef Lee Wolen at the helm, opened September 6, 2017. Located in Chicago’s iconic Gold Coast neighborhood, Somerset is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Dinner at Somerset focuses on approachable, clean flavors with wood grilled vegetables, fishes and meats, roasted proteins for two, and pastas. Shared plate starter options are also predominantly featured, with a large vegetable crudité tower, shellfish platter or charcuterie plate.

FALL 2017



Positioned at the intersection of Cedar and State Streets, this urban resort rises a magnificent 18-stories and is home to the neighborhood’s first rooftop pool. This desirable rooftop space, in addition to floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the hotel, affords guests sweeping views of Lake Michigan and the cityscape, offering a unique vantage point of Chicago to inspire curiosity and exploration.



Breakfast at Somerset offers housemade pastries, seasonal omelets and baked egg dishes.

DALLAS Delicious Dining in Dallas


FALL 2017



Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek® An icon in Texas, Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek offers contemporary American cuisine and world-class service in the heart of Uptown Dallas. Originally built in 1925 as a private residence, The Mansion Restaurant features 16th-century Italian Renaissance style and rich European architecture. In 1980, the grand estate opened as a restaurant and has remained a beloved Texas institution ever since. Patrons delight in contemporary American cuisine with subtle global influences. Distinct décor includes stained-glass windows, a cantilevered staircase and hand-carved ceilings. An outdoor terrace presents luxurious seating, charming fireplaces and captivating views of Dallas beneath a canopy of trees. Mansion Bar is a fixture of Dallas society.

THE JOULE: A TEXAS JEWEL The Joule: Named for the international unit of energy, The Joule is the stunning product of a revitalized 1920’s neo-gothic landmark Dallas building, three restored buildings of 1930’s vintage, and several new structures. A visual masterpiece from award-winning designer Adam D. Tihany, the hotel creates a tasteful union of old world quality and contemporary design, while densely populated throughout by museum quality artwork from names including Tony Cragg, Tony Tasset, Andy Warhol and Richard Phillips. The hotel’s inviting lobby, with its cozy nooks

and bar, is a social setting for guests and locals alike. In addition to spectacular multi-story penthouses, the property includes an impressive glass-fronted rooftop cantilevered pool, subterranean spa, rooftop terrace with glass pavilion, first-class dining, vibrant cocktail destinations and one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. thejouledallas.com

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Named “Best in Dallas” 13 years in a row, 2004-2017



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Guard and Grace, named after Guard’s daughter, is a modern American steakhouse in the heart of Denver’s Central Business District. As a chef, Guard works to push the boundaries – with both cuisine and design – when it comes to the traditional steakhouse concept. The design deviates from the dim-lit, white table cloth approach, and instead uses natural light and feminine décor to create a clean, modern design. The 9,000 square foot space boasts private rooms and a 4,000-bottle temperaturecontrolled wine cellar complete with wine lockers, where guests can store away some of their own “reserve” bottles.

119 FALL 2017

HIGH RISE A MILE HIGH In a city that’s already one mile high, Four Seasons Hotel Denver soars even higher. Experience exceptional service and amenities in this urban oasis located in the heart of downtown. Enjoy Denver’s invigorating blend of sophistication, vibrant culture and year-round Rocky Mountain Adventure. An icon of the skyline housed inside a landmark 45-story tower, Four Seasons Hotel Denver offers sleek accommodations with a style that reflects the natural beauty of Colorado. Dine at the hotel’s progressive American steakhouse, EDGE Restaurant, for locally sourced ingredients and prime cuts of beef seared to perfection. Or, relax and rejuvenate at The Spa for a day of pampering with seasonal treatments performed by the city’s best spa therapists. From adventure to leisure, Four Seasons Hotel Denver is the ideal starting point for a Colorado getaway. fourseasons.com/denver

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HAWAII Resting on the picturesque Kona-Kohala coast of Hawaii Island, the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai combines the warm aloha of the Islands with the impeccable signature service recognized by Four Seasons guests worldwide. With 243 guest rooms, an award-winning golf course, and seven pools, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is the only Forbes Five Star and AAA Five Diamond Rated Resort in Hawaii. The Resort offers five dining options, including 'ULU Ocean Grill + Sushi Lounge, the only Forbes star-rated restaurant on the Island. Chefs in each dining outlet work with ingredients from over 160 local farms, and 75% of the food served is from Hawaii Island. The comfortable and spacious accommodations at the Resort are housed in intimate two-story bungalows arranged in small crescents along the beachfront and golf course. fourseasons.com/hualalai



Additional features include an Ocean Adventures team, eight tennis courts, a spa with 14 treatment rooms and salon services, and a Cultural Center with classes and activities highlighting Hawaiian culture.

121 FALL 2017

‘ULU Ocean Grill + Sushi Lounge showcases a stylish blend of Hawaiian architecture and modern flair - a lively, informal setting where guests are inspired, surprised, and delighted by Hawaii’s natural beauty and the flavors of the Pacific. Friendly and knowledgeable servers guide guests through a social dining experience, highlighting an innovative ocean-to-table menu with playful tableside presentation. Cuisine is prepared oven roasted, flame grilled, and wok fired, and signature dishes include Oven-Roasted Whole Fish; Lobster and Shrimp Pad Thai. The restaurant features an extensive wine list including a special selection of boutique wines, as well as a selection of premium sake. 

Ahi Poke, prepared tableside. uluoceangrill.com

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“Brothers David Morton and Michael Morton have come together to create MB Steak, a luxury steakhouse at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. MB Steak represents the next generation in a long legacy of restaurateurs, which includes their father, legendary restaurateur Arnie Morton, their grandfather Morton C. Morton, and Hymie, their great-grandfather. MB stands for “My Brothers.” MB Steak pairs the oldschool  steakhouse  standard with a rich, comfortable vibe. The  menu of expertly-sourced steaks, seafood and shellfish is complemented hardrockhotel.com/las-vegas-dine/mb-steak.com by creative chef-driven preparations.  MB  Steak’s diverse wine list is accompanied by an extensive selection of spirits and cocktails.  The 7,800-square-foot restaurant reveals itself gradually through its tunnel entryway opening onto the first-floor bar and dining room, and a lit staircase leading to the garden bar and lounge. The private dining room and private bar room offer intimate dining alternatives. MB Steak is sexy, luxurious and supremely comfortable.”




Located at ARIA, the Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five Diamond Award Sky Suites offers one-, two, and three-bedroom guest rooms and suites that range from 1,050 – 7,000 square feet. The Sky Suite accommodations include airport limo transportation, private check-in, expansive floorto-ceiling windows in every suite with stunning views of Las Vegas and more. In addition, ARIA boasts the most technologically advanced guest rooms in the country.  Every guest room features a level of personalized automation currently found only in high-end custom homes.  Guest rooms are networked with fiber offering matchless Internet connectivity and guest service.


Just steps from the Santa Monica Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, and the city’s popular beaches and shopping districts, Shore Hotel is the newest addition to the coastline—a LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified property that offers eco-friendly accommodations with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.The AAA Four Diamond property boasts an open-air, U-shaped design with stainless steel-clad trellis, outdoor “living room,” with pool, cocktail bar, and water feature. Amenities on property include a fitness center, state-of-the-art meeting and special event space, a business center, inroom dining, valet, and superb access to year-round leisure activities in Santa Monica, as well as the city’s beaches.

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Water Grill is one of the most celebrated seafood destinations in Southern California. Located on scenic Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, Water Grill has ocean views accompanied by the freshest and largest variety of seafood in the area. Many of its products are fresh-caught and local, arriving at the restaurant just days after leaving the ocean.


MANHATTAN-HERMOSA BEACHES Beach House Hotel Hermosa Beach: It’s SoCal living at its finest…sun, surf, and sand, accompanied by a laid-back atmosphere with coastal charm. Beach House Hotel Hermosa Beach adds to these beach community “must-haves” with welcoming accommodations that ooze comfort, casual elegance, luxury, and buzzing nightlife just steps away. Located in downtown Hermosa, the Beach House is a diverse blend of experiences.  From its private balconies, guests look onto the expansive sandy beach. 

Down at the beach, at the foot of the Manhattan Beach Pier, you will find a welcoming spot filled with delicious food, spirits and warm smiles. Rock’n Fish has impeccable service, generous helpings and comfortable atmosphere, guest experience is the priority. The menu is called, “American Regional Cuisine.” They’ve taken the best American dishes from around the country and interpreted them at their best with the freshest local ingredients. Come house favorites are the legendary Navy Grog rum cocktail, Oak-grilled Artichoke, Seafood Jambalaya or hand-cut Kapalua mb.rocknfishrestaurants.com




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The Story Behind Malibu’s Most Iconic Restaurant Holiday House, a historic hotel located in the heart of Malibu, opened its doors in 1948, and immediately established itself as the ultimate hospitality destination, attracting stars like Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, and John F. Kennedy. 35 years later, in 1983, Holiday House ended its glorious run when Harvey Baskin, a financier and nature lover, purchased it and created what is known today as Geoffrey’s Malibu. Baskin proved to be a genius at cultivating the natural beauty that came to be the calling card at Geoffrey’s Malibu.




Nobu Ryokan Malibu is set to open in April 2017, following an extensive renovation of the 1950s-era beach motel, Casa Malibu. Nobu Ryokan Malibu is the first of the Nobu Ryokan Collection – individual and exclusive retreats located in exotic destinations and gateway cities, where our guests seek luxurious sanctuaries in discerning environments. The hideaway retreats offer distinctive service and luxury products each set with an authentic Ryokan inspired style. The Malibu location masterfully combines Nobu’s unique style of artistry and global luxury beloved by a powerful international clientele with the chic elegance of the California coastline. Encompassing the feeling of Omotenashi, the Japanese art of hospitality, architects Studio PCH, Montabla Architects and designers TAL Studios combine the minimalist aesthetic of traditional Japanese inns with the cool elegance of the California coastline.


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Beautiful Beverly Hills

Located in the vibrant epicenter of Los Angeles, Montage Beverly Hills is ideally situated for shopping and dining among Rodeo Drive’s storied collection of shops, restaurants and galleries. As the only hotel in Beverly Hills with the coveted Forbes Five Star rating for both hotel and spa, Montage Beverly Hills features 201 well-appointed guestrooms, including 55 suites as well as 20 private Residences. Spa Montage Beverly Hills featuring L.RAPHAEL is the exclusive West Coast destination for the renowned Swiss skincare brand’s non-invasive, scientifically advanced, products and treatments for the face and body. montagehotels.com/beverlyhills

Los Angeles: The City of Angels A landmark of the city skyline, The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles is an exclusive retreat in the vibrant heart of revitalized downtown. As the first and only luxury offering in the city center, the hotel brings a sophisticated level of service and amenities to the destination with a world-class spa, breathtaking rooftop pool and bar on the 26th floor and personalized Club Lounge experience, along with award-winning dining from Chef Wolfgang Puck within Nest at WP24 and WP24 Restaurant. Hotel guests also enjoy convenient access to the L.A. LIVE scene – steps from the hotel, this thriving complex features the best in live entertainment, sports, red carpet events and culinary options. ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/california/los-angeles

the W Hollywood in West Hollywood W Hollywood hotel has redefined vogue, reinvented glamour and revived energy. A rebirth of Hollywood and Vine and its surrounding areas, W Hollywood rolls out the red carpet for fabulous parties and celebrity-style mixing. Drink signature cocktails in The Living Room, revel in the sounds of Sunday Jazz in The Loft, catch a flick on the giant 35 foot screen in Station Hollywood, or soak in the view from the rooftop WET Deck. Welcome to the new Hollywood.  whollywoodhotel.com

Katsuya Restaurant is an OpenTable Diner’s Choice winner in the Hotspot category. Enjoy a power lunch in this West Hollywood hotspot, you can be in and out in under an hour. The patio overlooking LA Live and Staples center is gorgeous, especially as it's paired with stylish decor from Philippe Starck.



127 FALL 2017

Cleo Hollywood restaurant has incredible Mediterranean small plates that are fantastic for sharing. Enjoy the open kitchen atmosphere with the option for communal tables. It's an iconic location, located on Hollywood and Vine. cleorestaurant.com/hollywood














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V ISIT : WWW .K RYPT A LL . COM C ONTACT : 877-291-1900 OR 310.729.1505 INFO @K RYPT A LL . COM


NASHVILLE Southern Comfort The Mockingbird is a modern diner located in Nashville’s The Gulch neighborhood at 121A 12th Avenue North and is led by the talented culinary duo of executive chef Brian Riggenbach and front-of-house extraordinaire Mikey Corona, who are also partners in the project. Inspired by the restaurant’s namesake, The Mockingbird’s menu mimics its surroundings, offering comfort food favorites influenced by the many global elements that make up American culture and cuisine. The restaurant plays with a special sense of whimsy that is evoked in chef Riggenbach’s menu, featuring a variety of small plates, large plates, sides and desserts, plus a playful cocktail menu that includes adult milkshakes and seasonal punches. The Art Deco-inspired two-story eatery is friendly and welcoming, offering two expansive patio deck areas that allow diners the option to eat al fresco. For more information, visit www. mockingbirdnashville.com, check out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

mockingbirdnashville.com ELEVATEDLUXURYLIFE.COM

129 FALL 2017

Hutton Hotel is Nashville’s touchstone for boutique hospitality. The soon-tobe freshly renovated standout property anchors the increasingly desirable, lesser explored Midtown area. Newly welcomed Chef Christopher Anderson ups the culinary ante bringing with him big-city tested caliber and a menu that promises to attract local diners and guests alike. The inventive new lobby layout will promote relaxed imbibing and leisurely conversation while the refreshed guest rooms will boast playful design elements and pops of color. This fall, Hutton will welcome a brand new multisensory experience venue featuring off-kilter events, intimate showcases, and unconventional productions. Hutton remains the city’s only Forbes Four Star AAA Four Diamond property and will continue to set the example for exemplarily hospitality that has become iconic of Nashville. huttonhotel.com

New York Set in the heart of downtown Manhattan, Arlo SoHo is a home base for urban explorers – combining purposeful design with the best essentials. Rooms come with an array of bed types and views (and in some cases, even a large outdoor terrace). Plus, all the amenities you need to make Arlo SoHo your home base in the city. The property also boasts a multitude of joyful, inclusive public spaces built to accommodate a variety of environments and needs with a flurry of activities throughout the day. Guests can socialize and relax, listen to music, play board games, work and meet, or dine and drink in the common spaces, all while connecting and interacting with other guests.




FALL 2017

the grill: A Big Apple Thrill

Pulling off a balancing act few thought possible, Major Food Group unveiled its astonishing restoration of the iconic Grill Room at the former Four Seasons Restaurant, now to be known as THE GRILL. THE GRILL seamlessly brings together art, food, people, and pleasure the way New York’s legendary mid-century midtown restaurants once did. Delivered by captains in Tom Ford tuxedos designed especially for the restaurant, THE GRILL’S carefully conceived food will match its surroundings. Chef/ Partner Mario Carbone’s elegant renditions of chophouse classics conjure decades of stylish Manhattan dining. Chef Carbone’s larger-than-life food, served on tableware inspired by JFK-era White House place settings, reimagines mid-century New York cuisine. The biggest reveal comes walking up THE GRILL’S famous staircase: Lovingly restored and lavishly refurbished, Philip Johnson’s awe-inspiring 1959 interiors are glowing again. The space is one of just 117 interior landmarks in New York City, and the only interior landmark restaurant space. thegrillnewyork.com



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Montage, set on a coastal bluff overlooking the Pacific in the heart of the vibrant arts community of Laguna Beach, offers 30 acres of oceanfront luxury. The 250-room craftsman-style resort features beachfront accommodations; a 20,000-square-foot spa; destination dining at Studio; a wealth of outdoor recreation, including three pools, beach and water sports; a fine art collection; and more than 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space.

A vibrant artist community with over 100 galleries, Laguna Beach is a marine protected reserve, so no motorized boats are allowed in or out of the magical village’s waters, which keeps the tide pools fresh and teeming with sea life. With seven miles of coastline, Laguna Beach is home to more than 30 coves and beaches (all with public access). About The Deck on Laguna Beach: The Deck on Laguna Beach brings together coastal culinary creations featuring the freshest seafood and craft cocktails, California wine and beer – just steps from the sand. The Deck is open for both lunch and dinner. Executive Chef Rainer Schwarz combines a rich cultural past with the finest culinary training to present menus unlike any other found in the region. deckonlaguna.com

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Courtesy of Pelican Hill

Set on 504 acres by the Pacific Ocean in Newport Beach, The Resort at Pelican Hill® features: 128 two-, threeand four-bedroom villas with magnificent coastal views and an unparalleled array of appointments, immersing guests in the absolute finest of everything; 204 luxuriously appointed bungalow guest rooms and suites with private terraces; a rejuvenating Five-Star spa with a menu of the world’s most celebrated therapies; worldclass restaurants, including Andrea serving authentic Northern Italian cuisine; an iconic “Coliseum Pool,” one of the largest circular pools anywhere with tiered decks and luxurious cabana. pelicanhill.com


Located just steps from the iconic Huntington Beach shoreline, Paséa Hotel & Spa is a modern oceanfront oasis redefining laid back luxury. With 250 rooms and suites almost all offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, Paséa is designed to connect guests with the surrounding surf culture, while providing a “California cool” escape into luxury. Featuring a celebrated chic rooftop bar, Beach Butler Service, two ocean facing pools, and a Balinese-inspired Spa, Paséa Hotel & Spa is the ultimate Huntington Beach resort for any guest to enjoy. meritagecollection.com/paseahotel

133 FALL 2017



Offering some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean, Tanner’s offers an unforgettable Huntington Beach restaurant experience. Featuring a 72” woodfired inferno grill, guests can enjoy the essence and soul of Southern California cuisine cooked over a live fire, while surrounded by slightly edgy, industrial vibe.  Combining warehouse-style metal windows,  exposed  brick, a chain-link curtain, rustic wood décor and colorful local-inspired artwork, guests experience an elevated playful atmosphere.

Owner Javier Sosa, started JAVIER’S in 1995 in Laguna Beach for 13 years then relocated to the Crystal Cove in February 2008. With intimate private dining room, al fresco patios and the exquisite bar surrounded by one of the West Coast's largest selection of the world's finest tequilas. JAVIER’S presents a rich heritage of elevated Mexican cuisine in a friendly, captivating ambiance. The restaurant inspired Mexican specialties are created with the highest quality seafood, beef, pork and chicken as well as gourmet vegetarian offerings.


PALM BEACH Ultimate Oceanfront Oasis One of America’s legendary resort destinations, The Breakers is a magnificent, 538-room Italian Renaissance-style hotel residing on 140 acres of prized oceanfront property in the heart of Palm Beach. Its timeless atmosphere of casual sophistication, seaside glamour, stunning interiors and artfully designed landscape are complemented by gracious service and an array of multifaceted amenities that are continuously revitalized and transformed, thanks to the annual investment of $30 million to support capital improvements.

The Breakers features a world-class oceanfront experience complete with a private beach, four pools, private poolside bungalows for daytime rental, five whirlpool spas, and a variety of on-site watersports. Additional amenities include 36 holes of championship golf, including the Ocean Course and The Breakers Rees Jones® Course; 10 Har-Tru tennis courts; a luxury spa and indoor-outdoor oceanfront fitness center; a Family Entertainment Center; and an extensive program of family and children’s activities. Nine restaurants, with settings ranging from casual beachfront to stylishly sophisticated, including the newly reimagined Seafood Bar; as well as an array of twelve on-site boutiques collectively make The Breakers the quintessential coastal vacation – a modern classic embodying today’s luxury lifestyle.

FALL 2017





This 25-room boutique hotel set atop The Breakers Palm Beach is reminiscent of a chic, private-access guest house within a magnificent oceanfront estate. Flagler Club offers an intimate, VIP experience, welcoming guests with the gracious, highly attuned service of 19 dedicated team members; top-of-the-line amenities including Frette bed linens and Jo Malone™ bath amenities; access to chauffeured house car service via the Club’s Tesla; and inspired design…all seamlessly blend into a sanctuary of hospitality and comfort. Sensational food & beverage are enjoyed throughout the day in the exclusive Club Lounge, with its premium top-shelf bar, and panoramic Terrace, designed by internationally renowned Adam D. Tihany acting as design consultant to Peacock + Lewis Architects. These stylish spaces with a sense of ease, invite guests to savor inspirations day through evening, to relax or socialize as they wish. thebreakers.com/dining/flagler-steakhouse

PALM SPRINGS Thirteen lushly planted acres in a desert climate is probably the most defining and remembered quality of one’s stay here. Sense of place is shaped by walking these planted paths beneath arches of green, through tunnels of hedgerow that periodically open up to the spread of a lawn, the shade of a tree, a cluster of tall pampas grass or a court of palms.



A fire circle, a tiled fountain, fruit trees and herb gardens -- hammocks, strung between palm trees, hidden niches -- just some of the finds along the way. Whether exploring the entire weave of walkways throughout the property or simply following the path that takes you from your room to breakfast at Norma’s, a drink at the MiniBar or a poolside chaise, they are their own suspended moments -- sometimes heavy with scent in the night air, bright with morning sun over-head, or thick with the heat of late afternoon.


The Historic Landmark was built in 1927 and was owned by the owners of the famous Desert Inn which was The hotel in the Valley. Many grand parties were held in the house for guests such a s Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and many more. It was a favorite place for General Patton when he was based in Palm Springs to stage the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. Later on, when the restaurant was established it became a favorite place for Presidents and the Hollywood elite. The renowned patio lined with Giant Fichus trees is THE place to dine. The Patio is cooled in the Summer and heated in the Winter.  evallauris.com

FALL 2017


a rt i st


Whether your style is simply elegant, traditional or bohemian and fun, Temecula Creek Inn invites you to handcraft every element of your special day. With a lush green setting, open outdoor spaces and unique culinary creations this is the place to cultivate your wedding dream.







SAN DIEGO produce, delivered throughout the week, and can be easily customized around private dining and event occasions for all those seeking an exceptional experience in a memorable locale. Packages offered in any of the four dining rooms, or bring family, friends and coworkers for a patio cocktail reception unlike any other in the city.

Set on one of America’s most iconic beaches, the legendary Hotel del Coronado has welcomed discerning travelers for nearly 130 years to experience the Southern California coastal lifestyle at its best. Here, the magic and nostalgia of the property’s storied past blends seamlessly with contemporary luxury in 757 guestrooms. Hotel del Coronado and its newest addition, Beach Village at The Del, have every modern amenity imaginable from bespoke concierge services and holistic spa experiences to private chefs and exquisite oceanfront dining. Known for creating memories and engaging experiences with endless recreational seaside activities, an award-winning spa, and oceanfront dining, this world-renowned San Diego resort seamlessly connects her storied past with today’s Southern California coastal lifestyle. hoteldel.com

FALL 2017

Stay in San Diego


With rooftop dining featuring stunning city vistas, an extensive wine list and curated craft cocktail program, and long-term partnerships with local farms and purveyors, it’s easy to see why Mister A’s has been an icon in the San Diego community for more than 50 years. Chef Stephane Voitzwinkler’s rotating seasonal menus are based on the freshest Southern California





FALL 2017



Located on the first floor of the InterContinental® San Francisco, the Michelin-starred Luce offers distinctive  dining  that brings together local  flavors and global inspiration, focusing on modern American cuisine. While Luce offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch, it is the dinner experience that illustrates the true talent of the Michelin-starred culinary team. Under the direction of Chef de Cuisine Daniel Corey, the approachable menu reflects the surrounding farms of San Francisco and changes according to freshness and seasonality. Pastas, breads and all desserts are made in-house allowing for a truly unique  experience. The restaurant offers a 350 label global wine list emphasizing California varietals, especially those of “new California.” The restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star for eight consecutive years and has been recognized by Wine Spectator for its wine program since 2010 on its annual “Best of” list.

San Francisco Proper  Hotel, opening Summer 2017, is located in a once-opulent flatiron hotel on the corner of 7th and Market in the Mid-Market neighborhood and represent the first high-end boutique hotel to open in the city within the last several years. The city, especially Mid-Market, is undergoing a renaissance,  and San Francisco Proper Hotel sits right in the modern crossroads where elite tech companies now inhabit once-blighted architectural marvels and once-thriving theaters have been revived. The property will feature  131 rooms and suites in their various original configurations and will bring  much needed social spaces including 4 F&B venues with indoor/ outdoor dining including a  rooftop bar and lounge - all of which are designed by Kelly Wearstler.


Delightful at Luce

SANTA BARBARA A Brand New Getaway


FALL 2017



Hotel Californian | Santa Barbara, CA (opening September 2017) One of the most anticipated hotel openings in 2017 will be Santa Barbara’s Hotel Californian. Nearing completion in the heart of Santa Barbara, Hotel Californian is located adjacent to the city’s vibrant Funk Zone and steps from the Pacific Ocean and the Amtrak Station. Combining quintessential California Spanish Colonial architecture and interior designs from celebrity “A list” designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, this bespoke 121-room coastal retreat will offer a luxury Moroccaninspired spa, fashion boutique, rooftop pool and a myriad of indoor-outdoor event space. In addition, the property will boast Blackbird, a 70-seat, indoor-outdoor restaurant showcasing exquisite Mediterranean-inspired cuisine featuring local produce, seafood, and wines; and Goat Tree, a gourmet café and market with al fresco seating offering fresh, local fare, including superb pastries and baked goods, cold-pressed juices and coffee, seasonally curated picnic baskets, and a full breakfast menu, all with a hint of Mediterranean culinary influence.

LOQUITA: a wild, fun-filled fete Loquita, an endearing Spanish colloquial term for a wild, fun loving young girl, is a playful love letter to the Spanish history of Santa Barbara. Leading the culinary team is Executive Chef Peter Lee, who created the Californiainspired menu of Spanish pintxos, charcuteria, quesos, tapas, paella and more. Enjoy a wine list comprised almost entirely of Spanish wines and several exceptional local wines that pair well with the cuisine. Loquita’s cocktail list showcases selections of Spanish vermouths, farmers’ market Sangria, hand-crafted cocktails and the de rigueur offerings of ginand-tonics, Spain’s king cocktail. The Mediterranean climate and terroir of Santa Barbara County mirror that of Spain, making the translation of locally sourced produce, meats and seafood an ideal match. Down the hallway is Poquita, a standing-room-only pintxos bar, with colorful displays of Spanish Jamon Serrano, Manchego cheese, Manzanilla olives, tapas and pintxos.


The Art of Outdoor Living

Now there is a way to indulge in the beauty and tranquility of your outdoor space while enjoying all of the indoor comforts of your home. Our pergola is the perfect solution to worry free outdoor living and entertaining to meet all of your needs. Adjustable louvers provide protection from the harmful sun and rain. Plus, they help you control light, ventilation, and temperature. A simple touch of the remote gives you the freedom to lounge under the sun or entertain under the stars in your own functional outdoor living space.

www.bcstructures.com | 973.513.7016

SEATTLE Seattle’s Sensational Seafood Named Gayot’s Top Ten Seafood Restaurants in America in 2012, and awarded The Washington State Wine Commission’s 2015 Restaurant of the Year, AQUA by El Gaucho sparkles at the tip of Pier 70, offering Seattle’s best waterfront dining experience. Walls of glass showcase Seattle’s finest views of Elliott Bay. The expansive outdoor deck is es-


pecially attractive on summer evenings, and indoors, the spacious is a showstopper in its own right. AQUA by El Gaucho showcases the dinner-as-theatre philosophy and signature hospitality of El Gaucho.


FALL 2017

An urban retreat in the heart of downtown, W Seattle combines the energy of the city with the serenity of the Pacific Northwest. Boasting comfortable accommodations, thoughtful amenities and scenic views of the city and Puget Sound, W Seattle is the ultimate travel destination in Seattle. Award winning design and indulgent comfort naturally connect to create a luxurious stay with incredible views of the Emerald City.


an exquisite visit in Emerald City


lounge and lighted serpentine bar

SONOMa~ napa A Sonoma Sanctuary

Renowned for natural mineral waters, unparalleled charm and gracious service, Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, is located 40 miles north of the  San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge at 100 Boyes Blvd. in Sonoma Valley, the heart of Northern California’s wine country.  Home to the Michelin-rated Santé dining room, the resort is also a recipient of both the AAA-Four Diamond and MobilFour Star Awards. The iconic destination consistently provides the country’s finest European spa experience.  Guests of the resort also retain exclusive privileges at neighboring Sonoma Golf Club.

FALL 2017




The Girl and the Fig In the heart of Sonoma Valley, at the epicenter of a thriving local food and wine scene, you’ll find the girl & the fig. Founded by Restaurateur Sondra Bernstein and now in its twentieth year, the historic downtown location turned contemporary eatery has become a beloved favorite of locals and the must-visit destination of travelers.  The seasonally-driven menu is sourced locally and delivers a decidedly Sonoma flair, featuring an exclusively “Rhone Alone” wine list, artisan cheeses, and an in-house charcuterie program.     the girl & the fig family of restaurants also includes the fig café & winebar in Glen Ellen,  the girl & the fig CATERS! in Sonoma, The Rhone Room (wine studio), a food truck dubbed “the fig rig,” as well as an event venue, Suite D, in Sonoma. thegirlandthefig.com

SOUTH BEACH F antastic F ood


F lorida


Award winning plant-based chef and wellness entrepreneur Chef Matthew Kenney’s second concept, Plnthouse, the good kitchen, is every vegan’s dream. Located at the luxe 1 Hotel South Beach, this breezy cafe’s aesthetic is designed to complement the beach vibe of the property and features a menu of whole, healthful, plant-based items. Not only offering seated table service, Plnthouse also features a grab-and-go component for those heading straight to the sand. Placing emphasis on sustainable ideals and overall wellness, everything from locally grown foods to the importance of fitness comes to life in this seaside eatery. The menu includes cold pressed juices and smoothies, a wide range of both raw and cooked plant-based dishes, an extensive dessert program and a full bar built from craft liquors and fresh juices, herbs and local fruits. Capturing the best of Miami with its dual venue, the 105-seat restaurant is perfectly split between an indoor dining room and an outdoor deck with unobstructed ocean views. matthewkenneycuisine.com/plnthouse


FALL 2017

The world’s first Spartan Gym, the nation’s only Bamford-Haybarn Spa, curated “Mind & Movement” classes, organic dining and a new Members Only Beach Club await at this gorgeous South Beach destination. Outside is brought in with living greenery throughout the guest experience, from the instant they approach 1 Hotel until the moment they enter their room. You’re welcomed with 3,000 feet of living wall wrapped-around its exterior with 11,000 local tropical plant varieties as natural art pieces from local Miami artisans Plant the Future.


Now being dubbed as “Miami’s Wellness Hotel,” 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach is inspired by nature and driven by its eco-luxe, wellness-focused beliefs. Giving a second-life to everything, each intricate piece of the hotel was once something else. From headboards built with beetle-kill wood to hangers made of old love letters, guests are encouraged to become “1” with the world around them while indulging in a wealth of wellness offerings.

3725 Shooting Star Lane | Jackson Hole, Wyoming | 83014 www.jhwildflowerlodge.com 307-222-4400

Flathead Lakefront Estate Showcases Montana’s Beauty

32951 Driftwood Lane, Bigfork, MT

MLS #335598 • $3,650,000

Stunning Flathead Lake Estate boasts 265+ feet of level waterfront, great privacy, and gorgeous views! Custom 5,322 sq ft 3 bed/3.5 bath home with large open great room, huge master suite, exercise room, office, den, sauna, expansive decks, all designed with exquisite finishes! 716+ sq ft 1bed/1bath guest home, 1314+ sq ft shop/storage, two covered boat slips with lifts, and immaculate landscaping! Property is offered furnished with a few art exclusions. Jennifer Shelley is a Licensed Realtor® in the State of Montana. 710 Grand Drive, Bigfork, MT 59911. Information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. The pages of this ad provide a brief summary of the property’s characteristics and is not intended to be an exclusive or binding source of information. Visit www.NationalParksRealty.com for more information.

Establish Your Legacy Estate Today

Deer Creek Ranch Nestled in the Beautiful Swan Mountains

513 Remington Road, Bigfork, MT 59911

MLS #21706318 • $6,495,000

An opportunity such as this comes around only once in a lifetime! Deer Creek Ranch is the perfect property to establish a family legacy estate. Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Swan Mountains near Bigfork, Montana, the natural beauty of the area is in perfect balance with the beautiful, custom designed home that was inspired by the land that surrounds it. The mansion sits on 73 amazing acres of meadow surrounded by the best of what Montana has to offer: grand mountains, big sky, amazing wildlife, blue water, lush forests and is just minutes away from Flathead Lake and in close proximity to the Jewel Basin Hiking Area and Glacier National Park. This log, timber, and rock home is 14,235 sq ft with 5 bedroom suites, 6 baths, and features architectural detail that will delight the senses and take your breath away. The property also features a large, private guest house. Western elegance at its finest. Can you hear that? Opportunity is knocking.

Get Started On Your Montana Dream Today!

Jennifer Shelley

406.249.8929 • JenniferShelley@NPRMT.com www.NationalParksRealty.com

Photography by Brain D. Beck


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y mother’s Las Vegas career began when she opened for Charles Aznavour in 1966 at the Flamingo Hotel, and continued for the next forty-five years. Before becoming a headliner, she opened for anyone she could, including Tony Bennett, Mac Davis, Sergio Franchi, Robert Goulet, Shirley MacLaine, Helen Reddy, Neil Sedaka, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Referring to herself as the “strip slut,” she was willing to play any hotel as long as the check cleared. Eventually she signed on as the headliner exclusively at Caesars Palace, with one of the biggest contract guarantees for a woman at that time.




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Joan Rivers: Confidential as told by Melissa Rivers and Scott Currie. “The unseen scrapbooks, joke cards, personal files, and photos of a very funny woman who kept everything.”

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An Elevated Luxury Life Exclusive: Exerpt from the Las Vegas chapter of Joan Rivers: Confidential as told by daughter, Melissa Rivers and longtime friend, Scott Currie.



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Aldasoro Estate Parcel. 4.29 acres surrounded by 40 acres of open space, and massive views (as seen above). $1,795,000

MATTHEW HINTERMEISTER REALTOR | 970.729.1200 TellurideBroker@aol.com www.SellingTelluride.com Instagram: @MattTelluride Facebook.com/TellurideBroker

Ridgway Contemporary with stunning views. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3-car garage $1,250,000


PULITZER MANSION $18,495,000 One of the most extraordinary residences in the Telluride region. 75-foot Indoor Pool, AMF Bowling Alley, Indoor Shooting Range, Golf Fairway & Putting Green, Gazebo with Wet Bar, 7-person Hot-Tub, and a Full-Scale Replica of the Labyrinth at Chartres France. Includes a Telluride Ski & Golf Club Platinum Membership.


Visit Our Distillery & Brewery In the Heart of Downtown Ketchum // Restaurant & Full Bar with Rooftop Dining 280 North Main Street // (208) 726-2739 // WarfieldDistillery.com



An Aspen Original

Famous for connecting his buildings to the landscape and his design to the art of living, Ravazzani placed at the center of the home a 3,250-square-foot all-glass pyramid that, with its lush vegetation, inset ponds, and

Bisecting the greenhouse — which also serves to separate the family quarters from the guest wing — a 245-foot long “interior street” offers a journey in time and aesthetic splendor in addition to the physical passage. Lined with tapestries and other antiques and dotted with sitting areas for conversation or contemplation, the gallery is bookended by a massive three-story window that bathes the corridor in light and a stately secondary entryway graced by an ancient Roman urn. Inspiring yet functional, the living areas are a testament to the grand visions and harmonious sensibilities of interior designer Steven Sills, who was named to Architectural Digest’s Top 100 list in 2014. All of the home’s woodwork, including magnificent beam patterns on the ceilings, was milled from iroko, a warm soft wood exclusive to the forests of the Ivory Coast. In the great room, the double-height ceilings and elaborate, swan-necked chandeliers evoke a 17th century aesthetic — with subtle touches of modernism such as floor-to-ceiling electric curtains, speakers embedded in the walls, and handetched window fixtures recycled from a high school library in Denver. A smaller, cozy family room doesn’t neglect the fine details — including a custom-finished white stone and plaster fireplace with a primeval castle feel. An Aspen original, The Renaissance Home is a masterpiece of creative splendor and a monument to the art of living.

FALL 2017

in all of Aspen — perhaps the world. An architectural masterpiece meticulously crafted over three years, where every detail is a work of art and each room has a story. Planned and built by some of the industry’s best design and artistic minds, The Renaissance Home was the only North American project of Uruguayan Horatio Ravazzani, one of Architectural Digest’s top 100 architects and designers, who defies categorization and designed with a rare personal passion. Among his touches — 17inch concrete walls throughout the home, poured into wood forms complete with knots and imperfections for an altogether unique look and feel.

automated windows (which open and close at certain temperatures) naturally brings in the outdoors. The greenhouse is as ideally suited for quietly reading a book as it is for holding a wedding — and everything in between.



here’s nothing like it



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Run AWAY to MAHOGANY BAY elize is officially on the radar. In the words of CEO & international real estate developer, Beth Clifford, “The next big thing is always on the mind of any strategist, but what comes after that? Identifying the next next is the difference between following the standard and setting it.” In August of 2017, Forbes named Belize second of “Nine International Areas Real Estate Investors Should Give a Look,” citing reasons including its economy growing at 20% annually and compelling tax incentives (think: no capital gains tax). In 2016, U.S. News & World Report declared Belize to be a “Top Retirement Spot” thanks to the country’s generous QRP program that offers residency at just 45 years old. And in 2016, Belize made the Huffington Post list of the Top 5 Overseas Property Markets, calling it, “developed enough to be comfortable but not so developed as to be packaged.”


Mahogany Bay Village For an international luxury lifestyle in a spot full of adventure and character, just take a hop across the pond — the Caribbean, that is — to the newly debuted New Urbanism resort and residential community of Mahogany

Bay Village on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Mahogany Bay Village is the first of its kind in the country, featuring a Curio Collection by Hilton hotel opening in late 2017, a Coastal Living Community of exclusive private residences, and a retail town center with shopping, dining, and all the upscale amenities expected of a 4-star resort and master-planned village. Mahogany Bay Village encompasses 60+ acres of waterfront cottages and villas, all handcrafted with sustainably-harvested local lumber, and built along a sea canal system brimming with tropical landscaping and green spaces throughout. Beth Clifford and her seasoned international development team chose Belize after many years of research and deliberate timing to fill market niches and maximize investor ROI. For those looking to diversify internationally in a conveniently located English-speaking paradise with full foreigner ownership rights, Belize needs to be on your radar. Village Luxuries Mahogany Bay Village is home to The Bay Club, featuring a 72,000 gallon saltwater pool with outdoor bar, private cabanas, and al fresco spa services. Just adjacent lies the property’s grandest structure, The Great House,

which has garnered lots of attention for being not only the largest wooden structure in the country but a gorgeous modern example of the British Colonial architecture that’s rooted in Belize. The Great House is home to the Curio by Hilton hotel lobby, two restaurants, three bars, a ballroom, and dozens of smaller conference and event spaces. There’s even a private bride’s quarters overlooking the bay! The Marina at Mahogany Bay provides day-use facilities and open water access to the Caribbean Sea within five minutes. For residents with a boat, there are options for a private boat slip available for most properties.

diving, as Jacques Costeau was one of the first to discover and document the natural masterpiece of Belize’s Blue Hole. Other Belizean pastimes include fly fishing, kitesurfing, and exploration of one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Not to mention Belize’s extraordinary historic Mayan ruins, and even underground rivers through ancient Mayan burial sites! Belize is a place where you can keep discovering for years.



The Scoop Visit in Belize to learn about how you can benefit from the surge in tourism, in a real estate market that is still in its infancy. Make the Caribbean a Mahogany Bay’s Beach Club is nestled within bigger part of your life than just a week’s vacation. an untouched white sand beach on a picturesque aquamarine bay located on the west side of What if you could own luxury real estate that Ambergris Caye — so exclusive it’s available generates nightly rental income? What if you only by boat. The Beach Club offers fantastic could use your tropical getaway part-time to create food & beverage options, rentals of paddle boards memories of a lifetime for you and your family? and kayaks, yoga classes, a rooftop sundeck, and Better yet, have you ever imagined relocating overwater hammocks and beds ideal for watching to a warm spot in the Caribbean to live up your the sunsets on the island’s undeveloped leeward retirement years? coast. Transportation between the village and the Beach Club is available daily on the hour. Mahogany Bay Village in south San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, provides everything from The Country customizable residences for a full-time lifestyle to Belize, formerly British Honduras until 1981, fully turnkey experience requiring little to no daylies just two hours from Miami and boasts a rare to-day responsibility from the owner. paradise of unthinkable beauty. Belize and its 200 Cayes are protected by the largest barrier reef in If you are looking for a whole new lifestyle, or the western hemisphere, and within the reef the simply a smart vacation home in paradise, run shallow water ranges from clear turquoise green to away to Mahogany Bay to discover a new paradise deep azure blue. Belize is known for world-class in Belize.

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RESIDENCES an Architectural Gem

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Located in a Swanky LA Neighborhood, New-Build Home Reveals Rare Oceanviews

he resplendent residence showcases a warm, traditionalstyle exterior with the highest caliber of contemporary, European finishes throughout. A private driveway studded with 100-yearold, imported Sevillano olive trees leads to a grand, cobblestone motor court.


Towering glass doors open to a superbly scaled foyer showcasing soaring, 14-foot ceilings and antique reclaimed marble floors sourced from villas in Spain. An elegant formal dining room punctuates the entry, boasting gorgeous wainscoted walls, a fully-hedged patio and hidden door to the service kitchen. Beyond the entry, a staggering great room with herringbonepatterned, natural-colored French oak floors boasts a bookmatched Calacatta marble fireplace and bar. The great room flows gracefully to a chef-caliber kitchen featuring a custom La Cornue stove, walk-in refrigerator and pantry, library ladder and marble slab island. An ensuite guest room off the outdoor kitchen and barbeque area may also serve as a cabana, while a refined library, service kitchen, formal and informal powder rooms, maid’s quarters and mudroom off the two-car garage complete the main level’s living spaces. Masterfully designed for entertaining, an expansive daylit lower level holds a fully-soundproofed theater with a 210” wide x 92”

high screen, THX level 2 certified sound system, 1,500-bottle wine cellar and wine tasting and cigar lounge with Casinograde, air purifying technology. Upon exiting the cigar room, a restaurant-caliber bar with a stunning white onyx countertop gives the illusion it glows in the dark. A 10-car auto gallery is a collector’s dream, while a VIP guest suite and large indooroutdoor gym connect to a fully-equipped spa with a steam room, sauna, large shower and massage room. A grassy, parklike backyard features brushed marble slab patios, a heated loggia with outdoor dining and seating areas. The oversized swimming pool and spa are befitting of a world-class resort in Santorini. An architectural triumph, this sophisticated estate presents a truly elevated lifestyle experience in one of the most esteemed neighborhoods on the Westside.



FALL 2017

Architect Khoi Le, who designed Kohanaiki’s newest community, Hale `Alani, focused on materials and finishes that enhanced the beauty of the surrounding site. “When viewing these homes from above, they seem to nestle into the landscape without overpowering it,” Le said.


Many of the homes at Kohanaiki feature a pod-like design, with several separate structures - as many as 18 - on an individual property. This allows for a truly indoor-outdoor living experience, with no hallways and the opportunity to create smaller, more spatial garden areas.

Living at Kohanaiki today reflects a life centered around the land and the sea that has defined the property for generations, with plenty of added comforts. Members have access to golf on a Rees Jones Championship course, deep-sea fishing and all the amenities of a 67,000 square-foot clubhouse including a movie theater, bowling alley, a 10,000 square-foot state-of-the-art fitness center and holistic spa designed by Tracy Lee.


estled along the Kona Coast on Hawaii’s Big Island, a new private club community - Kohanaiki - is taking shape, representing an evolution of the private club experience built around luxury, sustainability and world-class amenities. The community emphasizes the beautiful natural features of the 450-acre property, and the design vision for Kohanaiki’s homes is meant to complement the environment.

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rancho san lucas Gorgeous beaches, luxurious yacht retreats, privacy and relaxation are just a few reasons that make Los Cabos an attractive getaway and now, there’s also an option for those who want to experience the destination full time.

at Rancho San Lucas resort, a state-ofthe-art tennis center, oceanfront living, an expansive community park with lake, biking and hiking trails, family picnic areas and dining and shopping

A dramatic setting, amidst the Pacific Ocean and Baja’s emblematic desert backdrop, will be home to Rancho San Lucas– a private resort community that will take ocean-front living in Los Cabos to the next level. Rancho San Lucas, debuting this December, is located at approximately 15 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas and a 30-minute drive from the magic town of Todos Santos. The development, aside from its privileged and untouched location, will be highlighted by stellar amenities including an 18-hole Greg Normandesigned golf course, a Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas luxury resort and a Grand Solmar The Residences

options within a Mexican-inspired pedestrian village. The 834-acre master-planned community, featuring 1.2 miles of expansive white sand beachfront complemented by dramatic succulent forest, will have true oceanfront home sites, offering real estate

investment opportunities ranging from Estates and Villas to condominiums– all showcasing a unique combination of Spanish and Mexican architectural elements and emphasizing the balance between luxury and the beauty of the natural surroundings. The Villas at Rancho San Lucas offer two-story single-family residences with golf, ocean and desert views and  The Norman Estates is a private, gated enclave of luxury Estate homes and condominiums inspired by Norman’s personal relaxed lifestyle, reflecting a fresh “Baja chic” ethos so far unseen in the region. This is the first time Greg Norman takes his residential portfolio to Latin America. The resorts, masterfully designed for relaxation, will feature luxury all-suite accommodations, an exquisite 18-hole golf course, private beach cabanas, eight exclusive restaurants, outdoor infinity edge pools, a world-class spa, event and wedding venues, fitness center, bars and lounges, Kids Club and more.


the enclaves

A Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residenc: Second Home Living for the Future this fall and already have extensive demand. http://theenclaves.mx/ condos/

Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve resort will debut in 2018 just steps away from West Enclave homes. This muchanticipated opening marks the fourth resort in the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Reserve portfolio. Homeowners at West Enclave reside in the premier locations surrounding Zadún and will have privileged, branded amenities at the Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

All residences are situated within the 2,000-acre, private master-planned Puerto Los Cabos community with residence lots, homes, condos elevated over private, unspoiled beaches. Neighborhood amenities include an expansive marina accommodating yachts up to 250 feet, a new Golf Clubhouse, signature 18-holes of golf by Jack Nicklaus and additional Greg Norman Signature 9-holes, a private beach club and more. It is truly the best kept secret in Los Cabos and the epitome of the Cabo lifestyle for the next generation.

Mexico City’s Fernando de Haro was at the forefront with his forwardthinking approach to The Enclaves. He was the first to evolve from the traditional to the sleek, modern, transitional aesthetic materials and designs while accepting no luxury compromises. He created a refreshing and enchanted environment with indoor/outdoor living spaces.

FALL 2017

The second phase of The Enclaves will be a collection of condominium residences. These three-and-four bedroom condos will be announced



n a secluded bluff overlooking the Sea of Cortez in Puerto Los Cabos, 27 contemporary fourand-five bedroom single-story villas are nestled discretely, oceanfront, away from the rest of the world. This is West Enclave, the first phase of The Enclaves, a notable collection of Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residences. With only 10 of these unique properties remaining, the allure of West Enclaves is irresistible.

Puerto Los Cabos and The Enclaves are located 15 minutes from the airport and just minutes from Flora Farms. To discover more including floor plans and community amenities visit www.theenclaves.mx or call 1.855.375.2266. For complete legal disclaimer visit www.theenclaves.mx/disclaimer

Kat Cannell Photography

Sun Valley, A Great Place to Wake Up!

201 Big Wells Road, Sun Valley


MLS# 16-319526



201 Big Wells Road, Sun Valley On one of the most beautiful and private lots in Sun Valley sits this most elegant and graceful home. The spring-fed streams and pond are surrounded by mature landscaping and intimate year-round living spaces. A hideaway and spectacular views of Baldy and surrounding mountains and privacy in the heart of Sun Valley estate homes.

A Surprising Gem Awaits Your Sun Valley Lifestyle Call Alex Hughes for Private Showings 208.720.7444 Sun Valley Real Estate, LLC | Christie’s International Real Estate www.alexsunvalley.com; alexsunvalley@gmail.com

HOME& design


ShadeCraft Transforms Outdoor Spaces Through Technology and Luxury Design

FALL 2017



Los Angeles-based robotics company ShadeCraft has created the SUNFLOWER, an elegant outdoor parasol that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity that seamlessly join consumers with their outdoor surroundings, providing autonomous, optimal shade and energy collection. Described simply as a smart outdoor shade, SUNFLOWER is both design and technologically forward, and was first introduced into the market at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. The world’s first ever solar powered robotic shading system has the ability to move in accordance with the sun, keeping one shaded at all times. A connectivity portal that communicates with other IoT devices in the home, SUNFLOWER collects solar energy to power its battery, charges any Smartphone or USB device, streams over Wi-Fi or 4G networks, plays music on its built-in speakers and even features a home security system. A striking choice for one’s landscape architectural plan, SUNFLOWER recently was presented with the Gold Prize at the 2017 IDA International Design Awards. Its modern shape and sleek design beautifies any outdoor space. ShadeCraft’s CEO and founder Armen Gharabegian has been breaking new ground in the AI industry since 2012. His vision is to change how consumers think about living in their outdoor areas, from how they consume entertainment or handle home security, to providing them the ability to charge USB devices anywhere – at the beach, a campsite or the backyard. ShadeCraft clearly benefits from Gharabegian’s decades of combined experience in design and engineering. The award-winning artist and sculptor is also known for the limited edition, handcrafted Maximillian Chair, described as “the perfect chair.” Gharabegian’s team is dedicated to creating solar powered, outdoor products that connect people to the Internet through AI integration, bringing everything seamlessly outdoors in an aesthetically appealing way with robotics. Nature remains at the core of all design inspiration at ShadeCraft. Gharabegian comments, “We believe that nature has a very evolutionary process to adapt to the environment and evolve accordingly. Although biorobotics is a broadly used term, we learn from nature as it enhances the environment outdoors for mankind.” ShadeCraft designed the robotic umbrella to move in relation to the sun as a natural flower does. SUNFLOWER follows the circadian rhythm as the robotic parasol follows the sun from East to West.


169 FALL 2017

Gharabegian explains, “Ironically, as we were developing the functional aspects of the robot, it was a natural and logical decision to protect the most sensitive aspects of our robot within the shaded area and away from the sun. This is the way a natural sunflower has evolved, protecting its genetics from the sun and keeping it in the shade, allowing it to grow.” ShadeCraft is truly changing the way that people live and interact outdoors through its patent pending technologies. The company will soon unveil new smart innovations that will continue to revolutionize the way consumers live outdoors, improving their lives by combining luxury design with technology, connectivity, safety and entertainment. “The business landscape around us changes constantly. Technology also grows at an exponential pace, allowing us to dream bigger and fulfill some of our dreams in ways we could not imagine years ago,” comments Gharabegian. As Gharabegian and his team continue to dream big, we all soon will benefit from product innovation designed to improve, enhance and beautify our surroundings and human life outdoors.

ZanElli 1944


A Luxury Line For A Luxurious Man

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Make Thailand Your Second Home with the Exclusive Thailand Residence Program


hat can you buy with USD 15,000? Residence in Thailand, for starters. The Royal Thai Government has created the Thailand Residence Program, offering residence or long-term visas for wealthy foreign citizens. The country of crystalline beaches, gorgeous scenery, and low-cost-to-high-quality living ratio also offers its residents a very favourable tax system. Thailand has made significant socioeconomic progress as of late; in less than a generation, the country has risen from a low- to middle-income nation. For these reasons and more, it is perhaps the most desirable vacation locale in all of Southeast Asia. And while it has always been an attractive place to visit, an increasing number of people are looking at Thailand as an attractive place to live. The Thailand Residence Program focuses on a luxury travel experience with VIP concierge services that streamlines the process of making Thailand your


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By Zanqara

Be Perfect www.zanqara.com


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...perfect for monthly meetings or your THIRD-ACT ADVENTURE...

Thailand Elite offers seven options, each specifically tailored to suit a different type of applicant. These range from five to 20-year residence visas. The three most popular options are the Elite Ultimate Privilege, Elite Privilege Access, and Elite Easy Access options. The Elite Ultimate Privilege option is the gold standard, providing a 20-year residence visa with complimentary VIP services for applicants over of the age of 20. This package includes a number of bespoke VIP assistant, hospitality, and government concierge services, along with complimentary Thailand golf packages and spa treatments. And the onetime entry fee for this option is approximately $60,000, with an annual fee of approximately $600.

As investors, wanderers, entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, and adventurers, we’re all searching for a Utopia that fulfils us both personally and professionally; a place that brings us excitement and peace, luxury and convenience. The jewel of Southeast Asia may be just the global citizen paradise we’ve all been looking for.




SWISS MANUFACTURE, latin heritage

H I S T O R I A D O R tradición Swiss automatic movement Hours, minutes, seconds and date Stainless steel case 40mm Leather strap

Bareti´s Watch, Laguna Beach, CA. 949 306 7700 · BITTNER, Carmel, CA. 831 626 8828 · COPELAND JEWELERS, Austin, TX. 512 330 0303 · DIAMONDS DIRECT, St. Petersburg, FL. 727 867 4006 · EXCLUSIVE TIMEPIECES, McAllen, TX. 956 687 2981 · GIANNI VINCENT JEWELLERS, Orlando, FL. 407 217 7625 · GRENON’S OF NEWPORT, Newport, RI. 401 846 0598 · ISLAND JEWELLERS, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. 345 949 7098 345 640 5337 · MADDALONI, Huntington, NY. 631 499 8800 · MDO, Miami, FL. 786 200 7730 · RIGHT TIME, Highlands Ranch, CO. 303 691 9658 · SWISS WATCH GALLERY, Mission Viejo, CA. 949 364 2500 · TIME MACHINE PLUS, Frisco, TX. 214 531 4275 · WESTIME SUNSET, West Hollywood, CA. 310 289 0808 For additional information, please contact: Fredric H. Hill • 214 704 3000 • fhill@cuervoysobrinos.ch / Manuel Martin • 201 315 2062 • mmartin@cuervoysobrinos.ch

Elevated Luxury Life Fall 2017  

Elevated Luxury Life's Fall 2017 National Edition Featuring Bode Miller, actor Ray Fisher, Aspen’s Renowned Artist Christopher Martin, Wine,...

Elevated Luxury Life Fall 2017  

Elevated Luxury Life's Fall 2017 National Edition Featuring Bode Miller, actor Ray Fisher, Aspen’s Renowned Artist Christopher Martin, Wine,...