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Berti Residence Shorewood, Illinois

Client: Richard and Jackie Berti Architect of Record: David Wayne McCeachern Project Architect: Jofrey Quintanar General Info: Site Area


Completion Date

June 2005

Total Project Cost


Residence Area

1st floor 2nd floor Basement Garage

Sq. Ft.

2,320 Sq. Ft. 2,177 Sq. Ft. 2,104 Sq. Ft. 996 Sq. Ft.

The owner of this luxurious 2-story brick and stone residence, requested special attention be given to the detailing on the interior of the house. All the custom woodwork, soffits, mouldings and built-in furniture were integral with the overall design of the house. All pieces lend to each of its spaces a uniqueness separate from all the other spaces. On the outside, its steep wood-shingled roof line contributes to the understated elegance of the residence.


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