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Scrooge Owens Electronic press kit

(born Dayshawn Owens) is a multitalented rapper from Bronx, New York. At the age of 9, Scrooge began rapping which was influenced by his older brother. After his high-school years he formed a rap-group named Ghostland Dynasty and began touring after their debut album “The Unknown”. Unfortunately, Ghostland Dynasty broke up in 1999 but the end of Ghostland only meant the beginning of Scrooge Owen’s solo career. In the early 2000s Scrooge won First Place in the “Studio Y Me Battle” of New York...two years in a row. But unfortunately the street life caught up to him as well as the Feds and he was sentenced to prison. By God’s grace, Scrooge was released from Federal Prison in 2011 and since then, he has remained productive in the studio’s recording. Performance in New York

Using his gifts for good, Scrooge now coproduces a Music Concert Series with DJ Frkkyd called “Who Got This”. WHO GOT HITS is a state-to-state music showcase with the talent of Scrooge Owens and the hottest Independent Artists in the underground scene today. Throughout 2013 the Bronx Rapper has collaborated and released multiple songs. “The Party”, Recording Artist Ova Kill’s single, was released on iTunes earlier this year and featured Scrooge Owens. In May 2013, Owens released his newest mix-tape “History in the Making” hosted by and DJ Frkkyd. Inquires/Booking Dayshawn Owens 518-229-2613


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NY Hip-Hop Artist, Song Writer & Co-Founder of Who Got Hits?! music concert series.