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Studies August 2010Master Degree in Electroacoustic Composition at the University of Montreal under the guidance of Robert Normandeau. August 2007-May2010 Undergraduate Degree in Electroacoustic Composition at the University of Montreal. My works have been presented during these events: • •

(Akousma 9, Usine C, Montréal, October 24th 2012) Soundcrawl Festival 2012, (Nashville, Tennessee, Arcade Building,

October 6-7 2012) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sonic Rain Concert Series 2012 (University of Oregon School of Music, Oregon, USA, January 29th 2012) San Francisco Tape Festival 2012 (The Center for Dance in the West, Dance Common, San Francisco, USA, from January 20th to 22nd 2012) Soundcrawl 2011 (Nashville, Tennessee, October 1st-2nd 2011) Soundwalk 2011 (Portugal, September 9th to 14th 2011) Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium 2011 (Toronto, Canada, August 11th 2011) BYTE Gallery Summer 2011 International Exhibition (Byte Gallery, Transylvania, USA, Summer 2011) Athena Mix 2011 (Bucharest, Romania, May 6th 2011) Athena Festival 2011 (Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, March 2nd 2011) University of Louisville New Music Festival (Louisville, USA, Novembre 9th 2010) Soundwalk 2010 (Portugal, Septembre 16th to 19th 2010) Nuit de la Création (Montréal, Canada, May 1st 2010) Spectrum (Denton, Texas, April 26th 2010) Centerpieces Concert (Denton, Texas, February 22nd 2010) 7e Festival Longueur d’ondes (Brest, France, December 3rd 2009) Gala Dare-Dare (Montréal, Canada, October 30th 2009) Lancement DVD Céco (Montréal, Canada, October 21st 2009) Festival Futura 09 (Paris, France, August 22nd 2009) Festival WEARL 09 (Fullerton, Californie, March 21st 2009) ÉuCuE 27iii Plugged (Montréal, Canada, January 30th 2009) ÉuCuE 08 (Montréal, Canada, November 2008)

Prizes and awards • • • • • • •

2nd place at SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers (Canada) 3rd place at JTTP 2010 (Jeu de Temps/Time Play). Prize given by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC). University of Louisville Young Composer Competition for New ElectroAcoustic Music 2010 3rd place at SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers (Canada) Residency category at the 36th Concours Internationaux de Musique Électroacoustique de Bourges 2009 9th place at JTTP 2008 (Jeu de Temps/Time Play) Open Space Art Society (British-Colombia, Canada)


Resume, performances

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