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The music video for Britney Spears Everytime, tells the story of an overwhelmed celebrity trapped in a relationship who eventually commits suicide. The video begins showing the star unhappy, ignored by the man she is with and harassed by paparazzi. Development- The music video continues in chronological order although not answering the question of why the protagonist is unhappy and arguing with her partner. Complication- The complication of the music video was why was she so unhappy and what drove her to end her life. The protagonist is arguing throughout almost the entirety of the video with her partner yet he is the one that rushes to help her. Climax-The main part of the video is when the artist gets into the bath and begins to bleed. The cause of this is not shown, however the giving up of the star is shown as she gives up and sinks into the water. Resolution- The story is resolved when it shows the artist/protagonist dresses in white, almost as an angel, walking through a hospital unnoticed. She stops and watches a new life being born into the world. This suggests that she has since died from bleeding in the bath as many people believe that once one life ends another begins. Lightning- The lightning in the narrative shots are all very dark, almost with a green tinge to it, showing the seriousness of her sadness, where as the performance parts are filmed in bright lighting. Shots- When the song begins a long shot is used to show the two characters bodies from head to toe while sat in the limousine, then followed by close ups on the angry paparazzi. This helps show the true emotion in their faces and helping the audience to catch on with the mood set for the rest of the video. Most of the video uses long shots or medium close ups, there are not many extreme close-ups as there is so much to capture in each and every shot. One of the only close ups used is when the blood on the protagonists hand is shown. This is an important part to the video so this shot was necessary and well used. Mise En Scene- Although there is a mad rush as the beginning of the video with the cameras and the celebrity, the video is very slow moving and towards the end of the video the shot of Britney Spears running was put into slow motion making it fit with the tone of the music and make it more effective. Conclusion- The point at which the song ends in the video it shows the protagonist and artist Britney Spears sitting up in the water and laughing. Throughout the video she was playing herself. The character featured was her ‘Britney Spears’. If the video has ended with her death, her fans might have become confused and began to think that this meant the death of their favourite artist and that was her resigning from music. However showing her breaking out of character, implies that the acting is over and that she is still very much alive, just as the artist is in real life. The music video features some of the characters of Vladimir Propp which include: • Hero • False Hero • Villain • Princess • Doner • Helper The False Hero- The false hero was the artists male partner. He did not treat her nicely throughout the video at all as they argued and ignored each other, yet he tried but failed to save her towards the end of the video.

Villain- The villain in this video was the paparazzi that did not leave her alone and harassed her everywhere she went. She had to physically fight them off at some points as they were aggressive towards her.

Princess- the artist Britney Spears takes on the role of the princess in this video as it is shown at the beginning a billboard of her performing in vegas and her sitting in a limousine with queues of paparazzi waiting for her.

The doner- The protagonist acts as the doner as she gives up her life for the new life of another.

Helper- This is the protagonists partner as he rushes to help her when she is drowning in the bath water.

The video for Everytime by Britney Spears, does not follow Tzvetan Todorov’s theory of equilibrium as is begins with a disruption, followed by the recognition of a disruption when the protagonist drowns in the bath, and finally ending with an unusual new state of equilibrium. Todorov’s original theory goes as follows: 1.A state of Equilibrium 2.A Disruption 3.The recognition of a disruption 4.A new state of equilibrium

Research Task 1, Britney Spears Everytime  
Research Task 1, Britney Spears Everytime  

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