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Half-hour sketch comedy Elena Box Logline: An enchanted television set channel surfs across daytime TV to comb for universal truths about the human race while a variety of flawed characters reflect the absurdity of America and the world at large. __ __ ENTER THE BOX is a live-action sketch comedy show starring one woman as a variety of skewed television archetypes. Each of the shows inside the box takes a glimpse into Western society’s fascination with fame, self-validation, and the perceptions of success. Wannabes, lovable losers, tragic clowns, delusional divas, brazen broads, and narcissistic nincompoops are all under fire as Elena Box changes guise and garb with the flick of a switch for 22 manic minutes. The portrayal of a number of diverse characters, similar to Summer Heights High, is under an ironic tone of intellectual satire, a la The Firesign Theatre. As the channels change at the flick of a switch, much like Robot Chicken, the show delves deeper into the absurd. This is a show that questions and challenges concepts of identity.

“Surviving America with Dr. Rick Sanchez” Broadcasting from a bootleg transmitter from his cabin in the woods, Dr. Rick Sanchez, Professor of Biology with a specialization in wilderness survival from Columbia University, provides instruction for his viewers on a variety of necessary outdoorsman activities in what he believes to be an apocalyptic America. Rick represents the manifestation of all the fear mongering exposed to us through the media everyday. He is the encapsulation of ignorance, escapism, and leading a delusional life.

“Trish’s Yoga Power Hour” Former star of “Trophy Wives of Bel Air,” Patricia Weiner, is back with a new reality show all about her: “Trish’s Yoga Power Hour”. Each week, Trish leads a yoga class for the spiritually inclined at a posh studio in Beverly Hills. Trish personifies the influence of materialism in spirituality. She lives an egocentric life, and harbors all the insecurities we hold inside ourselves and project onto the world around us.

“Tune in America” Appearing for the first time since his public disgrace, food critic Jacques Miller unravels the truth behind his lies on a special miniseries of the hard-hitting TV news show “Tune in America.” After it was uncovered that he was not truly French nor could he speak any French, his world was turned upside down. Jacques illustrates the desire to be someone we are not, to the point of losing sight of who we are. When he takes his image as a debonair intellectual far too seriously, it reminds us to be true to whom we really are.

“Margery’s House of Mangia”

Margery, owner of Marge and Jerry’s Surf and Turf restaurant in the Bronx, NYC, hosts a weekly cooking show to flaunt her coveted rustic recipes and share a few laughs with friends and family. Marge is the common people’s Julia Child, and every day is a special occasion. Marge represents that family member whose opinions are based on ignorant notions and the fear of change that lingers inside all of us when confronted with the unknown.

“Made in America: Tommy Razzell” Self-proclaimed “bad boy,” London east sider Tommy Razzell is trying to make waves in the American hip-hop scene as this season’s star of Made in America, a reality TV show that searches for the next great hip-hop star. Tommy has high aspirations for success without any of the talent to back it up. He represents the heart in all of us that wants to succeed, but also challenges us to value our own endeavors, rather than relish in the shared experiences of others.

“Cousin Bobbie’s House of Homes”

A lavish Texas heiress must find a way to sell her unwanted assets to maintain her high class lifestyle after her trust fund dries up like the oil well she inherited from her pappy and produces several commercials for her new business ventures. Cousin Bobbie is the decay of the American dream, a shattered ghost who must keep up appearances for honor’s sake, regardless of practicality. As long as she can put her face on in the morning, it’ll be painted with a smile.

This week inside the Box... DR. RICK SANCHEZ, Columbia University, infiltrates the public broadcast to lead wilderness tutorials for his surviving biology students. Will he gather enough kindling to start a fire? On TRISH’S YOGA POWER HOUR, Trish returns from an enlightening retreat with her guru-at-first-sight Swamiji India Moonshine to find that her students’ vibrations are unclean. Will their lotus flowers wilt or will they bloom? On TUNE IN AMERICA, world-renowned food critic, Jacques Miller, opens up for the first time since being exposed as a fraud. Will he clear his name or defend his life of secrecy? COUSIN BOBBIE, saleswoman extraordinaire, has got a steal of a deal for you on a recently foreclosed crack den. On MADE IN AMERICA, London east-end rude boy Tommy Razzell spits his new rhyme in hopes to compete for a record deal in New York City. Will he become famous in time to join his heroes in the 27 Club? On MARGERY’S HOUSE OF MANGIA, twice married and once widowed restaurant owner and chain smoker, Marge, shares rustic recipes for fresh lobster, gingko biloba slaw, and shellfish bouillabaisse.

Dr. Rick Sanchez During season one, we will learn that Rick left town with his wife after witnessing the fall of the World Trade Center on 9/11. For Rick, this was the beginning of the apocalypse. The high level of stress triggered his PTSD from a tour in the Gulf War. His plan was to drive west to Alaska and live off the land. However, while driving, he entered a fugue state and ended up at his log cabin in the Catskills on Alaska Lane instead. For the past 14 years, Rick has been recording various survival videos with the help of his wife, Maire, and has now finally infiltrated the public broadcast. Will Rick ever learn the truth? How long can Maire endure her husband’s delusion? Is ignorance truly bliss? Trish During season one, Trish will select a group of disciples to follow her on a quest for enlightenment. Only those with positive vibrations will be invited back, as the class prepares for a visit from Trish’s guru, Swamiji India Moonshine. Some of her pupils won’t make it to the promised land, but that’s not her problem. Jacques Miller Over the course of the season, we will learn that Jacques’ life changed forever after enrolling in ‘Impostors Anonymous’: a support group for the “identity challenged” to deal with his personality disorder. In this support group, Jacques met a man cut from the same cloth, Francesco Di Francesco. Sharing the burden of living with such a secret, Jacques quickly befriended Francesco, even inviting him to spend time with his wife and son. However, this ‘friendship’ was the beginning of the end for Jacques, and ultimately cost him the respect and trust of his family, his friends, and the culinary world. Margery Throughout season one, various family members appear on the show as guests, sometimes with recipes of their own to share. Her husband, Jerry, makes frequent cameos as a lovable, but forgetful, couch potato. Margery will have to challenge her old fashioned ways and overcome her ignorance and aversion to her gay nephew’s lifestyle choices, her gardener’s ethnic background, and her vegan sister’s religious rants.

Tommy Razzell Throughout season one we follow Tommy on his quest for fame and street cred. Unfortunately, he’s his own biggest fan. Tommy’s ultimate dream is to reach world hiphop fame and die at the age of 27, joining his heroes in the “27 Club.” At the ripe age of 17, Tommy thinks he’s on the verge of stardom. After being selected as a contestant, Tommy is outfitted with a linguists coach, a personal stylist, and other accoutrements that propel his ego to celebrity status. However, after personal conflicts arise with his team, Tommy is challenged to address his own true identity, rather than lean on his perception of an American cliché. In the end, Tommy misses his chance at a record deal and comes crashing back down to earth, his dream unrealized. His time in America still remains a beaming source of inspiration to him, but only time will tell if Tommy Razzell ever surfaces in the hip-hop scene again. Cousin Bobbie During season one we will watch her blast through commercials for Cousin Bobbie’s House of Homes, Cousin Bobbie’s Bridge Barn, Cousin Bobbie’s Overpass Emporium, Cousin Bobbie’s Surplus Reptiles and Textiles Superstore, and don’t miss her Liquid Liquidation sale at Cousin Bobbie’s Water Warehouse!

Danish Design Daughter of famous modernist designer Bjørn Jørgensen discusses the inefficiency of global design trends. William Wood’s World of Wonders A University scholar interviews people from his bedroom in his parents’ cottage in the Cotswolds. Ben Bland’s All Day Matinee Firesign Theatre’s David Ossman makes a cameo as a TV movie host for forgotten classics, as Elena Box portrays a range of lost archetypes.

The array of characters we meet in the pilot episode of Enter the Box were all conceived in the childhood bedroom mirror playing dress up. Created out of the desire to work through the difficulties and dramatic ironies of life, Elena Box’s characters became familiar friends, through which she could view and interact with her world. Growing up on Long Island, studying theatre, traveling abroad, and eventually working in politics as a legislative assistant for a U.S. Senator, Elena gained an objective perspective on America allowing herself to see her characters as archetypes that she could use to comment on the labels and masks that we wear everyday. Founded on the joy of make believe, Enter the Box, shines a light for those who’ve forgotten how to play and remind them what it was like to think and act like a child. And remember: listen to the voices in your head… they might be saying funny things.

ELENA BOX Brooklyn, New York

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Comedy Pilot Logline: An enchanted television set channel surfs across daytime TV to comb for universal truths about the human race while...