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Dubai Airport

United Arab Emirates

Owner: Dubai Transportation Authority, UAE Architect of Record: Dar Al-Handasah, Shair and Partners Project Architect: Tak Louie, AIA, LEED AP General Info: Area

1,200,000 SF

Hotel & Spa

300, 00 SF



A380 Gateways


Dubai International Airport is one of the most profitable shopping destinations in the world. As one of the busiest transfer hubs in the Middle East, Dubai Airport has evolved into one of the most prestigious shopping destinations in the UAE. It’s popularity, with the increase in international travel, has warranted an addition of an annexing terminal. The Terminal designs were led by Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners) in the Middle East. Tak Louie, AIA, was one of two Senior Project Architects to supervise the team of architects and designers coordinating the daunting production documents to build the one million SF airport Terminal. Part of his efforts brought together more than 6 independent consultants from all over the world to make the airport a reality.


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