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Elevated.Events Volume 9, March 2017 Graduation and Awards Season!

Tammy Flake Balloonville LLC Clarksville, TN

What’s Inside Editorial team meet our new contributors! Tips, Tricks & Fixes Linda Soto Decorator Spotlight Tammy Flake Entertainer Spotlight Rose Burkholder Reach for Your Goals Joette Giardina

Elevated.Events monthly Ezine brought to you by Anagram BalloonCoach.com Betallic burton + BURTON

Editorial Team

Joette Giardina, CBA

Jen Marshall

Mindy Neal

Spring is in the Air! Flowers, butterflies, bunnies, carrots, baskets and more fill our social media feeds! Do you feel the excitement of Spring in the Air? If not, create it! Make some new designs, or edit photos from past years events to display on your social media, website and blog to get your clients eager to purchase from you!

I have stated since the start of Elevated Events that my goal is to bring you testimonies and inspiration from balloon professionals around the globe and that all are welcome to submit articles to the ezine!

I’m excited to share we have 2 new regular contributors to Elevated.Events. Please welcome Linda Soto, from Design Street Studios, Los Angeles, California. She was an instructor at the First Balloon Conventions I attended Balloon Camp in Las Vegas. Linda incorporated balloon décor into her floral and gift business 20 years ago. I’m delighted she will be sharing her tips with us!

At Twist & Shout 2017, I met ValarieTutson A Mile of Smile Events, Tidewater Virgina,

she is a Talent Agen, Balloon Twister, Balloon Decorator, occasional face painter, and sometimes ‘Daisy the Clown.” I’m delighted she will be interviewing balloon professionals for Elevated.Events and share their stories with us! Email Joette@ballooncoach.com if you would like to contribute to our ezine! Your Partner in Success! Joette Giardina, CBA

Tips, Tricks & Fixes Linda Soto Design Street Studios Los Angeles, California

Picking the helium tanks and vendor that works best for your business! If you are serious about being a balloon professional then you will be working with helium at some point. If you aren't ready to buy a tank find out who your local helium supplier would be and talk to them about renting/ leasing a tank. Don't know where to look? Start with welding companies or if you have a local distributor where you purchase your balloons. If you do want to buy a tank I suggest you start small but not too small. A 110 or 125 cubic foot tank. Some may suggest a 55 which is small but you usually pay more for filling per cubic foot than with a 110. I have rarely used my 55 in 20 years just because of the cost of the fill. Another option is to purchase a transfill hose to move the helium from a full big tank into your small 55 tank. The problem I have found with renting vs. owning is many rental tanks are steel and heavy to move for many people and you can buy aluminum tanks that are far lighter and easier to maneuver. Do your homework and you'll figure out what will work for you.

MAKE YOUR 2nd Quarter STRONG! It’s the 2nd quarter of the year, how is business going for you? If you are not where you want to be with your business I encourage you to take a look at some wonderful opportunities to have extra support and get you that little extra spark you may need. Have you ever sat down to work on your business because you want to increase sales but you just don’t know where to start? Feel like you are all alone in making decisions about your business but don’t know where to turn? Wish you had someone to talk to about your business that understands what you are going through? I’ve been in your shoes! That is why I created BalloonCoach.com to help you set a map to success and step in to be a partner in success! Coaching One to One and Elite Coaching give you direct time with me to focus in on your goals and make a road map to get you on track to meeting your business goals. Group Coaching meets the first and Third Monday of each month 9 pm Eastern for one hour to help motivate you and live Q & A time to answer questions and help problem solve as a group. Click her for more details http://ballooncoach.com/coaching/ Or email Joette@ballooncoach.com to set up a consultation.

Decorator Spotlight Tammy Flake Balloonville Clarksville, Tennessee http://www.balloonvilletn.com

Tammy recently attending FLOAT in St. Louis, MO. After returning home from a client set up, Tammy posted her photos online she stated, “Thank

Eddie Heyland! Loved your class at FLOAT 2017 very inspiring! This is the Nashville skyline for Nashville Nights Gymnastics meet and columns for awards areas!� Tammy constructed the skyline using black Panels from Anagram.

One of the great rewards of investing in training from conventions and workshops is taking the ideas from the classes and proposing new ideas and concepts to exceed your clients expectations. What designs have you created for your clients from classes you have taken? Share your photos and stories with Elevated.Events Send to Joette@ballooncoach.com


Tammy created foil columns out of Anagram Magic Arch balloons as she learned in class with Eddie to create a colorful backdrop for the awards ceremonies at the gymnastics meet. Foil balloons ad dynamic shine and sparkle to give any event a touch of elegance.


Gold Magic Arch Columns with Silver star is a creative way to create foil dĂŠcor in a different way that your clients have not experienced before!

LIMITED SEATING!! Only 25 people per class! Join us in Chicago for a Day of

Business Training! June 21st, 2017 Creating the Opportunity Chad Johnson

Create Your Life Vision Board Dianna Glandon How to Generate Leads & Sales from Facebook Mindy Neal

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Elevate YOUR Business! What do people say who attended PPP 2016?

We had an INCREDIBLE time! Fun and high impact designs, relevant and valuable information, new friends and unforgettable memories. Easily the most effective investment we’ve ever made in our business! Bradi Nesbitt

Entertainer Spotlight Who: Rose “Tristnshout” Burkholder Where: Based in Washington D.C. Web: www. tristnshout.com Company Name Tristnhoutentertainment Interview by Val”Daisy” Tutson I had a chance to talk with Rose over two days in early March. She is a “Dynamo! We made use of our valuable time talking while she was on her way to Pennsylvania. I feel very privileged to be able to share her story with you. Rose is fully self employed. She enjoys working as a twister and Balloon Decorator for Corporate functions and Restaurants. She is also a talent agent for other artists. If you are near the Washington D.C. area, you might want to look Miss Rose up, and see what she has to offer. I am under the impression that Rose runs a very tight ship, and has no time for any “Shenanigans!”

HOW IT ALL BEGAN “Tristen was the talent, and I ran the business.” These are the words of this energetic

lady who is the Queen of her world. Rose home schooled her children. The part she hated most to teach was “ART.” So she signed her up for TJAM on the Road with Ken Stillman in 2005. Tristen evidently became extremely enamored with balloons, because Rose found tons of balloons stuffed into Tristens closet! Apparently she wasn’t shown how to get rid of them. That’s how Tristen got her name “Trist n’ Shout “ on the way back from TJam. Rose was happy to drive her daughter around and be the office manager for this growing business. One fine day though, Tristen had to go to Drama camp and suddenly Rose found herself “filling in” for her daughter. Rose had to take the quick course for balloon twisting! There were plenty of trials and tribulations along the way as I am sure we can well imagine. So in 2007 they took off for the “ Twist and Shout Balloon Convention, so Tristen could learn and gain important balloon knowledge. People just called Rose “Tristen’s mom.” But as time went on it became increasingly necessary for Rose to “Help” with the twisting. They went back in 2008, and friends said “Hey you aren’t just Tristen’s mom...” “You are ROSE!” “

Eventually Rose ended up in Washington D.C. less1 husband, and plus 2 beautiful children. They took their business with them. Rose has had the wonderful opportunity to participate in 3 White House events since living in the D.C. area. At this time Tristen is living and working in Florida, while Quinn has become quite an accomplished Juggler. The balloons just couldn’t evade him forever though, he is also doing balloon twisting to help Rose meet the demands of the business.

When I asked Rose how she deals with people asking for “Charity work,” she said ”I don’t do balloons for charity. I roll up my sleeves and do the work everyone else in the community does.” It is her philosophy that entertainers should become a big part of their community doing work with the food bank, or any other good charity of their choice. “I am happy to work alongside all the other volunteers all of us donate our time, none of us are donating our livelihoods” She said. If they want her to “donate services” she listens to them tell her all the great exposure she will get, and kindly refuses. She said “You can get arrested for exposure!” Biggest Challenge Over committing and remembering to say “No” Pet Peeve Outside décor. “I don’t like to do any kind of outside décor. I have done some, and the variables are too stressful.” Career Highlights: Having the opportunity to work with kids and teens. “Being a part of TJam on the road with Ken Stillman in 2005. Rose has a mother’s heart, and young people are naturally drawn to her, she likes helping to plan classes and taking care of all the people who are involved. (As a side note, I will mention that I went to a jam in Richmond Virginia, hosted by Deborah Fellman. We were served an unexpected meal and delicious meal there prepared by none other than Rose Burkholder. I never even got to meet her!) Your Passions “I love to go speed biking in D.C there are tons of great path that one can ride there. “I just get on my bike when I can and do some miles” I love traveling, meeting people from other cultures and countries. When my kids were in school I enjoyed hosting exchange students.“ It seems to me that Rose is one of the greatest influences and partners needed to continue the Balloon entertainment community to keep going and growing into the future and beyond. It was a marvelous experience to listen and learn all about this wonderful lady we call Rose. Note from the author, I would love to hear from all of the

readers. Please send me ideas of who you would like to learn about in the future. We will do our best to get wonderful balloon people in Elevated.Events Val ”Daisy” Tutson

Reach for Your Goals! Joette Giardina, CBA Balloon Coach

Spring is in the air and graduation season is right around the corner. What are your sales goals for the 2nd quarter of 2017? Look back on your sales from last April, May and June, tally the number and decide if that is where you want to be again this year or if you want to set the bar higher. If the answer is higher, how high do you want to go? Write it down, break it into the 3 months. Now what is the ACTION you are going to take to make those goals happen? Make a list of Targets people, companies, locations you plan to market to and Pick up the phone, get out and meet the people you need who make those buying decisions! If you don’t have photos of past graduation décor, you may want to practice making a graduate or 2017 décor and get those displays and photos of those items in front of the right people! Take Action Today! Your Partner in Success, Joette

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Elevated events March 2017 final  

March 2017 edition of Elevated.Events

Elevated events March 2017 final  

March 2017 edition of Elevated.Events