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Journey of Faith Christian Church Website Journey of Faith Christian Church marketing JMC Boutique logo Palm Beach Atlantic University Yearbook HIDDEN hammocks estates website MK Tax Services, Inc. Website S.S. Journey, Children’s Ministry Sermon Graphics

Journey of Faith Christian Church Website design - Branding Journey of Faith Christian Church is a church in Saint Augustine, Florida. For their project, they needed a website that was easy to maintain and had unique features that would allow their church members, as well as perspective guests, to navigate and interact. To accommodate their needs, the website was designed using WordPress, and includes plug-in features that allows visitors to listen to sermons, donate, access the private church forum, post and respond to prayer requests, view the church calendar, and send forms (contact forms, surveys, and registration forms).

Journey of Faith Christian Church Print design - Branding As part of their marketing and branding strategy, Journey of Faith Christian Church determined key projects that would need to be undertaken: the logo design, business cards for the pastor, communication cards, postcards, and invite cards. The logo represents the Christ followers “journey of faith,” through the rough waters of life, moving towards the one true Light. The “5 Ways” postcard was originally used as a marketing strategy for Flagler College’s “Waves of Faith.” The business, communication and invite cards are used weekly and are accompanied by the personalized pen.

JMC Boutique Logo design - Branding JMC Boutique is a small, home-based, family business in Saint Augustine, Florida. The main idea behind the logo was found in the text of Proverbs 31, which is the portrayal of a virtuous woman. The design was to encompass the idea of femininity, prestige, and elegance. The logo started it’s life out on soap labels and lotion containers, with the intent of moving towards other retail items.

Palm Beach Atlantic University YearbooK Publication Design “The Pursuit� was the 2013 theme for the Palm Beach Atlantic University yearbook. The purpose of the theme was to show how the students and faculty of the school pursued God in their every day life. As Editor-in-Chief, I designed each spread, including the cover, end-sheets, section dividers and all sidebars and features. Each spread was designed specifically for the different sections, and included personalized sidebars, coloring, and highlights. Herff Jones printed and produced over 250 copies. The book was given a gold award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

HIDDEN hammocks estates Website design - Branding Hidden Hammocks Estates is a private, gated community in South Florida. The project was to update their existing site by redesigning and re-branding, and to allow easy maintenance for the committee members. The site was created using WordPress, and includes plug-in features that allow visitors to see upcoming events, view a detailed map of the area, and easily access important links for the community and city of Coral Springs.

MK Tax Services, Inc. Website design - Branding MK Tax Services, Inc., is a bilingual, certified CPA in Lenoir City, TN. As a new, small business, they wanted their to provide their clients with a website that would assure them of quality service, while allowing for easy maintenance. Their website was to include a Google calendar, a map of their location, and a link to their Spanish version, Latino Refund. Most importantly, the website required that there be a secure file unloader for client to access to upload important, and sensitive data information.

S.S. Journey, Children’s Ministry Print design - Branding S.S. Journey is the children’s ministry at Journey of Faith Christian Church. The branding of this ministry was to be similar to that of the church’s design, but differ in that it should appear more childlike in nature. The trifold is for parents and caretakers to have as they consider placing their children in the childcare area. The pamphlet includes important information about what should be expected from the volunteers and the parents, policies that are in place, and the curriculum that is in place. The waves are a branding graphic for the church, representing the “journey of faith,” which is for all ages.

Sermon Graphics Graphics These sermon graphics were designed for Journey of Faith Christian Church. They were used in a variety of ways for the church’s usage. The graphics came as a pair: a cover image, and a text image. The cover images were used on Facebook, Twitter, their website, as well as during the service. Verses and sermon themes were used in the creation of the graphics, striving to communicate the lessons behind the sermons through visuals.

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