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THE SUGAR GLIDER What’s the relationship between Don and Sylvia like? How does it change from the beginning to the end of this story? What do you think it will be like in the future? First Don and his ex-wife Sylvia support a cold and distant relation due to the time they have been separated. After the accident, Don repents of the mistake that he has made moving away from his family due to his work, and he confesses to his daughter Judy the love he feels for her and her mother Sylvia. On the other side, Sylvia feels that Patrick is not the love of her life and after the final family reunion, she offers Don a second opportunity to be together. In my opinion, Don, Sylvia and July will be a family again, as they were in the past.

Which character have you liked the least? Give reason for your answer including a description of the character. The character I dislike more in the book is Patrick Forsha because he appears to be a rich business man who tries to form a family with Sylvia and Judy, but in reality he is guilty of exploiting Warrangi mines, and getting the uranium to sell it with malicious intent, and also of trying to kill Sylvia’s ex husband .

Judy proves to be a very brave girl during the story. Why? Judy, Don Radcliffe’s daughter, is involved in a plane accident caused by someone at Warrangi mines. Firstly, her father has to console her on the crash and the death of his pilot and friend, Paul. A little time later, Judy loses her fears and begins to think as a survivor,

helping his father to organize, lighting a fire to protect them in the night and using her knowledge to fishing and also handle a pair of brumbies. Later, when her father hurts his leg, she demonstrates she is a heroine, travelling alone in search of help, and finally saving her father, thanks to John and Joe, without showing fear before her attackers.

THE SUGAR GLIDER What’s the relationship between