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Smokers Rush To Buy Electronic Cigarettes In An Attempt To Go Green The theme for 2009 seems to be “going green�. With that in mind it is no wonder smokers are ditching their old tobacco cigarettes and running out to buy electronic cigarettes. Besides the fact that conventional cigarettes seem to be growing more expensive every day, a large percentage of the billion plus, smokers throughout the world are choosing to pick up a more earth and health friendly electronic cigarette. Some analyst predict that over the next 10 years approximately 40% of all smokers will buy electronic cigarettes online over the more conventional and harmful tobacco cigarettes. Not only is this new bread of high tech cigarette better for the earth and your health it is also expected cut down on the amount of pollution caused by smokers. Although cigarette related litter statistics are rare if each of the earths 1.2 billion plus smokers where to simply flick 2 cigarettes on the ground every day, it would result in over 2 billion cigarette butts polluting the earth daily. Leaving mother earth to absorb over 700 billion cigarette butts every year. In every 200 discarded cigarette butts are 50 to 60 milligrams of nicotine and other poisonous chemicals. Enough to kill a full grown adult. Every time it rains these poisons are being absorbed by the earth and ending up in our fresh water supplies, lakes, rivers, and streams. Leaving not only humans but aquatic life at the bottom of the food chain paying a deadly price as well as birds that may mistake them for food. This in almost an inevitable side effect of conventional cigarettes due to careless smokers. However for smokers who have chosen to go and buy electronic cigarettes this is a thing of the past. Electronic cigarettes are not only reusable by simply replacing the refill cartridge they are also rechargeable, drastically cutting down on a smokers waste.

Smokers who buy and use electronic cigarettes are only inhaling nicotine via a vapor that is emitted from the atomization chamber. Although this is still harmful it is far less damaging to the smokers body and the environment than the hundreds of poisonous chemicals the conventional smoker inhales. In conclusion when we asked Terry Brazil from perfectelectroniccigarette dot com his opinion on the direction of this new smoking revolution he had this to say “More smokers are looking to buy electronic cigarettes everyday. From what we have experienced this is definitely the wave of the future. Not only are smokers who choose to buy electronic cigarettes choosing a more healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes they are cutting down on pollution and also saving money. The benefits are just to many to go over in a brief statement, we urge smokers to go and check into this safer alternative for themselves.�. For those seeking more information on where to buy electronic cigarettes online and the many benefits of smoking them over conventional cigarettes we urge you to check out the Electronic Cigarette FAQ

Smokers Rush To Buy Electronic Cigarettes To Better The Environment  

Smokers around the world are permanently putting out their cigarettes and switching to a much healthier, safer, and greener (earth friendly)...

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