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It can be quite daunting for a first time house owner to find a house of his choice and actually end up buying it. There are so many things to consider and it is quite possible that he or she may not have any clue where to start. Usually people refer to advertisements in the local newspaper or in real estate magazines for leads on houses that are available for sale. Online listings are also another easy option to find details about houses.

What is most frustrating is the fact that very often these leads turn out to be a hoax and a waste of time for everyone. It is not unheard of that the advertisement states something and reality is a very different story altogether. If you are interested in buying a house of your own in Shaldon or even if you intend to rent out one, use this simple guide to help you make the right decisions.

The first step is to find a real estate agent. If you search online, you will find details of plenty of real estate agents. Ensure that you make a note of the contact numbers of those agents whose names appear multiple times in the search. These are usually the ones who are well known and recommended in a particular area. Once your list is ready, make calls to all of these agents and set up appointments to interview them. You have to get to know your real estate agent before you hire him. You have to be sure that the agent you’ve selected has understood exactly what you’re looking for in your new house.

If you’ve had trouble getting in touch with any of the agents on your list and if they haven’t responded to your calls or text messages promptly, don’t hesitate to cross them off the list. You should hire a real estate agent who is easily reachable.

After you’ve hired your estate agent, tell him exactly what your expectations are for your new house. You have to specify if you want a 3 bedroom house with a garden and garage or if you’re just looking for an apartment. You have to be very specific when you instruct the agent so that he can suggest options which are similar if not exactly how you preferred.

It is very important for you to also have a budget for the new house so that the agent can narrow down the search to houses which are within your budget. This will avoid wasting time on visiting houses which either do not meet your expectations or which are not affordable.

The next step is to inspect the houses which you’ve liked. Keep your eyes wide open and look for any visible flaws. Ask the owner as many questions as you can think of so that all your doubts are cleared. If you’re satisfied with the house and all the information you’ve been given about it, you can go ahead and get your funds ready for the purchase and also get the paperwork ready for the house to be transferred in your name.


Buying a new house- use this simple guide  
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