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Elena Caruso portfolio

Elena Caruso 43A Onslow Road Richmond TW10 6QH 07429 487 980

My name is Elena Caruso. I was born in Bradford, and after five years I moved with my parents to Arpino, a small town between Rome and Naples (Italy). After finishing elementary and high school, I started studying architecture at Sapienza University in Rome. In 2007-2008 I had the chance to experience an Erasmus exchange to Oulu in Finland. In the summer of 2011 I obtained my Master’s degree in Architecture at Sapienza University in Rome. I immediately started working for Atenastudio in Rome, where I worked on a government building in Ghana, an urban development project in Italy and a masterplan in China. I took the bumpy economic situation in Italy as a good excuse to have another experience abroad, so I moved to London in March 2012. Very soon I could start as an intern in the office of Ash Sakula Architects to work on the Canning Town Caravanserai project. In July I started as an Architectural Assistant at MBP Architects in Richmondupon-Thames, but because the job isn’t living up to my expectations, I want to find a place where I can really be challenged and feel satisfaction.

I’m motivated, ambitious, flexible and eager to learn.

I work on Mac and PC, using files like .dwg, .vwx, .skp, .eps, .pdf, .psd, .ai, .indd, .doc, .xls, .ppt...

I’m proud of graduating summa cum laude with honors at Sapienza University in Rome.

Give me a coffee and I’ll work all night.

I understand, speak, read and write Italian (mother tongue), English (bilingual), French (very good).


Canning Town Caravanserai

for Ash Sakula Architects, 2012, London winning competition

Canning Town Caravanserai is a welcoming oasis hosted by locals, open to all visitors. It is a locally-diven public space bringing together trade, training, performance, a community garden, and a place to eat, drink and play. It’s a place where young people can trial a business, skilled people can teach, and where everyone can visit.

There are 13 micro-entreprise units for trailling small business rented to Tenants at a tiered rate depending on the business. They run on the whole lenght of the site, providing a walking market route. The “kiosks� were built using recycled materials.

In 3 months, against rain and wind, a long workshop table was made out of scaffolding, 13 kiosks from recycled timber, a cafè, a sand pitch for children to play, a flying carpet theatre and a garden was shaped out of pallets.

The Caravanserai is aimed to be a project for the community. It is therefore essential that a permeable mechanism exists for people in the local community to bring forwards ideas for the Caravanserai. And let it live.

Canning Town Caravanserai was mentioned in: Architect’s Journal: LABKULTUR: You can follow Canning Town Caravanserai: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @CTCaravanserai YouTube:

Requalification of Tiburtino III, a 1970’s borough, Rome

for Sapienza University, 2011, Rome final thesis, Master Degree in Architecture, summa cum laude with honors

“Tiburtino III� is a degraded 1970s borough in Rome, encompassed by the developped city. The proposals consider densificating abandoned porches with accessable apartments, creating new studio rooms on the roofs, re-distributing space of existing apartments, introducing new activities for the community and improving the buildings fabric.

New cafes, small shops, meeting spaces for the locals.

Disused green courtyards.

New ground level.

Inadeguate accessibility.

New studios.

Free roof space.

New skin.

Non-insulated skin.

New underground parkings free the ground in between the buildings, which becomes a large pedestrian area, with new local shops or services. Great attention is payed to the 3 different levels of private,semi-private and public space.

The ground is a fully accessible space. Apartments which fill up the old porches are thought as small homes for eldery people or with phisical difficulties. They go from a range of 38 m2 to 75 m2.

New Roof Plan





The existing fabric is completly non-insulated, made of prefabricated concrete panels. The new systems allows covering all thermal bridges also caused by the singular crossed shape of the existing pilars.

New skin on existing structure

Renovation study on the chapel of Madonna dello Schito

for Sapienza University, 2010, Rome

Deterioration of all materials has been investigated throughout the whole building. Analysis on the stone walls have allowed to reconstruct the history of the church from 1506 to nowadays.

Hand drawing

Autocad drawings

Photoshop image

On overall restoration doesn’t transform the image of the building, but enhances it’s originary features. An outdoor public space gives new life to the surroundings.

New Lands Commission Building, Ghana

for AtenaStudio, 2011, Rome first prize winning competition

The project’s concept is based on circulation. A continuos movement leads from the ground floor up to the second floor, through ramps and footbridges, which allows an uninterrupted changing of perspective.

Inner ring


Outer ring


The two different levels of the outer and inner ring, allow the building to have a sustainable performance. Natural ventilation flows from the open inner courtyard up to the roof. Local technologies are adopted for construction.

Urban redevelopment, Italy

for Atenastudio, 2012, Rome Trettari competition entry

Boundary lines


Paved areas

Green areas

The competition aims to re-link three different areas. The same ground texture visually binds them together. A new market, new sport activities, a playground and a garden boundary complete the overall concept.

Urban requalification Katuma, 2007, Finland


Connecting. Two points can be connected ny the same line. but if the line breaks, that generates distraction and stimulates imagination. The line is a safe path.

The variation of density respects the high activity of the street and the natural settings of the wilderness.

The box. An object that can be used in different ways by the community. It is the final result of the area’s new environment. It is delivered and arrives in everybody’s house. It contains instructions for the new game to play. Key elements in a game are goals, rules and interactivity.

Transformation of a granary into an arts centre, Rome

for Sapienza University, 2010, Rome fifth year design project, cum laude

The existing building is emptied. Double heights, footbridges, balconies give new meaning to the space.

The granary acts as a public path, from the centre of the town to a space for engagement. A free exhibition area, a cafè, a bookshop and a theatre bring people together in a vibrant space.

Buildings interact on site creating different open air plazas on different levels and of different atmospheres.

for Sapienza University, Rome summa cum laude

Designing a house

also known as my first project ever

The best is yet to come.

Thank you.

Elena Caruso 43A Onslow Road Richmond TW10 6QH 07429 487 980


This is a summary of my work.

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