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Initiative title: Louth Age Friendly County Dance Classes Reach: County:

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[  ]  Lead  healthier  &  active  lives  for  longer   [    ]  Stay  living  in  our  own  homes  and  communities   [    ]  Get  to  where  we  need  to  go,  when  we  need  to   [    ]  Be  enabled  by  the  built  and  social  environment   [    ]  Feel  and  be  safe  at  home  and  out  and  about   [    ]  Have  the  information  we  need  to  live  full  lives   [    ]  Be  truly  valued  and  respected   [    ]  Participate  in  social,  economic  and  public  life   [    ]  Continue  to  learn,  develop  and  work    


Valene McMullen, Louth Local Authorities, County Hall, Dundalk, 042 9324 4356 Website: Issue/ Opportunity: Dancing provides many opportunities to meet other people. Joining a dance class can increase self-confidence and build social skills. Because physical activity reduces stress and tension, regular dancing gives an overall sense of well-being. The class started in Dundalk with 6 participants. That quickly changed as the numbers grew week on week. The number to date in Dundalk is 36. As the classes got larger we decided to continue this success in Drogheda by giving them the same opportunity, five week classes free of charge. From taking part in these classes a group formed in Drogheda to continue learning how to jive and is still running successfully and independently to date, without the help of the Sports Partnership. The number to date in Drogheda ranges from 37 – 42 participants. In Dundalk, the classes are still in huge demand, as one lady stated “I live week on week for these dance classes, I recently became a widow and this is what brought me back to socialising.” The classes have continued in Dundalk through charging a small fee of €3. The reason they haven’t gone independently like Drogheda is that the hall hire is much more expensive, so here in the Sports Partnership we subsidised the cost for them so that they can continue to enjoy exercising and socialising.

Dance Classes  
Dance Classes