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introduction We are delighted to share with you this retrospective on 20 years of service to the small business community by Louth County Enterprise Board. A publication such as this can only touch on the highlights of that 20 year term. However, we hope that it gives recognition to the achievements and some sense of the ingenuity that was applied in offering entrepreneurs and small business owners the range of supports which have been so important in encouraging business starts and supporting business development. This is evident in the various training and business development programmes which were developed and delivered. It is also evident in the many business support programmes which were

Our ambition to focus on the actual businesses grant-aided (333 to date) has had to be limited in number. We were keen to demonstrate the range of sectors which we supported and have selected two companies from each of ten sectors as examples of best practice. We hope that they, in turn, will encourage others who are starting out and demonstrate what can be achieved through hard work, perseverance, personal development and networking. . . and, perhaps, a bit of good fortune along the way. The Enterprise Board has successfully accessed crossborder funding over the past 20 years. As a result, hundreds of enterprises benefited from the additional business support initiatives which ensued. Strong cross border business linkages have been established, facilitated by the inter-agency cooperation and collaboration which was spearheaded in the East Border Region by Louth County Enterprise Board and Newry & Mourne Enterprise Agency. We believe that this 20 year record of achievement by the Enterprise Board, its staff, committees, trainers and mentors is the ideal foundation on which to establish and develop the Local Enterprise Office, providing ongoing support to the generation of sustainable employment in County Louth’s small business community. Liam Woods, Chairman Page 3


devised – the record shows that the Enterprise Board had such a new offering in each of the 20 years.

the beginning. . . The inaugural meeting of Louth County Enterprise Board was held in the offices of Dundalk Chamber of Commerce on 1st October 1993. The Board members were County Manager, John Quinlivan, Councillors Fergus O’Dowd, Terry Brennan and Tom Bellew (RIP) and Commissioner Una Taaffe. Con Shanahan (FÁS), Paddy Carroll (RIP), Liam Woods (IFA), Patsy Stone (ICTU), Michael Mullally (IDA) and Kevin Gilna (Bórd Fáilte) represented their respective sectors. The community sector was represented by Marie Clarke (RIP), Drogheda Community Groups, Mary Ann McGlynn (Drogheda Partnership) and Mary Murphy. Mary Murphy, who was vice-chairperson of Dundalk Employment Partnership, was elected Chairperson. Both Liam Woods (currently Chairman) and Patsy Stone have been continuously re-elected as directors since those inaugural appointments - an impressive record of service to the business community in County Louth. Shortly afterwards, Gerry Duffy was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Denise Belton as Administrative Assistant. Denise, with 20 years service, is the Board’s longest serving employee - another impressive record of service to small business development in County Louth. The Evaluation Committee was set up in October 1993 and the Board approved the first of many grant applications on 2nd February 1994. Work also began on the development of an Action Plan for the County which would ultimately direct the Board’s policy and direction over the coming years.

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financial highlights The Board has invested grant aid in

333 enterprises

70% of those businesses are still trading today 1,160 jobs supported at, on average, â‚Ź3,600 per job

59% of the part-time employees are female; 41% male 1000’s of companies have been funded through training, mentoring, market development and networking initiatives

Funding distributed equitably throughout the County, matching population density Additional funding has been leveraged into the County at a ratio of 2:1

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41% of the full-time employees are female; 59% male

training & development The Enterprise Board has placed particular emphasis on providing accessible, affordable training to the micro-enterprise sector. This ranged from Ideas Generation for the budding entrepreneur to the Business Improvement and Accelerate Programmes for the established companies that expressed a desire to grow. Ideas Generation for the budding entrepreneur Start Your Own Business to take those first steps Retail Excellence for those on the high street Foundation Mark accredited business development


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Business Improvement Programme does exactly what is says on the tin

Marketing, Sales and Pricing what’s your best price for that?

Hallmarks Programme sell, sell, sell!

Work-Life Balance juggling skills for home and work

Computerised Accounts efficient counting and control Accelerate business growth, for Family Business Succession today’s market Programme what’s mine is yours?

programmes The newly-formed Board commissioned a study of the County Louth economy, with a particular focus on the needs of the micro-enterprise sector. Based on this study, an Action Plan was drawn up outlining the Board’s strategy and the goals for its executive staff.

Schools Enterprise Programme Under this business education programme, pupils in Secondary Schools were encouraged to set up their own mini-companies as part of the school curriculum. All Enterprise Boards eventually got involved in similar schemes and County winners now compete in an annual National Competition.

Plato Programme The first collaboration with Newry & Mourne Enterprise Agency introduced the Plato programme to County Louth and Newry & Mourne District. Plato provides a business learning network for participating small enterprises, harnessing the management experience resident in large companies. The programme was repeated many times since then and is currently available to appropriate small businesses in the entire East Border Region

Product Transfer Programme This cross-border programme assisted small enterprises from the region to develop joint venture agreements with companies in the United States and Canada. Over the following years, the programme organised a series of both inward and outward trade missions. County Louth was formally twinned with the city of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario during this time.

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1993 1994 1995 1996

County Enterprise Action Plan


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Initiated by Newry & Mourne Enterprise Agency, this partnership programme provided a framework for better cooperation between Counties Louth, Armagh and Down across a range of economic and social issues. The Chairman of the programme, Dermot O’Doherty, went on to become a significant strategic leader in the embryonic InterTradeIreland organisation.

Primary Schools Challenge Together with its Northern Ireland partner, Industry Matters, the Enterprise Board provided an entrepreneurship programme to primary school children in County Louth. Participants also had the opportunity to meet their counterparts in Northern Ireland. This programme continues right up to the present day with some 700 primary school children benefiting annually from the initiative.

Louth Craftmark The Board appointed a development officer to promote and develop the craft sector in the County. Local makers were encouraged to network more effectively and the programme supported ongoing product development, promotion and marketing. The project subsequently partnered with the Craft & Design Collective in County Down supporting a regional approach to craft development. Louth Craftmark incorporated in 2006 and developed and managed many exciting projects since, including the Creative Spark facility in Dundalk.

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1997 1998 1999

Newry Dundalk Business Linkage Programme


2000 2001 Page 10

Empower This progamme introduced the micro-enterprise sector in the County to the world of ebusiness and supported many enterprises in establishing an internet presence for the first time. A subsequent collaboration with the Prince’s Trust, Northern Ireland, provided additional support in the areas of hardware provision and technical training.

Do Business in Ireland This major export trade development initiative attracted 20 US and Canadian companies to Dundalk and Newry. Joint venture agreements were approved and many became operational as a result. Cultural diversity was provided by a group of young Canadian First Nation designers, singers and dancers.

This cross-border project continued to encourage and facilitate collaboration among small companies on both sides of the border, leading to the development of new products and services for both existing and new markets. The seeds for the highly successful Tradelinks Programme were being sown, through this initiative, at this time.

Tech-Check Tech-Check was an innovative National programme which was designed and developed to help owner/managers of small businesses take a fresh look at how they could use technology to improve their business productivity and gain competitive advantage.

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2002 2003



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Tradelinks The Tradelinks programme is a partnership initiative between Enterprise Northern Ireland, the network of local Enterprise Agencies and the Border County Enterprise Boards. It supports the development of cross-border business linkages between participating enterprises and the current phase of the programme runs to mid-2014. It is jointly managed by Newry & Mourne Enterprise agency and the Enterprise Board.

Creative Enterprise Office This Enterprise Board project provided business development support to the Creative Industries sector in the East Border Region. A first-time comprehensive study of the sector provided the foundation for many training and networking initiatives and the need for a dedicated centre for the sector was finally delivered with the opening of Creative Spark in 2012.

The project very successfully provided a networking forum for business women (and those considering starting a business) in Louth and Newry & Mourne, to meet and share their business acumen and experience. It also delivered quality training through seminars and workshops for its client base and organized two major conferences on the theme of women in business. The Board, in recent years, has continued to support this business sector through Network Louth.

Enterprise Week The Board held its inaugural Enterprise Week in March of that year and continues to schedule many varied enterprise-related activities in this annual event. The National Enterprise Award is presented to the winning company during this week and the winner advances to the National Final later in the year.

Enterprise Network East This cross-border programme conducted two very successful trade and development missions during the year – one to the Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg, Germany, focusing on the needs of the green and renewable energy sector, and the second to the Insead Business School in Fontainebleau, Paris.

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2006 2007 2008

Women in Enterprise

2009 2010 2011 CELEBRATING 20 YEARS

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Racism and Sectarianism in the Workplace The Board delivered a programme on behalf of the Louth Peace & Reconciliation Partnership which addressed issues concerning racism and sectarianism in the workplace. The Board continues to deliver initiatives on this theme and also provides specialized business-start training to ethnic entrepreneurs.

Oriel Food Group This newly-formed group of artisan food producers receives ongoing support from the Board as it develops its strategies and organises training, business development and networking opportunities for its members.

Enterprise Centres The Board announced its financial support for Enterprise Centres in Dundalk (Creative Spark), Drogheda and Greenore. This demonstrated the Board’s ongoing commitment to such developments, having supported Ardee Business Park and Flurrybridge Enterprise Centre in previous years.

Over the years, the Board has built an excellent working relationship with a number of Research and Academic Organisations across Europe which work in the field of small business development. EU Commission funding has been secured to leverage training and development opportunities in the areas of innovation and collaboration, and to expose Enterprise Board clients to cutting edge software tools and practices, thereby increasing their productivity and effectiveness.

Local Enterprise Office Plans are at an advanced stage to launch Local Enterprise Offices in each City and County, replacing the current Enterprise Board support structure for small business. This restructuring of State supports for microenterprise will involve Louth Local Authorities and Enterprise Ireland, with current Enterprise Board staff at the centre of the planning and implementation of the revised structures.

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2012 2013

EU programmes

acknowledgments These programmes would not have been possible without the funding sourced from and awarded by the following organisations: The European Union

The Craft Council of Ireland

The International Fund for Ireland

Enterprise Ireland

The Special EU Programmes Body

Louth Local Authorities

The Interreg programmes

The Prince’s Trust-Northern Ireland

The Peace and Reconciliation programmes

Glen Dimplex



The Department for Justice, Equality and Law Reform

A warm thank you from me to all the staff who have helped make this possible over the last 20 years. Ronan Dennedy, Chief Executive. CELEBRATING 20 YEARS

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case studies 1 Community

6 Food

Bryan Lynch Salads Aruna

2 Craft


Inti Leathers Edmund McNulty

Mcor Technologies Mor Solutions

3 Creative Industries

8 Manufacturing

Flexitech Pro Stainless

Louth Craftmark Calipo Theatre and Picture Company

4 Environmental

9 Service

Leinster Environmentals Easydry

5 Export

10 Women in Enterprise

Paycheck Plus

CTR Manufacturing

RivTec Peak Performance

Ravensdale Lodge Fitz Scientific

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Ardee Coach Trim Ardee Business Park


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ardee coach trim

t 041 6853599 m 087 2426245 f 041 6857016 e

1 community

Frank & Anne Lennon

the story


Louth County Enterprise Board has been a significant contributor to the success of Ardee Coach Trim Ltd. The Board has been a constant help to me personally over the last 20 years. I have called on the Board on numerous occasions during our development and growth - each time the Enterprise Board was there to give whatever help or assistance it could offer. May I take this opportunity to congratulate the Board, present and past members and all who helped in any way. Continued success in what you are doing for all aspiring business across the county.


Frank Lennon was taken on as manager. The core of the business at that time was the re-covering of seats in buses and coaches. That still is the case today, although the company has now progressed to a One Stop Shop for the coach and bus operator, both big and small. It started with three people, including Frank, and now has 24 fulltime employees. Frank and Anne bought the company in 1995 and the following year moved to new purpose built premises, with the help of the County Enterprise Board. The company now manufactures its own seats which are tested and passed to carry seat belts. These seats are fitted in buses and coaches throughout Ireland and the company continues to grow and expand.

Frank Lennon

Page 19


Ardee Coach Trim Ltd. was formed by a group from the Ardee community comprising of Ardee Development Co. Ardee Credit Union, Ardee Parish Council and St. Vincent de Paul.


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t 041 6857680 f 041 6857681 e

the story

board of directors

Ardee Business Park & Training Centre is a community-owned facility, based in Ardee, serving local entrepreneurs, businesses and the local community since 1998. The Business Park is a thriving, productive working environment that is home to many successful businesses. The Business Park’s primary objective is to create a quality environment to assist local enterprises and boost employment in the region. Since opening, it has helped to grow numerous new start-up businesses within the Ardee area. Ardee Business Park & Training Centre is also a FETAC, FAS and ICS Skills accredited training centre, providing high quality training in IT, business and healthcare. Ardee Business Park provides a professional serviced venue for business meetings, seminars and presentations, is ideally located just off the M1 motorway and is approximately 40 minutes from Dublin and 60 minutes to Belfast.

Jim Malone (Chairman) John Kierans (Vice- Chairman) Hugh O’Neill (Secretary) Colman O’Flynn Martin Whately Aidan Magennis Paddy Callan Joe English Michael McCabe Anita Thomas

Louth County Enterprise Board have been there to support and guide us along the way by providing financial support and direction. Over the years we have known we can always rely on the expertise of the staff of Louth County Enterprise to provide us with the information we need. Ciara Kennedy, Manager

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1 community

Ardee Business Park & Training Centre Hale Street Ardee Co Louth


ardee business park & training centre


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Wolftone Design Studio Knockbridge Dundalk Co Louth

inti leathers

2 craft

Cathy Prendergast

t 042 9384993 f 042 9384993 e

the story

The encouragement I have received over the years from Louth Enterprise and the interaction with Ronan Dennedy and Sarah Daly together with the staff at the office has been invaluable to my business. Without their help and interaction with the craft sector, we would not have gained the experience and confidence to further embark on retail sales and embrace new technology, create our own website and use social networks to attract new business from abroad.

The company’s philosophy is seen in the detail of the handmade high quality distinctive limited edition products produced. It works with quality fittings and the finest top-grain and vegetable tanned leathers from Italy and Germany, that are processed using eco friendly tanning methods. Cathy’s designs are outstanding, refined and elegant and each bag is a statement piece but essentially practical, using colours and textured leather. The bags are fully lined in leather to ensure longevity and uniqueness. Cathy focuses on core strengths of individuality, strong craftsmanship, style, exclusivity and understated luxury.

Cathy Prendergast

Page 23


Inti Leathers label was established in the1980s by Cathy Prendergast. Cathy received her training as a fashion designer of handbags and accessories in Florence, Madrid and London. Her unique designs and attention to detail brought her recognition from Irish elite, Mexico, Japan, U.S.A. and Europe. The company is a previous winner of Showcase Ireland New Products Award, and has won many awards which were sponsored by Louth County Enterprise Board.


Page 24

2 craft

edmund mc nulty knitwear

Edmund McNulty

Studio 7 Milmount Craft Centre Drogheda Co Louth t 041 9844199 e

The Louth County Enterprise Board have been an integral part of my business from the beginning, offering me support and guidance throughout. The Enterprise Board have helped enormously with the craft sector of County Louth, forging the way by example for the craft industry in the rest of the country through their many support and marketing initiatives. Their understanding and confidence in small businesses have allowed my craft business to sustain and grow over the years. Many congratulations on 20 years of successful enterprise.

The Edmund McNulty Knitwear brand was established in 1997 and is located at Millmount in Drogheda, County Louth. A small business, Edmund specialises in men’s knitwear which is aimed at high-end niche markets. Export sales account for a large percentage of the business and in particular, the Japanese market. Using luxury fibres such as alpaca, cashmere, baby camel and kid mohair, Edmund designs and produces collections for a modern-day man. Design inspiration comes from everything Irish - from our landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes and in turn, the garment designs appeal to the export market as a modern take on Irish Knitwear. Plans for the future include participation in tradeshows in Europe and Japan to further grow the business.

Edmund McNulty

Page 25


the story


Page 26 e

Louth Craftmark is a not-for-profit company established to promote creative industries, including craft, art and design businesses and practitioners in County Louth. It has a Board of Directors drawn from the creative industries sector and representatives of local support agencies and enterprises. Louth Craftmark supports and works with Louth Craftmark Designers Network to promote the products and services of over 50 local designers and craftspeople. Creative Spark, Louth Creative Community Hub, is a new venture for the company. Launched in autumn 2012, Creative Spark offers workspace and training facilities to the creative industries sector in County Louth and the region.


Louth Craftmark has its roots in Louth County Enterprise Board and is thus indebted to the Board for its vision for the craft and creative sector in County Louth and its continued support of Louth Craftmark and its new centre, Creative Spark. In 1999 Louth County Enterprise Board commissioned a study of craft in the county and, out of that, a development plan was drafted and funding secured to put that plan into action. Louth Craftmark was incorporated as an independent entity in 2006 when it established a retail outlet for local craft and design in Drogheda. In 2012 it launched its latest venture, Creative Spark, a creative community hub for the county. Through all of this time Louth County Enterprise Board and its staff have continued to give support, both financial and practical, to the company, without which it would not have been able to realise its potential.


the story

3 creative industries

t 042 9385720 e

Sarah Daly

Page 27


louth craftmark

Louth Craftmark

Creative Spark Clontygora Muirhevnamor Dundalk


Page 28

Darren Thornton (Artistic Director) Collette Farrell (Producer)

Calipo Theatre Company produces original new stage work annually and tours this work extensively in Ireland and overseas. Recent productions include ‘Pineapple’ by Phillip McMahon and ‘10 dates with Mad Mary’ by Yasmine Akram. The award winning Calipo Picture Company has had worldwide success with its short films and in 2013 the company will embark on its first feature film production, an adaptation of the stage hit ‘10 dates with Mad Mary’ for Element pictures. Calipo Outreach facilitates drama and video expression workshops with youth groups on an ongoing basis.

t 041 9837455 e e

Louth County Enterprise Board have always understood and supported the work we do at Calipo. Without their support we would not have the technical facilities that help us produce and edit our short films and facilitate our Outreach projects. From everyone at Calipo, a big thank you. Darren Thornton

Page 29

3 creative industries

board of directors

Calipo is an arts organisation based in Drogheda, Co. Louth. The organisation operates on three levels: as a theatre producer, as a film and television production company and as a community outreach facilitator.

Barlow House Narrow West Street Drogheda Co Louth


the story

Calipo Theatre and Picture Company

calipo theatre and picture company

Haggardstown Dundalk Co Louth t 041 9837455 e

the story


Leinster Environmentals was established in 2003. With the assistance of Louth County Enterprise Board and a strong emphasis on innovation and technical development, Leinster Environmentals developed advanced recycling techniques to recycle scrap plastic materials. Since that time, Leinster Environmentals has successfully created almost 30 jobs and exported its products to discerning customers in over 15 different countries. The company has recycled more than 100,000 tonnes of these valuable resources into high quality raw materials suitable for use in the international plastics moulding industry, thereby preventing their disposal at landfill and also saving the equivalent of 1.6 million barrels of oil - approximately Ireland’s entire oil consumption for 10 whole days. Page 30

Leinster Environmentals are deeply grateful to Ronan Dennedy, Joe English and all the team at Louth County Enterprise for the advice, support and encouragement which they offered our company. Without it, I sincerely doubt Leinster Environmentals would have grown to become the success it is. Congratulations on 20 years of fantastic work and best of luck for the next 20 years.

4 environmental

leinster environmentals

Leinster Environmentals

James Loughran


t 042 939 4318 e

the story fibres and with its light and silky texture, it is the only alternative to outdated cotton towels and laundry systems. It is soft to the touch, highly absorbent and extremely kind and caring to the skin. Easydry is, at every level, the better way to dry. In just eight years, Easydry has grown new markets for its products across the globe and has won nine awards for sustainability, entrepreneurialism, export and corporate social responsibility.


Easydry is a leading innovator in the fast changing world of textile development. Producer of new-generation textiles, Easydry has invented a new way to dry for those industries that rely on a steady supply of clean towels such as health care, gyms, hotels, hairdressing and beauty. It frees them from the relentless and environmentally damaging process of laundering towels. Its innovative and highly functional disposable towel guarantees superior absorbency, complete hygiene and environmental sustainability. Made from 100% natural

4 environmenal

Anne Butterly

Unit 10 Butterly Business Park Coes Road Dundalk Co Louth

Page 31


Page 32

Rivendell Technical Ltd RDC DkIT Dundalk Co Louth Ireland


t 042 9374160 e info@rivtec

Paul Flynn (Director) Olivia Flynn (Director) Owen McCorry (Manager)

The support and advice we received from the Louth County Enterprise Board has been invaluable to RivTec and we look forward to the future knowing that they are there to assist us with any obstacles we may encounter.

board of directors

RivTec was formed in September 2001. JetSet, its code management application, helps eliminate coding errors, maximises production line efficiency and is used by brands such as Diageo and Kerry Foods.

Paul Flynn & Olivia Flynn

RivTec continuously develops its products to meet the requirements of the ever changing market.

Page 33


the story

In 2006, with the demand for Unique Random Character codes increasing, RivTec developed the ProGen® brand. The ProGen 125 alone has been used by such clients as Goodfellas Pizzas, Tata Tea India, Tetley Tea UK, McVities, Twinings Tea, Andrex, Fabulous Bakin’ Boys, The Guardian, Kerry Foods, BurgerKing, Birdseye Germany and many more.

5 export

Paul & Olivia Flynn


Page 34

Keith Garry

Peak Performance Quayside Business Park Mill Street Dundalk Co Louth

5 export

peak performance recruitment

t 042 9837455 e

other contacts Richael Gosling Recruitment Co-Ordinator t 042 9419663 e Keith Garry Managing Director


Through the LCEB we were encouraged to participate in the Enterprise Awards for 2012 and we achieved both exporter of the year and overall business of the year. Receiving this recognition and support from LCEB has played an instrumental role in proving to our customer base that we are a successful business. Through the financial support of the awards we have developed a new website which has been well received by our customers. The money has also facilitated the services of a business consultant/mentor who has assisted me with the next stage of development within the company; the opening of new divisions and hiring new staff to facilitate growth.


Peak Performance is the premier recruitment and executive search company to the aircraft leasing and finance industry. Its customers include large financial institutions, public listed companies and hedge funds located in Asia, America and Europe. It sources highly specialised people that manage portfolios of commercial aircraft valued from $500 million to $12 billion.

Keith Garry

t 042 9419660 m 086 8233084 e Barry Long Business Development / Account Manager t 042 9419661 m 087 9871130 e

Page 35


the story


Page 36

6 food

bryan lynch finest salads

Bryan Lynch

Bryan Lynch Finest Salads Ardee Business Park Ardee Co. Louth t 041 6858111 m 087 2440875 e

the story

Bryan Lynch

Page 37



Louth County Enterprise Board have been a great support to us both financially and otherwise since we opened. I consider them a enormous asset to any start up business.


In 2005, Bryan Lynch erected a purpose built facility for salad and sauce production in Ardee Co Louth. It is from here that Bryan Lynch Finest Salads operates today. The company currently produce a wide variety of ready to eat salads, sandwich fillers and flavoured mayonnaises. It also produces a huge variety of salads that can be found in many delis throughout Ireland. These great tasting quality products, delivered at the right price, have helped the company expand its customer base from just local, to nationwide.


Page 38

Sarah Nic Lochlainn & Sarajit Chanda

Aruna Sauces & Fuchsia House Restaurant Dundalk Road Ardee Co. Louth

6 food

aruna sauces & fuchsia house restaurant

t 041 6871122 e

Sarajit and his wife/business partner, Sarah Nic Lochlainn founded Aruna in 2010 in response to the growing trend in eating in. Following a successful Dragons’ Den pitch, Aruna partnered with Gavin Duffy in 2012. Set to conquer the UK market in 2014, Aruna’s mission is to become global No.1 for Indian food at home.

Louth County Enterprise Board has supported Aruna from concept to growth. The support we have received in terms of mentoring, funding and encouragement has been vital to Aruna’s success to date. In 2012 our business plan was deemed strong enough to merit funding by Louth CEB. We subsequently presented the same business plan on Dragons’ Den and secured investment from Gavin Duffy. We look forward to future collaboration with Louth CEB.

Aruna’s slogan is “Our Chef in Your Kitchen”. In his award-winning restaurant Fuchsia House, professional chef, Sarajit Chanda, has developed his mother Aruna’s recipes into curry sauces for homecooks. In just 10 minutes, the homecook can create Indian curries that are truly authentic and absolutely delicious.

Sarah Nic Lochlainn

Page 39


the story


Page 40

Mcor Technologies Unit 1 IDA Business Park Ardee Road Dunleer Co Louth Ireland


mcor technologies

Conor MacCormack

t 041 6862800 e

Louth County Enterprise provided Mcor with enormous supports, financial and otherwise at the early stages of developing our business. You could not meet an nicer group of people who offer real support to any company in start up mode. We won the LCEB Best Innovator Company in County Louth in 2008 and this title has served us well in developing our company profile.

Mcor Technologies Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of the world’s most affordable, full colour and eco-friendly 3D printers. They are the only 3D printers to use ordinary business-letter paper as the build material, a choice that renders durable, stable and tactile models. Established in 2004 with a talented team of specialists in the area of 3D printing, software and CAD/CAM, Mcor’s vision is to make 3D printing more accessible to everyone. The company operates internationally from offices in Ireland, the UK and America.

Dr Conor MacCormack & Fintan MacCormack

Page 41


the story


Page 42

Mor Solutions B201 An tSean Mharghadh Green Lanes Drogheda Co Louth

mor solutions


Louisa Maher

t 041 9801000 e

Mor Solutions has had the privilege of working with amazing businesses/ organisations including Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, Climote, Tourism Ireland, Connollys Red Mills, Ipsos MRBI, Setanta Sports, Veolia Transport, Intact Software, HSE, Flogas Ireland and many more.

We received employment grants from Louth County Enterprise Board at the startup phase of the business which aided us expand and grow the business into the successful and reputable business it has now become. Ronan, Joe, Peggy and the team in LCEB have always been there on hand to give advice and direction as needed over the years and we are very appreciative of that assistance.

Mor Solutions is a leading provider of Web Design/Development and Applications to companies throughout Ireland and beyond. It has a highly skilled team of Web Designers and Developers who have a vast range of experience across areas including web development, software engineering, project management and web design. Its award winning team has successfully delivered web/mobile solutions for large corporations, SMEs, government and semi-state organisations over the past 12 years.

Graham O’Rourke

Page 43


the story

8 Manufacturing

Anthony McGeown

Flexitech Limited Unit 7 Hardine Properties Industrial Estate Coe’s Road Dundalk Co. Louth t 042 9335222 e


the story

The encouraging investment from LCEB together with their continuing interest in and support for our company via marketing, educational and training service offerings has been significantly reassuring throughout the development and success of our business.

Anthony McGeown


Page 44

Flexitech Limited was established in 2000 as a sheet metal fabrication company, mainly to supply switchgear manufacturers. Since its formation, the company has successfully delivered on its earliest expectations; expanding its customer base and diversifying its products and services; continually investing in CNC technology to optimise its manufacturing capabilities; surpassing its growth and profit projections; increasing its employment numbers and establishing a financially sound business. Having secured its sustainable longterm future, the company continues to consolidate the gains already made and revise its business strategies in the light of future market conditions.

principals Anthony McGeown Managing Director Kevin Finegan Chairman John Doherty Company Secretary Anthony Elmore Gina McGeown Denis Nordon

the story

directors / principals

PRO Stainless Designs was founded in 2001 by Hugh McDermott, David Monaghan and Laurence McDermott. From the very beginning, its philosophy has always been to put the customer first. Above all, it tries to ensure that every customer they deal with is 100% satisfied. The company has worked very hard and continues to do so to build on its very good reputation for looking after its valued customers. It serves the Cleanroom/ Pharmaceutical, Hospital/Healthcare, Architectural Metalwork, Food Processing, Hospitality and Custom Engineering sectors. It has completed projects from €2,000 to over €1.5 million.

Laurence Mc Dermot David Monaghan Hugh Mc Dermott

t 041 685 9967 e


pro stainless

8 Manufacturing

David Monaghan

PRO Stainless Designs Ltd Ardee Business Park Ardee Co Louth

The company feels strongly that its continued growth has been the result of offering customers a wide range of high quality stainless steel products and solutions followed by an excellent backup and design and installation service. They welcome the challenges put to them by all their valued customers.

Page 45


Page 46

9 Service

ravensdale lodge

Niall Connolly

Ravensdale Lodge Equestrian, Trekking & Event Centre Ravensdale Dundalk Co Louth

t 042 42 9371034 e

the story

Niall Connolly

Page 47


We have been dealing with the Enterprise Board for close on 20 years. They know what we do and we are very grateful for the tremendous help and support we have received over those 20 years.

Ravensdale Lodge Equestrian, Trekking and Event Centre is Ireland’s premier Equestrian facility. Nestled into the foothills of the stunning Cooley Mountains near Dundalk, Co Louth in the North East of Ireland, it is under an hours drive from either Dublin or Belfast and is just off the M1 motorway. It is situated in the heart of Ravensdale, just 10 minutes drive from historic Carlingford and is an ideal location for trekking and horse riding. Nestled in beautiful countryside close to picturesque woods steeped in history and folklore, the centre enjoys an idyllic location against a backdrop of the Cooley Mountains.


Page 48

Fitz Scientific Unit 35 Boyne Business Park Drogheda Co Louth

fitz scientific

9 Service

Geoff & Kate Fitzpatrick

t 041 9845440 e

“We’ve been through some highs and lows in the 15 years, since we set out on this great adventure. We now employ 28 of the best, triple distilled, scientists and technicians who work on a broad range of environmental and food testing projects,” says Geoff. “Business is getting better every day and we have big plans for expansion in 2013.”

Ronan and his team were with us from the very start, awarding us employment and repayable capital grants. This funding was absolutely critical in assisting our early day battles with our overdraft and not-so-friendly bank manager. The funding of local entrepreneurs at early stage development must be Government’s number one priority. The Louth County Enterprise Board gave us the ball and a yard of grass.

After a family business went bust, Geoff Fitzpatrick set up as a sole trader in his kitchen in 1998. Listening to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life” everyday for about 3 years, a fully functioning business was hatched. Earning its bread and butter monitoring and testing environmental emissions from industrial and waste facilities, it has now established itself as a leader in its field.

Raise a glass! Happy Birthday and here’s to 20 more! Geoff & Kate Fitzpatrick

Page 49


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Paycheck Plus Unit 9 IDA Enterprise Park Shamrock Hill Dunleer Co Louth

paycheck plus

No problem encountered ever presented a problem for the Enterprise Team – they explored many avenues until we resolved the issues that enabled us progress our business. Their various training programmes and mentoring helped me grow – both personally and professionally to the extent that we subsequently achieved recognition as being the best in our industry in 2007 and 2008. But that was only the start! With a prize fund of €5,000 as Overall Winner in the Enterprise Awards in 2009, we were able to extend our offices to facilitate our growing business. Our team grew and in 2011, thanks to the support of Louth County Enterprise Board, we moved to a new state-of-the -art facility in Dunleer where we now process Irish and UK Payroll for clients all over the world.

At Paycheck Plus, we recognise the importance of continuous training and development of our people and our business. We also recognise the importance of giving something back and in following the ethos of LCEB, we are delighted to be involved in several entrepreneurial programmes where we can work with others in developing their business skills and acumen. We find that we learn through our sharing of knowledge, skills and experience and to that end, LCEB facilitated us on many networking events and programmes such as PLATO and Tradelinks that enabled us build valuable relationships and networks that continue to this day. Our business now employs 9 staff and continues to grow organically.


The team at Louth County Enterprise Board were so helpful; encouraging and advising me on so many areas unfamiliar to me and my new business.

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10 Women in Enterprise

Anne Reilly

Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary and well done to all involved. Your support and help is very much appreciated. Anne Reilly

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With 17yrs experience in the furniture business, the company has diversified with its products to suit the individuality of every client, creating new ideas and living spaces. CTR Manufacturing has been able to compete in this industry with the largest manufacturers in the country. From small beginnings with 4 staff, the company now employs 9 people. The company is now developing its own fully Irish manufactured brand to be introduced in the summer of 2013.


I first came across the Enterprise Board through Fionnuala Rogers with the Start Your Own Business Programme in 2009. This course allowed me to excel in my business which I would strongly recommend every entrepreneur should do. An Enterprise Board grant allowed me to provide a service to my clients by way of producing goods which they would otherwise have to produce themselves. This reduced their overheads which in turn kept their showroom services open and hence creating a niche business for us at CTR Manufacturing Ltd. I went on to get involved with the Tradelinks Programme with Sarah Mallon. How fantastic the networking turned out to be with cross-border contacts and a mentoring service to fine-tune my company.


Established in May 2009 by Margaret Reilly, CTR Manufacturing supplies hand crafted bespoke kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and office furniture of the highest quality.

On behalf of our company, we wish to thank Ronan Dennedy and his colleagues at the Louth County Enterprise Board for their untold support. Thank You. Margaret Reilly

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10 Women in Enterprise

CTR Manufacturing Unit 1 Bredin Court Drogheda Co Louth


ctr manufacturing

Margaret Reilly


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Quayside Business Park Mill Street Dundalk Co Louth t 042 9327099 e w

20th Anniversary LCEB brochure  

Project for the 20th Anniversary of Louth County Enterprise Board. We designed a retrospective brochure for this event celebrating 20 years...

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