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ALOE.. Cont…. with pictures of saints, packets of herbs and lodestones, and clumps of cut aloe. Having one growing on or nearby your altar helps protect a magickal practitioner when working with spirits. Whether you’re using it for magick or medicine, it’s a wonderful plant to have around.

Aloe is fairly easy to grow indoors. You can buy them at nearly any store with a garden section. When you buy one, make sure to plant it in a pot with holes for drainage. Use a potting soil that is designed for cacti; it must be well-draining. Water it infrequently, but give it a generous amount when you do. This will help

mimic aloe’s natural habitat. In the summer, you may choose to place it outside to get more sun. It may even bloom! Do make sure to bring it back indoors in the fall. You’ll have a lovely protective, healing houseplant all year long!

Gathering of Friends April 2012 Merry Meet again, ALL MY SISTERS AND BROTHERS!! I know it has been a very long time since we have used these pages and I am very sorry to you all for the long gap in contact, however, I hope to rectify this in the future and will begin now. The first announcement I need to make is that our twice a month Daytime Gatherings will now be held on the 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAYS of each month from 11 am to 3:30 pm. Arrive when you can and leave when you must. We understand that this change has caused some of our members problems and we are very sorry but it was necessary to maintain our Gathering space. As always we eat and chat from 11 to about 1, Circle Ceremony is at about 1, followed by discussion, training, crafting or whatever we've decided to do that day. It

is possible that, depending upon our activity for a day we may begin it earlier but I will do my best to insure everyone is made aware of this in suitable time. Another change is that I will be posting our discussion topic ahead of time here on these pages along with an "outline" of information that will be covered. This way EVERYONE will have a chance to read up on the topic, gather your own information and we can all participate. So here goes!! APRIL'S DISCUSSION is on the MAGICKAL GARDEN There are may forms of gardens and many ways to garden and I am not a "trained" horticulturalist but I've gardened on and off for many years. My beloved Grandmother was an avid gardener and I loved being with her, listening to the drone of the bees and fluttering of the dragonflies. I look

back on those endless days some 50+ years ago with fond memories, remembering the things she taught me and her love of the magickal garden she passed on to me. I would guess that each of us have had, in our youth, a grandmother or grandfather, aunt, uncle, mother, father or older neighbor who was a total wonder in the garden. Every gardener has THEIR OWN WAYS OF DOING EVERYTHING! Just like rituals and spell work, gardening is highly individualized and what works for one gardener may not (and probably won't) work exactly the same way for another. I took a leap of faith this year and joined the local gardening club which I do recommend for you if you have never gardened before or if you are new to your area as there is much basic information that is necessary to understand BEFORE sticking plants or seeds into soil.

July 2012  

Spells, Rituals and News about everyday living for the Pagan, Witch, Wiccan and spiritualist in us all

July 2012  

Spells, Rituals and News about everyday living for the Pagan, Witch, Wiccan and spiritualist in us all