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BOOK 100+ Do It Yourself Projects For Every Candy Girl

BOOK 100+ Do It Yourself Projects For Every Candy Girl

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about the crafters Macy Alcaraz Apart from being’s managing editor, Macy likes to make things with her hands. She’s always discovering new crafty skills and eager to turn everything into a DIY project.

Mikko Sumulong Growing up in a family full of artists, crafters, bakers and makers, Mikko’s “why buy when you can DIY?” mentality just came naturally. Crafting has become her life’s passion, and she enjoys spreading the love with others. See more of her DIY projects on!

Alessandra Lanot Alessa is a designer, crafter, and owner of Pipino Vegetarian. She organizes craft events, teaches workshops in watercolor, rubber-cut stamps, calligraphy, and lettering, and blogs at She is currently obsessed with patterns and draws inspiration from Philippine culture, the organic lifestyle, local travel, and train rides.

Mansy Abesamis Mansy Abesamis is a crafter, jewelry maker, potter, and papercut artist. She styles, takes photos, and holds craft workshops for Hey Kessy when she’s not busy working on her French. See more of her works on and

PROJ 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22

Papercut Mobile T-Shirt Pillowcases Washi Headboard Clocks Dream Catcher Photo Mobile Pompom Rug Door Sign Magazine Organizer Wall Tile Art

ECTS 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42

Jewelry Holder Framed Silhouette Fabric Hoops Wall Art Book Ends Rope Bowl Fabric Hangers Candles Beaded Curtain Scarf Organizer Papercut Lamp



t u c r pape LE MOBI

Make at least 5 papercuts, each 4 inches long. Hang them on a twig using jewelry wire or baker’s twine. 'RQŠWIRUJHWWRDGG OLWWOHZDVKLIODJV 7


T R I H T-pSillowcases Gather your old cotton tees, cut them into squares and rectangles, sew, and stuff with fiber fill.


Old school shirts or sports team shirts will make fun nostalgic pillows!


room Cover both sides of an illustration board for more options!

i h s a wboard

ad he Turn your headboard into a

work of art by covering it with washi tape. Go for your favorite colors since you’ll be seeing this every day! 10



What time is it? It’s 1D o’ clock!

Cut out photos of your crushes (we picked One Direction!) and plan out where you want to place each face on the clock. 12

clocks bungee bands Don’t know what to do with the extra chopping board at home? Turn it into a new wall clock by attaching colorful rubber bands and an old clock’s mechanism using super glue!

washi clock Prettify a plain clock face by decorating the numbers with washi tape. 13


r e h c t a c m a e r d LE


Wrap a round hoop with rope or thick yarn. Weave a web with embroidery thread in a color of your choice. Tie a few hanging photos tied to the base of your hoop. Hang on your wall or door! 14






Cut a half-circle from cardboard (see template) and wind yarn around it until it is thick. Ease the yarn out carefully and slip in another piece of yarn, about 6 inches long, and tie the loops tightly together. Snip the top parts of the loops and trim off uneven edges, leaving 2 long ends uncut. Make about 50-60 pompoms, then arrange and tie them on to a mesh grip mat (available in hardware stores, sold by the meter). 16



r o o d SIGN Be reminded of the things that matter. Using colorful strips of paper, print or papercut your favorite things to do. Stick onto rope or string and hang on your door. 18




ORGANIZER Attach some bungee cords to your side table, or even the wall. Keep your favorite magazines (Candy, right?) organized and within reach at all times! 20



Bring New York City’s subway art into your bedroom by making tiles of your favorite train stops and destinations! 22

l l a w RT


Doodle and stamp on small square canvases, writing one letter on each tile. Arrange them to make fun wall designs. 7LS3LJPHQWLQNIRUERWKSHQ DQGVWDPSSDGVZRUNEHVWIRU IDGHSURRILOOXVWUDWLRQV


room Use a bright neon pink for a different look!


Y R L E JEW r e d l ho Using gold acrylic paint, transform plastic dinosaurs into new homes for your accessories! Go for toys with long necks and tons of spikes so you can hang more stuff on them. These brass-o-sauruses will feel right at home in your room! 25


d e m a fr UETTE


Take a side-view photo of yourself and cut out your profile. Use as a template to cut your profile on black paper.




room Gather wooden embroidery hoops of different sizes and a selection of fabric. Arrange the hoops on the floor and assign the fabric for each hoop. Trace the hoops on the fabric and cut, making sure to leave enough allowance all around. Tightly stretched, lock the fabric into the hoop, and trim the edges or glue the excess at the back of the hoop.

fabric hoops wall art 28

Use local handwoven indigenous fabric, and color the wooden hoops with markers.



book ends Take plain index card boxes, wrap them with a fun print, and use them as bookends! 30

Stash your jewelry or little knickknacks inside to add some weight. It gives you extra storage, too!


room Wrap the rope in colored thread before spinning it into a bowl!


l w o b rope Knot the end of your rope. Apply a drop of glue on the knot, then spin rope to make a spiral disc. Once you get to the size you want, keep gluing and turning your rope upward to form the sides of the bowl. Cut the rope, and glue when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re done. Decorate using markers or paint! 33


fabric rs e g n ha To keep your clothes from snagging, take your hanger and wrap a scarf or a piece of fabric in your favorite print around it. Make sure to knot both ends so it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t unravel. You can switch up the fabric to match your clothes, too!





candles Make the candle shapes by rolling a piece of cardboard into a tube. You can use toilet paper tubes for smaller candles. Attach it to illustration board using masking tape and secure all sides with some clay. Tie a wick to a stick, letting it hang at the center of the tube. Boil some water in a pan and place a metal bowl on top. Melt some beeswax and add a wax crayon for color. Pour the wax into the mold, then let it dry and harden. 37


beaded curtain Gather some wooden beads, a tree branch or bamboo stick, and some kraft twine. String and knot the beads through the twine, leaving a few inches of space in between each bead or bead clump. Attach the strung beads onto the stick and hang on your window, or use it as a room divider! 38



You can use more bangles, depending on how many scarves you plan to hang.


f r a c s r e z i gan


Get your extra wooden bangles and, with super glue, stick them together to form a half-circle. Add color using acrylic paint and washi tape. Use multiple strands of bakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s twine to hang them in your room. 41


papercut lamp If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re bored with your bedside lamp, cover the sides with papercuts! Make a draft of your design on paper first. Use a craft knife to cut your design then stick it onto your lamp.




No stamps? Use a paintbrush for your design! 44


s g a t

Create different shapes using air-dry clay. Use your alphabet stamps and favorite hand-carved stamps to label them. Hang them on your storage bottles with strings. 45

PROJ 48 Friendship Bracelet Pocket Tee 50 Sneaker Brogues 52 Denim Jacket with Lace Back 54 Bracelets 56 Flower Crowns 58 Hair Accessories 60 Rings 62 Necklaces

ECTS 64 66 68 69 70 72 74 76 78 80

Earrings Safety Pin Jewelry Clay Jewelry Washi and Twine Jewelry Belts Phone Cases Beach Bag Bag Charms Sea Salt Spray Lip Balm


You can also make several bracelets and sew them together!


t e l e c a r b p i h s d n frie

e e t t e k c o p

Brighten up a plain white shirt with a quirky new pocket. Make an extra wide friendship bracelet and sew onto your shirt. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll end up with a one-of-a-kind piece that all your friends will be talking about! 49


sneaker brogues Start by covering the rubber sole of your shoes with tape. This is to prevent the ink from bleeding onto the sole. Once youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re done, sketch your design with a pencil. Draw over your design with a permanent marker (we used black, but you can totally use any color!). 50





t e k c a j m i n e k d c a b e c la with

Take an old denim jacket and breathe new life into it! Use some scrap lace and carefully measure so that it fits the top back portion of the jacket. We cut a hole before sewing on the lace, but you can skip that step and just attach the lace over the denim part. 53


s t e l e c a r b BEADS AND BRAIDS

Take your favorite bead and insert a wire through it. Close both ends with a loop so that you can thread some strings through each loop. Braid each side until you reach the desired length and tie a knot to secure the ends.



Loop the first colored rubber band into a figure 8 and insert your thumb and index finger into each hole. Add the next two colors and bring the first band over your fingers so that they're on top of the next two. Add the next colored band and do the same thing you did with the first one. Continue till your desired length and use a C-clip to attach both ends.


Braid three strands of flat leather cord, then secure with crimp jewelry findings. For a raw finish, skip the jewelry findings and wear with a simple knot.


Slip assorted beads onto some rope and loop several times to fit your wrist.


String an assortment of beads in any design or pattern you prefer. Keep stringing, until the bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist three or more times. You can use elastic cord for easier wear.




Stretch the floral tape as you wrap the wire to activate its adhesive property. Cut shorter strips of floral tape instead of one long strip to make it easier for you to wrap the wire.

r e w o l f CROWNs Turn artificial flowers into a great hair accessory. Cut the stems of the flowers and leaves, leaving at least an inch of stem. Bend the leftover stems at a 90-degree angle. Measure the wire to size and bend it into a circle. Arrange the flowers on the wire and wrap the flowers onto the wire using floral tape.

wire & washi Gather some dried twigs and form them into a circle. Cover with jewelry wire, acrylic paint, and washi tape. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to add flowers on one side to make it extra pretty! 57



haacciressories washi & fabric headband Reinvent your old headband by covering it with scrap fabric and washi tape. Experiment with different pattern and color combinations.

feather clips Take a plain snap barrette and glue on some feathers. Add a button accent to top it off!

threaded barrette Dot the end of colored thread with glue and carefully wrap your snap barrette with it. Attach some crocheted flowers and leaves, and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re done! 59


S G N RI wire flower rings Use a thick marker as your ring shaper. Wrap the wire twice or thrice around the marker to form the base. Twist the wire ends to keep in place. In a spiral motion, keep twisting the remaining wire until it naturally starts to look like a rose. Cut loose ends of the wire so you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t scratch yourself when you wear the ring.

pearl wire ring Start and end the ring just like the wire flower ones. Before twisting in a spiral motion, add a pearl or a gem.

button ring If you have buttons lying unused in your drawers, you can glue them onto some ring blanks for a quick DIY accessory. 60

crochet flower ring Did you learn how to crochet in Home Ec? Make small flowers and glue them onto some ring blanks!




s e c a l k c e n thread & rope Cut two pieces of rope in different lengths. Make sure the strands are long and wide enough to fit over your head. Wrap the rope with bright-colored thread. Make sure to glue thread in place.

keychain ring Arrange the keychain rings in whatever design or pattern youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like. Connect each touching side with wire. Attach necklace chain to the top corners.

pearls & ribbon Put a fresh spin on the classic pearl necklace. Sew pearls onto ribbon, alternating over and under to form a wave effect. 62

Try using rings you've been neglecting for a while!



style Instead of beads, attach a charm or small toy to earring hooks!


s g n i r r ea rainbow beads Slip some rainbow beads onto a piece of wire. Attach to earring hooks and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got instant colorful bling!

chandelier hoops Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll need round nose pliers to attach the crystal beads to form the chain. How? Twist the end of the wire into a loop, slip a bead in, and close with another loop. Slip the next wire into your first one before closing the end. Repeat until your desired length and attach several chains to the chandelier findings for dazzlers you can rock on a night out with your girl friends.

silver & turquoise Use smaller seed beads and thinner wire for this pair! Instead of just one bead per wire, experiment with groups of twos and threes to create dimension. 65


safety pin jewelry earrings Slip some silver and gold beads onto the pin and attach to some earring hooks. You can use different colors too!

brooch Trim a fringe out of leftover leather. Roll up and glue into barrel findings. Make four to five tassels and slip into your safety pin for a fun brooch to add to your denim shirt.

necklace Attach a thick chain to a giant safety pin for a tough chick necklace. 66

ring Bend two safety pins and attach by wrapping wire around the ends that meet. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll create the illusion of a giant safety pin ring.



Use cookie cutters to create different shapes out of your clay! 68

y a l c & washi y r l e w je

Using a popsicle stick, mold air-dry clay into a half moon shape. When itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dry and hard enough, color it with acrylic paint or cover it with washi tape.

washi & twine bangles Polish your wooden bangles and make different patterns on them by wrapping them with washi tapes and bakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s twine! 69



belts braided leather Divide and cut the leather into 5 strips, leaving about 2 inches at the top, which you will wrap around the buckle. Braid the strands, starting with the leftmost strand, then weave through each strand on the right until you reach the end. Cover the ends with a piece of scrap leather to secure the braid.

stitched leather Simply cut a strip of leather measured to the width of your buckle. Add holes to size, and punch a few more holes at the end of the belt. Using embroidery floss, stitch a simple pattern on the grid that you punched out. 71


phone cases studded Add some edge to a basic phone case by gluing on some metal studs! Experiment with different sizes and combinations.

printed paper If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re easily bored with your phone case, this might work best for you. Invest in a clear case for your phone. Using the case as a template, cut out backing for your case. You can make as many as you want!

washi Have a stash of washi tape? Sketch out a design on paper and just stick, stick, stick! 72






Take four square towels and sew them to form a 2 x 2 square. Fold in half and turn it inside-out before sewing the sides together. Cut a hole on each side for your rope handles. 75


BAG arms ch

owl face bag charm Draw your design on leather or leatherette. Try to use different colors for each part of the owlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face. Cut the shapes using a kraft knife on top of a cutting mat. Attach the pieces and layers using super adhesive glue, then punch a hole at the top. Attach the lobster clasp or key ring.

tassel bag charm Make a fringe by cutting thin strips on a rectangular sheet of leather, leaving about an inch of uncut space on top. Roll the sheet tightly, and punch a hole in the middle of the inch of space that holds the fringe together. Attach the lobster clasp or key ring. 76




You can add an essential oil to personalize the scent! 78

t l a s sea y a r sp Mix 1 part hot water with 1 teaspoon coconut oil, 1 teaspoon sea salt, and a dollop of hair gel. Pour into a spray bottle and shake well before using! 79


m l a b LIP Boil water in a pan and place a metal bowl on top. Melt 2 Tbsp grated Beeswax, 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil, 2 Tbsp Olive Oil, and a chunk of red lipstick all together. Once it liquifies, remove it from the heat (donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t over boil!). Use a barbecue or popsicle stick to mix all the ingredients together. When away from the heat, add 10 drops of essential oil. Pour the mixture into small containers, and let sit at room temperature for a few hours, or until it hardens and turns opaque. 80



PROJ 84 86 88 90 92 94 96

Macrame Bottle Sling Fabric Book Covers Bungee Band Pencil Grips Pencil Cases Monogrammed Notebooks Bookmarks Envelope Accordion

ECTS 98 100 102 104 106 108 110

Leather Brown Bags Tote Bags Tank Tote Bag Drawstring Rucksack Bag Tags Passport Holder Tablet Case



You can dye your strands before knotting them together!


e m a r mboatctle sling Cut six strands of rope 3 times the length of your water bottle. Knot all strands together. Pair off the strands, and knot two inches from the starting knot. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll end up with three knots for your first row. For the next row, you will knot one strand from one pair, and a strand from another pair. Keep going until you reach the desired length. Knot all six strands to finish. 85


bookers cov kraft paper Decorate sheets of kraft paper with stamps, watercolor paint, or markers. Wrap your books the same way you would using plastic!

fabric Choose fun and quirky fabric to protect your school books. Use fabric glue to keep in place. For more daring crafters, you can sew the fabric in place! 86





bungee band

pencil grips Wrap different colors of rubber bands around your pencils to create grips. Now you can go back to old-school diary writing without hurting your fingers! 89


s e s a c PENCIL

Before you completely sew the sides closed, make sure that you open the zipper up a bit so that you can flip the pencil case over to the right side of the fabric! 90

All you need is a zipper (around 8 inches long), sturdy fabric like canvas, a needle, and some thread. Cut the fabric, fold it in half inside-out, and trim it into a trapezoid shape. The top of the trapezoid should be as long as the length of the zipper. Using top stitch or back stitch, sew the zipper onto the fabric, then sew the sides. Pinch the bottom corners of the pencil case and sew a line across the fabric, forming a triangle on each corner (see template). Flip the case over to the right side.


2 &/,$/543)$% ).





0).#( $/7. %$'%3


+%%0:)00%2/0%.3/ 9/5#!.&,)0)4"!#+ 4/4(%2)'(43)$%

#54 &/,$ 3%7 ',5%



d e m m a r g o n o m

s k o o b e t o n Sketch the first letter of your name on a piece of paper. Cover the monogram with your favorite washi tape, cut out the shape of the letter, then paste it onto the cover of your notebook.

If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re planning to make more for your friends, you can use paper straws instead of washi! 92




bookmarks beads and wire Using flat-nose pliers, form some thick wire into a narrow U-shape. On one end, slip some beads before forming a small loop to close it. Form the other end into your initial or into a shape you like.

quotable Cut out a 2 x 6-inch rectangle out of cardboard. Decorate with your favorite washi tape and, using a label maker, type up your favorite quote and embellish your bookmark with it. 95



accordion Keep your receipts, movie tickets, notes, and other memorabilia in a safe place. Punch holes through the sealed end of your envelopes, and string together using keychain rings. 96



r e h t a e l n bag brow


Cut a 13 x 20-inch piece of leather. Fold it in half, insideout (so that you sew on the â&#x20AC;&#x153;wrong sideâ&#x20AC;?), and sew the ends together. Fold the sides to make 1-inch creases, and the bottom, to make a 2.5-inch crease. Flip the bag over to the right side. Open up the bottom until the crease marks, flatten, and glue the bottom flaps (see template). Secure with a magnetic button snap, or use a string to tie around the bag. 1







p m a t s rubber

s g a b tote Carve your designs on rubber erasers or get some ready-to-use rubber stamps. Use pigment ink that will go permanent on fabric. Alternatively, you can get some fabric or textile paint, apply it to a sponge, and use that as your stamp pad. Make sure to line the inside of the blank canvas tote bags with newspaper or plastic. Stamp your design, then let it dry. Once dry, fold the bag inside-out, and set the prints with a hot iron.



k n a t G A B E TOT Got a tank top you've stopped wearing but canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bear to throw out? Turn it into a bag you can tote around! Simply turn your tank inside-out, sew the bottom part together, and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got a tank tote bag! 102

Cut the sleeves of a tee to achieve the same effect!





g n i r t s w a r d k c a s k ruc

Start with a long narrow piece of fabric. Fold 2-inch flaps on the short ends and sew in place. Make sure you have enough room for the rope. With the wrong side up, fold fabric in half and sew the long edges together. Sew small fabric loops onto the bottom corners for your drawstring. Cut two long strands of rope. Thread a strand of rope through the 2-inch flaps and knot ends through the fabric loop on one end. Repeat on the other side. 105


S G A T G BA panda bag tag Draw your design on the back side of the leather, then cut out the pieces using a craft knife. Layer different colors of leather together, and attach the pieces to each other using super adhesive glue. Make a slit and opening at the back for the label. Slice a strip at the top to insert the tagâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s belt.

washi bag tag Take an old bag tag (one thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been worn and tattered by use) and cover with your favorite washi tape. You can spell out your name using a solid-colored tape! 106

Use an old bag tag as your pattern to use scrap cloth too!




You can also use this to store your school documents!

T R O P PASS r e d hol Measure your passport, adding two inches on each side, and cut some fabric or leather to size. Fold the two inches in, and sew the ends to lock it in place. Add a strap and secure it with a belt loop or magnetic button. 109


tablet case Protect your tablet from scratches with this quick felt project. Cut out two pieces of felt enough to cover your tablet. Sew on strips of felt in an accent color. Once in place, sew the two pieces together. 110

l ateria m y s a , s h an e t out letter c u s s i Felt k with. Cu cartoon to wor es, or even e a case shap ers to mak wn. o ct chara 's truly your t tha



PROJ 114 Chalkboard Mug 116 Apron 118 Personalized Spoon and Fork 120 Home-Brewed Iced Tea and Ice Cubes 122 Coaster 124 Fruit Bowl 126 Napkin Ring 128 Easy Carbonara 130 Cheesecake Cups

ECTS 132 DIY Lollipops 134 Orange Creamsicle Refresher 136 Chocolate Covered Cookies 138 Fruit Sushi 140 Hot Tea and Tea Tags 142 Zebra Mocha 144 Mallow Treats 146 Planter and Stenciled Pots 113



d r a o b chalk


Personalize a plain mug by adding some chalk art! Lightly sand the sides of the mug where you want to paint it. Using a cotton ball with alcohol, wipe off any dirt and oil. Tape off the top and bottom of your mug with washi or masking tape to protect it from paint. Be sure to press the edges down firmly. Use a foam brush to evenly coat chalkboard paint onto the mug. Allow the paint to dry before painting a second coat. Allow 24 hours to dry and remove the painterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tape. Place mugs in a cool oven. Bake for 30 minutes at 300°F. Let the oven cool while mugs are still inside.




Cut the following pieces from some canvas. Fold the all the edges in and iron to make sewing easier. Run over the edges and belt straps with a sewing machine. Fold the skirt three-fourths through, and sew in the middle to create pockets. Decorate with stamps or fabric markers. Heat press with an iron to make the design permanent.





3 3

4 4



kitchen Use an alphabet stamp to mark your guests' utensils!

d e z i l a n perso fork & n o o sp t a m e c a l + p


Make your plain wooden utensils and placemat festive by covering them with different washi tape patterns! If you have friends coming over, decorate more pairs but this time, try using acrylic paint or your spare jewelry wire. 119





iced tea

+ ice cubes Mix 1 cup of water, 1/3 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and 1 tsp of wild honey. If you want more color, add chopped lemon skin before popping in the freezer.



s s r r e e t asst ccooa Sketch your favorite tea quote on a piece of thin paper and use a craft knife to cut out the design. Paste it onto a circular cork and use a sealant to make it more durable. You can also experiment with different washi tape colors and patterns! 122






l w o b

Cover a coconut shell with washi tape, then seal it with a mixture of water, glue, and acrylic emulsion. Let it dry for a few minutes. Voila! Your very own fruit bowl! 125



g n i r

Make a flower by forming 5 petals, wire-weaving beads row by row. Using floral tape, attach the flower onto a wooden ring. 126

You can also use fabric or synthetic flowers, or wrap the wooden ring with some ribbon!


kitchen Pair with toasted bread rubbed with garlic and butter!



a r a n o carb Over medium flame, continuously mix equal parts of cream of mushroom, heavy cream, and grated cheese. Add bacon bits to the mixture. Pour over your favorite pasta noodles! 129




Whip together 1 8-oz package of cream cheese, 1 large egg, and 1/4 cup sugar and blend well. Pop half an Oreo into some cupcake liners and fill with the cream cheese mixture. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown in a pre-heated oven at 300째F. 'DUNDQGULFK0HOWVRPHGDUN FKRFRODWHZLWKDIHZWHDVSRRQVRI FUHDPWRPDNHDJDQDFKH6SUHDGRYHU \RXUFKHHVHFDNHFXSVDQGVSULQNOHZLWK VRPHVOLYHUHGDOPRQGVLI\RXOLNH 130



kitchen Use assorted colored candy for fun-looking lollies!



s p o p i loll

On baking paper, arrange your candies in two rows. Set your oven to 250Ë&#x161;F and put the candies inside. Wait for them to melt a little before placing a stick in between the rows. Cool first before serving! 133


orange creamsicle

REFRESHER You’ll need equal parts of milk, fresh orange juice, and ice. Mix in a blender until the drink starts to froth. Serve in a cute bottle and drink up! 134





chocolate covered


Melt some white chocolate by chopping a block into small pieces and microwaving for about 15 seconds at a time and stirring in between. Once the chocolate has melted, dip your cookie of choice into it, and top with some rainbow sprinkles. Place on a wire rack to let the chocolate set. Serve with some milk for a sweet afternoon snack!



t i u r f hi sus

Cook a pack of store-bought powdered gelatin in water. Dice your favorite fruits and mix them with the gelatin. Cool your concoction in an ice cube tray for a good 30 minutes. 138





Decorate the tags with illustrations of the tea ingredients!

s g a t a e t Grab your washi tape, extra gift tags, and flat beads, then attach them onto your tea bags. The next time you host a tea party, your guests will know exactly what type of tea youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re serving! 141


a r b e z mocha Add a tablespoon each of white chocolate and dark chocolate to your favorite morning latte to make this warm homey drink. Staying away from caffeine? Skip the coffee. A zebra hot chocolate is just as tasty! 142





mallowts trea

Over low flame, melt a teaspoon of butter and a handful of marshmallows. Once soft and gooey, mix in a cup or two of cereal or crushed Oreos. Place mixture in a lined brownie pan. Chill in refrigerator. Slice into squares, serve, and eat! 145


r e t n a pl Wash an empty milk carton and let it dry. Wrap it with bakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s twine or washi tape. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to poke 3 to 5 small holes on the bottom for water drainage. Now, doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it make for a cute home for your herb garden?

stenciled pots Make a simple papercut stencil of your favorite pattern using a piece of cardstock. Stick it on your planter and use sponge to apply acrylic paint on top. 146


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Make your imagination come alive with Doodle Quest, 1,001 Stickers for Boys, 1,001 Stickers for Girls, Knots About Cords and Candy DIY Book. Available in bookstores and newsstands nationwide. For more details, visit

BOOK Whether you’re a newbie crafter or the DIY queen, you’ll enjoy discovering all the different projects in this book. We’ve got DIY ideas for your room, for the kitchen, for your closet, and even for school! Get ready to dive in hands first into the wonderful world of crafting. Safety Pin Jewelry

Clay Jewelry Zebra Mocha




Sneaker Brogues

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