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verb to raise or lift to a more important or impressive level. At Elevar, we are elevating the game. Our growth is derived from diversity of thought, pragmatism and a keen business sense. We pride ourselves on seeing what others cannot. Our creativity is generated through an applied curiosity and a celebration of people. Our success is measured in our client’s terms: increased performance, improved outcomes and spaces that enliven the spirit. We chose the name ‘elevar’, the Spanish word for elevate, because we believe it encompasses our core values of: ABILITY | EXPERIENCE | TEAMWORK COMMITMENT | INTEGRITY | CREATIVITY These six values were born out of a 50-year history of high-quality performance and service to our community. Elevar responds promptly and efficiently to client needs with quality services and innovative, practical design solutions. We appreciate the folks with whom we work want a greater value for the investments they make – this spirit transcends market and client type. In response we continuously strive to deliver the best solutions: timeless design that is responsive to change with optimal performance for cost. Elevar has grown from humble beginnings into a staff of more than 80 employees. This growth occurred organically as Elevar continued to design in new markets and build relationships with new clients. We attribute our continued success to our personal commitment and professional abilities.


Greg Otis, AIA Tom Fernandez, SARA

Kim Patton, AIA

Tony Lozier, PE, LEED AP


Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning


The CEO of Elevar Design Group, Tom Fernandez is responsible for the overall vision and innovation of the firm. He facilitates design direction and ensures that his staff is equipped to provide the best solutions to clients. Since assuming executive leadership of the firm in the late 1980’s, Tom was instrumental in growing the staff into the multi-disciplined team of specialized designers it is today.

Kim Patton serves as President of Elevar Design Group, guiding the design staff in daily operations and profitability. Kim’s energy and innovation has been the key to his successful career which has spanned nearly 30 years in many different markets. An Architect by trade, his vast experience has influenced his ability to grow Elevar’s staff and to provide clients with costeffective and creative solutions.

Greg Otis champions strategic initiatives for Elevar Design Group. Greg’s experience and passion for the built environment influences both his internal organizational leadership and external strategic plans. A natural planner and facilitator, Greg has the proven ability to yield positive change for employees and clients alike. Greg’s acumen is based on clear communication and innovative planning.

Tony Lozier has more than 43 years of experience in MEP Engineering. As Principal of Elevar’s MEP team, he directs all engineering services and ensures the highest quality for clients. His widespread experience has served as an asset to many of Elevar’s projects, as Tony has the ability to lead the engineering team toward the best solutions for client projects.



Melissa Johnson, NCIDQ LEED AP, EDAC

Senior Architect

Senior Interior Designer

Jim Harrell is exclusively focused on creating and improving environments for the delivery of healthcare. A skilled medical planner and healthcare architectural designer, Jim has more than 50 years of experience in the field. His thoughtful planning and extensive portfolio of work serves as an asset to his clients as he works collaboratively with healthcare systems to guide them in the planning of innovative and effective spaces to heal.

Melissa Johnson has more than 20 years of experience in architectural interior design, with more than 10 years of furniture dealership experience. Focused on healthcare environments, Melissa manages projects that range from renovation to new construction as well as expansions and additions. Her sophisticated client management skills are top notch, always striving to understand the client’s vision so that she can guarantee project success.

Vice President, Engineering

ELEVATE THE WAY YOU HEAL Designing healing environments that are both comfortable and highly functional is a challenging pursuit. That is why our design team is trained to appreciate both the experiential qualities of a caring atmosphere and the practical issues of servicing patients with a variety of needs. We work closely with medical professionals to address the programmatic and tactile needs of staff, patients and families. Through insightful programming and thoughtful practice, our healthcare team designs compassionate spaces for progress and healing.

Atrium Medical Center Emergency Department Expansion Mason, OH

The new Emergency Department required an addition to the existing building to accommodate Emergency vehicle drop off, a garage and support space for a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) and an annex for various support and storage spaces. In addition to the expanded Emergency Department, Atrium Medical Center Imaging, Occupational Medicine, Laboratory, Cardiology and support spaces such as a staff lounge and Information Technology suite.

Upper Valley Medical Center Emergency Department Expansion Troy, OH

Premier Health’s Upper Valley Medial Center renovation includes a 20,600 SF Emergency Room Department addition and a 1,000 SF MRI addition to the Imaging Department. 15,900 SF were also dedicated for an expanded waiting room and public corridor, a CT and Radiographic Suite in the Emergency Room and renovated Emergency Department Administration Suite.

Summit Behavioral Health Center Cincinnati, OH

Our team developed a multi-phased master plan that strategically consolidated the original 98-acre site down to an efficient 40 acre site that had numerous life-cycle cost considerations without lowering the capacity of the center while also programming strategic growth and upgrading the facilities. The new spaces provide secure, humane, and therapeutic environment for patients.

BOAI Hospital & Assisted Living Weihai, China

Boai Rehabilitation Hospital and Affiliated Assisted Living Housing is a prototype for a new mode of rehabilitative treatment and housing for China’s growing population of aging adults. It combines on a single site: outpatient services, a rehabilitative hospital, skilled care and assisted living apartments. Due to the density of the buildings on the site, the design was subdivided into individual programmatic zones, each reflective of the various stages of healing.

Shandong Medical School Hospital Shandong, China

The Shandong TCM Medical School the 2nd Affiliated Hospital Comprehensive IP Tower Competition, located in Shandong Jinan, the project is a new facility to be constructed on an existing campus. New IP tower total building area is 78,000 m2, (approximately 839,584 SF). Total project investment is around 350 million yuan, or approximately $56,212,100 million US dollars. A tight project site and daylighting issues were the biggest design challenges.

Good Samaritan MRI Suite Dayton, OH

Dayton’s Good Samaritan Hospital suffered from a lack of adequate floor area for the spaces required for MRI Scanning/ Imaging services. The preliminary design to install this new machine called for a small 150 square foot addition to the building to house the MRI electronics. Our team designed the project to reconfigure the existing MRI current control room to become shared control for both MRIs, affording operational flexibility and efficiency.

Natural Beginnings at Atrium Medical Center Middletown, OH

In response to the growing trend of midwifery both nationwide and in the region, the client wished to renovate the Family Birthing Center of Atrium Medical Center. Our team was hired to perform the renovation of this unit which includes the existing labor and delivery rooms (LDR), nursing station, and corridors. The renovations were phased, as the building was occupied and operating throughout the renovation process. The design team worked within these parameters to ensure that hospital operations are not impacted.

Atrium Medical Center Senior Emergency Department Middletown, OH

The Senior Emergency Center project at Atrium Medical Center involved converting nine regular emergency exam rooms into eight senior friendly exam rooms and a family waiting room. Entrances to the Senior Emergency Center were updated and the nursing stations were refreshed. Design components of the new exam rooms such as flooring, lighting, and color choices were carefully selected with the aging population in mind.

Yinchuan Binhe New District Healthcare City Yinchuan City, China

In the first phase of this project, our team designed concepts for five medical centers and one reception center in the new Binhe district of Yinchuan City, China. The five centers are Women’s and Children’s Center, Ophthalmology Center, Plastic Surgery Center, Stem Cell Center and Health Management Center. These include a total of 263 beds. The International Medical City is located at the south bank of the Yellow River. With five high-end separate specialties, following the planning concept, the International Medical City reflects an environment of low-intensity, within the original topography incorporating green spaces and relaxing areas. Each medical center is designed to operate independently, in order to meet the specialist needs for quiet areas and to deliver the highest standard of care.

Mercy HealthPlex at West Clermont High School Cincinnati, OH

This new medical office building and fitness health facility offers primary care to the community surrounding West Clermont High School. Part of the high school project, Mercy Health partnered with the District and Midtown Health on this joint-use facility. Both students of the high school and the community have access to the health facility. The high school’s swimming pool and basketball courts are open to HealthPlex members after school hours. As the first known partnership between a school district, medical system, and club management entity, this project is truly unique.

Healthcare projects present the perfect challenge of designing the most com­fortable healing environments for patients while meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and maximizing their efficiency. We live for these types of challenges and enjoy the collaboration process between experts in the healthcare fields. - James Harrell | Senior Architect


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Elevar Design Group - Heal  

Designing healing environments that are both comfortable and highly functional is a challenging pursuit. That is why our design team is trai...

Elevar Design Group - Heal  

Designing healing environments that are both comfortable and highly functional is a challenging pursuit. That is why our design team is trai...