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THE SUG A R GLIDE R B Y RO D NE IL SE N Talking about The Sugar Glider Judy proves to be a very brave girl during the story. Why? Judy is very brave during the story because she never loses control. When her father proposed her to go with him by plane she was very happy because she really wanted to have an adventure. She wanted to spend time with his father because she had suffered a lot the last year because their parents were separated and her mother had a new boyfriend, Patrick Forscha who she really disliked. She had her own opinion about the situation in Warragi Mine and she defends Warrangi people, Murri people. The worst moment for her was when the plane crashed. At this moment she felt scared and very sad for Paul's death. He was like a grandfather for her but she found strength to carry on and finally she saved her father who was in the the forest with a broken leg and found out who Patrick Forscha really was.

Write a different ending to the story. After the plane crashed, Judy saved her friend Paul because she learnt first aids at school the last week and she still remembered it. They passed the night in the forest and the next morning Paul and Don fixed the plane using the tools of the old plane. The Sugar glider could fly again! Judy, Don and Paul took off leaving the forest behind them but suddenly the helicopter appeared again. Judy saw Patrick in the helicopter with a gun shooting at them. They tried to avoid the helicopter but they couldn't. Then Don had a good but dangerous idea. He wanted to try a special pass between the mountains where the helicopter couldn't pass through. They were very lucky because the little space between two mountains became more and more little while they were arriving but finally he passed. Patrick tried to do the same but he crashed. In the end Judy, Paul and Don were safe and they went back home with Sylvia and Beulah. After a a year, Don and Paul wrote a book telling their story and they sold enough books to start the flying school. YAMILE ÁLVAREZ PAREDES


The Sugar Glider is a story developed in Australia. Pilot Don Radcliff returns to Australia hoping to rescue a failed marriage and to spend more time with his daughter Judy but a routine cargo flied in an old DC4 airplane turns into tragedy when the plane crashes in the Australian outback killing the co-pilot. Don and Judy’s change of survival seem slim as they struggle against sabotaje, unscropulous businesmen and then in hospitable landscape.



Judy proves to be a very brave girl during the story. Why? Write a different ending to the story. old DC4 airplane turns into tragedy when t...

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