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Main 3 Singers The three girls i chose to use for the performance and to be the band ‘RD’ are: Eyitayo Titiloye

Becky Scott

Isobel Jones

I chose to use these girls as they are close friends and so the friendship needed for the band would be there. They would also feel comfortable around each other to perform to the best of their ability and not get nervous and awkward on camera.

Narrative Couple For my narrative couple I used a real couple so that the chemistry would be there already and would translate on camera. I did not want to chose two people that would get nervous and act un sure for my narrative. Adele Lerouge

Jordan Clarke

Stylist and Makeup The styling and make up in the video was done by: Pari Farahnak

She is currently studying Fashion and design and understood my ideas and the look I wanted and so helped to make them reality and made each character suitable and relevant in what they wore and how they looked.

The Filming, Directing and Editing, was done by Elena Lerouge (myself).

Cast and Crew  

All of the people involved in the making of my video.