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First time you walk into your home and say: ''Hi baby, welcome home!''

The moment you see two pink lines, you know that your world is changing. For the next several months all you can do is think about that change. Make space in your house for them.   Paint a room for them.   Buy all this furniture, clothing, toys and books.   Then after nine months of carrying that child in your belly.   Watching the skin stretch over the expanding skin.   Feeling every kick, punch and movement. You go through some thirty some odd hours of labor, deep breathing, pressure, pain and exhaustion.   All to deliver a child.   That in itself is huge and wondered feat.   But then after taking a delicate car ride, you carry a small bundle into a home. While they will never remember this moment, that first time you walk into your home and say, “hi baby, welcome home.”   It’s a memory you will never forget.   It’s a memory you wouldn’t have if not for Abbotts Countrywide Estates.     Because of this real estate agency, you have a home to bring that sweet baby home to, since they help you find the home that you loved.  

Abbotts Countrywide Estates is an agency that comes highly recommended because since 1850 they have stood for values and strong customer service. They have cultivated a reputation for excellence. They have maintained this reputation since then, and will no compromise their customer care for the bottom line.  Each and every client has a certified expert working on their account.   No matter if their client is buying a new home, selling a home or other property, or renting property; there is a staff member to help the client in Thorpe Bay to find what they are looking for.  

Abbotts Countrywide is just what their names implies they have countrywide services because they have a network of over fifty locations which improves their clients outcome, because of the vast amount of resources. Abbotts Countrywide staff will aid their clients with the sale, purchase or rental agreement of any property using their vast resources to guide their clients through the process of the sale. The can aid their clients by providing them with professional advice about mortgages, and aspects of the sale.   They will make the sale, purchase and rental process easy for their clients. Making sure their clients goals are at the center of focus.    

Choosing Abbotts Countrywide Estates, is choosing an agency that will take the guesswork out of the home purchasing, selling and renting process.   It’s choosing an agency that will have a certified staff that will guide their clients, giving them all the options and facts before they take a single step.   It means choosing an agency that cares about you, and will help you get into a home to create memories. Because you choose Abbotts Countrywide Estates, you have chosen a agency that has protected your interested. So that after nine months of panic, planning, and pain; you can bring a baby into your home and welcome them.   And have the home you want to have, to make memories for that child's lifetime.

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First time you walk into your home and say: Hi baby, welcome home