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1-BEFORE WATCHING: Complete with a word or sentence from the box: package holidays local culture

cruise safari

unforgettable journey sightseeing tours

1-I’d never go on a ______________because I get seasick very easily. 2-I’d love to go on a ______________to see animals in their natural habitat. 3-We think _________________ are great because everything is organised for you. 4-__________________ are a great way to see local places of interest. 5-It’s wonderful to experience _______________ on holiday. 6-My trip to the Pyramids in Egypt was a truly ___________________. 2-WHILE WATCHING a) Complete the table: Activities and things to do

Nature and animals

The Maldives New Zealand Egypt b) Watch the film and mark the sentences T or F. Correct the sentences which are false. 1-One of the fastest growing holiday activities is diving._____ 2-In the Maldives, you can train to be a scuba diver in less than two weeks. _____ 3-In a single dive you can see fish in every colour of the rainbow. _____ 4-In New Zealand hiking is called tramping._____ 5-You can follow trails in New Zealand across the magnificent Northern Alps. _____ 6-Paths lead through recently developed forests and around deep lakes. _____ 7-Travelling south down the river Nile is like sailing back in time. _____ 8-The scenery along the river bank has changed a lot in thousands of years. _____ 9-Falukas carry silks, spices and tourists to the Egyptian markets. _____ 10-You can watch the sun rise across the Sahara. _____ Wilson, JJ. Total English Intermediate Students’ Book. 2006. Longman



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