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Elevated.Events Volume 8, December 2016 2016 was Great 2017 will be Amazing!

Bridge the Gap to Success, November 2016, Kissimmee

What’s Inside Competing at WBC 2016 Sandra Mckeon Bridge the Gap to Success Training into Action, Carolyn Truby, CBA Upcoming Events Plan your Success! Joette Giardina

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2016 in Review 2016 was filled with many wonderful educational opportunities and great décor. As social media continues to enjoy balloons and share industry photos world wide the demand for professional balloon décor and entertainment will increase. The key to Elevate your business with the rising tide is education and execution.

As a friend to other Balloon Pro’s and business coach I have the wonderful opportunity to see behind the curtain into a lot of great businesses around the world. I have found that the ones that are growing tend to have 3 things in common. 

Set a goal to achieve

Get training in areas needed

Work HARD!

Are YOU Ready to make 2017 your best year yet? If you answer yes then: 

Write down your goals for 2017

Break down the goals into small achievable parts

Take Action daily towards the goal

Actively participate in business education

Wishing you an amazing 2017!

Your Partner in Success! Joette Giardina, CBA

Rewards of Competing WBC 2016 Sandra Mckeon Dublin Ireland

What made you want to compete at WBC 2016? I went to WBC in 2014 and many of my friends from team Great Brittan were competing in a lot of the competitions and having a great time doing it. Before I registered for 2016 I asked a few people about their experience and they said 100% I should go for it, so I signed up for the delivery bouquet and table arrangement , I must admit after signing up I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it!

How did you Prepare to compete? I did stress about it for awhile and my winning piece was not my 1st design, I scrapped 2 other designs before I settled on my doll design. I have great friends from the balloon business and they loved it when I showed them so I know I was on the right track. It was a sweet and candy theme, I chose the Happy Birthday foil 1st and used all the colors in the foil to pull it all together, and did vinyl work on the bubble and the dolls dress. (continued next Page)

How do you feel competing helped you as a balloon professional? I went into WBC with the thought, “if I get a bronze achievement award for my piece I would be so happy to know my work can get an achievement from the judges .

When I placed my entries on the table at competition I walked away so happy that it looked good.

To get a 2nd place at WBC, I was in shock and over the moon at the same time: To have people that have inspired me come up to congratulate and say they liked my pies.

It is amazing and gives me confidence in my work. I have done a lot of education and that has paid off with a 2nd place in delivery bouquet and a silver achievement in table arrangement.

So much more than I could of wished for.

Bridge the Gap to Success Kissimmee, Florida November 2016

Amanda, Joette & David, instructor team for the 2 day workshop.

70 balloon professionals gathered in Kissimmee, Florida to spend 2 days focusing ON THEIR BUSINESS! Often times as a busy balloon professional we get caught up in the day to day working in our business, that we do not make time to work ON our Business. What is the difference you ask? Working on your business is a process of looking at your business to see where you are now and what you want to become of your business in the future. Day 1 was spent with BalloonCoach, Joette Giardina, CBA walking the class through goal setting and networking activities. Day 2 David Mahoney took the stage with his tips on creating balloon decor.’’ The event was wrapped up with hands on time working of framing, creating a balloon drop and networking with fellow balloon pros.

You can still get a taste of the event with Joette’s Workshop Recording:

Neon balloons sponsored by Betallatex looked amazing in professional UV lighting for our first day lunch break, attendees walked into a dark room full of GLOW to see how magical Neon balloons can be for New Year’s Eve, Prom and other Glow Events. To see all the New Neon 5-inch, links and designs, check out Click on the video to watch!

A big part of events is time to Network with other Balloon Pros during Meals included in the ticket price.

Registration with a smile from Marlee and Jen!

Thank You Burton & Burton for our Goodie bags and Burton bucks for Ballooniversity!

Taking time during workshop to plan out their goals for their business!

Mastermind dinner with David, Amanda and Joette.

David Mahoney teaching how to bend pipe to make sturdy framework! Thank you Mindy McCabe of Pioneer for supplying the balloons for David’s Class

Hands on time in small groups to practice overlay technique.

Many participants went home and immediately put what they learned to work for their clients to earn their investment in training back!

Training into Action Carolyn Truby, CBA Tru-B-Loons Germantown, Maryland

Carolyn Turby invested in her business by attending the first Parade, Profits & Promotions class in Chicago, June 2016. During the workshop she worked alongside instructors Tommy & Scott DeLorenzo, Joette Giardina, Eddie Heyland, Dennis Scott and Carolynn Haymen. After the event she went back to her home town and entered 2 parades in 2016.

Bird of Peace design by Dennis Scott

Conrad the Unicorn designed by Carolynn Hayman

Carolyn’s 2nd parade was the Hampden Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade. With a team of volunteers and balloon professionals Carolyn created Blue the bear, an adorable elf and cut penguin to grab the attention of all the crowd, giant presents and more let the crowd amazed!

Congrats Carolyn for thinking out side the box and planning ahead of time to capture great photos of your work to us to market you business future with press releases.

It’s exciting to watch your company grow!

Upcoming Industry Training Monthly Webinars

FLOAT January 29—February 2nd St Louis, MO Twist & Shout Feb 22-26

Kissimmee, FL Parade Promotions & Profits Itasca, IL June 22—25th Ballooniversity Athens, GA August 9—12

Plan For Success! Joette Giardina, CBA Balloon Coach

I have many great role models in my life, business owners inside and outside of the balloon community that I’m blessed to spend time with talking about their goals for their business. The people I know with the most success in their business did not get there by chance. They set a goal and achieve their goals by working hard everyday focused in on that goal.

Set Yourself up for Success! We are not all wired naturally to love numbers, accounting, charts, graphs and putting things on paper. However I have found over the years the power of writing things down, putting positive attention towards a goal and being able to create something from nothing but an idea. I challenge you to make 2017 your Best Year Yet! Only YOU can decide. If you have felt overwhelmed, this might be time for you to set some time for you to work ON Your Business!

Love the photo above, Joe in the hat has been in the balloon industry for 50 years! He loved the workshop and networking with other balloon pros! Click here to purchase the notebook download and watch the video recordings from my 1 day workshop at Bridge the Gap to success in November. No Travel Fee for you, sit at the comfort of your home or office as I walk you through the steps! Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker

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Elevated Events December 2016  

2016 was filled with many wonderful educational opportunities and great décor.

Elevated Events December 2016  

2016 was filled with many wonderful educational opportunities and great décor.