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WORKS 2015 - 2018

Eleesa C. Jacob


Hello! My name is Eleesa Jacob and welcome to my portfolio! The pages to follow are a compilation of my best work which came from years of trials, errors and learning experiences during my university career. I am a student at Ryerson University in Toronto and I am entering the final year of my Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Communications Management (GCM) with a concentration in Publishing and a minor in Marketing. I am involved with a number of student groups across campus and work part time in the Print department at Staples- all while maintaining a number of scholarships and a 3.97 CGPA. Unique to most design programs, GCM focuses on printed products from end-to-end. We are not only encouraged to be creative but we are taught the theory and fundamentals of why printed and digitally designed products are created a certain way and this allows us to produce pieces unique to its workflow making it easy for everyone that comes in contact with the design.

All about

During the 2018 Winter semester, I decided to expand my horizons and broaden my perspective by going on exchange to Copenhagen, Denmark where I studied Media Production Management. This was certainly the experience of a lifetime and I was able to learn more about the digital and video aspect of the industry as well. To me, design is a way of thinking - an outlet through which we can inspire others and tell a story. To me, design is magic. While there are a multitude of reasons why I want to intern at Shalom World, the first and most important one is the opportunity to have my first exposure in the industry be one for Christ. God is the one who opened the door to this industry at a time when I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and to be able to come full circle and use my learnings to spread the Word would be the greatest of blessings. I have also heard about the adversities faced by Shalom to keep the mission going and I am amazed at how God is removing these obstacles and supporting the work of all those involved. I want to grow in faith and understand how Shalom is run and how it makes its vision a reality. Ultimately, I recognize that I am where I am only because of the Grace of God. As someone who was going to study medecine, God showed me my path and my purpose. He blessed me with an education that gets me excited just thinking about it! It would be yet another blessing for Shalom to be a part of my journey and I pray that through an internship, I will be able to grow as a professional and do my part to share in God’s work. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and review my portfolio. I look forward to hearing from you! -Eleesa C. Jacob 3


Part One |



This piece was my first attempt at graphic design and it laid the foundation of my style- clean and classy with a twist! My challenge was to create a restaurant identity and with roots in Kerala, India, I decided to create a fine-dining Malayalee restaurant named after the intersection it was located on. The elephant is one of the regions most poignant symbols and so I decided to break it down to a more graphic interpretation. The bright colors were used to translate the freshness, vibrancy and intensity of the dishes, the spices and the region. All in all, this piece is one that I am very proud of and while I have come a long way from designing my first piece, this is still a great representation of my style and vision.



#1 WALL STREET BEST SELLER "Timeless Gem. A tale that exceeds all tests of time" -TIME Magazine

JACOB'S PUBLISHING HOUSE dust jacket design by eleesa jacob


to his

DAUGHTER Jawaharlal Nehru

I hope you love this as much as I do and hopefully you too can be moved by the beauty within this book.


from a


When Indira Gandhi was a little girl of ten, she spent the summer in Mussoorie, while her father, Jawaharlal Nehru, was in Allahabad. Over the summer, Nehru wrote her a series of letters in which he told her the story of how and when the earth was made, how human and animal life began, and how civilizations and societies evolved all over the world. Written in 1928, these letters remain fresh and vibrant, and capture Nehru's love for people and for nature, whose story was for him 'more interesting than any other story or novel that you may have read'.


foreword by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

All in all, the beauty of this book lies in the fact that it can appeal to wide audience. It is a beautiful book to read as an adolescent but it is also a series of letters that can appeal to a more mature audience. My approach when designing was to bridge the gap between the age groups and create a design that would be attractive to those of all ages. Color and layout were focused on a lot and as a result, you have a clean and beautiful dust jacket.

A priceless collection of letters from one legendary leader to another


I designed a nebula on Photoshop with bright, yet intense colors to evoke a sense of strength and magic which would create a juxtaposition against the silhouette to give the viewer a sense of magic, power and knowledge. In an effort to draw the attention of the reader- especially if the big is vertical on a shelf- I used a mellow lime green color which is fresh without being overpowering.



Foreword by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

When thinking about how to approach the dust jacket for this book, I knew I wanted this to be special. I have been lucky enough to know the bond between a father and his daughter and this book shows how deep and special this particular love is. On the one hand, I wanted to stay true to what the book was about- a father and his pursuit to educating and opening up the mind of his young daughter to the world she lived in through letters. On the other, I wanted to covey a sense of magic, innocence and possibilities. Much of my inspiration came from a watercolor painting of the "Petit Prince" cover and as simple as it looks, this idea went through a series of transformations and is much different from the initial idea. The concept of outer space was one that I knew I wanted for this cover as it is the best image to describe endless possibilities, magic and learning. That being said, I also wanted to covey a sort of traditionalism- one that showed how this child was really just like any other- hence why I used a side profile silhouette. The typefaces on the cover were selected as they had the traditional serif, rounded look and the modern thin type.


“Letters from a Father to his Daughter” by Jawaharlal Nehru is among one of the most beautiful and powerful works I’ve read. With this piece, we were instructed to create a dust jacket for the book and its custom specs. The beauty and challenge of this was that we needed to account for rounded corners and the caliper of the hardcover book in order to ensure a perfect fit for the final print. From a design perspective, this design was one that I felt a real connection with. As mentioned in the dust jacket, I am fortunate enough to know how special the bond between a father and his daughter is. Both literally and figuratively, I wanted to capture the universe that fathers open up through their stories and how it is these same stories that we heard as children that stay with us no matter how old we get. 8


She Believed She Could So She Did

“She believed she could, so she did.” This has always been a motto that has motivated me in times of self-doubt and uncertainty. In an industry where creativity is constantly challenged, it is easy to give up at the face of adversity but I’ve learned that these are exactly the times when we should push through and give it all that we’ve got. Perhaps the most unique and interesting of all my works, this was actually the design for a vinyl adhesive which I currently have on my laptop cover. While designing the piece was fun, the most interesting and intricate part was creating the dielines for which one of our vinyl machines was set to trim. In the green box above, you can see the pink lines representing where the design was cut and how the word “She” has a die cut through it. Overall, this is a piece I am very proud of and it certainly adds a uniqueness to the type of work I create.



“The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho is one of the first books my father urged me to read. He always told me that it was a book worth reading at every stage of your life because each time you read it, you take something new from it. This piece was created as part of an Anthology for my publishing course. We had to create a spread that was relavent to young adults and I decided to choose an excerpt from “The Alchemist” to motivate and inspire the reader. A major inspiration for this spread was our journey through life as young adults and how, more often than not, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the best and make perfect choices. I wanted my piece to share with the reader that it is okay if things don’t go as planned. God’s plans are beyond our own and in life, our greatest challenge is to trust that something better is always coming.



This comic book cover was certainly a side of designing that I was not familiar with, yet had lots of fun creating! Given certain specifications, we were asked to create a hero for this cover and display them in a creative manner. As you can see, the culmination of colors, depth and dimension allowed for my hero, “Spectra�, to stand out. Being one of my earliest projects, there are some aspects I would develop further such as the slogan and its border, however, it was one that really pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to experiment with colors and a unique style of presentation.





SEPT. 6, 2017 |11 AM - 3PM 55 GOULD STREET

The three pieces above are all works I had produced for the various student groups I am part of at my university for their social media platforms. With social media becoming engrained in our lives, my challenge with these pieces was to create content that was eye-catching and to-the-point - essential for online content! A combination of bold colors, typefaces and a minimal use of words were the focus and as per our insights on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, we noticed high engagement from our followers and as a result, a higher turn-out to these events! While these jobs are a lot of fun for me, as a marketing minor, it really showed me the challenge of getting messages across when you only have a few seconds to catch the viewers attention before they swipe away.



2016 Syro Malabar Apostolic Exarchate of Canada presents...

Syro Malabar

National Youth Convention “For the Glory of God�

This banner was my first attempt at large format designing and there was great focus on sizing, resolution and clarity. Working in the print department, I have been able to put the theory I learn at school to practice and as a result, it allowed me to factor attributes such has the distance at which the banner was to be viewed at or the lighting conditions when creating the design. It was a blessing to be able to create this banner as part of a youth retreat for the Syro Malabar Community. 18



Part Two |



The concept of the universe and space is one that has always astounded me. It is one of those things that really puts me in awe of the mightiness of the Lord and His power. This piece was among my first attempts at working with Photoshop. I was always under the impression that Photoshop was only for photo retouching but I quickly realized the power of this tool such as the possibility to create raster images from scratch using various tools. This piece is the background for a few projects you will have seen throughout this portfolio and it is one that I fall in love with at every glance!



While I’m a novice to photography, I’ve noticed that I have an eye for capturing details. This speaks volumes on my personality and how I work. I like to see things as more than just the bigger picture - there’s always more to things than what meets the eye and photography is a great means through which to enhance that. This piece is representative of such. Surprising to many, this photograph is actually of my kitchen light. At the right time, with the right lighting and at the right angle, even a kitchen light can be made to look beautiful and that is a philosophy I believe should always be applied. Whether it be a person or a concept, how we view it can bring out the beauty that perhaps was once not seen.



My professor for a Photoshop class I took had a very unique approach to teaching us the art of photo editing. He told us that the best Photoshop artists did not get where they are simply by editing a few imperfections off. Instead, it was a combination of understanding the image and its composition and adding skill to that. Our challenge was to take a background, foreground, subject and unique item and combine them to create an image that looked as realistic as possible whilst applying non-destructive photo editing techniques. A key learning from this challenge was to think about all the details that would make the image even more realistic - adding shadows, depth and manipulating the angles of the feet so that they looked like they were really in the sand helped me understand the possibilities of this tool in a very unique way.



Part Three |




The above are just a few typographic pieces that have either been created as part of an assignment or as a report cover. Typography is an aspect of design that I am truly in love with. The ability to convey a message or idea simply through the manipulation of text really shows the simplicity yet depth of design that we have access to! As someone focusing on the publishing aspect of design, text and layout are always things I think about and I’ve learned that an effective and creative use of typography is just as impactful as a bold image or graphic element.



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2018 Portfolio  

A collection of my works

2018 Portfolio  

A collection of my works