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Heinzel Residence Shorewood, Illinois

Client: Paul and Pam Hienzel Architect of Record: David Wayne McCeachern Project Architect: Jofrey Quintanar General Info: Site Area


Completion Date

July 2005

Total Project Cost


Residence Area

1st floor 2nd floor Basement Garage

Sq. Ft.

2,391 Sq. Ft. 1,093 Sq. Ft. 2,202 Sq. Ft. 937 Sq. Ft.

This single family 2-story stone and brick home is located in a rural suburb of Chicago. Each room was carefully analyzed not only by the architect, but by every member of the family, especially the young children. Each person was intimately involved during the entire design phase of this project. Their commitment and interest enhanced the collaboration with the architect, ensuring that their expectations would be met. At EDS, we encourage and expect client input to deliver the best possible results and customer satisfaction.


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