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ELENA ARTUSO Selected Works 2018

12.09.1993 Via dei Ciliegi 1/E 36063 Marostica | VI | Italy +39 349 32 67 411 | 2

Graduated in Architecture in July 2018.

WORKING EXPERIENCE Oct. 2017 | Jan. 2018

Content Website Editor RAUMPLAN | Milan | Italy

Mar. 2015 | May 2015

Communication and Event Assistant It’s LIQUID Group | Venice | Italy

Aug. 2013 | Sep. 2013

Event Operations Manager NUOVE // Residency | Nove | Italy

Jun. 2011 | Jul. 2011

Brand Manager Assistant DIESEL S.p.a.| Breganze | Italy

EDUCATION Sep. 2015 | Jul. 2018

Iuav University: Master in Architecture Venice | Italy Sep. 2016 | Jun. 2017

Sep. 2014 | Feb. 2015

ULPGC University: Erasmus Master in Architecture Las Palmas de Gran Canaria | Spain Universidad De Zaragoza: Erasmus Bachelor in Architecture Zaragoza | Spain

Sep. 2012 | Jul. 2015

Iuav University: Bachelor in Sciences of Architecture Venice | Italy


Jun. 2015 | Jul. 2015

W.a.Ve: Javier Corvalan (PY) Iuav | Venice

Jun. 2014 | Jul. 2014

W.a.Ve: Carla Juaçaba (BR) Iuav | Venice

Jun.. 2013 | Jul. 2013

W.a.Ve: Ádám Hatvani (HU) Iuav | Venice


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Albergo Diffuso Solighetto


ALBERGO DIFFUSO: a new concept of tourism

Final Project Antonella Faggiani Pieve di Soligo (TV) 2018

Nowadays our society is gradually identifying its needs, having an effect to social resopnsability, both from the business activities and human relationships that developed values in our past decades. Therefore is also necessary reconsider hospitality and tourism, and this is one of the recent challenges for Italy. With this thesis we want to propose an analysis and the following feasibility studies of "Albergo Diffuso" (AD), a new structure born in the 80s that currently is rare, but if control and promote will have a great developement and success. The business albergo diffuso want to establish new typologies of touristic's management and improve benefits to our country's economic tourist field. The project can be developed mainly near historic centres that are depopulating because not fitted to live in. The most important item is that we do not want to communicate the possibility of progress of an efficient prototype, but the concrete feasibility of the one in Pieve di Soligo, a little town near Treviso in Italy. The importance of the interested social point of view of the inhabitants and the municipality is an essential mandatory for the success of the project. For this reason we did also a previous analysis of the residents linked with the historic and artistic memories of the district. The tourism that is promoted with this kind of projects is sensible and informed. The attention is focused on the impact that this new concept can leave in the place and to the citizens. Albergo Diffuso creates and feeds new relations: the whole community decides to receive the forester at his own house and the economic aspect is relevant but completely splitted. Is important placing this phenomenon not only in a urbanistic or architectonic approach, but especially in a social and economic reality. The goal of this research is to activate a process that will be sustainable and positive not only through the economic point of view, but mainly through the cultural, environmental, moral and social one, because the Albergo Diffuso works only with a active and participating society.







Proyectos VI Prof. Juan Ramírez Guedes, Elisenda Monzón Peñate Playa de El Confital (Las Palmas, GC) 2016 | 2017

The main concept is to reproject the landscape of the bunkers in the confital. The context: an archaeological complex constituted by the grouping of fortifications and other elements of military architecture erected during the II World War, depending on the topological and landscape relationships of the whole place. The project is simply a new piece of volume balanced with the environment, related to the existing set and creating a new topological composition, placed in an interesting way. The work conforms thanks to the fundamental lines made by a "constellation" of trajectories that is formed thanks to the link of the points (the existing bunkers). The preferable point for the construction takes place in an intermediate point between the two constructed pieces, that are divided by a unfathomable's land. The line that connects the two bunkers is broken, creating a more complex and dynamic scheme, where the meeting point of the final axis of the ramp and the new paths of the two fortifications, create the site adapted for the volume. The trajectories also form the volume itself, a small installation formed by a basic structure of concrete and a more aesthetic material: the translucent concrete, which creates an interesting visual and light effect, connecting with the external environment. The solid, which breaks exactly in the line that passes through the solid, forms two volumes that are divided by a small path (the only point where you can pass), and then has a series of glasses that look at different points of the landscape which convey a sense of intimacy, grotesque, fearing the effect that one had when entering the bunkers.






Proyectos V Prof. Ofelia Rodríguez León, José Luis Gago Vaquero Playa del Inglés (Las Palmas, GC) 2016 | 2017


The project is located at Playa del Ingles, a famous tourist destination in the south of Gran Canaria. It's proposed to reapproach it according to the maximum landscape integration in the hillside and its encounter with the beach and the need to solve a commercial and restoration area that puts in value the landscape. For this reason the proposal is to elevate the whole complex, creating a green connection between the upper street and the beach, passing under the building. In the lower zone is also present a "Chilling Area", with spa, bar and all the water sports' locations. The main structure is a long tube with open spaces where are organised moving blocks (shops), and fixed ones (bathrooms, vertical connections), surmounted by three regular blocks that develop inside restaurants, coffee shops with a nice view of the ocean. The materials of the building want to hide and confuse the artefact to the nature and the semplicity around it.

Connections Spa


Coffee Shop Pools Locker Room

II Connections Vertical Connections

Shops Restaurant

Connections Vertical Connections

Bathroom Shops

Connections Vertical Connections

Coffee shop/Restaurant/Bookshop Bathroom







Atelier CittĂ e Paesaggio Aldo Aymonino, Sebastian Irrarazaval Queens, New York (U.S.A.) 2015 | 2016

The project outlined here is part of the desire for greater inclusion in the Jackson Heights area of ​​Queens, one of New York City's neighborhoods, after a careful analysis of the area, paying particular attention to the means of transport that cross and limp . The urban design that characterizes this neighborhood, like the whole city, is the grid. Hence the 'blocks', lots between the streets described by the network, are born. This condition clearly separates two types of urban space, a strictly private, within the 'blocks', where all the city types are located, and another public that is the road, a place used for transit, car and underground passage, a key element of mobility in the big city. One of the key issues emerged was the search for a connection that united public and private spaces, but above all that it implemented the mobility of the man towards the metro stop. For this reason we have identified a new network to be superimposed on the exquisite one, to be able to form a new, human-sized isolation, with distances easily accessible on foot, and connecting it on one side to the other blocks that were "clogged" fault of the metro stop. From here we have identified the four main areas on which to operate, which develop perpendicularly to the metro line, and which develop at every stop. A block-base is studied, which can later be included in the different areas proposed. As for our architectural design, this involves many functional typologies, the first is without a doubt the link between these red-colored elements, clearly visible to man, where vertical connections are developed, a symbol of our project. In the rest of the building, they develop several platformswith various functions such as a public garden, a fruit and vegetable market, a student. All superimposed on the existing, which is not destroyed or reconfigured, but only overcome by this megastructure.








W.a.Ve. 2015 Javier Corvalan Arquitecto Arsenale di Venezia (VE) 2014 | 2015

The main themes of the workshop were the developement of the modularity and the changing of the water's level. Our project is the fusion of this two aspects in one unique space, a observatory, located in the closed dock of the Venice's Arsenale. The starting point of this installation was the construction of a barge-base level , divided in fixed modularities. The observatory is composed by a mobile structure, that allows the water's measurement by horizontal planes, and another fixed, noticed by two vertical leves made by reinforced concrete. These mobile platforms are closed inside a wooden "cage", designed according to the golden section, that change altitude level as the tide varies.


Arch-itecture “Che significato ha il viaggio? Il viaggio è parte del progetto esistenziale. Il viaggio è la curiosità stessa e anche l'accettazione che al di là del muro del tuo giardino ci siano altri giardini, ci siano altre cose, insomma una forma di antinazionalismo, di antiprovincialismo.” Ettore Sottsass


Project made by: Elena Artuso, Camilla Mazzocato, Cecilia Muneratti May 2018

Cùbito. Measure of Ideas. From an innovative and eclectic group of friends and colleagues, this special project has born. We are three architects based in Venice with a passion for the aesthetic. As Platone’s demiurgo, we take out our (and your) creativity to expose it to the world. Cùbito is the name of a dream, a travel, a project. Cùbito is the story of what we like and what we live. Through this trip we are trying to become storytellers of the modern ages, worldwide . Cubito, in latin Cubitum (elbow), was the most common measure in the ancient Egypt. From this term came out the purpose to measure creativity, stories and ideas with CubitoVenezia.


The swimming pool "Je peux pas, j'ai piscine."

The Tonnara’s Story "Di Maggio, nella tiepida stagione, Un recinto di canale ritorte, Forma a' tonni mal cauti adora prigione Di cui tentanoinvano aprir le porte. Innumerevoli intanto son le persone A mirar di quei la fatale sorte Fra i quali io meschin dandomi ragione D'altri sintomi prossimi alla morte". Francesco Maria Emanuele Gaetani 50

Discobolo "Slap the puvk into the net Johnny!"

Carps "After a hundred years of jumping, one koi finally reached the top of the waterfall. The gods recognized the koi for its perseverance and determination and turned it into a golden dragon, the image of power and strength."



“When eaten in large qua the gametophyte of the

o Biloba.

antities or over a long period, seed can cause poisoning.�

The swing "To swing, lean back and forth."

The Octopus "Any of a genus of cephalopod molluskus that have eight muscular pussies equipped with two rows of suckers; broadly: any octopod excepting the paper nautilus".


Sicilia "Ciuri, ciuri. Ciuri di tuttu l'annu. L'amuri ca mi dasti ti lu tornu".

Portfolio of selected projects of my bachelor and master's degree.  
Portfolio of selected projects of my bachelor and master's degree.