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PowerPress An online newsletter by Power & Water Solutions Division of Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific

FY08/Issue 2/May 2008

Blasting Off

With Emerson Stars

Tom Snead Visits Singapore Opening of the Centre of Excellence for Power in Korea Emerson China awarded ‘Outstanding Annual Supplier Award’ by Shanghai Turbine Company

Blasting Off

With Emerson Stars

Blasting Off for Success was the theme for ‘Power & Water Solutions’ Sales Conference on 21st - 23rd Feb 2008 at RitzCarlton Bali, Indonesia. Dressed like an astronaut, Andy Wang entered the meeting room in a specially decorated space buggy driven by Stuart Miller to give his opening speech. The meeting room itself was decorated like a mission control centre with tables named after space shuttles like Apollo, Explorer and Shenzhou. Over the course of 3 days the PWS Team heard key AP and Emerson messages from the management team. Steve Schilling provided an Ovation Technology update for the participants and there were additional operations and project pursuit presentations to educate and arm the sales team for future pursuits.

An award ceremony took place to recognize the sales and operations leaders for 2007. Winners included: Sales Award Winners - HY Bae and KT Min - Korea Yuan Bin and Liu Zhaoyu - China KOB3 Award Winners - DH Won - Korea Alex Luan and Hunter Lv - China Rohit Manwati - India PlantWeb Award Winners - DH Won - Korea William Zheng - China Proposal Award Winners - KS Song - Korea Tina Zhou - China Operations Award Winners - SJ Heo, SS Kang, and JS Jeong - Korea Li Renqian, Cai Bo, and Guoyong - China In addition an “Outstanding Service Award” was presented to Denis Lawlor for his valuable contribution to PWS AP and the overall support he has provided to this region while leading the Operations Team. After three full days of learning and sharing experience, it was back to work in pursuit for Success in 2008 and beyond.


Tom Snead Visits Singapore ‘I am happy with the overall growth achieved by the division in the Power and Water Industries’ says Tom Snead, President, Systems and Solutions, who was here for a visit on 5 March 2008. During his meeting with all Systems and Solutions staff, Tom Snead recalled his days in Singapore as a Systems Business leader for Asia and was astonished by the growth achieved by the two Systems divisions. He also said that he was satisfied with the progress made by AP in strengthening Emerson’s position in China and growing beyond China. Tom also spent time with the management team reviewing the Systems Penetration Initiative. After the meeting, he answered questions where he shared his vision for the future of the two systems division. He also addressed questions on anticipated slowdown in China markets and other challenges we face in the Systems business. Tom emphasized that the two Systems platforms will continue to co-exist with lots of sharing in technology and new development.

Opening of the Centre of Excellence for Power in Korea We are very proud that we have a new Centre of Excellence

Recognising the growth of our power business in Korea, Emerson opened the Center of Excellence for Power to cater to the needs of power customers in Korea. The Center was opened by Patrick Deruytter (General Manager of Korea), SeongJu Heo (Director of Operations), YongHyuk Kim (Division Manager for Sales) and Denis Lawlor (Director of AP Operations) on 31 March 2008. The center will have a large staging area of 800 square meters with the capability to stage up to 300 cabinets at any point of time. In addition to the large staging area, there will be a state

of the art training center with a professional trainer dedicated to conducting a full range of training for Korean customers. With about 60 engineers and 80,000 man hours a year, Korea will be one of the biggest centres for PWS in Asia. Says YH Kim, ‘’Korea is one of the targeted countries where business has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. We have won several large retrofit and green field projects such as the Boryeong Retrofit and Yonghung Phase II in recent years. The PWS team has a clear goal to become the leader in the Power Industry for the Control and Instrumentation industry in Korea.’’


Major Wins

Success in 1000MW Segment Continues in China Emerson China signed an agreement with Tianjin Jinneng power company in February 2008 to provide DCS control systems to Beijiang Electric Co Unit #1 and Unit # 2. Says Kenn Wang, Senior Sales Representative “The customers expressed satisfaction with Ovation’s friendly operation interface, open system structure and advanced capability guidelines.”

Chatterjee Maleyendra(Sales Manager) & Mitra Dhrubo(Branch Manager)

Cross Division Pursuit Helps Win First PWS Plantweb Project in India The first Plantweb win in India for Emerson Process Management, Power & Water Solutions, involves 3000 HART-AMS tags for 2 x 130MW and 1 x 210MW from Bhushan Power & Steel. The overall scope of supply includes DCS for Boiler and BOP that includes 10 OCR400 controllers, 12 workstations and 1 Historian per unit. The team, which included Sheel Bhatnagar (Senior Director for Business Development), Kamal Singh (Director for Sales); Malayendra Chatterjee (Regional Manager for Sales), Nitin Gupta (Marketing) and Dhrubo Mitra (Branch Manager) was competing against strong competitors like Siemens, ABB, Honeywell and Yokogawa.

Good Relationship Clinches The Deal At Samarinda, Indonesia A long-standing good relationship between Emerson, Samarinda and RollsRoyce, at site and head office, won the contract for migration of the existing WDPF to Ovation for the Samarinda combined cycle power at East Kalimantan Indonesia. The gas turbine power plant generates 60MW controlled by WDPF and 20MW controlled by PLC for the town of Samarinda. Says Andrew Geow, “We migrated from redundant WDPF to Ovation (OCR400) redundant. Existing WDPF MMIs were migrated to Ovation MMI (OS/EWS/Historian/Performance Calculator).”

Beijiang power plant is the first 1000MW project by SDIC Power Group, who considered DCS vendors carefully with a view to a long term working relationship during the selection process. The technology and experience of Emerson’s Ovation stood out from strong competition to win this contract.

Better Solutions by Emerson Win Shuaiba North Co-Generation CCPP in Kuwait

Min KyeongTae Sales Manager

Jeong JaeSung Project Manager

The main competitor for the DCS contract for Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd’s Shuaiba North CoGeneration CCPP was Hyundai Heavy Industries (Max Control), which has a strong relationship with the customer. But with demonstrated technical advantages and strong execution capability, Emerson secured the contract, which includes DCS based on the Ovation system, low fidelity simulator, small size ERP, DCS training and field service. The plant performs two important functions for the Shuabia North CCPP in Kuwait. It produces electrical power (3 combustion turbines, 3 HRSG and 1 steam turbine) and also produces fresh water from sea water (one desalination plant). It is owned by Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW).


Major Wins Emerson Trusted To Keep The Power On In Thailand

Co-Ordinated Effort By Emerson Clears The Way For Success At Tanda, India

The Bang Pakong Power Plant is owned by Thailand’s largest power producer, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). The 3,680 MW plant is Thailand’s biggest thermal power plant, providing 25% of the country’s electricity needs. Because of its vital role, EGAT needs to ensure that the Bang Pakong plant continues to operate in top condition. Open bids to replace the Toshiba control system with a stateof-the-art system were evaluated in April 2008. After a thorough qualification and evaluation process, considering proposals from ABB, GE, Honeywell, Siemens, Toshiba, MHI, Invensys and YEW, Emerson Process Management was selected to supply the Ovation expert control system to the plant. A key factor for choosing to migrate to Emerson technology was the ability to expand the control system to accommodate potential plant changes. Ovation’s open architecture allows easy expansion to keep pace with plant modifications.

Tanda Thermal Power Station(4 x 110MW) was taken over by NTPC Limited, the country’s largest producer of power, in the Year 2000. After taking over the plant, NTPC decided to go for Renovation and Modernization (R&M) of this Plant. NTPC Alstom Power Services Limited (NASL) a 50-50 Joint Venture company between NTPC and Alstom Power Services Limited was awarded the R&M of the SG-Control sytem which included FSSS. In Dec 07, Emerson India, PWS was awarded the job of Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Testing, and Supply of SG-Control System with Commissioning, PG Test and Handover of the SGControl Package for all the four Units at Tanda Site. The delivery of the first unit (Unit #3) was only four months away as the unit will shutdown in support of the upcoming R&M Activities. Major bottleneck in achieving this aggressive schedule was the availability of Ovation Hardware and Cabinets which require long lead time. This was further compounded by the fact that the power to the system was 24 VDC and the Ovation 24 VDC – 24 VDC supplies have a significantly longer lead time compared to the normal Ovation Power Supplies. With the help of PWS Supply Chain and senior management, power supplies were expedited for Tanda Unit #3. With the Ovation Hardware in place, the vendor for cabinets was sourced, supplying the required cabinets in ten days. Simultaneously engineering activities were started. Application Software was done by India Engineering Centre, (IEC) and the Hardware/ Panel Engineering by (Emerson India). Emerson India Procurement team also expedited the various buyouts. Design approvals from NTPC/NASL were obtained across the table thereby compressing the approval cycle for the documents. NTPC/NASL personnel visited IEC to review the progress of the application software prior to sending it to the factory for the FAT(Factory Acceptance Test), thereby reducing the time taken to demonstrate application software during the FAT. Authorize To Ship Tests for Tanda Unit #3 was concluded successfully and the system has been cleared to be dispatched to site. 4

Datapoint version 24

Alarm Analysis Tool- Launch Kit Alarm management is an area of increasing interest in the power, water and process industries. The demand for software and service solutions that can help optimise the operations of a plant and provide more efficient management of the process is at an all-time high, with continuous pressures and competitive market conditions. Alarm management covers a large area that includes philosophy, presentation, layout, management procedures, analysis, rationalisation and improvement.

Are you in Sales, Sales Support, Marketing or Proposals? Do you need a copy of the latest Datapoint CD? Rev. 24 of Datapoint was released in April 2008 and it includes numerous document changes. Key additions include our new simulation solution suite, Scenario. You will also find a few miscellaneous documents that were also updated to reflect product or service enhancements. Several navigation improvements were also incorporated into this revision to assist in finding QBR’s and commercial information.

To grab a copy, write to AP Marcom today!

Ovation already employs a sophisticated alarm management system with numerous configurable features and provides easy to understand alarm displays. With functions to fully simplify the acknowledgement of alarms, the filtering, review, print and archival of the Ovation alarm system is second to none when it comes to helping operators diagnose and respond to abnormal conditions. In order to complement the capabilities of the Ovation alarm management system and provide support for a process of continuous alarm system improvements, Emerson has developed the Alarm Analysis tool. The key benefits of the Alarm Analysis tool are: • • • • • • • • • •

Identification and elimination of nuisance alarms Tuning and proper assignment of alarm priorities Increased user knowledge of how the system is configured (Alarm Distribution) Elimination of alarms with the same root cause Identification and elimination of standing alarms Identification of chattering alarms Analysis and comparison of flood events Measurement and comparison of alarm activity with targeted performance rates Performance analysis for the plant, the unit or individual subsystems Development and enforcement of an alarm philosophy with emphasis on promoting a continuous improvement process.

For more information, visit Sales Coverage/Launch Kits/ Alarm Analysis Tools Launch Kit in Datapoint.


It’s Time For All PWS Staff To Go Wireless

PlantWeb Wireless is a Strategic Initiative of Emerson Process Management. We aim to be the wireless leader in Asia Pacific. This is a call for action for all PWS AP employees. Working together, we will establish Emerson as the market leader for wireless process automation solutions. All PWS employees should complete the Wireless Training courses, available in Process University, by 30 June, 2008. Your assignment is to familiarise yourself with our wireless strategy and be able to discuss Smart Wireless with customers. When you complete this assignment you will have a better understanding of basic wireless technology, how to position wireless technology at your customer’s sites, and the overall Emerson wireless strategy. The entire Process Management Sales Organization should complete the following minimum training prior to engaging customers about Smart Wireless products & services. Here are your instructions: • • • • •

From the Process University home page click on “Training Plans” in the left hand menu. Click on Emerson Process Management, then PlantWeb Click on “Smart Wireless Blitz” – then click on BEGIN Take all the courses (note: if you have completed courses prior you will have already received credit) Click on My Progress to access the assigned “Training Plan” and view your progress and results.

Enjoy the Wireless Training Courses, it takes only 4 hours to complete all of them.

Coming to you soon…..Wireless Sales Tool Are you aware that we now have a Wireless Application for Power? We have developed the top 12 Power applications that covers complete Emerson Process Management offerings that can be applied in the Power industry. Please contact AP Marcom if you need a copy 6


Lydia Liao


Strategic Planner

Hua Chong


Sales Engineer

Kim Pyoung Il Planning Assistance


Cheng Geok Theng


Financial Planner

Tim Fu


Project Engineer

Jeon Seung Yeol Senior Engineer


Humor Wu


Project Engineer

Ahn Jeong Ho Project Engineer


Sean Chen


Simulation Engineer

New Employees

Kim Yong Wan Project Leader


Micheal Ning


Sales Engineer

Kim Yoon Jung Strategic Planner


Zou Yongfeng Sales Engineer


Hwang Jung A


Sales Order Admin

Dharmvir Singh Applications Engineer


Avi Anand Pandey


Human Resources Manager

Mithilesh Tripathi Validation Engineer


Sandeep Sharma


Proposal Support Engineer

Shubransh Sonkar Applications Engineer


Kumar Gaurav


Applications Engineer

Sandeep Chaudhary


Validation Engineer

Shuaib Farooq Simulators Engineer


Anand Singh Applications Engineer


Amarjeet Singh Grewal Applications Engineer


Pratishtha Saxena Validation Engineer


Activities Roadshow in Cebu on 25 March 2008

Roadshow in Manila on 28 March 2008

Emerson China appreciation letter “With the great efforts of the Emerson project team, TaiZhou Power Plant successfully completed 168 hour testing for two units on 20 Dec 2007 and 4 Apr 2008. We appreciate the excellent support on project service and startup service delivered by project manager Ms Zhou HongMei, project engineers Mr. Chen Hui, Mr. Bao Cheng and Mr. Zhao Zhong, to ensure the 168 hour testing was successful.”

The 2008 Guangdong Power Plant DCS Seminar was held on 21 March to 22 March 2008 at Dong Guan, Guangdong. A total of 149 participants came together to discuss and exchange experience with new technology. This seminar was attended by the Emerson China team including Samuel Huang, William Zheng , Wang Jun, Tony Xu and Michael Ning.

Emerson China awarded ‘Outstanding Annual Supplier Award’ by Shanghai Turbine Company Despite strong competition from other DEH suppliers, Emerson won the top score in STC’s DEH evaluation and was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Annual Supplier Award. This award was made possible by the excellent support and hard work of the engineering team. Congratulations!


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