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Classic Comforts A Rugged Yet Charming Home Theater With Top-of-the Line Audio Preformance. Electronics Design Group EDGWhitePaper.scom

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When this project began, EDG was contracted to create a “smart house” with integrated audio, visual, lighting, security, and climate control. As the project progressed, we were asked to build a theater in the home’s lower level recreation area. The theater quickly became the heart of the project, ultimately leading to a visually stunning, high performance viewing room. The finished product represents the ultimate marriage of both form and function. EDG coordinated a team of acoustical engineers, designers, and builders to create a complete home theater experience.

Client Requirements Quick Facts

1:24 scale model made from paper and bristol board

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The Client Required: * A theater with a “screening room” feel. * Custom design to match his home. * High performance. * Open space to accommodate guests.

The client wanted high performance, but expressed a willingness to step outside the realm of traditional theater design to create something special. The client described their vision for a home theater as “a room where you have all the benefits of a home theater, but have the freedom and accessibility so that when you entertain, everybody can participate in it.” “It was more to have the look of a screening room rather than some ornate copying of the Sanger Theater in New Orleans or the Rivoli in New York.” said the client. “To me, on a miniature scale, those look silly. This has more of a screening room texture than a movie theater or a grand palace. It’s more subtle, but it fits into the whole design of the house.” The client asked that the theater blend seamlessly into a larger mingling room for entertaining and relaxation– no small feat for a room of such acoustical complexity.

Solutions Quick Facts

EDG Provided: *Coordination between designers and engineers. *High level acoustic performance. *Beautiful design and installation. *Integrated audio and video from multiple sources.

Our first step was to bring the client’s designated theater designer for the project, a highly acclaimed Broadway set designer, together with the acoustic specialists at RPG Diffusor Systems. After discussion, the team concluded that a mix of wood on the ceiling and fabric on the walls (with acoustic treatments hidden behind) would be ideal from a performance standpoint. The designer created a 1:24 scale model of his design out of paper, bristol board, and foamcore to allow the homeowner and our engineers to better visualize the theater. We chose a Crestron control system for home management, giving the owners fingertip control over the home’s security cameras, satellite TV channels and a Kaleidescape music and video server from a wireless touchpanel. The owners tap the icon for The Weather Channel and get the forecast without having to memorize a number. Favorite channels are grouped together on a single page. They can select any source from any room and control volume © 2010 Electronics Design Group, Inc.

Classic Comforts  
Classic Comforts  

Classic Comforts: A Rugged Yet Charming Home Theater With Top-of-the Line Audio Preformance