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Values are not taught but caught vOLUME 1 nOVEMBER ‘10

“But by grace of God I am what I am “. (1Corin15:10) “You are a Jesus Youth ,right ?” on asking me this question ,my teacher who was a Non Christian turned to the class and told them “ Only Jesus Youth can be like this”. This had happened in a college where all students excluding me were Non Christians. ‘Campus on Fire’, the programme that was held in Koothuparambu Nirmalagiri college on 22nd of October 2004………. The days spent thinking about elopement & suicide, the period in life when I was addicted to drinking and other bad

any attention to the classes. But on the second day as I listened to the class on sin, I realized it had been at most a year since I made my last confession. Thereafter I confessed with a repentant heart......After confession ,the priest sent me to the Intercession hall for penance and I was filled with remorse as I realized that I was the only person who was sent there and thought that this was because of the graveness of my sin. The prayers of the JYs there were thought provoking. Then that incident during the Adoration that evening wherein I experienced our Lord...... I had bruised my knee

No Compromise habits, on reaching home I found myself picking up quarrels …….The time when I hated going home, all my time and money was spent in drinking and watching cinemas , when I found happiness in nothing, I wouldn’t attend Holy Mass or receive other sacraments even though my house was close to our Parish Church. I was fed up with life itself………. When our Vicar Fr. Tommy announced the programme my parents and relatives approached me and compelled me to attend it. I ultimately gave in due to the constant pressure from the Vicar and family. All the way to the Retreat I was thinking about how I could waste away time during the retreat days. The first day I sat at the very back of the hall without paying

by hitting it against the bench on which I slept the previous night and it was with this pain that I had been sitting there. The brother who led the Adoration called out:”Jesus is removing the pain from the feet of a son whom he loves”. I tried moving my feet and suddenly I realized that the pain that was there till then had left me .And thus on that day I realized that Jesus loved me and he could heal me. Then I spoke to a Jesus Youth brother and our conversation ended with my firm resolution to become a JY. That night the participants who slept in my room were woken up by a loud cry. As they put on the lights, they saw me crying in my sleep, ‘I want to be a SAINT’. I attended the concluding days of the Retreat with the burning

desire to become a Saint. During those days I resolved before our Lord that I would give up drinking and other bad habits, thus leading a witnessing life for Christ. On reaching home, for the first time in life I talked with much love to my parents and siblings ,started spending time with them and obeying them. I started going to the Church frequently ,confessed every weekend , spent an hour every evening doing personal prayer. By the grace of God ,I was also able to detach myself from the bad company of friends and started praying for them. I went to my college and asked forgiveness to my teachers .I became a loving brother to all my friends. On the last day of our college as we sat together ,my friends who had been observing the changes in my life asked me:”How could you change like this Robin”?That was when as I had mentioned in the beginning , my teacher remarked “ You are a Jesus Youth , right ? Only a Jesus Youth can be like this. You all must follow Robin’s example”.

What is value? Value comes from








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Moral Courage

the Latin word ‘valere’ which means to be of worth, to be strong. Values are a set of principles or standards of behavior, they are regarded desirable, important and held in high esteem by a particular society in which a person lives; and the failure to hold them will result on blame, criticism or condemnation. Values are the factors which enables a person to take decision

IMPORTANCE OF VALUES Values give meaning and strength to a person’s character by occupying a central place in one’s life Values guide us to do right things: they also help us to be morally sound. Values give direction and firmness to life and add joy, satisfaction and peace to life.Values give motivation for a person

CHRISTIAN VALUES Christian value refers to preferred end state of existence according to the Gospel and teachings of the Church. They are principles that should govern the attitudes and

Values are not

taught but

caught behaviors of an individual. Virtue is a term that is very much related with values. Virtue refers to the power to realize moral good and to do it joyfully and with perseverance inspite of obstacles Theological virtues are those, which have been infused by God, and they cannot be

acquired by human efforts. Other values can be acquired through co-operation with God’s grace.Theological virtues are Faith, Hope, Love/Charity These are infused upon each Christian at the time of Baptism.

Given below are some of the values that are essential for a Jesus Youth Teen. Joy Humility Generosity Transparency Contentment Truthfulness Faithfulness Sincerity Justice Obedience Responsibility Discipline Purity Simplicity Suffering Openness Moral Courage Accountability Forgiveness Patience



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