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The Sugar Glider 

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What’s the relationship between Don and Sylvia like? How does it change from the beginning to the end of this story? What do you think it will be like in the future? Who has been your favourite character in this story? Give reason for your answer, including a description of that character. Judy proves to be a very brave girl during the story. Why?

The relationship between Don and Sylvia at the beginning was cold. Don had left Sylvia and had gone to another place to live because they had many different opinions about their relationship. Sylvia thought Don was selfish and the most important thing in his life for him was his job. And on the other hand Don thought Sylvia had not patience and she didn’t understand him. At the end of story both thought they had been to blame for their divorce. However, I think in the future they will be consistent and they won’t get angry hastily.

Joe has been the boy with the best character in my opinion because he is brave, clever, stronge and fast, and in spite of his appearance -he is rather short, he has been essential to the happy ending of the story. Apart from that, I think he is a good boy, with very clear ideas, he cares about important things and he is always willing to take a risk to defend the right things.

Judy is a brave girl because she has suffered too many changes in her life. Her parents are divorced and she has gone to live in a farm and hasn’t seen her father for a year. She doesn’t like her mother’s boyfriend because he frightens her but she tolerates him. After the Sugar Glider accident, she didn’t feel panic, she proved to be a strong girl helping her dad to look for important things in the plane, like cans, matches, rope... after knowing their friend was dead. Later she believed in herself and tamed brumbies. She went to find help alone when her father was hurt because she preferred to go and find some help and not wait until someone found them.

The Sugar Glider