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CFB Cleantech Finland Bioenergy The CFB Cleantech Finland Bioenergy concept provides customers with complete solutions for renewable energy supplies, from forest residues and sustainable forestry to heating homes. Finland is widely recognised as a leader in bioenergy expertise. Forest residues and wood have long been used for heating purposes. The yearly variation in temperature in Finland is 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, increasing the quality demand for technology in heat and energy supply. This has led to innovative solutions and high-quality technologies that have been tested in harsh conditions.

What is the biomass va Together we offer a complete technical package

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We offer green, forest-based energy solutions for heat and power supply covering all customer needs. • • • •

Private homes Shopping centers, industrial sites, etc. Municipalities and cities Metropolises

You get tailored services according to your needs.


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alue supply chain

from sustainable forestry to heating your home.

key solution!

We represent Finnish bioenergy companies to offer you forest-based green energy for heat and power supply.

HARVESTING AND LOGISTICS A professional in harvesting technologies and logistics chain solutions. Fixteri baler offers sustainable forestry and wood logistics  We are specialized in the harvesting technologies and the development of a comprehensive logistics chain of small-dimensioned wood.

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

Customer Benefits »» Increases the attractiveness of your forest. »» Ecological and cost-efficient solution. »» Increases the value of your forest - enjoy the direct profit generated by your forest.

We offer »» As the first company in the world, we have developed a logistics chain solution for harvesting small-dimensioned wood, and the necessary technologies, which simultaneously benefit the forest and energy industries, harvesting entrepreneurs, forest owners, and nature alike. »» Benefit from the most up-to-date innovative technology and a genuine partnership. »» A cost-efficient and flexible harvesting and logistics chain is enabled by the Fixteri baler, which is the result of years of product development and testing, guided by long practical experience.

Fixteri Technology »» The Fixteri baler automatically measures and registers the green weight of each bale already in connection with the bundling process. This way the amount of the harvested growing stock is known immediately after the felling is over. »» Fixteri bundling mechanically removes the needle and leaf mass as nutrient on the ground, and enables the maintenance of good nutrients in the forest. »» The easy manageability of the bales and their optimal size improve the forest transportation of small-dimensioned wood by 200–300 %. The road transportation by 120% and the chipping/crushing by 200% - 400%. »» Bunding of the small trees, branches and tree crowns produces 20-50% higher yield of harvested wood/nectar.

Contact: Minna Lappalainen, CEO Phone: +358 40 705 4395 Email:

FIXTERI GROUP LTD. Lokakyläntie 223 FI-43300 Kannonkoski FINLAND Business ID: 2814199-9

FOCUS ON PRODUCTIVE FORESTRY Smart choices since 1962

FARMI Profi and Smart product lines provide productive and sustainable full forestry management solutions using agricultural tractors, both for semi commercial and professional customers.

Customer Benefits »»

High quality, productivity, safety and customer orientation »» Innovations inspired by customers. »» Over 50 years of experience in wood logistics and processing innovations. »» The focus is to enhance the productivity of forestry logistics and biomass production, and to deliver outstanding value to our customers with various tailored solutions.

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

What We Do »» We design and manufacture tractor-mounted equipment for forest logistics and biomass production. »» We are a global pioneer in developing innovative forestry machinery, processing solutions and services to meet the demands of profitable and sustainable forestry management. »» Our product range comprises of tractor-mounted cranes, harvesters, forest trailers, wood chippers, skidding winches and firewood processors.

References & Ongoing Projects »» Over 80% of our turnover comes from global exports to over 40 countries. »» Farmi Forest is a subsidiary of the mining technology provider Normet Group.

We offer »» Strong customer support in over 40 countries in finding the right solutions for energy wood harvesting and producing biomass wood chips. »» Solutions for tree felling, winching, forestry transport and chipping. »» After sales services make sure the machinery stays in top condition using genuine Farmi Forest spare parts.



JL351 JL501 EV300 KV140


K240 E240 S230 AND S230C



K250 E250 S250

JL51 JL61 JL86

Contact: Sami Jerkku Email: Phone: +358 40 580 5707



CR45, CR58, CR61, CR80 CRANES VARIO 101, 121 PROFDRIVE andPROFDRIVE trailers




FARMI FOREST CORPORATION Ahmolantie 6 FIN-74510 Lisalmi Finland Phone: +358 17 832 4400



INRAY FUEL - Solid Fuel Quality Control System Customer Benefits »» »» »» »»

Improved power plant efficiency. Savings in fuel expenses. Reduced operating and maintenance costs for fuel handling systems. Reduced emissions.

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

What We Do »» Inray develops real-time measuring systems based on X-ray technology, especially for energy production, sawmills, and biorefineries. »» Applications are available for a wide range of fuels: wood chips, forest residues, stumps, recycled fuels and peat.

References & Ongoing Projects »» Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto, 396 MW multi-fuel power plant, Finland. 3 x Inray Fuel system »» UPM Kymmene, 99 MW biopower plant, Scotland. 2 x Inray Fuel system »» UPM Kymmene, 117 MW biopower plant, Finland. 2 x Inray Fuel system »» Fortum Power and Heat, 80 MW biopower plant, Finland. 1 x Inray Fuel system. »» Stora Enso, sawmill, Latvia. 1 x Inray Log system

We offer »» A whole new way of increasing bioenergy production efficiency utilizing novel X-ray technology.

Contact: Mika Muinonen Email: Phone: +358 50 350 9071

INRAY OY LTD. Patteristonkatu 2 50100, Mikkeli Finland Phone: +358 44 967 7927


Our new biomass dryer is based on Saimatec´s long-term knowledge and technology for bulk material handling in the Pulp & Paper industry.

The vertical silo type dryer is suitable for different types of biomass: »» Wood bark, wood chips (all varieties) sawdust mixed with other materials, sludges mixed with other biomass. »» System is a self-contained unit, including infeed silo and outfeed equipment, as well as automation.

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

Customer Benefits »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

No need to fine-grind material. Drying time is sufficiently long for also coarse particles to dry. Low temperature (typically under 150oC) eliminates risk of volatile emissions and fire. Compact, sealed construction also prevents dust emissions to surroundings. Drying process is controlled in a way that leads to good energy efficiency. Vertical design enables a limited footprint. Drying energy can provide by different heat sources.

References & Ongoing Projects »» Pilot dryer has been tested jointly with a torrefication pilot plant.

Applications »» »» »» »»

Heating plants Industrial power plants Bioenergy terminals CHP plants

Contact: Seppo Rasimus Email: Phone: + 358 40 025 2326

SAIMATEC ENGINEERING OY Inkilänkatu 29 Teknola FI-57230 Savolinna Finland Phone: +358 10 525 8100

TECHNOLOGY FOR PRODUCING BIOCOAL Torrec technology for refining biomass into high-value biofuel Thermal modification of biomass offers better profitability: »» Higher sales prices »» Lower transport costs »» Larger potential market. Biofuel produced with Torrec technology is usable without investments in coal burning power plants

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

The Point

Torrec Technology »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

Uncomplicated equipment - low investment costs Efficient use of energy Localised production – low raw material transport costs Can utilise 100% low-cost hardwood (birch, aspen, alder). Own technology with own IPRs Standard solutions 30-120,000 t/a Turnkey deliveries of complete production plants Upgrades of existing pellet mills

Contact: Heikki Sonninen Email: Phone: +358 50 071 0457

TORREC OY Patteristonkatu 2 50100 Mikkeli Finland

BURNING EXPERIENCE Energy technology expertise from design to commissioning. We respond to all your possible needs: »» Subcontractor manufacturing »» Boiler plants »» Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance services

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

Better Burning Experience »» Burner solutions and valve sets »» Oil pumping units »» SNCR/SCR equipment for flue gas cleaning

References & Ongoing Projects »» »» »» »»

Waste-to-energy power plant, Riikinvoima Oy: LFO burners, NaOH pumping unit, boiler doors Suburb of Kivenlahti: Wood dust burners and LFO pumping unit Värtan Port: HFO and bio oil valve groups, heating and pumping units City of Seinäjoki: Urea equipment for SNCR and oil pumping unit

We offer High-quality technology: »» Better burning experience »» Tested and approved by the markets – over 150 delivered projects all over the world and 30 years of experience in manufacturing

High-class machinery with the ability to produce extremely long parts: »» Capability to produce parts up to 7 m in length »» Machinery includes CNC, cutting and welding machines, and painting and sandblasting Internationally certified technology: »» ISO9001 and EN 1090-2 certification

Contact: Panu Räsänen Email: Phone: +358 40 577 9951

OY CLEAN FLAME LTD. Leijukuja 10 78210, Varkaus Finland Business ID: 06154692



Osmo Kaulamo Engineering (OKE) provides consultancy and design services for boiler/power plants and hardware deliveries

»» »» »» »»

Engineering, design and project management of power and boiler plants Boiler modernisation projects OKE silencers Halifax fans

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

Customer Benefits »» Strong knowledge and long experience »» Design and delivery knowledge of boilers and power plants »» Knowledge of utilisation of bioenergy

References & Ongoing Projects »» Dalkia Bio Power One Ltd, Chilton, UK Waste wood power plant: detailed design, projecting and project management »» Varkauden Aluelämpö Oy, Varkaus, Finland Pellet dust boiler plant: detailed design, projecting and project mangement »» Renewa Oy, Harjavalta, Finland Safety valve silencer »» Valmet, Naantali, Finland Safety valve silencers

Best solutions for customer needs »» Defining of technics, size of boiler/power plant, parameters and schedule. »» High quality OKE expansion/absorption silencers. »» Customised Halifax fans.

Contact: Aki Kaulamo, Managing Director Phone: +358 40 512 3400 Email:

OSMO KAULAMO ENGINEERING OY Weikkola, Wahlinkatu 6 FI-78250 Varkaus Finland



BIO HEATING Ariterm Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of heating systems

Our main products are central heating boilers used for heat production and domestic hot water heating, bio burner equipment, bio heating system solutions and turnkey heating plants up to 4 MW.

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

Customer Benefits »» »» »» »»

Ecological and cost-efficient solutions Large range of solid biofuels Single products, package systems or ready-made containers Very high efficiency and low emissions

References & Ongoing Projects »» »» »» »»

Leppäkosken Lämpö Oy: 6 MW pellet heating center Kalajoen Lämpö Oy: 4 MW pellet heating center Barden energy Ltd/UK: Several 1 MW and 2 MW wood chip heating centers More than 150 delivered heating centers that are over 500 kW

We offer »» Complete heating system customised for customer needs. »» Complete set of services for your heating system: maintenance contract, hardware repairs, heat production optimisation, user training, spare parts service, hardware updates.

Why Choose Us »» »» »» »»

Very large product portfolio for bio heating systems, power range 40 kW – 4000 kW. Customised systems that meet individual customer needs. Real multifuel systems. ISO 9001 quality system, ISO 14001 environmental system and H/H1 PED compliance

Contact: Kimmo Kantalainen, Sales Director Phone: +358 40 054 1721 Email: +358 14 426 300

ARITERM OY P.O. BOX 59 (Uuraistentie 1) 43101 Saarijärvi Finland


Heat and Power

RESPONSIBLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS KPA Unicon provides responsible energy production solutions and life cycle services »» Biomass energy solutions

»» PlantSys operations system

»» Oil and gas energy solutions

»» Service solutions

»» Financing solutions

»» Fuel flexibility

Customer Benefits Optimised efficiency, modular solutions, local sales representatives and/or subsidaries in over 15 countries, combustion technologies and solutions based on decades of experience with various types of fuels.

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

Projects Under Construction »» Stora Enso, Ala sawmill, Ljusen, Sweden Unicon Biograte 15, 1 x 15 MWth, Fuel: Sawmill residues, bark »» Porvoon Energia Ltd, Loviisa, Finland Unicon Biograte 10, 1 x 10 MWth, Fuel: Bark, woodchips »» ArcelorMittal South Africa, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa Unicon ST50, 2 x 25 MWth, steam boiler plant, Fuel: Blast furnace gas / Coke oven gas »» Stora Enso Wood Products Oy Ltd, Honkalahti sawmill, Finland Unicon Biograte 18, 1 x 17,7 MWth, Fuel: Bark, Sawmill residues

We Offer »» KPA Unicon participates in pre-studies and feasibility calculations to optimise the best project solution. »» KPA Unicon offers support during the entire lifecycle of the energy production plant. »» KPA Unicon takes responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the plant. »» KPA Unicon guarantees highest efficiency, minimum load 15% with automated operation. »» KPA Unicon plants can be manufactured as modules. Modular structure minimises the delivery time of the plant and the installation time on site.

Biomass Boiler island

Biomass Solutions »»

Unicon Biograte From 3 to 25 MWth or 4 – 37 t/h »» Unicon Pellet From 3 to 25 MWth or 4 – 37 t/h

Solutions »» »» »»

Unicon Citius 2,5 MWe Unicon Altius 5 MWe Unicon Fortius 10 MWe

Oil and Gas Solutions »» Unicon SF Capacity range 7 – 300 t/h »» Unicon ST Capacity range 30 – 600 t/h »» Unicon MST Capacity range 20 – 300 t/h »» Unicon WF Capacity range 5 – 300 MW »» Unicon WT Capacity range 20 – 500 MW

Contact Pentti Savolainen, Project Development Director Phone: +358 20 774 9271 Email:

KPA UNICON GROUP OY Myllykatu 12 76100 Pieksämäki, Finland Phone: +358 20 774 9200


Heat and Power

BIOMASS BOILERS AND GASIFIERS ANDRITZ is a supplier of biomass boilers and gasifiers for different biomass fuels based on the following technologies:

»» »» »» »»

Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) boilers Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boilers Biomass gasifiers Boiler upgrades and modernizations

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

Customer Benefits »» »» »» »» »» »»

Fuel flexibility High combustion efficiency Low emissions Low maintenance costs High availability and long operating time Standardized solutions with customer-tailored features

References & Ongoing Projects »» »» »» »» »»

Hämeenkyrön Voima, Finland, BFB boiler Växjö Energi, Sweden, BFB boiler Fortum Värme, Stockholm, Sweden, CFB Boiler Helsingör Kraftvärmevärk, Denmark, BFB Boiler Riikinvoima, Varkaus, Finland, Waste to Energy Plant with CFB Boiler

Realible partner with innovative solutions »» »» »» »»

Improved energy efficiency in production Reduced fossil fuel CO2 emissions Tools to minimize environmental impact Long-term service support and maintenance

Contact: Ilkka Venäläinen, Sales Director Phone: +358 40 860 5895 Email:

ANDRITZ Oy Wredenkatu 278201 Varkaus Finland Phone: +358 20 450 5555


Environmentally friendly solutions for the heating and cooling of buildings

Customer Benefits »» »» »» »»

Reliable and experienced partner Environmentally friendly solutions for heating and cooling High-quality products made in Finland Cost-effective heating and cooling solutions

Cleantech Finland Bioenergy

What We Do »» Gebwell designs, manufactures and sells heat pumps, district heating substations, accumulators and water heaters.

References & Ongoing Projects »» TAYS Tampere University Hospital, Parliament House and logistics centre, KONE Corporation, headquarters »» Apartment and commercial buildings, industrial real estates, homes for elderly, schools and daycare centres throughout Finland »» Several projects in Poland, Sweden, Norway, Belarus and Kazakhstan

We offer We participate in the delivery process from A to Z: »» »» »» »»

Solution examples for HVAC planners. Support in implementation planning for HVAC contractors Accurate and timely product deliveries Kick-off and maintenance services.

Gebwell Ltd.




»» Founded in 2005 »» Facilities of 10 000 m² in Leppävirta, Finland (head office and production) »» Sales offices in Leppävirta, Tampere and Vantaa »» Subsidiaries in Poland and Sweden, sales office in Latvia

Contact: Pertti Ruotsalainen, Export Director Phone: +358 40 089 7146 Email:



GEBWELL OY Patruunapolku 5 FI-79100 Leppävirta, Finland Phone: +358 (0) 20 123 0800


Why choose us • World-Class Solution

We offer a full range of services and technologies in the bioenergy sector for heating and energy supply.

• Secure Suppliers Our technology is used in harsh climate conditions (yearly variation 50-70 C degrees).

• Market leaders Finland is known for its leading expertise in bioenergy technology.

Benefits Key advantages of using biomass • • • • • • • • •

Replaces fossil fuel as the raw material for energy supply Reduces CO2 emissions Utilises forest residuals Cost efficient Contributes to local employment Promotes recycling and reduces waste Clean, modern and safe Helps prevent forest fires Abundant and renewable

First Contact Project Scientific Specialist Jussi Heinimรถ, D.Sc

Project Expert Tiina Kaksonen, B.Sc

+358 40 544 0936

+358 50 558 2600

Mikkeli development Miksei Ltd

Navitas Kehitys Oy

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