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Sub Talents: What They Are By Daisybloom

An Introduction to Sub Talents Sub Talents are specific Talent Skills exclusive to each Talent Guild. Within one Talent there may be as many as a million Sub Talents. Though Sub Talents are often shared by some Fairies, there are rare occasions in which only one Fairy has a certain Sub Talent. Fairies may have multiple Sup Talents, but each one revolves around the main objectives of their Talent. Sub Talents are yet to be fully discovered since there are constantly New Arrivals coming in; each one may hold a completely new Sub Talent. To be more detailed, a Sub Talent is a specialized Talent Skill apart from the general Talent Skills such as Grow, Splash, Charm, etc. Sub Talents are often related to a Fairy or Sparrow Man’s personality and is the main influence for most names. Chapter One: Garden Sub Talents Garden Sub Talents often have to do with the plant directly, but there are a few Sub Talents having to do with pollen, watering and other factors. The most common and generic Sub Talents in Garden Fairies are: Petal Pick-Up, Pinecone Pop, Petal Plucking, Flora Sensitivity, Healing, Blooming and Fragrance. Less common Sub Talents, and by far the rarest are: Flora Speech, Flora Blooming, Flora Fragrance, Flora Healing, Pollination, Hydration Detection and Sprout Growing. The word “Flora” in front of the Sub Talent’s name indicates that the Skill is somewhat advanced. Some Sub Talents are only active during certain Seasons. In Autumn, the ability to ripen crops (Flora Ripening) is at its most powerful state. During the Winter, fairies can set plants into a deep sleep (Flora Sleep) and in the Spring they can quickly awaken and renew the plants (Flora Awakening). In the Summer, the ability to add fragrance to flowers is activated (Flora Fragrance); in this case, the Fairy or Sparrow Man will begin to produce the corresponding flower scent to that of the nearby flowers or plants. Flora Speech is when the fairy has the ability to understand and speak to plants. This Sub Talent is often controllable and the Fairy can decide what plants to hear and which to speak to. Fairies with this Sub Talent are often quite talkative and intelligent since trees can offer valuable advice due to their extensive age. The only tree no fairy has ever gotten to speak is the Pixie Dust Tree. Although not considered a Sub Talent, Garden Fairies in general are quite adept at Tinkering, Baking, and tailoring. It is speculated that this skill ties in with the idea that plants generate their own food and such. Chapter Two: Tinker Sub Talents Tinker Sub Talents will usually deal with a Fairy’s ingenuity, creativity or dexterity and will often affect directly the tools the Fairy can use the most efficiently. The generic Sub Talent that every Tinker Fairy has are Sorting and Fixing. Although other Sub Talents are quite common, they’re no guaranteed for every Tinker Fairy that arrives; examples of such skills include Designing and Home Building. Tinker Sub Talents are actually a few, since the talent itself revolves around the very

loose concept of building and fixing, there are few skills that are more specific. The Designing skill allows a fairy to clearly see an invention’s blueprints in their minds, and easily put it on paper. It’s a common skill, but not every Tinker has it. One mentionable Tinker Fairy with an outstanding Designing skill is Copper, who runs the Tinkering Nook in Male Tree Hill. She not only makes blueprints but also guides Fairies of other Talents to create their own objects. The Home Building skill allows a Fairy to create homes that suit any talent and any personality. Home Building requires not only creativity but also certain level of strength. Though homes are usually built by teams of Tinker Fairies, some fairies decide to build homes alone, feeling that working in a team would only slow them down, but solitary building is less common since Never Fairies as a species are quite social and cooperative. Again, a mentionable Tinker Fairy that displays this skill is Neville, who runs a home shop in Tree Top Heights.


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