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E-juice is a nicotine extract liquid form that is mostly used in electronic cigarettes. The liquid, otherwise known e-liquid and smoke juice, is made up of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which is mixed with flavored nicotine to form e-juice. The purpose of propylene glycol is to produce sweet juice while vegetable glycerin tends to be thicker but releases more vapor. Though propylene glycol can be solely combined with nicotine and some flavor to form ejuice, it is at times mixed with vegetable glycerin to form the liquid. E-juice is better than regular cigarette since it comes with flavor such as strawberry, coffee, peaches, vanilla and many more thus it is more enjoyable to inhale.

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There are several health benefits of moving from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The benefits are close to those experienced by those who have relinquished smoking tobacco completely. Here are the general health benefits of Wicked E Juice as posted in electronic cigarette forums and websites; It reduces phlegm and coughing when one is laughing. It improves sense of smell and taste. It provides additional energy to the consumer. It reduces snoring. It reduces pain in the chest. It improves mental picture/vision or visualization. Feeling of control and supremacy. Unlike traditional tobacco it does not interfere with the color of the teeth. Choosing the Strength of e-juice to purchase

The strength of e-juice is dependent on what you currently smoke. It is good to begin with the middle assortment if you are not certain and move up or down depending on your choice. However it is of essence to seek advice from your doctor. At best, you should seek your doctor’s counsel before using any nicotine products. There are so much to be said about e-juice; its safety, how, the quantity to be consumed ,the strength you need to purchase, its ingredients, its health benefits, the different e-juice that exist in the market among other things.

Vaping Juice can be inhaled from e-cigarettes cartridges in different quantities depending on the preference of the user. Some people, mostly light smokers or reform tobacco addicts, prefer 0 grams of nicotine while the heavy smokers usual prefer about 18 milligrams of nicotine or more. The strength of ejuice, which is determined by the amount of nicotine in milligrams the cartridge contains, can also be measured in percentage. The highest amount of nicotine is usually about 4.8 % while the moderate amount is basically about 2.4% which equals 24 milligrams.

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