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n the path to make a difference, Element Eden grew with the desire to inspire girls to find and follow their genuine creativity and passions. With the advocate

program setting an example to younger generations through a team of confident and driven women, the line has grown to create a balanced female perspective on individual beauty. Making a name for itself through premium designs, unique silhouettes and an ongoing desire to benefit the greater good, we remain grounded in embodying a freedom of expression and the knowledge to live, learn and grow.

Brooke Redit

AmyP urdy

Miya Ando

AmberB .D ianda

With ongoing awareness and appreciation of the earth, element eden brings together a winter season full of amazing textural fabrications, strong colours inspired by our environment and a sense of playfulness. Our knitted jumpers offer cotton cable designs, cocoon slub yarns and beautiful stripes making cool weather layering so warm and snugly. Be sure that this winter the eden girl can mix and match the range across the themes to create some amazing outfits for the whole season. We hope you love the new collection as much as we do

-the element eden family x

eden advocates bec winnel Bec’s beautiful style of feminine portraits add something truly special to the Element Eden Advocate mix. Since coming on board with Element Eden, Bec has been extra busy, preparing for several exhibitions in Australia and overseas, collaborating with a Swedish knitwear designer, and being featured in ‘Paperrunway’ magazine.

kareena zerefos Kareena is a self-confessed daydreamer who has an unhealthy obsession her 2B pencils, and a yearning to escape to a world of make believe. These characteristics lead Kareena to create whimsical illustrative work with a sense of isolation and bittersweet nostalgia, which has added an extra dimension to our ranges since coming on board to our Advocate program in 2010. Recently, Kareena has showcased her work in her own solo show at the Retrospect Gallery as well as a featured in a duo show at the Libby Edwards Gallery in Melbourne.

eden advocates cour tney brims

sarah larnach

Courtney Brims has a unique and widely recognized style that has become synonymous with Element Eden. Working with pencils, Courtney creates dreamy worlds of lost girls and bewildering creatures, focusing on the beauty of nature and its dominance over time.

Sarah Larnach is an artist we love to work with. She has an innate ability to transcend beyond expectations and her work adds the edgy dimension to our ranges, which has made Sarah well renowned.

In recent times Courtney has been keeping busy with several exhibitions in Australia and London, including an exhibition for ‘Little White Lies’ magazine where she chose to draw nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Sarah has recently been working on artwork for album covers for a variety of artists including Liam Finn, Sami Sisters and Ladyhawke. Sarah also has an original painting ‘Giant Moa Has A Giant Wishbone’ up for auction to raise money for the New Zealand earthquake victims.

• natural cape, my deerest tee •

winter 2012 • think green

winter 2012 – 9


With ongoing awareness and appreciation of the earth, our ‘Think Green’ collection was inspired by nature. From natural textures, earthy colour pallets, and artwork which tells stories of adventure and exploration of the land, this collection embraces the beauty of our environment. In our pursuit to continue learning about our environment, it is vital that we are aware of what is happening in our world. It is a fact that 75% of our national rainforests have been cleared for agriculture and development, and over 20% of the annual global emissions causing climate change are created through deforestation in the tropics and subtropics. We at Element Eden choose to seek positive change, and on our path to make a difference, we are donating $1.00 from every garment sold in our ‘Think Green’ collection to the Rainforest Rescue Organisation. Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998. The Rainforest Rescue Organisation re-establishes rainforests through planting, maintenance and restoration programs, as well as purchasing and protecting high conservation value rainforest and preserving its biodiversity. In recognition of the inspiring work of the Rainforest Rescue Organisation, Element Eden is proud to present our ‘Think Green’ collection. 10 – live • learn • grow

• full flight skirt, expedition top •

• daytrip dress •

winter 2012 • think green


Bec Winnel ‘My favourite tree would have to be the Japanese Maple. When I was young, Dad and I would go to Bonsai classes. I remember loving the Japanese Maple the most but it was one of the slowest growing trees. Back then, this tree seemed to have some secret, some old, ancient wisdom with its elegant branch formations and ever changing, beautiful leaf colours.’

Courtney Brims ‘My favourite tree used to grow at the front of our yard. It fell over one dark and stormy night 10 years ago. The hollowed trunk is still there and we planted a flower garden around it. Growing up, I spent more time with this tree than with my friends. One day my Dad made a swing coming off it’s lower branch and I stayed there all day and into the night. It was where I did all my daydreaming. I would hide all my treasures in its nooks and bury dead insects and birds under its roots.’

Sarah Larnach ‘New Zealand has its own kind of Christmas tree- its called Pohutukawa and it bloom’s with big bright magenta red blossoms in the summer time. The particular pohutukawa I love is at my family’s favorite beach, Little Kaiteriteri near Nelson; we will head out early to make sure we get our tree. I get anxious to see if our tree is vacant as we walk down the cliff track to the beach and I’m always a bit confused when earlier groups haven’t staked it out themselves, but it’s so big that there is plenty of tree to share.’

Kareena Zerefos ‘My favourite tree is a beautiful Moreton Bay Fig tree in the park around the corner from my old studio in Kirribilli, Sydney. I used to spend a lot here, under the winding branches and large green leaves, with my Italian greyhound, Pelle... so now that I live all the way over in London, there is a sentimentality and nostalgia attached to these simple memories that remind me of home.’ winter 2012 – 13

• sight seeing jacket •

winter 2012 • think green

winter 2012 – 15


• dawn knit, cleopatra pant •

winter 2012 – 19

• dawn knit, boheme short •

winter 2012 – 21

• shelby cardigan, gypsy dreams tee, studio jeans •

• persia skirt, avenue jeans, carmella beanie •

winter 2012 – 27

• woodford persia pant, monarch knit •

explore nature in full embrace, rely on the land and it’s beauty. . . function in true fashion

• piccolo coat •

winter 2012 – 31

winter 2012

34 – live • learn • grow

• sweet pea coat, charming top, clementine shorts, carmella beanie •

36 – live • learn • grow

awakening a sense of warmth and comfort

. . . making you look cosy & adorable

• belle knit •

38 – live • learn • grow

• grace trench coat •

• maude jacket, apartment jeans, remember me knit vest, carmella beanie •

• kitty beanie •

Element Eden was born from the desire to make a difference. Based around the advocate program, our mission is to inspire girls to follow their own path and to find a different perspective from the old standard. Genuine, creative, and passionate, Element Eden lets you express yourself without saying a word. You are what you wear because you wear what you are.


With ongoing awareness and appreciation of the earth, element eden brings together a winter season full of amazing textural fabrications, st...