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Elena Atance

THE AGE OF FAITH CHURCH REFORM Problems in the Church • Some Church officials marry even though the Church objects • Some officials practice simony—selling religious offices • Kings use lay investiture to appoint bishops • Reformers believe only the Church should appoint bishops Reforms on Church Organization • Starting in 1100s, popes reorganize Church like a kingdom • Pope’s advisors make Church laws; diplomats travel throughout Europe • Church collects tithes; uses money to care for sick, New Religious Orders • Dominican and Franciscan orders form • Friars in these orders vow poverty; travel and preach to the poor • Some new orders for women are founded

Differences and Similarities Between Orders of Friars   

The differences between religious orders are fewer than one might initially expect. For someone who is beginning their discernment process, this may come as a surprise, as it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed at the number religious orders in existence today. (ones only prie - others only read the Bible -and others only prie) The only similarity is than all are Christians at all.

St. Benedict Medal

San Damiano Crucifix

Dominican Cross

This Church shows separate compartments with small windows and solid thick walls. There isn't very tall.


It is Kind of Dark and Glory

G o t h i c

A r c h i t e c t u r e

I s

v e r y

s o a r s

s k y .

t a l l

i n t o

I t

i s

a n d

t h e


u n i f i e d

b u i l d i n g

w h i t

p r o p o r t i o n a l

f e a t u r e s .

h a s

I t

p o i n t e d

a r c h e s

a n d

i s

The age of faith church  
The age of faith church