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Blackout at the Globes

Kira Petroff Staff Writer

Prominent #MeToo leader accused of sexual harassment Sofia Paborji & Maria Budman Editors in Chief

This year’s Golden Globes had overtly political themes because of all the women’s rights advocacy going on in Hollywood these days.

Photo by: Sofia Paborji

On Jan. 7, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association presented the 75th Golden Globe Awards on NBC. This kicked off the much awaited award show season and came around at an interesting time in history. As of fall 2017, a bright spotlight was put on Hollywood as the Harvey Weinstein scandal surfaced. This led to the major outburst of women in Hollywood and other media coming forward and stating that they were abused or manipulated by men in their field. To show their support of these women, many of the attendees at the Golden Globe Awards wore black and “Times Up” pins. The Times Up campaign began with hundreds of women in Hollywood coming together and stating that sexual assault, harassment, and inequality in the workplace will not be tolerated anymore and also to represent each other as well as stand up for one another. The Times Up website shows the original letter that was written and signed, facts about women’s harassment, how to spot and handle this harassment, and facts about the Times Up legal defense team. The money donated on the site goes to the Times Up legal defense team which provides legal services for those who have been victims to sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. According to the Huffington Post, the original push to wear black to the Golden Globes came from activist April Reign who created the hashtag “#OscarsSoWhite” after commenting on the lack of representation of minorities in Hollywood in 2015. Wearing black this year also supported victims and working toward a more equal future. continued on pg. 2

February 9 ,2017

On Feb. 8, POLITICO reported that Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia was accused of groping a male legislative staffer in 2014 while she was apparently intoxicated at a softball game. Emboldened by the #MeToo movement, the staffer reported the incident in January to his former boss, Assemblyman Ian Calderon. An anonymous lobbyist also accused Garcia of attempting to grab his crotch May of 2017 during a political fundraiser. In her whole career, Garcia has been an advocate for women, and even stated that she had been groped multiple times while in office. “Every complaint about sexual harassment should be taken seriously and I will participate fully in any investigation that takes place,” Garcia said in a statement Thursday. “I have zero recollection of engaging in inappropraite behavior and such behavior is inconsistent with my values.” Many are saying that Garcia’s alleged behavior harms the cause of equality and accountability inside and out of the workplace that she has worked for. Garcia has been a long time champion of women’s rights and supporting victims of abuse, and was one of over 140 women who signed last fall’s letter exposing and condemning the “boys’ club” culture of inequality and sexual harassment in the California legislature and all politics. Garcia has also said in the past that alcohol is no excuse for inappropriate behavior, and that it is the perpetrator, not the alcohol, that committed the offense. The well-known feminist’s photo was included in Time’s Person of the Year issue about the “silence breakers” who brought the sexual harassment issue to the public’s eye.

Leigh welcomes new track and swim coaches Staff Writer

Spring into action with track and swim’s new head coaches With the new season of Leigh’s spring sports comes the arrival of some new faces in its coaching department. Track and field undergoes a huge revamp in its coaching staff led by its new interim head coach, Jake Shaughnessy, as the swim team welcomes Ross Morrill as its new head coach. Have you had any experience coaching other teams? JS: “Yes. I’ve been coaching for about 25 years, mostly football on the high

RM: “I’ve coached high school swimming, I started that 2000/2001 at Mt. Pleasant High School, I’ve coached water polo since 2010 at Valley Christian High School. I’ve primarily just coached water polo the last number of years but I was asked to come over here and coach swimming.” How much success have you had with your previous teams? JS: “I’ve had really good success. My last football coaching job was at Leland and we went to the semifinals. One of my earlier track teams we took about some dozen kids for state. I’ve had some 0-10 football seasons trying to rebuild a program and track is an-

other sport like that. I mean nobody is gonna be the fastest they’re gonna be on the first day of practice so they build and get better throughout the season.” RM: “We revamped the Mt. Pleasant team when I was there and we were able to have general success, things were pretty good. Water polo-wise, we started that program all over at Valley. We won the CCS division two title this last year so that is our goal for this year coming in and to really give it our best go. I know in the last couple years we’ve been second in the league but we don’t want to be happy sitting in second place. We want to try to go and get a league championship either this year or in the future. We want to push towards that.” Leigh’s track team runs here in the bowl, and the team now has a new coach.

continued on pg. 10

Photo courtesy of: Arman Nikfar

Confucius Amistad

school and college level, but I’ve also been track coach for about five of those years at various different high schools.”





February 9, 2018

Blackout at the Golden Globes continued from front page Kira Petroff Staff Writer

As well as wearing black to the event, many women brought women’s rights activists as their dates. The New

York Times reported that, Laura Dern brought activist Mónica Ramírez who organizes against sexual harassment in rural areas and for Latina empowerment. Meryl Streep’s date was Ai-jen Poo, who is the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and organizes immigrant female workers. Michelle Williams’ plus one was Tara-

na Burke, the founder of the #MeToo organization. Several other woman brought their female friends as their dates to the event; including Natalie Portman who brought America Ferrera and Reese Witherspoon who brought Eva Longoria. By wearing all black, the attendees stood as a symbol of solidari-

ty. They told the world watching that time really was up and that it was time to make a change. The spotlight that was lit over the Time’s Up Movement, made it possible for around 15 million dollars to be donated to the cause, and that number continues to rise, as stated by New York Magazine. Oprah Winfrey said it best

during her speech, “...a new day is on the horizon! And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say ‘Me too’ again.”

Thousands attend Women’s March in Bay Area

Maria Budman Editor in Chief

Posters featured a variety of slogans, pun, and jokes like “Grab them by the midterms,” “Cisters not sisters,” “Free Melania,” and “My favorite sexual position is consensual.” “It was amazing to see so many men and ister in one tent (anyone 16 or older can, Though the marchers were most- women of all ages out in the cold marchto be ready for the first election they are ly female, many men and boys showed ing…. I hope the march continues until 18). their support as well, donning pussy hats and after a positive change happens,” said “There are… too many ‘me toos’ and chanting along. Many people were Maya Walborsky, senior. and not enough people doing anything marching for an end to sexual mistreat- Some women of racial minorities about it. I march because I grew up with ment, equality in the workplace, universal felt left out because they felt that white Obama’s voice leading the way and the health care, citizenship for DACA recipi- women focused only on equality for seven year old next to me will grow up ents, immigration policy reform, the right with Trump’s and that scares me. I march to choose, and more. Some signs called today and will continue to march so that for President Donald Trump’s impeachsomeday equality will become a reality,” ment and referenced his alleged collusion said Michaela Sampas, sophomore. with Russia during the 2016 election.

Open teaching positions leads to teachers stepping in and out

Apple admits to slowing down iPhones

Sofia Paborji Editor in Chief

Marin Smith

On Dec. 20, Apple has admitted that the iOS software slows down the performance of the older iPhones. Apple did end up apologizing to their consumers while placing this without users’ consent. Apple claims that they did this only to help older models not to have so many unexpected shutdowns. Apple also blames the lithium battery for causing the rapid decrease of the battery. They recommend keeping your iPhone away from cold places or hot places because it might strain the battery causing it not to be able to hold the charge. Apple also ended up decreasing the price for replacing the lithium batteries; instead of $79 it cost $29 to apologize further. Consumer groups and government authorities in the U.S., South Korea, and France have filed complaints and have either sued Apple or are investigating. More than 30 lawsuits have been filed in the U.S.; one of the main claims is that Apple slowed down iPhones without the consumers’ consent or knowledge. In France, it is illegal to deliberately shorten the lifespan of products in order to make consumers buy new ones. Companies can be fined up to 5% of their annual sales if caught.

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

News Editor

The rainbow logo was used by Apple from 1977-99.

“At more than €1,200 ($1,400) per phone, these practices are unacceptable and cannot go unpunished. It is our mission to defend consumers and the environment,” said Laetitia Vasseur, co-founder of the consumer group. 63% of Leigh students surveyed have noticed that their iPhone battery has been decreasing rapidly and that their iPhone has had a slower performance. Most of Leigh students that have noticed these changes have a iPhone earlier than an 8. Out of all of the responses no one had tried to replace the lithium battery. One Leigh

student tried to restart their phone to help with the issue but claims it only fixes the problem temporarily. On Jan. 24, Apple released a sneak peak on what iOS 11.3 would do. iOS 11.3 gives you the control to opt out Apple slowing down your phone and a tool that shows your iPhone battery’s health. Even though Apple is giving this option, they do not recommend that you opt out. This is because iPhone lithium batteries do deteriorate over time and that would only cause iPhones to shut down abruptly. iOS 11.3 won’t be coming out until spring.

A rotation of teachers occured this year in the math department, leaving students with many substitutes and different teachers..In January, Veena Jaine, an Integrated Math one and two teacher, stepped down from her teaching position, leaving students without a teacher for two days before Vidya Viswanathan stepped in as their new teacher. The 2017-2018 school year began with three openings in the math department in place of Dennis Lynch, Earl Freckleton, and Erika Snouffer. Aaron Shuler, first-year teacher, stepped in for Freckleton, and in place of Snouffer, Jaine stepped in. While Jaine did qualify for the position and taught for six months, she stepped down. Leigh High School principal Kara Butler described her situation as a scenario where Jaine did not find Leigh as the best fit. The hiring process, crucial to this year as there were many open teaching positions, requires fingerprinting, credentials, and determining if the teacher is a good fit. “Our goal is to hire quality and qual ified teachers who are the best fit for Leigh students and our school community. Currently, it is very difficult to find teachers in the areas of math, science and Special Education even when we can hire early, much less during the summer,” said Butler. “Every year we strive to hire as early as possible when the best candidates are available. However, there are times when late retirements or the loss of a teacher makes

that impossible,” she added. Viswanathan, the teacher who took place of Jaine early January, quickly had to pick up where the curriculum ended as Jaine left. “It was a little l difficult because I didn’t meet her, so we didn’t have time for a proper handover from her to me...I was asked to join right away; they didn’t have anyone and her time was over so I had to jump in immediately,” said Viswanathan. However, Viswanathan is enjoying the community at Leigh so far. ”Since the number of staff is also less here, it’s a more family kind of environment, it’s nice,” she added. Currently all of Leigh High School’s departments are fully staffed except math. Butler also mentioned that when there are open STEM associated jobs beyond teaching, those jobs are more sought after, especially in the Bay Area.

Photo by: Sofia Paborji

The morning of Jan. 20, more than 150,000 marchers gathered in the Bay Area to peacefully advocate for women’s rights, religious freedom, and other issues of today. Last year on Jan. 21, 2017, a similar Women’s March occurred, letting the new president know that women have a voice. This year, the march focused on promoting people to vote in the 2018 midterm elections and encouraging women to run for office. says the rally was also intended to “engage and empower all people to support women’s rights, human rights, [and] social and environmental justice....” “It’s a really great day that showcases the power of women, democracy, and people in general. It’s amazing to see so many families and people of all different colors and creeds coming together to stand against what they know is wrong,” said Nolan Carlen, senior. In San Jose, people marched from City Hall, down Santa Clara Street to Arena Green East with a rally, food, and tents with different nonprofits for causes like Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ+ rights and racial justice. Voters were able to reg-

Photo by: Maria Budman

themselves, and did not work for racial equality; and although the march was described by organizers as “non-partisan,” it cannot be ignored that most of the marchers were Democrats who dislike Trump. Numerous women on the right criticized the movement for this reason, so this year, march organizers tried to be more inclusive of people who felt left out of last year’s marches. Marches took place in 18 California cities, including Oakland, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco and continued around the world on Jan. 21. Said Sophia Andary, co-lead of Women’s March San Francisco, “With so much at stake at the polls this year, our mission is clear - let’s show up on ballots and at polls to effect change!” “After last year’s march, we were honored to partner with groups working for social justice throughout the year,” said Sophia Andary, co-lead of Women’s March San Francisco. “ We’ve also been inspired by the huge swell of women running for and winning office and by the impact of grassroots activism on election results. With so much at stake at the polls this year, our mission is clear - let’s show up on ballots and at polls to effect change!”


The Eleight Staff Editors-in-Chief

Maria Budman & Sofia Paborji




Larry Nassar sentenced 40 to 175 years Owen Bower

Opinion: Kaylee Flores Features: Nella Khachian Sports: Catherine Hong Visuals & Arts and Entertainment: Isabella McClintock News: Marin Smith

Staff Writers

Confucius Amistad, Owen Bower, Emily Kissinger, Jacob Lazaga, Siena Lee, William Migdol, Kaelyn Mikami, Kira Petroff, Anika Udupa, Rene Wash

Visuals Staff

Isabella McClintock, Amanda Liao, Marin Smith, Tristan Tanner

In-Depth Staff

Sophia Blair, Lynn Chang, Ashley Zhang

Sports Staff

Jared Osorio, Anthony Paoli, Griffin Quadro, Allison Taylor


Beth Nakamura

Mission Statement The Eleight is an independent publication dedicated to honest, ethical, accurate and complete coverage of the Leigh High student body and its surrounding community. Campbell Union High School District schools do not discriminate regarding student choices of classes on the basis of gender, sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, or marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or the perception of one or more of such characteristics.

On Jan. 24, Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison. Nassar, a 54 year old doctor, pleaded guilty for sexually abusing young athletes, including members of the US national gymnastics team such as Olympic standouts Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, and Aly Raisman. This happened for decades under medical treatment where he manipulated the athletes to think he was curing them from an injury. Nassar gained the trust between the girls and their families, which gave him cover to sexually abuse the gymnasts. According to ESPN, Nassar was fired from the USA Gymnastics team in 2015 and was also dismissed from his training job at Michigan State University. In Dec. 2016, he was arrested for possessing at least 37,000 images of child pornography. He later pleaded guilty to three federal counts related to child pornography. A few years later in 2018, Nassar pleaded guilty to an additional 10 different counts of sexual misconduct during his career. Nassar said, “I’m so terribly sorry, and wishes the victims and community can heal” according to ESPN. One year after his first offence in 2016, the #MeToo movement gained attention. #MeToo is used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread issue of sexual assault and harassment. It is used to let survivors

Gymnasts Aly Raisman and Simone Biles at the 2016 Olympics. know that they are not alone and encourage victims to come forward. Throughout the years, millions of tweets have been shared publicly ranging from celebrities to athletes. In the future, people like Nassar will be stopped quicker because of the #MeToo movement. A significant line from Nassar’s court trial that will be remembered for years was when Judge Rosemarie Aquilina said, “I’ve just signed your death warrant” after announcing his sentence. Most victims wiped away their tears when they heard the news, but some had a different type of reaction. Rachael Denhollander, the

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Staff Writer


first of Nassar’s many victims to come forward publicly, smiled as she heard the news. “Larry Nassar makes me embarrassed and ashamed to be involved with USA gymnastics,” says gymnast Amber Hill, a sophomore at Leigh High School. In the future, our society needs to know that it is alright to come forward if one is sexually assaulted. Larry Nassar’s victims demonstrated bravery and strength to publicly announce his past actions towards them and allow for him to face the punishment he deserves.

Politics update

These days, the news cycle can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to miss big stories due to the sheer amount that surface every hour. So here is a quick summary of what has been happening lately.

Things are changing. And when we at The Eleight, say things, we mean the paper. We’d like to welcome our readers to the very first completely online edition of The Eleight. The future is now, and we welcome it. Even though it’s the shortest month, February is full of fun: ski week, Valentine’s Day, and Black History Month. However you are celebrating, we know you’ll love The Eleight’s most revolutionary, modern edition ever! Finally, some advice from the new mother Kylie Jenner: “You just can’t get stressed about the little things cause it’s just not worth it at the end of the day.”

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Editor’s Note

From left: President Donald Trump, Vice President Michael Pence, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan at the 2018 State of the Union address.

Maria Budman Editor in Chief

Sincerely, Maria Budman & Sofia Paborji, your Editors-in-Chief

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Government Shutdown The government shut down Jan. 20-23 because Democrats and Republicans in Congress couldn’t agree. Democrats want to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program of Medicaid and Republicans want to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and neither could compromise. The government reopened on Congress agreed to fund the government until at least Feb. 8. GOP Tax Bill The Trump administration’s new tax plan reduces taxes for almost everyone.

Families will be able to take a larger child tax credit. With this piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate was repealed, removing the act’s most controversial piece, a big win for Republicans. The bill also restructures Medicaid to cover less people. The Wall President Donald Trump’s dream of a border wall is estimated to cost $70 billion to build and $150 million a year to maintain, according to “The New York Times.” In return for citizenship for DACA recipients and some other immigrants, Trump asked Congress for $25 billion, so Mexico will not be paying for the wall. The White House also wants to replace the citizenship lottery

with a merit-based system and eliminate family immigration. State of the Union In Trump’s first State of the Union address on Jan. 30, he spoke with a positive tone of America, stronger because of its citizens. He spoke of immigrants and other nations negatively. He said employment hit a 45 year low, and African American and Hispanic unemployment was at the lowest ever recorded. He celebrated the economic success and the GOP’s major accomplishments of the first year: the tax bill, Supreme Court appointment, and repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. Overall, Trump had a very positive outlook in the speech, expressing optimism in the country’s future.


YouTube celebrities under scrutiny Staff Writer

Controversy in 140 characters or less Tristan Tanner

bers to make interesting videos without having to make insensitive videos. If these YouTubers don’t want backlash then they should think when editing that video, could this be controversial? Some students at Leigh had ideas on how they can avoid media repercussion, such as Xavier Viramontes, junior, who said, “They can avoid controversy by not being so stupid ... post content that is for all ages and groups. That is appropriate for all ages and groups too.” Bryant Draper, freshman said, “[They can] avoid being controversial by not putting anything that might offend anyone into their content such as racism and sexuality.” “Content creators can be controversial because they can say something … and then in another video they can say something that was against what they said before and those things might be against the community,” said Avi Singh, freshman. If it is controversial, don’t post that video and live on being a successful YouTuber who still gets tons of views without having to do anything to sacrifice reputation.

Photo by: Maria Budman

The history of popular YouTubers and what they should do Recently popular YouTubers and other content creators have made videos which were meant to get huge views for money but just ended up creating controversy. These videos either ended in backlash or with the people in the video getting in trouble with the law. Logan Paul has faced backlash over what he did in Japan, such as make racist jokes. Although, he created the most media buzz filming a dead body in the so-called “Suicide Forest” for views and money, while being insensitive about filming the body and making jokes about it on top of that. Nevertheless, he wasn’t the first one to try to get views by being thoughtless towards how others feel. Other YouTube channels have made videos that were either pranks that had gone too far or staged inconsiderate pranks. One of these people was Joey Salads who put a car that

From left: Logan and Jake Paul in their music video, “I Love You Bro.”

Valentine’s Day gifts more materialistic than heartfelt Kaylee Flores Opinion Editor

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is often celebrated by couples or people who are infatuated with the thought of love. However, is the proper way to show how much you care for someone with a superficial gift? By late January, if one walks into almost any store, they will see a whole aisle dedicated to cheap chocolates, candies, stuffed animals, and any items that are associated with love. According to CNN, the average amount spent for Valentine’s Day is $130.97 per person. The total amount of money spent for Valentine’s Day annually is normally over $18.2 billion as it is recorded by the National Retail Federation. People normally expect to receive an expensive gift from their significant other on this

seemingly important day. “There shouldn’t be a designated day to give your partner a gift. If you want to give your partner a gift, then you should,” said Aleena Hathaway, junior. The idea is put into the heads of many that it’s customary to spend a little extra on their significant other for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries which is okay, but should people not celebrate their love for eachother on other days of the year as well? “If it’s a fun holiday that gets people to celebrate love, then so be it. There is no harm. Single people may hate it, but singles are always grumpy, so have fun this V-day,” replied Benjamin Bear, senior. Hallmark adds fuel to the fire, which is the ridiculous amount of money spent during this season for this holiday, with their cards. On their website, there are 911 different Valentine’s Day cards available for purchase. “It’s just like glorifying couples

February 9, 2018

Visuals Staff

Democrats, Republicans, and independents usually are in agreement over the fact that a president should be dependable, trustworthy, and professional. However, in recent years, Republicans seem to have thrown these values to the wind. Allegedly, President Donald Trump, in a meeting with lawmakers over immigration reform, referred to places like Haiti as “s---hole countries” and that he wished there were more immigrants from Norway. Trump and other Republicans have denied he has said this, but more and more lawmakers are coming forward claiming that these accusations are true. Conservatives have been quick to come to Trump’s defense, either saying that Trump did not say the phrase “s--hole countries,” or claiming that the phrase is accurate. An explosion of racist sentiment and memes regarding Haiti and immigrants from African countries has followed in the wake of Trump’s statement. This is concerning that such a racist and derogatory statement has been spoken by the highest authority in America. Typically such language would be attributed to a far right eccentric such as the infamous Alex Jones, but to hear it pass from the lips of the leader of the United States is terrifying. In a recent speech, Vice President Mike Pence said, “I know what is in the president’s heart…. I know what President Trump wants to do is reform immigration to make our system one that puts America first”. This is worrying; the phrase “America first” echoes back to the America First movement of the 1940s, a strongly pro-nationalist and pro-Nazi movement. Bryce Marcum, senior, said, “Ultimately that is a very rude thing to say… when you refer to another country like that, it makes our country look like a s---hole.” However, Bryce also said, “I do not think it was racist, I think it was purely economically [sic].... We have a very egotistical president.” There has been much debate about whether or not Trump actually called Haiti a s---hole, a s---house, or

President Donald Trump’s Twiiter account as of Feb. 18.

Photo by: Maria Budman

Jacob Lazaga

supported Donald Trump in a mostly African-American neighborhood to see what would happen. However, somebody filmed them from a rooftop so that you could clearly see the prank was staged and that this was a cruel video to make. Why add drama when you don’t need to? I mean if this was real that would be different, but he staged a social experiment just for views and it ended up riling up tensions between voters. That is not okay, especially considering what the video means to all people including his subscribers. Other YouTube videos have ended up with people getting in trouble with the law such as videos from Trollstation, a popular prank channel, where they pretended to rob an art gallery in masks or from TmarTN, another popular YouTube channel, where he promoted a gambling site as a money maker but didn’t disclose that he owned the site and had to go to court over it. All these videos were made to make money from views or from promoting personal websites they owned and they all ended in backlash as they should have. The problem is that while YouTube pays YouTubers to get views and subscribers, it is up to the YouTu-


did not refer to it derogatorily at all. However, the main takeaway from this event should not be that Trump called a country a s---hole; it should be that he prefers immigrants from a primarily white country over those from poorer, primarily non-white countries. Trump is no stranger to racism, despite claiming he is, “the least racist person you will ever meet.” In both 1973 and 1978, Trump has been charged with housing discrimination charges by providing better housing for white people than black people, and has stated that he believes educated black people have an advantage over white people. According to former Trump hotel employee John R. O’Donnel, Trump has said that “laziness is a trait in blacks” and that “the only people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day”. Though many have criticized Trump for his comments, the Ugandan president Yoweri Musevani has complimented his candor, tweeting, “Donald Trump speaks to Africans frankly. Africans need to solve their problems….” On Jan. 15, protestors largely of Haitian ancestry marched in Mar-aLago over Trump’s derogatory words, demanding an apology. There was a small counterprotest of a dozen or so Trump supporters, but they were brushed aside by the nearly 400 protesters, according to My Palm Beach Post. Is the president required to remain respectful towards other countries? Is the president racist for preferring immigrants from an 80% white country to those from Haiti? In my opinion, the answer to both these questions are a definite yes.

spending time together and you have to be extra and special to them,” stated Mikenna Wallters, freshman. A common act of showing one’s love on any occasion is by purchasing flowers, specifically roses, for their significant other. About 198 million roses were grown for Valentine’s Day in 2010 as estimated by the Society of American Florists. Around this holiday, the cost of flowers normally increase with the demand. Even though Valentine’s Day is often associated with just spending money in order to please one’s significant other, it shouldn’t be spoiled for those who actually show how much they care for one another. Showing love should not be just limited to Valentine’s Day, you should show your love year round.

Safeway puts out a flower display for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Photo by: William Migdol



THE ELEIGHT | February 9, 2018




Valentines gift & date ideas Features Editor

It’s easy to do the standard box-of-chocolate and card for Valentine’s Day, or maybe some red roses, but Valentine’s Day gift giving deserves a little more respect. It is the holiday celebrating love, after all, and who couldn’t use a reminder of that? Whether you’re showing your love for a partner or for your most precious friends, a little effort can make a big difference. Here are some ideas for making the day a little more special, whether it’s adding a touch of decor or a tasty homemade treat or an adventure that really says “I was thinking of you.”

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Ice Skating/ roller skatingThere is something incredibly fun about ice skating that brings people closer together and just keeps you laughing (maybe it’s all the falling and clinging to the other person for dear life). Winter Lodge in Palo Alto is a great place for some ice skating fun! Check out their website for dates and rates.

Take a trip down to the coast-The beach is always a great place to spend time with friends or your partner. Pack some hot chocolate in a travel mug, and drive along the coast, find a spot to sit, and enjoy the sunset. Make sure to leave your phones at home. Hold each other tight as you watch the sunset over the horizon and enjoy the simplicity of the moment. Around Santa Cruz and up highway 1 has many great spots to stop and watch the sunset, such as Shark Fin Cove beach.

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Nella Khachian

Netflix and Chill 2.0- Take Netflix and Chill to the next level by building a fortress of blankets, pillows, and lights where you can watch movies all night (possibly chick flicks, might want to pass on the action movies this time boys). Good movies would be “Endless Love,” “The Notebook,” “The Longest Ride,” “The Proposal,” “Safe Haven,” “Ten Things I Hate About You,” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Homemade Show off your chef skills, and impress your partner with a delicious recipe made out of love, and hopefully the right ingredients. A recipe you could cook is spaghetti and meatballs. Check out Martha Stewart’s recipe for spaghetti and meatballs, which only takes about 30 min.

Visual by Emily Kissinger, Staff Writer

Leigh’s thoughts on Winter Ball Siena Lee

Staff Writer Question :What did you think of the ticket cost? Was it worth it?

“A bit pricey for being a dance, but it was worth it.” Avery Canella, senior. “The dance was a good experience for my senior year, the price was for sure worth it.” Luke Prince, senior. What did you think of the venue? “It was a really nice place and it was big enough that it wasn’t too crammed which is not like the other dances i have been to.” Britney Cooksey, senior. “It was by far the best dance i’ve been to and the dance floor was much bigger which made it much more fun than other dances.” Jake Mendez, senior.

How was the music?

“The music could’ve been better/ more diverse but for the most part it was pretty good. Although, I wish there was more slow songs that played.” Brooke Corridan, junior. “I think the music could’ve been better, because there was some songs that were really hard to dance to and not everyone was into that type of music” Forrest Ceconi, junior.

What were your thoughts on the theme?

”They had a really cute photo booth backdrop with flowers which made it really pretty and expressed the theme in a pretty/romantic way.” Sheila Shariat, junior. “The chocolate fountains were a good accessory to add to the theme of “A night in Paris” Tevyn Louis, Junior,

Did you go with a date or with friends? How was that?

“I went with a group of friends, which was really fun because i got to dance in a big group, rather than just dancing with one person the whole time.” Camryn Borg, sophomore “I went with a date, and I had a good time because I always had someone to dance with” Jacob Gonzales, sophomore.

Would you pay more if dinner was included at the dance? “No, because most groups, including myself, went to a nice restaurant before which I thought would be better because you got to choose what you wanted to eat.” Katie Kusalo, sophomore. “Yes, because it takes away the stress of having to find a restaurant and making reservations that can accommodate a big group of people” Peyton Smith, sophomore

These are all great ways to show your special someone, be it friend or partner, that you care about them this Valentines day. And if you like, you ccan give them a shot year round.

Trends seen at Winter Ball Kaelyn Mikami Staff Writer

Elegant Minimalism Kyleigh Fertitta, senior

Loose and Flowy Emily Agur, freshman

Lavish in Lace Taylor Doty, senior

Classy and Suede Caroline Munson, senior

Flashy Sequined Rachel Diamond, senior




Disorder (OCD) is about being a neat freak and paying attention to the little things. It’s not an active choice; the person knows it’s irrational but the anxiety causes them to believe something terrible will happen if they don’t fulfill the compulsion. Also, a textbook example of OCD is a young girl that needed to say goodnight to all of of her family members and have them respond in a specific way, or she would not be able to sleep.

Misconception: Mania is fun and productive.

Mania is characterized by euphoria and optimism, but it is also very dangerous. Personal inhibitions are greatly lowered and the one affected will not take advice and could lash out. Common things that happen as a result of mania are reckless spending and risky sexual activity.

Drugs are used to alter and balance the chemical makeup of the brain, such as the following: Antidepressants: Most are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which prevent excess serotonin from being reabsorbed; SSRIs work because lack of serotonin is a cause of depression Anti-Anxiety Medications: Anti-anxiety medications calm one down by depresses central nervous system function. Anti-Psychotics: Molecules of the drug occupy the receptor sites of dopamine and inhibit its activity.




- Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA asked freshmen if they felt overwhelmed by their workload - In 1985, 18% said yes - In 2010, 29% said yes - In 2009, anxiety overtook depression as leading - In 2017, 41% said yes mental health issue in college students - 31.9% of youths will meet some sort of criteria for an anxiety disorder by age 17 - Despite high anxiety rates, experts believe that anxiety is underdiagnosed, likely because of the great variation in anxiety symptoms


- 11.93% of youth age 12-17 reported at least one episode of major depressive disorder within the year of 2017 (from Mental Health in America) - The percentage of youth with severe depression increased 2.35% from 2012 to 2015 - ž of teenagers in Johns Hopkins longitudinal study about depression were female

Common TREATMENTS For Mental Illness Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy operates on the principle that changing maladaptive thinking and beliefs will lead to change in behavior, which will then positively affect mental health. This has been used to reduce or eliminate phobias and treat anxiety disorders and eating disorders, among others.



The five Olympic rings represent the five continents of the world.The five different colors represent the colors on each national flag.

Allison Taylor Sports Staff

The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held from Feb. 9-25 in PyeongChang, South Korea. Over 90 nations will be competing in 15 different sports ranging from curling to snowboarding. The United States is sure

Unsung Hero: Alice Barbieri

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia

Winter Olympics update

to have a lot of success at the game with about 240 athletes competing. The United States currently has the second most gold medals and overall medals in the Winter games behind only Norway. There are many stand out

athletes attending the games in February who are likely to leave their mark. Mikaela Shiffrin is one of those athletes. Only 22 years old, Shiffrin has won multiple gold medals for alpine skiing and gold in slalom the world championship in 2017 at St. Mortiz. This will be Shiffrin’s second appearance at the Olympic games and she is hoping, as all athletes are, to bring home the gold for her country. Shiffrin has been going through a rough patch recently and hasn’t completed her last two races. “I can see it in my mind, and the streak is coming to an end,” said Shiffrin in an interview with ABC. Shiffrin is someone to be sure to watch and she will be competing from Feb. 14-24. Another athlete that will be exciting to watch is Nathan Chen. Mr. Chen is only 18 years old and is already a National Champion in figure skating. Not only is he a National Champion but he is also the youngest U.S. male skater to win the Grand Prix of Figure Skating final and the first skater to land five quadruple jumps in a free skate. “It’s crazy how fast time flies and how things progress. I’m super blessed to have the opportunity to compete at these events and prove that I deserve an open spot in 2018,” said Mr. Chen in an interview with Los Angeles Times. With so much passion and

February 9, 2018 talent Mr. Chen is no doubt going to succeed in this years olympics and represent his country very well. Another athlete that will be fun to watch is Karen Chen. Ms. Chen is a figure skater who was born and raised only a couple miles away in Fremont. At the 2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Ms. Chen placed fourth overall in the free skate. Ms. Chen was in a close race during the qualifiers with figure skater Ashley Wagner but pulled out on top and gets the opportunity to represent her country. “I screamed. I jumped up. I was exhausted, too, but I had just enough energy to scream,” said Ms. Chen in an interview with The Washington Post. This year’s Winter Olympics will bring lots of talent and exciting moments that you will not want to miss.

Photo courtesy of: Pixabay



Five of the sports that will be at the Olympics are shown in the rings.

Michigan State scandal

Photo courtesy of: Alice Barbieri

New details revealed about sexual abuse at MSU

Griffin Quadro Sports Staff

Alice Barbieri, freshman is one of many unsung heroes here at Leigh. With her great work on and off the field with soccer and her studies. She is an A student and always on top of her school work she’s the same way in soccer. She started playing soccer in a recreation league when she was 3-yearsold. She went to a camp called Kidz Love Soccer where the passion for soccer started and she fell in love with it. Her goal was always to go professional, ever since the first World Cup she saw in 2006. With Barbieri’s skills and talent in recreation league, she wanted to play at a more competitive level. “When I was on my other team sporting I played forward, and when I was at De Anza Force I played defense just because I was taller than everyone and more physical and aggressive. Now at MVLA I play midfield. When I was playing for MVLA I got talked to by the University of San Francisco and Cal [UC Berkeley] but it’s not official at the 2017 ECNL Phoenix showcase,” said Barbieri. Barbieri’s teammates believe she is the unsung hero too. Senior Ashley Wallace said, “Al-

ice is one of the most talented players here at Leigh.” “Alice is one of the most hard working girls on our team and with that she helps us work hard too,” said Mckenna Falarski, sophomore. Some of Barbieri’s biggest accomplishments in soccer are playing on varsity as a freshman, starting, winning the Surf Cup Tournament and the state championship, and having the winning goal in the semi final game. Here at Leigh, Barbieri has had a great impact on the team. She plays midfield. Barbieri is the unsung hero of Leigh because she’s a real leader on and off the field. She’s one of the most key parts to the team because of the skills she brings and fun she has. Barbieri has always been a leader in sports and everything else she does. She’s not one to brag but you can see and tell by the way she plays and leads on the team she is always talking and telling everyone what to do with the big role she has. Barbieri is a role model to many players on the team that look up to her as one of the only freshmen on varsity. They try to be just like her. Yes, the stats don’t show she is the top goal scorer or anything, but without her presence on the field the team would not be the same.

Photo courtesy of: Flickr

Barbieri kicks the ball during one of her soccer games.

MSU is a public university in East Lansing, Michigan.

Catherine Hong Sports Editor

After the sexual abuse case involving former longtime gymnastics coach of Michigan State University Larry Nassar, there has been some other information revealed involving the football and basketball teams. ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” looked into these cases and found how MSU was misguided in the approach to sexual assault cases. “Whatever protocol or policy was in place, whatever frontline staff might normally be involved in response of investigation, it all got kind of swept away and it was handled more by administration [and] athletic department officials.… It was all happening behind closed doors.… None of it was transparent or included people who would normally be involved in certain decisions,” Lauren Allswede, MSU’s former sexual assault counselor, told ESPN. In the seven years that she

had worked there the biggest problem was complaints involving athletes. These were routinely investigated and handled by the athletic department and sometimes the coaches. While this information has been coming out MSU President Lou Anna Simon resigned, and Athletic Director Mark Hollis retired. In June 2017 there were two sexual assault cases that Coach Mark Dantonio addressed to the media. The four players that were involved in the case were kicked off the team and dismissed from MSU. Travis Walton was released by the NBA G League’s Agua Caliente Clippers where he was an assistant coach. In early 2010, he was an undergraduate student assistant coach, and he abused a MSU junior named Ashley Thompson, and was charged with a misdemeanor for assault and battery. Later the case was dismissed, and he instead pleaded guilty to a civil infraction. In August of the same year, two top basketball recruits Adreian Payne and Keith Appling sexually assaulted Carolyn Schaner, a MSU student,

and no charges were filed on this case. After the OTL story was published by ESPN, it drew some local media coverage and there was some punishment to the players. Payne’s two way contract with the Orlando Magic, and was waived. Appling was already in jail for a weapons charge. “As a die-hard Spartan fan, as an alumnus, as a supporter, I wish who were affected, touched by it, broken by it, shaken, whatever it did to you, I wish well in their recovery. Because it touched everybody in a different way … Whether you’re a supporter and it kills your pride or whether you’re a victim and you’re going through the things that you’re going through,” said Warriors forward Draymond Green, former MSU basketball player on Jan. 27. There is a lot to investigate in these cases. After these firings, it has been getting interesting with the responses from people including a protest against the new president hired by MSU Bill Schuette, and a Go Fund Me set up for the victims of sexual assault at the school.

THE ELEIGHT | February 9, 2018




Jared Osorio Sports Staff

Unless you’ve been spending a great deal of time beneath a rock, you probably knew that the Super Bowl was this past weekend. Whether someone watches the game or chooses to ignore it, almost everyone knows when Super Bowl Sunday is near. It’s widely known that the Super Bowl is and has long been the single most watched US television broadcast for several decades. According to The Guardian, on average over one-third of the United States’ 329 million citizens are tuned in to the TV broadcast of the Super Bowl, and hundreds of thousands more stream the game online.

While it is the apex of the NFL season, the Super Bowl has become far more than just a football game. Millions of people across the country come together to celebrate this occasion with family and friends. There’s always a performance by a superstar vocalist and/or group at the Halftime show. Several companies pay millions for their best possible 30 second advertisements that either make anxious fans burst their guts laughing, cringe at their mediocrity, or shed a couple tears (looking at you, Verizon). Almost every part of the American culture is on display for a single day on which one team, its players, coaching staff, and front office executives will have a chance to write their names in the history books and win the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy.

This year was a repeat of the matchup from Super Bowl XXXIX: the Philadelphia Eagles, and the New England Patriots. Each were the #1 seeds of their respective conferences at 13-3 in the regular season, and both faced their share of challenges leading to this point. The Patriots opened the season by getting walloped at home by the Kansas City Chiefs 42-27, leading many to question if they still had their historic dominance. However, QB Tom Brady and company silenced all rumors of underachievement, coach-owner tensions, and lacerated hands on their way to yet another Super Bowl appearance. The Eagles emerged as the team to beat in the NFC as they steamrolled opponents week after week behind super-human performances from sec-

New head coach for the black and silver

Photo courtesy of: San Jose Mercury News

John Gruden returning to coach the Raiders

Cordarrelle Patterson makes over the shoulder catch against the Denver Broncos.

Anthony Paoli Sports Staff

Following their successful 12-4 2016 regular season and a disappointing first round playoff loss to the Houston Texans, the Oakland Raiders were hoping to build off their first playoff appearance in 14 years. Derek Carr was back from his leg injury, Amari Cooper was coming off over 1,000 yards receiving in his first two seasons in the NFL, and Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement to play for his hometown team. Instead, the Raiders were a massive disappointment. The Raiders went 6-10 earning them a third place spot in their division only above the Denver Broncos. They would miss the playoffs again for the 14th time in the last 15 years. The Raiders didn’t wait long to make changes. On Dec. 31, 2017, the Raiders lost their last game of the season 30-10 against the Chargers. Following

their loss, the Raiders announced the firing of head coach Jack Del Rio later that same day. Five days later, Jon Gruden was officially named the new head coach. Gruden coached the Raiders from 1998-2001 in which the Raiders made the playoffs twice including a conference championship appearance in 2001. Following the 2001 season, Gruden was traded to the Buccaneers, something you rarely see happen to coaches. In his first year in Tampa Bay, he led the Bucs to the Super Bowl where they faced the team that traded Gruden away, the Raiders. Tampa Bay beat the Raiders soundly by a score of 48-21 winning the franchise’s first ever Super Bowl. After coaching in Tampa Bay for seven seasons, Gruden was fired after only making the playoffs twice since their Super Bowl win. Gruden spent his next nine years as a broadcaster for ESPN before the Raiders approached him for the head coaching job. “[Owner] Mark [Davis] and

I have been friends for a long time” Gruden said in his introductory press conference with the Raiders. “I think over the last six to seven years we have talked about the Raiders. Not necessarily becoming a coach, but maybe ways that we could improve the Raiders or my vision how I thought I could help them.” Gruden is known for his offensive mind. He works a lot with the offense and prefers to call the plays himself from the sideline. One of Gruden’s most important tasks will be working with quarterback Derek Carr who many think had a subpar season last year. “He has great arm talent, he’s athletic, he’s got natural leadership skills, he’s young, he’s in his prime, he’s healthy now,” Gruden said of Carr. “I think with Greg Olson and the system we are going to put in place is going to demand a lot from him and I think that is what is going to unlock the greatness in him but very, very excited to have him as our quarterback.”

ond-year quarterback Carson Wentz and a surprisingly efficient defense. Wentz looked like a runaway candidate for NFL MVP honors before he and his team ran straight into a brick wall Week 14. Wentz suffered a season-ending ACL tear, leaving the Eagles’ fate largely in the hands of backup Nick Foles. Foles was no stranger to the spotlight, though. In his magical 2013 season, he played the Eagles to a division championship, while landing himself in the Pro Bowl. Though Foles began his second stint as the Eagles’ signal caller looking awfully overwhelmed, he lit the #1 Minnesota Vikings defense on fire in the NFC Championship game by a score of 38-7, leaving little doubt about his ability to direct the league’s #3 scoring offense. So there they stood, two dominant teams that each were met with struggles on their respective journeys to the promised land of Super Bowl LII. It was all Eagles early in the game, as a surging Foles led Philadelphia to an early 16-3 lead over the defending champion Patriots. New England eventually found their footing in the second quarter, but the Eagles coasted into halftime leading 22-12. The Patriots continued to creep closer toward the lead through production form the entire New England receiving corps of TE Rob Gronkowski and WRs Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan (all with over 110 receiving yards), and eventually retook it at 33-32 in the midfourth quarter, eerily resembling their miraculous comeback over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. But the

Eagles were prepared to do anything to win, converting a critical fourth down attempt and driving down the field to score what would soon be the game winning touchdown on a Foles pass to TE Zach Ertz. It’s always scary to leave the ball in Tom Brady’s hands with any amount of time remaining on the clock, and the Eagles defense saw themselves lined up across from perhaps the greatest player to ever set foot on a football field. But in that moment, the Eagles were the best team. The Patriots’ penultimate possession ended prematurely, with Philadelphia DE Brandon Graham ripping through New England’s offensive line and strip-sacking Brady, and Eagles rookie DE Derek Barnett coming away with the loose ball. While the Patriots would have one last chance after that fateful play, the game truly ended with the only sack between either team, and Brady knew it. For the first time since February 2012, the seemingly godly Tom Brady looked like a mere mortal as he sat in disbelief upon the turf of US Bank Stadium. No one would have expected the Patriots to lose an offensive slugfest, but the hungry, overlooked, and unanimous underdog Eagles, led by their their Super Bowl MVP backup quarterback, took them to the task, and beat the indomitable Patriots at their own game. Offensive firepower, aggressive play calling, and timely trick plays has defined the New England Patriots’ historical postseason success during the Belichick-Brady era, but on this day, they favored the first time Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Let’s talk hockey

Sharks’ center Logan Couture warming up before a game.

Catherine Hong Sports Editor

The San Jose Sharks are the Bay’s hockey team, but they are not always paid attention to. Even though this season is not the most successful season the team has ever had, they currently sit in a playoff spot and are hoping to make it to the playoffs for the 13th time in 14 seasons. Even though they are going through a difficult stretch, veteran center Joe Thornton being out for the time being, and starter Martin Jones also missing some time, they have some young forwards like Tomas Hertl, Chris Tierney, Timo Meier, and Kevin Labanc picking up some of the slack from the forwards that are missing. The Sharks have not been the high powered offense team that they used to be, losing some of their top goal scorers over the years including franchise forward Patrick Marleau to free agency. However, the Sharks have cracked down on their defense allowing the tenth least goals per game at 2.73 and have the fifth best penalty kill in the league at 83.4 percent. And with the 2019 NHL All Star

Photo courtesy of: Flickr

Fans cheering before the Super Bowl.

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia Eagles fly higher than ever before

Game being hosted in San Jose, there is going to be an event hosting the NHL’s best here in January. Many people have not been paying attention to the Sharks every though each year they have been a good team. One reason is because not many people know hockey. San Jose is not the most traditional hockey city, and it not like the bigger hockey cities like Montreal, Toronto, Boston, or Detroit. Another reason is the Golden State Warriors. When looking at the Warriors lineup with Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson; it is easy to see how many teams, not just the Sharks can be overshadowed by the high power force that is the Warriors. No matter the reason why the Sharks are overshadowed, this might be the time to pay attention to them. Over the past month they have been scoring a lot scoring more goals than anyone in the NHL since Jan. 1 at 39 goals. So just a thought, but if someone offers you to go to a Sharks game, take them up on that offer. I promise it will be a lot of fun, even if you don’t understand hockey.





FEBRUARY 9, 2018

They have fallen but they will get back up! Leigh soccer and basketball stars are down for the count due to knee injuries.

Falarski on the field before her injury.

Rene Wash Staff Writer

At the beginning of this school year, not one but two students at Leigh High School experienced an excruciating setback in both their basketball and soccer careers. Ethan Thompson, senior, tore his ACL during the basketball summer league before the start of the 2017-18 school year and McKenna Falarski, junior, did the same soon after in a soccer match. The two students so kindly answered a few questions about their experiences: Q: When did you get hurt? What happened? MF: I tore my ACL Oct. 29, so a few days before Halloween. It happened

Q: What was the doctor’s diagnosis? MF: There was actually a doctor at my game who was a parent on the other team. She felt and pulled around my knee and said she thought it was an ACL tear from the start. I went to the hospital right after I got hurt and they said it was most likely an ACL tear as well. It was not until I got my MRI results a few days later that I knew for sure what happened. The doctors said I had a complete ACL tear, I sprained my MCL and tore part of my meniscus. ET: The doctor initially diagnosed it as a strained meniscus with a timetable of four weeks. Nobody thought it was torn until the MRI. Q: How did you react? MF: After I found out my injury, I was pretty disappointed especially because I was supposed to go to North Carolina for a national tournament about a month later, and school soccer season tryouts were about a week later. Although I have tried my best to maintain a positive attitude through it all. ET: I was driving to Newport Beach for a basketball tournament when I got the news. I did not really believe it was real at first and really kind of ignored it until the surgery. Q: Did you need surgery? What was that like?

MF: I did need surgery. I had surgery Nov. 21, so almost a month after my injury. The surgery itself went really well. They took part of my patella tendon to reconstruct my ACL. After my surgery was pretty painful. I was basically stuck in my bed for a week, but after that things were a lot less painful, and I was off of my crutches two weeks after the surgery. ET: I did get surgery. It took longer than expected because apparently it was really bloody, but it was successful. I was scared the night before but after the surgery the drugs kept me calm. Q: What is the recovery process like? MF: As for the recovery process, I have physical therapy twice a week, but I do recovery exercises everyday. At physical therapy, I go into a gym-like room with a group of other people who tore their ACL and do various exercises while about six physical therapists walk around and help us with our exercises. On a regular day I ride the mechanical bike, do balancing exercises, calf raises, leg press, squats, lunges, stretches and other different quad, hamstring, glute, and hip exercises. ET: The recovery process was long and slow at first. It took me a month just to lift my foot. Walking again took a long time but after that the recovery seemed to go fast. My favorite thing about physcial therapy is at the end when they sent electric shocks through your knee and it felt so good. Q: How are you coping? MF: I am coping pretty well. I am very thankful for my awesome friends and family who have been there supporting me through the whole process. My family took very good care of me after my surgery and was there for me when ever I needed it. I had many friends visit me after my surgery too. I am very lucky to have people like this in my

life, and they have all made this whole experience a lot better. I also have gotten the privilege to be the manager of the soccer team. All the girls on the team have made me feel very included and like a part of the team even though I cannot play this season. I am just very grateful for my family, friends, Leigh soccer teammates, and club soccer teammates who have kept me in high spirits and have helped me cope. ET: I was sad but my friends and family were almost always with me throughout and made the process easier as I never felt alone. There was always a sense hope.

portunity to focus more on school and spend more time with my family and friends with my spare time. I am really looking forward to recovering and getting back on the field! ET: Good luck to McKenna on the recovery and Alex Montgomery [senior] is my inspiration and my hero.

Q: How does it feel to be playing again? When will you be able to play again? MF: The doctors said I should be able to play soccer again 9-12 months after my surgery, but I am hoping to get back earlier especially since my recovery has been relatively fast so far. ET: It feels great but different. It’s still not completely healed and feels kind of heavy and slower, but Just playing with my friends again is the best feeling in the world. Q: This seems to be the year for ACL injuries, since the two of you were injured within months of each other… thoughts? MF: I guess we both got unlucky. I know Ethan has recently started playing basketball again, and I wish him a healthy and fast recovery. ET: I think ACL injuries are pretty common, and this was just bad luck but it goes faster than you think. Q: Any last thoughts or statements you would like to say? MF: Even though tearing my ACL may be a drawback in life and my soccer career, I am also thankful for the op-

Thompson has returned to the court

Photo courtesy of: Ethan Thompson

Photo courtesy of: McKenna Falarski

during a soccer game, I was running down the line chasing a girl who was dribbling to goal, then I lunged out and slid to block her shot and I felt a pop in my knee and that’s when it tore. I believe I was playing a team from Palo Alto. ET: I got hurt on Father’s Day in the summer. I was driving to the basket on a fast-break and I collided with the Bellarmine defender which tweaked my knee. I also got the foul called on me!

I am just very grateful for my family, friends, Leigh soccer teammates, and club soccer teammates who have kept me in high spirits and helped me cope. - McKenna Falarski

Spring into action with new head coaches! Staff Writer

Continued from front page...

What are your goals and expectations for your new team and how do you plan on meeting them?

JS: “Well track is an individual team sport so I think they all have goals individually they’d like to meet or maybe even exceed. As a team though, I think to be competitive and feel they’re a complete team in every event. Just being competitive as a team is the first goal I’d like to be able to reach.” RM: “We want to be able to build upon the foundation that has already been set. Leigh has a very rich history of swimming, it’s a very well known program so we want to build upon that and to continue to strive forward and be the best we can be.” What’s the main thing you want to get into your team’s head? JS: “Compete. Always compete. Track is probably the most competitive sport

- Ross Morrill

around because everything is a race, everything is a competition. Everyone is always trying to get athletes to compete in whatever sport they’re coaching. Track is a competition everyday even at practice. Who’s coming in first? Who’s throwing it the farthest? Who’s jumping the highest? There’s nothing wrong with competing and I think it’s a good thing.”

RM: “I want to care more about students as people than athletes. You as a person are more valuable than you are as an athlete. Once you’re coming through here, if I care about what’s going on your life, what’s happening in your school, your emotions, your feelings,to you as a person, then we’re willing to give more because then you trust me and you’re able to give more and try more and you’re actually gonna be able to end up being better as an athlete.”

Leigh welcomes Jake Shaughnessy (left) and Ross Morrill (right) as the new track and swim head coaches.

Photos by: Confucius Amistad

Confucius Amistad

I want to care more about students as people than athletes. You as a person are more valuable than you are as an athlete.





February 9, 2018

Grammys in Review:

Bruno Mars. LCD Soundsystem. Portugal. The Man

The Grammys brought everyone together again on Music’s most important night Bruno Mars, and Jay Z were nominated for album of the year. Which surprise! “24K Magic” won once again (get ready to see this a lot). Once again expected, a wildly popular tracklist sweeps the awards, leaving albums such as “Melodrama” and “DAMN.” in the dust. Best new artist Running against the breakout singer SZA, who released the acclaimed

“Ctrl,” Lil Uzi Vert, Julia Michaels, Alessia Cara took home the gold gramophone. This year Cara gave listeners “Stay” this year. And spoiler alert, it was an instant hit. Best pop solo Okay, I’ve come to the terms that Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” has won. The awards have been given out already but Lady Gaga’s soft and melodic “Million Reasons” ballad was a sore loss.

Streep and Hanks deliver in “The Post” Anika Udupa Staff Writer

Directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, “The Post” is a drama and thriller film, with laughable hints of comedy. The film is based on the Pentagon Papers detailing the lies of the Vietnam War. Katharine Graham (Meryl Streep) is the first female publisher of an important American newspaper, The Washington Post, and must decide whether to publish the news of the Pentagon Papers, which would involve her going head to head with the U.S. government. Graham and editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) must choose to risk their careers, and their freedom to report on government secrets that took up three decades and four U.S. presidents. The beginning of the movie starts off with The Washington Post competing with The New York Times. The New York Times ends up publish-

The Post cast waits for the results of a pressing decision. ing part of the secrets of the Pentagon Papers, but the government soon stops them from publishing more of the papers. The Washington Post is then left with the decision of publishing the Pentagon Papers, with people on both sides of the argument. The decision is left up to Graham, who hears everyone out and makes a choice. The movie addresses the issue of gender inequality in the workplace. Graham had the courage to stand in a world dominated by men. The setting of the movie takes place in the early 1970s, and the wardrobes help complement the setting. The film also depicts typewriters, and other such gadgets to throw you into an early 1970s story.

The movie was nominated for six Golden Globes. Sadly, “The Post” did not win any of these six awards. Streep and Hanks acted beautifully to bring the story to life. In the storyline, other newspapers also joined The New York Times and The Washington Post by writing about the Pentagon Papers. The case of the press against the government reaches the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court is left to decide the fate of the Pentagon Papers. All in all, the important lesson of the movie is that journalists have the ability to challenge those in power with the freedom of the press.


That’s called showbiz! Isabella McClintock In-Depth Staff

The Broadway community is taking a turn, as it is the annual closing of all of the 2017 Tony nominated shows and the openings of all of the 2018 Tony nominated shows. It’s no secret that popular shows that have been getting lots of buzz in the media such as “Hamilton: An American Musical” and “Wicked” have stayed running for so long. Because of the constant revivals and national tours of these shows, they continue to stay in business. Unfortunately, this has not been the fate of all of the recent on and off-Broadway shows. For example, shows like “Bandstand,” “Nata-

sha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812,” “Roald Dahl’s’ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Groundhog Day” were all expected to be big Tony winners, but have been kicked to the curb after closing long before the predicted end of their runs. One reason why some shows have been closing so soon is because of the Tony Awards themselves. Recently at the awards show, musicals that are being revived or are deemed popular by audiences have been winning more than new, original shows that have not been drawing such huge crowds. For instance, “Groundhog Day,” which opened on Aug. 17, 2016 at the August Wilson Theater was predicted by Playbill and other Broadway blogs to win awards under the categories such as best musical and best book but instead, it won

Photo by: Anika Udupa

“The Post” will have you climbing a staircase of suspense until you finally reach the climax.

none. The show proceeded to close on Sept. 17, 2017 after only running on Broadway for a short 13 months. In a similar case, “Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812” which opened Nov. 14, 2016 was fortunate enough to win two Tony Awards, under the categories of best scenic design and best lighting design of a musical. Even after getting very good reviews, after a controversial casting decision where an actor was asked to leave to invite a celebrity for the lead, the show met its unfortunate end and closed on Sept. 3, 2017, marking its seven months on Broadway. This pattern seems to be repeating itself all over the Broadway scene, where shows that are “supposed” to be the next classics close and the most popular shows stay in business. But that’s just showbiz.

LCD Soundsystem won and it’s all just a good time considering this is their first win. “Tonite” belongs to LCD Soundsystem’s newest album, full of complex percussion, sharp vocals and synth patterns that are catchy as hell. Listeners to “Tonite” can expect a retro background synth, smart spoken dialogue that melts with the drum machine, and mechanical echoing of James Murphy’s lyrics. You just can’t help but to “dance yrself clean.”

Haunted house in our backyard Sophia Blair In-Depth Staff

If you’ve lived in the Bay Area, you’ll probably know about the Winchester Mystery House. Most people drive past it without a second glance and fail to recognize the historic importance it represents in America’s history. The owner of the house was the wife of William Winchester, who created the Winchester rifle. Winchester rifles helped settle the west, win the civil war, and destroyed countless lives. But when the child of William and Sarah Winchester died at the age of two, and then William died soon after, Sarah was left with the vast wealth accumulated from firearms that took the lives of many innocent people. She believed that there is a curse on her family for all the death her husband’s guns brought onto people. In “Winchester,” Sarah is played by Helen Mirren, who has worked on over 68 films in the past. Purchasing land in San Jose, Sarah had a mansion built that grew, at its height, to seven stories tall. This freakish mansion was built to capture the evil spirits and help them “get over their deaths” so they could rest in peace. But the Winchester lawyers sought to have Sarah branded crazy so they could reapportion the inheritance. The tables turned when Sarah found a prominent doctor that was himself a victim to a Winchester bullet, and legally dead for three minutes. Anxious to relieve the early career medical debts he had accrued, he agreed to live in the mansion and do a thorough investigation of Sarah’s well-being. Arriving as he does under the influence of a Laudanum addiction, which is essentially an opium cocktail, he too begins to witness creatures and monsters in the night. A possessed boy attempts suicide, but the doctor is

Broadway in all of its glory.

barely able to catch him. For a while, we can’t tell if Sarah is crazy and the doctor is sane or the other way around. At this point in the movie, there are repetitive jump scares, but a slowly progressing plot. Soon, however, the doctor discovers that Sarah goes into trances at midnight and designs rooms to help rehabilitate angry zombies. They are nailed shut with 13 nails, and the undead are locked in until they rehabilitate. The worst of these rooms is the Garden Room which waits for us through the movie as a horrifying specter that we will have to inevitably confront. Things grow worse on April 17, 1906, when Sarah is almost killed by one of her own relatives while he is possessed by spirits. The next day was the day of the fabled San Francisco Earthquake. In real life, the Winchester mansion collapsed under the weight of heavy building materials and was reduced from seven to four floors. However, in the movie, the shaking cracks open every door and releases all of the trapped spirits to maraud and terrorize the family. When the doctor retreats to the Garden Room, he is surrounded by horrifying demons. The film was scary at times, but the plot tended to be confusing. The majority of the scares were jump scares of extremely demented looking figures, but it soon became repetitive. The film, though entertaining, did not seem to live up to the quality of the actors and actresses working on it. Helen Mirren did a great job of bringing the legendary and spooky story behind the Winchester mystery house to light. The Winchester mystery house is thought to be one of the most haunted buildings in all of North America, and is virtually in our backyard. Though it may not be the most accurate representation of the historical background of the mansion, you truly owe yourself the thrill of this cinematic adventure.


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The night of celebrating music’s greatest of the year has come and gone, leaving artists with trophies in hand and viewers stunned from performances. Let’s take a look at who took home the 60th annual Grammy awards. Record of the year Bruno Mars begins his winning streak by being awarded with not only Record of the Year with “24k Magic.” I mean, it was expected. Not only was Bruno practically everywhere this year and the past with album drops and remixes, but if you own a radio, you know his singles were everywhere. Everywhere. When Bruno Mars is everywhere, it doesn’t come as a surprise to watch him sweep the Grammys this year with his bass riddled groove tracks. Album of the year Pre-Grammy the selection was looking ultra competitive as Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Lorde,

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Best pop duo/ group performance “Oh woo I’m a rebel just for kicks now.” Yes! The Grammy goes to Portugal. The Man for “Feel It Still,” one of the most infectiously groovy songs on the radio. Not only did this track take the win instead of “Despacito,” or “Thunder,” Portugal. The Man is getting the recognition they deserve as this is their first Grammy nomination and win. Best dance recording Although I was silently rooting for Gorillaz’s “Andromeda,” “Tonite” by

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Valentine’s Day Wordsearch

FEBRUARY 9, 2018

My Valentine Friend Valentine’s Day reminds me how meaningful my feelings are for you. You have a special place in my world that no one else could fill. Out of your overflowing heart, you add color and light to my life. You continually cross my mind, like a precious dose of sunshine, lighting me up inside-as I think of you and the lasting memories we have created together. No Valentine gift is as precious to me as you are, my Valentine friend. ADMIRER CANDY CHOCOLATE COMPASSIONATE CRUSH




By Joanna Fuchs

If you choose this candy you are…..

Sweethearts: Fun and interesting. You are good at communicating your feelings. You have a very diverse and colorful personality that people are fascinated by.

Lollipops: Clever and charming. You’re a kid at heart, and people are naturally drawn to you. You have a positive outlook on life. Even when things may not go your way, you remain persistent!

Fun dips: Vibrant and creative. You are one to come up with all of the fun and adventurous ideas. You love to think outside the box and not go with the flow, and you always try to have a positive attitude.

Dove chocolates: Kind and easygoing. You are a smooth talker and overall a mellow person. You are a good listener that knows exactly what to say in the moment.

Hershey Kisses: Sweet and simple. You have many different characteristics that make you so loveable. You have more to you than first meets the eye, and are almost impossible to get mad at!

February 2018  
February 2018