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February 2013

“I believe lasting organizational change only happens with and through people”. — Mauro “Mac” Calcaño

 eet M DART’s

Calcaño, who has more than 30 years of senior leadership in human resources at U.S. and global companies, clearly has that experience. He had led a workplace culture transformation with cross-functional teams at Timex Group USA Inc. He achieved similar success with HR change management and organizational analysis and design at other companies such

Game Changer


Vice President & Chief People Officer Mauro “Mac” Calcaño


ave you seen an energetic new guy at Headquarters who is enthusiastic about meeting DART employees? Maybe you remember his trademark matching bowtie and suspenders? Mauro “Mac” Calcaño, our new Vice President of People, already has become a visible presence at the agency since he joined DART in late September.

More important, Calcaño has made numerous, visible changes in the way the Human Capital department is structured, operates and interacts with DART people, workgroups and other departments. Agency leaders fully support his efforts. In fact, DART’s HR vice president job posting called for a transformational leader and game changer “utilizing the latest trends and best practices” and leading “recruitment, training and retention of the best talent available” and “to position DART as an employer of choice.”

as Sara Lee Corp., Marriott In-Flite Services and Chiquita Brands International Inc. “Mac possesses the qualities we were looking for in Human Capital leadership,” said Deputy Executive Director Jesse Oliver. “He has a great track record in transforming Human Capital functions to meet the evolving requirements of the modern business world, as well as the ability to apply private sector successes to the public arena while recognizing the nuances of a public agency. A natural leader and teacher, he is highly motivated and qualified to help lay a foundation for the success of DART people during its next 30 years.” continued inside

Transforming the Way We Work Together THE TEAM IS ON BOARD


ince Jesse Oliver and Mac Calcaño came aboard, Human Capital people have undergone a major transformation in the way they work and interact with all groups at DART. Here’s how they’re responding to new leadership and direction: “I used to just measure data; now I measure data and see a human face. I know that my research will help shape our strategy and support our goals.”

Michael Moyers

“Mac Calcaño and Jesse Oliver are approachable mentors who have really expanded my horizons. I’m more focused, energized and results-oriented.”

“Our morale has improved; we’re refining processes and seeing some efficiencies. These improvements will help us serve other DART people better.” Michael Moyers HC Systems & Metrics Project Manager

“Human Capital starts with great leaders. Mac’s very clear, direct and focused on our internal customers. Jesse drops by to see us and shows that he cares by his actions, not just in words.”

“Human Capital has a whole new perspective and a framework for how we work. Our customer service focus will help serve employees better and meet management’s needs more promptly. That helps foster a team environment and builds our department’s credibility.” “Jesse and Mac have already started the team-building in our department, encouraging us to raise the bar in developing our skills. I already feel we’re all in this together, and some HC staff have already been assigned to the divisions to help build teamwork with them.”

Donya Battiest

Donya Battiest Employee & Labor Relations Specialist

“Jesse and Mac realize that DART is transitioning from a construction company to a service company and are aligning Human Capital to support that new business perspective.”

“It’s also like a ‘refresh button’ to develop people career-wise, starting Shelia Brister with us. We’re putting our house in order first. If we change and improve, we can help other departments improve.”

“We are also seeing the definition of an internal customer changing. Teana Bush We’re all learning to think of focusing on a business solution instead of an administrative response.”

“We’re focusing on hiring people with talent who are aligned with DART’s business strategies and future needs. It will also open up opportunities for DART people to grow and advance when we’re not defined by our title, but by our talent.”

“Instead of using an umbrella approach to all employees, Human Capital is now more tailored to an employee’s individualized needs and objectives.”

Shelia Brister Talent Acquisition Specialist

Teana Bush HC Project Manager - Five Star Program

Human Capital Is Here for You NOW! THE HC BRAND PROMISE By Mac Calcaño

Your Human Capital team! 1st row: Denise Crandon, Tina Franco. 2nd row: Demarias O’Banner, Sharyne Ng, Josie Garcia, Shelia Jones, Lupe Rodriguez (Aetna rep), Shelia Brister, Dawne Noworyta, Renae Garner. 3rd row: Lisa Revell, Betty Bird, Rosemary Davila, Mauro Calcaño, Marilyn Willis, Hector Williams Jr., Shelia Aldridge. Not pictured: Donya Battiest, Teana Bush, Yanett Gonzalez, Ralph Halton, Michael Jones, Michael Moyers and Luis Ramirez.

The change from Human Resources to Human Capital is not just in name only. My organization is being transformed in structure, focus and performance. But we all know that what you call something has power, so the renaming was immediate to signal that changes were coming. The entire structure of the team has been flattened to be more streamlined, increase collaboration and provide better responsiveness to employees and management. (See the new organizational chart on the next page.) Right away, we changed HR Operations to People Relations. This part of my team

assists you in interactions with your manager and co-workers. Our Human Capital Partners (formally generalists) are dedicated to maintaining positive working relationships. And as concrete proof, they’ve been embedded into the field so they can be on site more often to better support you and your managers. And because we all appreciate a single point of contact, I’ve made specific divisional assignments so you know who is assigned to help you. In reviewing the results of DART’s 2012 Employee Engagement Survey, I learned that we had the opportunity to really impact staffing and recruiting.

Well, now Recruitment is called Talent Acquisition and its focus is solely on ensuring your team has the right people in place today and in the future. We are streamlining processes to align with best practices and industry standards. Our changes also include putting some resources behind Organizational Effectiveness and Development. The survey indicated that employees wanted more training to help them keep up with changes in their jobs. That is why we will have people dedicated to organizational development and analytics.

HC Organization Chart Chief People Officer

Mauro Calcaño


Betty Bird

Talent Management & Acquisition


Renae Garner Hector Williams Jr. Shelia Brister Rosemary Davila

Denise Crandon Michael Moyers Shelia Aldridge Dawne Noworyta Shelia Jones Mark Wilson

HC Projects

Org O Effectiveness

Teana Bush Josie Garcia Ralph Halton Michael Hayes Yanett Gonzalez

Sharyne Ng

Business Partners

Customer Service

Rosalinda Velez Police

Labor Relations

Michael Jones

Donya Battiest Luis Ramirez

Tina Franco Transportation

Lisa Revell

All Other Departments

Mauro Calcaño

See DARTnet directory for individual titles and job descriptions.

From an Employee Labor and Relations perspective, we are streamlining processes and adding staff to create a Labor “Center of Excellence.” I’ll be sharing more information on that in the coming months. In addition to structural changes in the team, we have taken a fresh look at several of our programs and are dedicating resources to strengthen them. For example, our Wellness Program is being updated to be more relevant to the needs of DART’s changing workforce. We created a “People Center” on the first floor of DART’s headquarters building to allow for easier access. We added a benefits “call center” that offers automated options, as well as the ability to speak to a benefits adviser without having to come to headquarters.

Of course, people recognition is a big part of any organization and DART has many robust programs in place. We’ve already partnered with the Executive Women’s Roundtable on how it will increase its impact on our organization. Some work is being done to revisit Leadership DART to enhance its role as a strong part of our agency. Since I’ve just managed to skim the surface of everything going on in Human Capital, I encourage you to keep an eye on DARTnet so you can see improvements as they happen. We post material virtually every day. Please come check out the new People Center even if you don’t have a benefits question or other discussion topic because I’d love to meet you – our valued DART people.


in his own words:

I am experienced in leading, prioritizing and delivering management action and transformational change initiatives. I can translate and support operating objectives to accelerate business unit plans for commercial viability. My management style is to articulate the origin and reason behind operational policies, practices and procedures, and to create strong HC operational management morale and spirit. I foster open dialogue with diverse workforces and can engage at all levels.

Milestones EMPLOYMENT RECOGNITION Anniversaries: November 1, 2012 – January 31, 2013 (Based on Adjusted Date of Hire) 35 Years

Jerry O’Riley Bus Mechanic

Thomas Whitehead Bus Operator/Instructor

Sheila Gillaspie Bus Operator

Jamil Chowdhury Bus Operator

Mstr Shallum Lynch Servicer

Ray Allen Cleaning Services Supervisor III

Robert Roberson Bus Operator

John Horton Fare Equipment Mechanic

Artavia Clayton Fare Equipment Mechanic

Ronald Maddox Facilities Project Manager III

Milton Brown Jr. Bus Operator

Darrell Terrell Bus Operator

Joanie Williams Rail Operations Field Supervisor I

Earnest Jones Bus Operator

Perry Cole PA/Facility Services Supervisor II

Felipe Martinez Servicer

Loretta Buchanan Customer Information Supervisor

Liz Velez Contract Compliance Field Supervisor

Sandy Jordan Bus Operator

Daniel Demessie Communications Technician

Rodrigo Martinez LRV Structural Mechanic

Herman Davis Bus Operator

15 Years

Joe Luna Fare Equipment Mechanic

Sean McIntosh Bus Operator

Robert Jones Rail Operations Field Supervisor I

Edgar Aponte Bus Mechanic

Marion Denney Mobility Management & Planning Senior Manager

30 Years

Cynthia Baltrip Assistant to the Traction Electrification Systems Senior Manager

Alfonso Bluitt Transportation Field Supervisor I Leon Brown Bus Operator Jimmy Drake Bus Dispatcher I Robert Jenkins Bus Operator Craig Poster Bus Operator Johnny Roberts Transportation Field Supervisor I David Schratz Bus Operator Kevin Wilson Bus Operator

25 Years Beverly Adler Assistant Treasurer Roberto Bustillos Bus Services Supervisor III Mary Hobbs Administrative Support Assistant Charntelle Richardson Assistant to the PA/Facilities Services Senior Manager

20 Years David Caraway Bus Operator Twyla Cochran Contract Compliance Field Supervisor

10 Years Yael Amann Customer Information Representative William Armbruester LRV Mechanic Jaime Arriaga Passenger Amenities Mechanic Donna Berry Bus Operator

Loren Baxter Rail Operations Field Supervisor I

Sheryl Blacksher Inventory Control Assistant

Vicki Biggers Bus Dispatch Assistant Manager

Tamika Brown Assistant to the Service Planning & Development AVP

Johnny Blanford Jr. Bus Operator Mari Carter Material Management Technician Jimmie Davis Bus Operator Jorge Garcia IT Program Management Office Managerr Jay Hagar Bus Mechanic Michael Johnson Bus Operator Wanda Kelly Revenue Technician I Marvin Love Jr. Bus Operator Camilla Manning Transportation Training Supervisor I Kimberly Mayfield Bus Operator Scott McDowell DART Police Officer Al Mejorado Jr. Bus Operator Timothy Oliver DART Police Officer

John Bye Bus Operator Melanie Cade DART Police Officer Tracy Cantu Community Affairs Assistant James Carroll Traction Power Maintainer

Ronald Marion Facility Mechanic Hazel Newman Bus Operator Araceli Nino Customer Information Representative

Melvin Rose Bus Operator

Danielle Estelle Rail Operations Controller

Jill Shaw Emergency Preparedness Manager

Shawn Floyd Communications Technician

Keith Stewart Traction Power Maintainer

Cynthia Folk DART Police Officer

Dora Torres Assistant to the Facilities/ Systems Engineering Director

Gino Ganio LRV Structural Mechanic

James Cole Bus Operator

5 Years

Ardra English Creative Services Signage Associate David Ehrlicher Design & Construction Director Fred Fackler LRV Mechanic Douglas Fort Bus Operator

Lougho Dorsainvil Bus Operator Bonica Egana Bus Operator

Anthony Tucker Bus Operator

Eduardo Dominguez Fare Equipment Mechanic

Jose Diaz De Leon Fare Equipment Mechanic

Jerry Reynolds Jr. Chief Rail Operations Controller

Vickie Carruth Transportation Station Office Supervisor I

Amel Davila Customer Information Representative

George Deruvo LRV Structural Mechanic

Jesus Acosta DART Police Officer Jenoa Anthony Customer Information Representative Kelvin Bailey Technical Support Specialist Frank Bellan Material Management Technician Cyrus Bostick LRV Structural Mechanic Marcus Bowman Station Monitor Percy Brewer DART Police Officer

Josie Garcia HC Project Manager Yvonne Gomez Bus Operator Leslie Graham Bus Mechanic Rochelle Graham Customer Information Representative David Hernandez Servicer Isaac Hernandez Fare Equipment Mechanic

Xiomara Medrano DART Police Officer Jorge Muñoz DART Police Officer Quonsha Murphy Customer Information Representative Henry Nelson LRT Buildout Administrator Rodney Perkins Bus Operator Muhammad Phillips Servicer Patsy Purcell Bus Operator Luis Ramirez ELR Representative III Tasheema Roberts Customer Information Representative Kyle Robertson HVAC Technician Yesenia Rodriguez Servicer Marie Rosales Bus Operator

Christopher Jackson Rail Operator

Vincent Silmon Marketing & Account Services Manager

Elijah Jackson Bus Mechanic

Steven Smith Track Maintainer

Kendrick Johnson Rail Operator

Tanika Taylor Rail Operator

Ronald Jones Senior Desktop Technician

Christopher Theus Rail Operations Field Supervisor I

Wendel Shafford Bus Services Supervisor I

Jennifer Frost Transportation Employee Programs Manager

Stanley Davis Bus Mechanic

Johnny Soto DART Police Officer

Carmen Gafare Bus Operator

Mario Chadee LRV Mechanic

Jerry Martin Material Management Technician

Negash Tesfaye Bus Operator

Newton Gathia LRV Mechanic

Noah Chea LRV Mechanic

Lenoid Little Rail Operations Station Office/Yard Supervisor I

Steve Meyer Transportation Project Analyst

Bernard Wade Bus Operator I

Ronnie Gibbs Passenger Amenities Mechanic

David Chew HOV Operator

Roberto Luna LRV Structural Mechanic

Bobby Butler Project Manager I

Raul Medina Body Mechanic

Dan Limberg Technical Project Analyst

Latoria Tolbert DART Police Officer Tonnie Washington Track Maintainer Slavoski Wright DART Police Officer


I was unable to attend your (fare restructure) meetings, but wanted you to know that you could double your prices and still be a good deal. Just increase them slightly, and you’re a great deal. I am totally grateful for having the option of taking a train or bus instead of being one of the dozens of cars occupied by one driver. Those of us who actually use DART know that many of the complaints – inconvenience, lack of security – are imaginary or exaggerated for the most part, and typically come from those who ride rarely if ever. I’ve ridden DART at every hour of the day or night, alone and with children, and have never had a problem any more serious than a few minutes’ delay. I’m sure most of what you hear at those meetings is negative, so I’m adding at least one positive to the record. – Dee Wells, Dallas We blew a tire on our truck at 3 a.m. or so. Literally within a minute (not exaggerating), we saw a truck’s flashing blue lights behind us, and (Assistant Manager of HOV Operations and Maintenance) Lucio Velez and (HOV Lane Supervisor) Esiquiel Fonseca offered to help us change the tire. Thanks to them, our tire tragedy changed into rapid transit! Thank you, DART! – Ben Rosenblatt, Dallas I was almost eye-witness to a terrible accident recently at Bachman Station, when a toddler’s ball slipped out of his hands and rolled onto the tracks with the child in hot pursuit. As I watched in amazement, (Northwest Bus Operator) Michael Gary sprang into action, retrieving both before an approaching train arrived. – Dan Brock, Flower Mound I would like to commend DART for the digital dashboards at the rail stations. I really like the convenience of not having to walk the length of the platform to look at departure times. – Lloyd Brown, Dallas As a retired New York City train operator, I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and efficient your light rail system is. You need to call those NY guys up and tell them you’re doing things right down here. – Kenneth Newton, New York City

The day of the chemical explosion was a chaotic one in Garland, with all of the buses running late, but through it all (East Dallas Bus Operator) Kenneth Mathis managed to keep on schedule and actually got me to Parker Road in time to make my connection. A very skillful job. – Dawn Miller, Plano It was phenomenal how much help your (Customer Information Representative) Monique Luna was in answering all my questions. She seemed genuinely disappointed that there was no way she could get me to Boomtown Depot (that being in Arlington)! – Amanda Hollis, Dallas You have a bus operator in (SOCBOF’s) Donald Dabbs who has the very unusual knack of being able to deal with the most obnoxious and offensive passengers to set foot on a DART bus. On more than one occasion, my fellow passengers and I have witnessed him diffuse some potentially nasty situations simply with a calm demeanor and good humor. – Robert Shaw, Dallas Station Monitor Charlesetta Dunn deserves a reward for discovering my lost ID and Social Security Information and keeping the items safe until I could reclaim them. I am most grateful. – Brenda Mauzy, Plano Thank you for the increased presence of DART police officers on the trains. As a regular Red Line commuter for over six years, I have witnessed enough violence and drug abuse on trains and station platforms that I have made it a point to leave work before dark on Saturdays, since that seems to be the time the characters surface. Now, it is indeed refreshing to see an officer on every commute. – Margaret Monticolombi, Plano (Northwest’s) Richard Rapsey has all the attributes of a great bus operator, and then some. When the inside destination display fails to work, he announces every intersection to make sure no passengers miss their stop. That tells me he really cares about his customers. – Linda Brown, Dallas

This commendation concerns (Sales Representative) Rebecca Maples – what a perfect person to meet the public! I worked with Ms. Maples to get passes for our sixth and seventh graders to visit the downtown library over a two-week period recently. She was unfailingly cheerful, informative and efficient. After I had placed the order and was coming to pick up the tickets, she reserved a parking place for me at DART, an added gesture which I greatly appreciated. – Susi Grissom, Dallas As a paratransit customer, I must commend the scheduling department in Mobility Management for the day-by-day improvement since the changeover in providers. Getting through the phone lines has become easier and the reps are truly making a conscientious effort to match trip with request. – Travis Coleman, Dallas

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CONNECTIONS: Human Capital Edition  
CONNECTIONS: Human Capital Edition  

This issue is dedicated to the evolution of DART's HR department to Human Capital