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APPLICATION FOR THE RECONSTRUCTION OF AN ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION Elering AS 42 Kadaka Road 12915 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 715 1222 Fax:

+372 715 1200

E-mail: Applicant's name ____________________________________________________________________ The Applicant's address ____________________________________________________________________ The name of the applicant or its representative* ____________________________________________________________________ Phone






Contact person ________________________________________________________ * A document (a letter of authority, board decision etc.) certifying the authority of the applicant's representative must be added to the application if the representative of the applicant is not the applicant. Date of the submission of the application ____________________________________________________________________ The number and date of registration of the application /to be filled out by Elering/ ____________________________________________________________________

VT696 Application for the Reconstruction of an Electrical Installation

GENERAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION The volume of the works (applied for here) to reconstruct Elering's electrical installation (overhead line, cable line or substation) and their description: ______________________________________________________________________ The location of the reconstruction / address (village, city, county): ______________________________________________________________________ The term of the reconstruction: ______________________________________________________________________

OTHER DOCUMENTS, MAPS, SCHEMES The application has to be appended with the following documents: 1. A map with grid coordinates (preferably on the scale of 1:10 000 or larger), marking the volume of the works applied for.

The authenticity of the data submitted is approved by: ______________________________________________________________________ / the signature of the applicant's representative, date /

Form compiled by: Mart Landsberg, 18.12.2006.

VT696 Application for the Reconstruction of an Electrical Installation