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6.09.11 Task: Using web resources, compile information on the One Child Policy in China on a word document. Post your finished document on Managebac by this evening.

← ← ← 1. Background (or historical) Information-- What is the one child policy? When and why was it put into place? What are consequences of breaking the one child policy? ←

← ← ← ← 2. Problems with the Policy-- Why do the Chinese want to break the policy (you may want to use this section to describe reasoning behind China's preference for boys). How do the Chinese attempt to get around the policy to do this? Finally, who is actually exempt from the policy and why? ←

← ← 3. Effects of the Policy-- Topics to discuss in this section: female infanticide (killing of girl babies) & illegal ultrasounds, kidnapped sons/daughters, population imbalance today (there are more men than women), labor force getting smaller.

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← -Each section should include at least one paragraph of text (5-7 sentences). ← ← -The "Effects of the Policy' section should include at least two paragraphs (there are a lot of effects to discuss!) ← -Each section should be titled using the titles listed above.

← ← EVERYTHING IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS (EXCEPT FOR QUOTED TEXT). You may not copy and paste any amount of information from the resources on this site or from anywhere else on the web. That is

considered plagiarism Y10 group Project 24-28 Oct Title: DARFUR REFUGEES (INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION) Lesson 1: Objective: Improve students knowledge and understanding of the geography of Sudan and Darfur Materials needed : A copy of handout #1 & atlases or internet access & a laptop Instructions: 1. Using either an atlas or the internet, students will fill in the blank map of Sudan below with the geographical items from the table.

COUNTRIES 1. Chad 2. Democratic Republic of the Congo 3. Egypt 4. Ethiopia 5. Kenya 6. Libya 7. Uganda REGIONS 1. DARFUR



1. Juba 2. Khartoum 3. Port Sudan

Libyan Desert Nuba Mountains Nubian Desert

WATER AREAS 1. 2. 3. 4.

Blue Nile River Nile River Red Sea White Nile River

3. When you are done, discuss the geography of Sudan in your sitting groups: • What are Sudan’s most important geographical features? • What countries border Sudan? • How does the northern part of Sudan differ from the southern? • Based on the geography of the country, what economic activities do the people engage in?

Homework: Answer the above discussion questions in your notebook

Lesson 2: Objective: TO give students a sense of being refugee Materials needed : Internet Access, laptop Time: one class period

Directions: 1. Go to and participate this online simulation to give you a sense of the experience of becoming a refugee. Play the following chapters in this order: 2. Now consider your fate as a refugee from Darfur. You have fled across the border into a neighboring country and have found yourself in a refugee camp. But now you are alone. You don’t speak the language of the people in charge of the refugee camp and you don’t know anyone from your country in the camp. You can barely communicate with a translator. You have no money, nor job, nor any way to live on your own. Write about about this experience. This could be in a letter to a friend or family member or diary entry. Print it and glue it in your notebook. (visit this site for an idea of what life is like in a Chad refugee camp Include the following in your writing: 1.State how you feel on arrival at the refugee camp. What are your fears and hopes? 2.Describe life in a refugee camp . -Where would you sleep? -What would you eat and where would you get it?

-What would you do for fuel and water? -What is there “fun” to do? -Would school be a part of your life? 3.What do you think you can do to survive in the refugee camp and beyond? 4.What do you want over the next 5 to 10 days, or sometimes years, until you can either return to their country? Homework: 1.Complete your letter 2. Look at lesson 3. Research it and printe out relevant text and pictures to use on your poster tomorrow.

Lesson 3: Objective: Students will illustrate life in a refugee camp as a way of addressing the needs of refugees. Materials needed : Print outs from the previous day’s homework Time: one class period Directions: Imagine you are in charge of a refugee camp with about 10,000 people. Use the following as minimum requirements to determine the resources and personnel needed to provide for the refugees. Outline how goods will be transported to your camp 90 kilometres from the nearest town accessed on a dirt road through hostile territory. Create a poster to show the problems faced by displaced Burmese people and three actions Australia can take to make a difference. Discuss in small groups taking on the role of a non-governmental organization (NGO) • • • • •

Where to locate the refugee camp? How to distribute resources if there is a shortage? How to cope with sudden influx or departure of people? How to make sure those most vulnerable (women and children) are safe? How to help people take control of their own lives as much as possible so they do not become dependent (eg grow own food, earn an income, continue education)

China's One Child Policy & Refugees in Darfur  
China's One Child Policy & Refugees in Darfur  

IGCSE Geography Year 10 Population Unit