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Lifelong Learning with Lemanic


Lifelong Learning

Why Lemanic?

As an industry professional you may have accomplished a great deal in your career already. You are interested in personally and professionally boosting your career, a lifelong goal that will change how others perceive you and how you perceive the world. In many cases promotions come only with formalized education from recognized institutions, which is why earning a diploma from Lemanic provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to further not only your personal interests, but also those of the environment you work in.

Earning your diploma from Lemanic is one of the culmination of a lifelong journey. After having worked as an industry professional for many years, you are now ready to contribute your own knowledge, based on best practice and industry experience, to influence your organization and your professional formation.

The majority of industry professionals are self-made personalities, which have not been fortunate enough to attend expensive, mainly academic based Swiss Hotel Schools. Often these industry professionals work themselves up to promising positions, yet lacking formalized education to take them to the next level. This is where Lemanic Hospitality Education can help you, with highly flexible programs, which allow you to work and study at the same time. Regardless if you are seeking to assume a leadership role within your organization or simply expand your horizon, this program gives you the confidence and credentials to reach your goal. Our programs are offered on several levels, depending on the experience, which you bring along. Lemanic features the only distance learning program in the world, where industry professionals meet industry professionals. All our faculty works in the hospitality industry. They are only part-time lecturers as they are all operationally active and because we believe that you deserve only the best of access to high ranking executives all over the world. All our programs are designed to support the unique learning needs of experienced business professionals. The Lemanic Professional Development and General Management Program is one of the only distance learning programs in this field. It provides an opportunity for you to advance the field of management by contributing your experience. All our programs are designed to convert into immediate and practical contributions to your organization and community.

Lemanic Distance Learning

At Lemanic we strongly believe, that industry professionals are the key to providing you a thorough formation and we are here to help you achieve this lifechanging goal. By enrolling into Lemanic, you become part of the strongest industry network, which emphasizes relevant knowledge and work experience. Our philosophy is that studying in an environment with other industry professionals and on real-time business cases is most effective when it is applied to real issues in the workplace. This is why we specifically believe that our practitioner model is ideal not only for you, but anyone else, who is aware how important it is 2 a best practice approach. In order to support to have your individual goals, we offer not only programs on different levels, but also such, which are adaptable to your desires. The aim is to have you specialize in a field, which connects as close as possible to the field you either work or you plan to work in. This specifically applies then, when you want unlimited access to other industry professionals, which work in the best executive roles world-wide. We believe, that you should not be studying only in programs which might be offered to you by your own hotel chain, because hotel chains mostly offer views from within their own organization, which often are congruent to the DNA of the chain, but might conflict with those of others. If you are in search of a program to help you influence the practical application of management because you want to be a leader within your organization or a consultant, then you should consider one of the Lemanic programs. In any case we offer you a vibrant learning community, with top industry professionals, who seek to increase their knowledge and serve as leaders in their chosen professions.

10 Reasons...

The Internet has been offering innovative new approaches to education. It offers the possibility to study online, which is especially interesting for working adults, who want to study and work at the same time. Making such an important step requires dedication, self-discipline, and commitment. It’s an important life decision that will affect your family, your career, and your ability to make significant contributions to your field and your community.


Online learning institutions such as Lemanic are empowering adult learners by delivering insights and teaching real-world skills that are applicable to daily responsibilities and critical to career advancement. We believe that choosing the right online institution, and ensuring that your education will serve you for a lifetime, requires thoughtful consideration. Lemanic does things differently and together with you, we would like to embark on a journey to discover, what makes this way of learning so interesting and unique. Your selection where to study deserves careful thought and close scrutiny. Talk to our representatives and the institutions you are considering to ensure that the program you choose offers an ideal mix between academic rigor and best practice orientation, comprehensive student services, and specializations that will help you make an impact in your personal and professional communities. Lemanic’s mission is to provide a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves with the help of industry professionals so that they may transform society. Three values—quality, integrity, and hands-on approach—are at the core of Lemanic’s mission. Lemanic believes that achieving uncompromising standards of honesty and openness, high standards of excellence and primary attention to the scholarly and professional development of its students requires close monitoring and guidance by industry professionals. This is why our professors are General Managers only, directly from the industry.

1. Work, while you study, means, that you don’t have to leave your job and can continue earning money. 2. Collect more work experience, while you study 3. Put yourself into a better position for promotion with “formalized education” 4. Convenient decentralized access to the advanced Lemanic e‐learning platform. 5. 24 hour access to our e‐learning platform from any place in the world 6. Meet and study with fellow industry professionals from all over the world including General Managers and specialists from the best hotels. 7. No painstaking visa issues 8. Save costs and time 9. Adapt learning pace according to your work load and enjoy more flexibility in your work‐life balance 10. Study, even if you have heavy travel schedules ahead of you.

What we do different and why study online

What we do different

... WHY LEMANIC IS YOUR FIRST CHOICE 1. Lemanic offers best practice programs developed by an advisory board with industry executives 2. Full access to global industry leaders during classes 3. Industry recognized certificates and diplomas 4. Lecturers work only part‐time at Lemanic, hence have more work experience 5. Ideal combination possibilities between e‐learning and residencies 6. Specialize in your field of interest and choose from over 50 elective courses 7. Increase your career promotion possibilities 8. High placement chances upon completion 9. Advanced and Innovative topics to learn 10. We are industry professionals, which have designed a program for industry professionals. Lemanic means eLearning with General Managers!

Lemanic - Five Stars & YOU!


Online and Residencies

All our programs offer a comprehensive education and postgraduate qualification in all aspects of management, while enabling you to customize your study to meet particular work and career needs. A total of 8 modules are needed for industry professionals to complete the professional development diploma. Each module has a set duration of 6 weeks. 5 of the 8 modules are core modules, 3 or more are electives.

Most of our students study in online programs, in virtual classes with access to students and lecturers from the best hotels all over the world. Our advanced eLearning plattform makes it easy for students to access the classrooms 24hours a day from any point of our world.

Program Structure

Program Structure

The core modules cover advanced topics in the 5 main areas of a hotel, being Sales and Marketing, Rooms Division, Food and Beverage, Finance and Accounting as well as Organizational Behavior. The subjects focus on corporate strategy, the management of people, resources, the environment and change. Students with specific experience in one of the 5 areas will be exempted from that course, but must study the business leadership module instead. Postgraduate Students with no previous working experience will have to pass all 6 core modules (1 additional).


Having completed both foundation and the 5 core modules, you can then personalize your diploma through a wide variety of electives, ranging from Hotel Design to ecommerce Strategies in Hospitality, Investment Strategies to Entrepreneurship, from Marketing in a Global Environment to Market Strategy or Yield and Revenue Management. Postgraduate students will have to complete a total of 6 core modules and 4 electives, plus 6 months of work experience (internship or work) in order to graduate. Students select how many of the 8‐10 modules they would like to study online, in a virtual classroom environment or how many they want to study in residencies. Residencies are offered in many international locations, but not for all programs. Courses, which involve a high degree of craftbased learning, may only be offered as residencies but not online. The average duration of residencies may vary and is 7 days as opposed to 6 weeks online. It is theoretically possible to explore two programs at a time, but by taking one module at a time, you can dive into a specific subject in depth without distractions.

Lemanic Distance Learning

However as a Lemanic Executive student, you have the unique possibility to take part in residencies that give you the opportunity to collaborate with your peers and faculty members in face‐to‐face learning experiences. These residencies offer excellent opportunities to network with other students, meet faculty members, and attend seminars and conferences. Some modules, such as hospitality design are only offered in residencies, as they include site‐inspections and collaborative learning with architects and designers. Available throughout your studies with Lemanic, residencies enhance your learning at key points in your development. Residencies convene nearly every other month of the year in specific locations around the globe. They are usually held at partner hotels, where industry professionals come to lecture. In some cases several lecturers are invited and split the course. We try to offer as many different module subjects both online and in residencies. The main focus however is on online learning. Each student should take part in at least one residency in order to complete his/her studies. However For more information on residencies, please contact our enrollment advisory on

“We put strong emphasis on our faculty providing real world course examples, which is very solution focused and practical in approach. This is why our course content is almost always tied to the real world, with assignments that encourage students to think creatively, critically, and caringly.” C.N., Lecturer FourSeasons

Current Programs


All our programs offer a comprehensive education and postgraduate qualification in all aspects of management, while enabling you to customize your study to meet particular work and career needs. A total of 4 modules are needed for industry professionals to complete the certificate level, a total of 8 modules for the diploma level.

The module on the certificate level are designed to make sure that all graduates have the same level of understanding.

Total duration: 4 modules Modules: 4 core modules DIPLOMA LEVEL Professional Development Diploma (PDD)* in Intl. Hospitality Management Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD)* in Intl. Hospitality Management Total duration: 8 modules Modules: 5 core and 3 elective modules SENIOR MANAGEMENT LEVEL General Management Program (GMP) Total duration: 4 modules The student can mix between online modules with a duration of 6 weeks (online) or 1 week residencies. Intake dates:

Every month

*Both programs are alike. The difference in name/award determines what your previous formation was. If you have studied in and have a diploma or degree in higher education, then you will be given a Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma. If you are an industry professional and have extensive work experience and are now “developing” your skills “professionally” you will be given a Professional Development Certifi-

// Sales and Marketing // Rooms Division // Food and Beverage // Finance and Accounting // Organizational Behavior The subjects focus on leadership, corporate strategy, the management of people, resources, the environment and change. Students with specific experience in one of the 5 areas will be exempted from that course. Postgraduate Students with no previous working experience will have to pass all 5 core modules (5 instead of 4).

ELECTIVE MODULES // Social Media Networking // Operative Marketing // Strategic/Corporate Marketing // Revenue & Yield Management I // Revenue & Yield Management II // Product and Process Innovation in Hospitality // Leadership Preparation for your next step as a GM // Food Design in Catering // Creating sustainable customer experience // Managing Change // Managing Resources // Strategic Hospitality Management // Making Decisions like a Chief Financial Officer // Operations Decision Making // Advance Hotel Real Estate Management // Customer Attitudes: Understanding your Marketing // Operations Analysis for the Hospitality Industry // Foodservice Management // Shanghai Hotel and Foodservice Site Visit

cate/Diploma. This indicates that your further education is based on the experience previously accumulated.

For more elective courses visit

Lemanic - Five Stars & YOU!

Current Programs and Modules

CERTIFICATE LEVEL Professional Development Certificate (PDC)* in Intl. Hospitality Management Post-Graduate Certificate (PGC)* in Intl. Hospitality Management

CORE MODULES The core modules cover advanced topics in the 5 main areas of a hotel, being


The Online Learning System

Learning Online

Studies are enhanced by one of the technologically most advanced and content–rich distance learning solutions to date. Lemanic’s Online Learning System is a highly interactive platform, utilizing videos, recorded and live lectures, narrated presentations, e–books, various communication platforms for interaction with the faculty & students, professional networking and many more features.


A one–stop solution Courses are supported through interactive online books, presentations, video lectures, case studies and research papers. All relevant content is being provided by via Lemanic’s online learning system. Electronic Bestsellers We are in the process of developing customized e– books and supported content from the world’s leading authors. The result is an interactive learning experience in a text–rich and graphically enhanced format supported by online exercises, assignments and tests for enhanced comprehension. Online Research Center Our efforts have led to the creation of a comprehensive online research center, which together with its partners provides access to well over 2 million articles, texts and research papers and to the latest content and news of the New York Times, Time Magazine and other leading media and their archives. State of the art Curriculum A clear, concise and contemporary curriculum which pragmatically delivers practical concepts in a challenging intellectual environment.

Renowned Faculty & Extensive Support Lemanic provides personal attention to each student. The learning system guarantees timely support on both administrative and academic levels.. Our international board of renowned scholars and practitioners serves as an active partner in the design and development of solutions applied in the real world. Students work closely together with their faculty and colleagues. The lecturer’s role is that of a facilitator, supporting, following–up and providing feedback to the student’s progress. Films, Interviews and cases Many classes are accompanied by video lectures and interviews with world business leaders from across a wide spectrum of industries. Narrated presentations for an easier understanding have been developed and students take advantage from a large database of cases for the practical application of theory. Live and recorded video lectures Certain courses are supported with live lectures via the Virtual Classroom. In case students miss a class, the lectures are recorded for a later preview. Community Building and Networking The Lemanic Online Learning System embeds a universe of active communication and networking means, including student and alumni databases, discussion forums, message boards and profilebased search engines to facilitate the creation of partnerships. Lifelong Partnership We offer career services with ample information on issues and processes of job search. Open position postings from industry partners are being published, as well as student postings of job seekers. Lifelong learning is at your fingertips through updated professional development seminars.

M. H. - General Manager - Marriott Miri Resort “The unique formula of Lemanic is that it joins industry professionals from all over the world to study with industry leaders, who share their industry expertise with the upcoming talents and leaders of tomorrow. Marriott puts strong emphasis on appointing people from the industry, who have very practical approach. Lemanic is the only school, which offers this type of unique setup.” Lemanic Distance Learning

Admission Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Admission should be based on more than your ability to pay. Most institutions, accredited or not post admission standards on their Web sites. These standards are indicative of the quality of students you will be collaborating with in the online learning environment.

The Certificate in International Hospitality is granted following the successful completion of total 4 modules.

Lemanic’s admission decisions are based on a careful review of a student’s professional background and experience. Applicants must complete a goal statement, which Lemanic uses to assess mainly their professional preparation for the program, their capacity for selfdirected work, and their long-range professional and personal goals. Lemanic only selects diverse learners who will contribute to the depth of online discussions as well as to their personal and professional communities.

The General Manager Program is granted following the successful completion of 4 modules.

The Diploma in International Hospitality is granted following the successful completion of total 8 modules.

How to enroll Enroll at your convenience

Lemanic Online Hospitality welcomes qualified applicants with no discrimination towards their gender, age, cultural, ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds. Distance learning candidates are admitted on a continuous basis, admission procedures are free of charge. Admission at Lemanic sets minimum criteria which have been designed to identify applicants who have sound potential for professional development and who show creativity, critical thinking, social and moral values, evidence of English language proficiency and strong motivation. Successful applicants must fulfill the following criteria: • Undergraduate degree from an internationally recognized academic institution or • Min. 3 years of work experience in lower or middle management (or equivalent, respective to the profession) upon graduation on Certificate Level • Min. 5 years of work experience in lower or middle management (or equivalent, respective to the profession) upon graduation on Diploma Level • Proficiency in English

You should now have all necessary information to reflect carefully and make your decision. Are you ready to take the next step? Because Lemanic offers frequent start dates, you won’t have to wait long to commence your program. If you wish to have more information about the admission requirements or discuss your options of specialization, why not contact one of our well trained enrolment advisors today by calling +41 44 586 486 5. On our website you will also find additional phone numbers in your country, which will divert directly to our representatives..

“One of Lemanic’s core values is that we are student-centered. Our industry professionals are confident in what they do and are passionate about ensuring your success.” M. K. Academic Advisor

Lemanic - Five Stars & YOU!

Admission and Graduation Requirements

Exemptions will be granted based on experience.


See you soon!

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