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Elena Pinsoglio


follow your dreams... wherevere it may point About me..

My name is Elena, which means “Bright as the sun.” This sense for truth characterize me because I’m very enthusiastic and joyful: I like to surround myself with people like me who want to be always active and spend their time having fun and discovering new things. My passions are travelling and photography, as they are closely linked to each other and allow me to discover the world. Visiting new places has allowed me to broaden horizons and open my mind. I’m equipped with great imagination and this helps me a lot in the realization of my projects, that are often inspired by what it’s around me . I’m also a good observer and I tend to focus on very small details of things rather than in full.

Personal Information.. Rivalta di Torino (TO) - Italy +34 684 304 463 +39 334 321 4991


Visual Communication Design Polytechnic of Turin

LANGUAGES COMPUTER SKILLS Photoshop Illustrator Lightroom InDesign Autocad Rhinoceros Blender 3DS Max

Italian mother tongue Spanish C1 English B2

Index.. PRODUCT DESIGN Grifo Waver Toad’s Table L’Importanza del Contenuto Crystal Mondo Exhibitor

GRAPICH DESIGN Book’s Cover Esencia Poster

3D MODELING Sky Bike D-Stair Naked 2 UD Spray Abajur Wall Lamp


Grifo Waver The Waver tap is simple and intuitive to use. A square base, which fits perfectly with a curved shape, recalls the sinuous of the soft waves. With a simple hand gesture you can open the water flow and regulate the temperature. The draw pays attention to surfaces, edges and details: Waver is synonymous of an absolute precision.

Polytechnic University of Valencia

Toad’s Table Toad’s Table increases the possibility to socialize outdoors. It brings in a single fulcrum, the heat mushroom, those actions that previously took place separately, like WAITING, SHARING and ENTERTAINING.

Guide Lines

minimal smoothness of intervention the surface on the material Polytechnic University of Turin

adaptability to the heat fungus

facilitated socialization

L’importanza del Contenuto The shopping bag “ THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CONTENT “ is versatile in use thanks to its triple operating mode. The ergonomic handle in polypropylene rope and its capacity favor the transportation of objects that it’s extremely easy.



Polytechnic University of Turin


Crystal The Crystal exhibitors are designed to contain belts and necklaces. These exhibitors highlight the products as they offer perfect visibility and ensure stability . The material used, plexiglass, allows light refraction which is an essential quality to ensure visibility even in a dimly lit room. cost






Necklaces Exhibitors

Belts Exhibitors Polytechnic University of Turin

Mondo Exhibitor This project has been done in collaboraation with “Mondo” boutique, that is situated in Turin.

The exhibitor is designed for the main shop windows. The intention is to create a setting that attracts and intrigues possible customers. Framing the clothes, male and female together, as a painting, including decorative elements related to the theme “Mondo“ is aimed to the internationalization of the style varying in accordance to the seasons

Polytechinc University of Turin

Seasonal Variations


Book’s Cover Caperucita Roja -Charles Perrault- Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In porttitor est eget urna efficitur, congue placerat metus pellentesque. Cras sed vehicula erat. Cras mi mauris, ultricies vitae tellus euismod, finibus placerat ipsum. Vivamus eu tortor sit amet metus suscipit ullamcorper. Sed urna nibh, efficitur et odio ac, laoreet aliquam elit. Duis augue ipsum, molestie id aliquam in, sagittis eu neque Suspendisse fermentum egestas sem, vel molestie sem accumsan -



This cover of a children’s book , represented the key concepts of the “Little Red Riding Hood” fairy tale. It’s in fact the red color the element that draws the reader’s attention. Polytechinc University of Valencia

Esencia Esencia is the development of a breakfast setting. The main theme chosen is flowers: each one is combined with a minimal texture different from the others. Each texture was drawn by hand and individually. The textures are in black and white so only the flower color shine.

The set is composed of a placemat, two plates of different size, coaster and colored glass. The flower as the protagonist element, corresponds with the color and the textures that distingue each set.

Polytechinc University of Valencia


Only through the use of cut typography, it is expressed in a graphic method the meaning of the slogan.

Paul Rand Polytechinc University of Valencia


Sky Bike

modeling with Rhinoceros render with Blender

D Stair

modeling with Rhinoceros render with Blender

Naked 2 UD

modeling with Rhinoceros render with Blender


modeling with Rhinoceros render with Blender


modeling with 3DMax render with 3DMax

Wall Lamp

modeling with 3DMax render with 3DMax

As long as the art is alien to the problems of life, it affects only a few people. Bruno Munari

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