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T HE SUGAR GL I DER 1. Write about Paul and Don`s relationship, focusing on the similarities and differences between both characters.

Paul is in his late fifties and Don is in his thirties, they are two very different men, Paul is an active man because he wants to open a flying school. However, Don is an easy man, he only wants to come back to Brisbane to stay with his family and see his daughter grow up.

Both love flying and planes. In the past Paul was Don’s flying teacher and now they are close friends. In fact, Paul is very interested to open the flying school because it could help Don to come back. This fact is the reason why Paul accepted to do the job for the government.

2. Who has been your favourite character in this story? Give reason for your answer, including a description of that character.

My favourite character in this story is Paul Copeman. He is in his late fifties, and he is very interested to open a flying school, because he loves flying and planes. In the past he was a flying teacher and he t aught his friend Don to fly. Besides, if he opens the flying school he`ll can to help his friend Don, who has been one year, out in the Pacific islands, and now he wants to stay with his daughter Judy because she`s growing up very fast and recover his relationship with his wife Sylvia.

I like Paul because he is a good man, he works very hard for his dream and he doesn`t forget his friends.

3. Judy proves to be a very brave girl during the story. Why?

Judy is fourteen years old. Her father has come back after one year out in the Pacific Islands. She loves her father and she wants to do many things with him. So she is very happy when her father proposes her to fly in the Sugar Glider.

Judy proves that she is a very brave girl many times during the story. For example, when they have the accident and Paul dies, she helps her father with the wild horses, because she has learned to ride with her own horse.

Besides, she is a girl with her own opinions: she defends Murri people, and she hates her mother boyfriend so she helps her father in his relationship with her mother. Judy’s character is very important in the story because she helps her father.

T HE SUGAR GL I DER 1. Write about Paul and Don`s