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Kieraland Children’s Wear Beauty and the Beach Women’s Accessories

RUNWAY 2 RUGRATS Kieraland (Blog photoshoot)

The following photoshoot was done in 2009. The objective was to create the Alice in Wonderland trend that was popular during this time in clothing and merchandise due to the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. The intention was also to showcase the fusion of the Alice in Wonderland trend mixed with some key fashion trends that were also popular during this time

in Fall children’s wear, including arm warmers and tutu’s. I included in my blog the original dresses that I re-styled by hand and made to fit the desired look of the shoot. Below is a screen shot of the blog post where I wrote in detail about the clothing used and the process behind creating the shoot.


Inspiration Whimsical, imaginary, vibrant, daydream, wonderment, adventure, magical, destiny, possibilities, excitement

Story Costumes

The Mad Hatter

Queen of Hearts






This is the Mad Hatter ensemble put together using a pink and orange tutu, a white button-up peter pan collared shirt, and a black pea coat. The accessories used include a soft pink scarf, black tights, black suede boots and a miniature top hat.


This is the Queen of Hearts. I hand sewed the bodice detail, hemline trim, and the black hearts to give it the desired look.


This is the Alice dress. I had the organza overlay cut off, the hemline shortened and lined the skirt with black and white tulle.

The Mad Hatter

The Queen Of Hearts


Behind The Scenes

“But I don’t want to go among mad people.”

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”

“Curiouser and curiouser.”

“I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, sir, because I’m not myself you see.”

Beauty and the Beach (Editorial photoshoot)

Beauty and the Beach is an editorial photoshoot showcasing current trends in accessories and fashion. The sutro baths located on the beaches of San Francisco was the chosen location for the shoot for it’s old time rustic feel and romanticism. The purpose was to create a romantic love affair between the model and the beach while focusing on current styles in accessories and fashion. The clothes and accessories were pulled from retail stores including EXPRESS, ALDO, MAXrave, Victoria’s Secret, and a few local vintage shops.


Wendy Nichol bracelet, $225.00;

Chunky Accessories

Elie Tahari bag, $548.00;

Roberto Cavalli


Furs and Animal Prints J. Mendel

This season’s must-haves infuse all the beauty mother nature has to offer. From chunky gold accessories to furs and snakeskin. The fur is minimal and the heels are high.

Tory Burch bag, $525.00;

ABS by Allen Schwartz bracelet, $95.00;

Prada shoes, $790.00;

Elizabeth and James ring, $155.00;

Mink bolero, vintage, stylist’s own. Shorts, $19.9o, MAXrave. Wood bangle, $10.00, ALDO. Coin charm bracelet, $16.50, Express. Earrings, stylist’s own. Faux snake skin purse, $30.00, ALDO.

Beauty and the Beach Photos by Jason Mehrtens Model- Jessica Perdew Styling by Elena Daugherty Make-up by Jasmine Arteaga

Dress, $39.50, Express. Earring’s, stylist’s own. Toggle necklace, $6.90, MAXrave. Circular wood necklace, $16.00, ALDO.

Mink bolero, vintage, stylist’s own. Bikini top, $48.00, Victoria’s Secret. Shorts, $19.9o, MAXrave. Wood bangle, $10.00, ALDO. Coin charm bracelet, $16.50, Express. Earrings, stylist’s own. Faux snake skin purse, $30.00, ALDO.

Bikini top, $48.00, Victoria’s Secret. Mink bolero, vintage, stylist’s own. Coin charm bracelet, $16.50, Express. Toggle necklace, $6.90, MAXrave. Giraffe Rocka necklace, $18.00, ALDO.

Bikini top, $48.00, Victoria’s Secret. Earrings, stylist’s own. Toggle necklace, $6.90, MAXrave. Giraffe Rocka necklace, $18.00, ALDO.

Visual Merchandising Runway2Rugrats

Children’s Retail Boutique



(A full service boutique for the most fashionable mini trendsetters)

Runway 2 Rugrats is a children’s boutique that caters to children between the ages of newborn to 8. The store will specialize in bringing the newest trends and fashion from the mini catwalks from all over the world to the hip and modern children of today. The products the store will carry include girls and boys clothing in sizes ranging from 0-3 months to size 8. Product assortment includes tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters and jackets. The location for the business will be within the Westfield shopping center located on Market St. in San Francisco. This location was chosen for its high volume of affluent shoppers and tourists. It is an upscale mall, which is the ideal setting for the boutique. The target market is the mothers of the mini trendsetters.

Demographics • • • • • • • • •

Women 25-45 All races Child rearing Married College graduate Combined income of $100k or more Home owner Lives in suburbs and urban areas

Psychographics • • • • • • • • • • •

Family oriented Travels Likes to take weekend trips to the beach Rents/owns a vacation home Has 2 or more children Cares about family appearance Reads C California Style, Vogue, Parenting, Town & Country, and Yoga Journal Hosts play-dates and dinner parties Has a family game night Drives a luxury SUV Prefers expensive red wine

RUNWAY 2 RUGRATS TM The legal form of ownership chosen for the store is a corporation. This form of ownership was chosen to protect the entrepreneur’s assets and to give less personal liability for debts the business may accumulate.

Strengths • • • •

Children’s wear sales are expected to grow faster then the rate of children being born Parents are spending more disposable income on the quality of their children’s clothing Quality and styles are unique Highly publicized celebrities and what they buy for their children have fueled the high-end children’s retail category

Opportunities • • • • • •

Children’s retail sales are estimated to be growing 6-7% annually for the next few years Sales are expected to reach $131.5 billion by 2012 Mainstream fashion is increasingly influencing children’s wear Parents prioritize their spending on their children whatever their economic condition Children will always grow and need to constantly buy clothes to meet that need ‘Echo boomers’, (ages 12-29), spend 5 times more then their parents

Weaknesses • • • •

Gaining loyalty to products from parents and children High capital costs Population growth in children 9 and under was flat between 2000 and 2005 The Consumer Product Safety Commission sets forth federal regulations on the manufacturing and sales of children’s clothing Adults have fewer children when the economy is down

Threats • • • • •

Tariff barriers and quotas Regulations on flammability, lead content, small parts, and drawstrings must meet safety standards Recalls could affect inventory Licensing requirements High-end department stores in the surrounding areas including Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, NeimanMarcus, and Barneys New York

Design Inspiration






5. 4.


• • • • •

Night life International runways Neon lights Urban outdoors Neon colored plastic

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Chairs with book shelves Neon plastic shelving units Neon plastic display tables Flat-screen television 2-way rack Garment rack Runway platform

In-Store Props

Product Infant Line 0-1






1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Park bench Hanging light fixture Flat-screen television Wood and enamel trees Black picture frames

• • • • • •

Dresses Tops Bottoms Onesies Layettes Zip-up hoodies

Product Line Boy’s 1-3

• • • •

Tops Bottoms Sweaters Jackets

Product Line Girl’s 1-3

• • • • •

Tops Bottoms Dresses Sweaters Jackets

Product Line Boy’s 4-8

• • • •

Tops Bottoms Sweaters Jackets

Product Line Girl’s 4-8

• • • • •

Tops Bottoms Dresses Sweaters Jackets


Plan View & Fixture Plan

Boy’s & girl’s size 4-8

Girl’s size 1-3

Single Bar Rack Runway

Girl’s size 0-1 Fixture Table 2-Way

Boy’s size 1-3

Television Chair Child Mannequin

Boy’s 0-1

Lounge area

Feature presentation

Overview of the entire store layout including fixtures and props

Overview of different sections including product placement

Feature Presentation


This is the in-store diplay featuring the newest products

Back Wall


This is the back wall display of featured products

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